33 Year Old Mum of 3. From the UK, I Would Like my Boobs Back, Xx - Sussex, UK

Hi, I'm 33 mum of three, ages 3,6,13, I breast...

Hi, I'm 33 mum of three, ages 3,6,13, I breast feed all,
I'm getting my boobs back at long last,
I'm now all booked in for 7th April 2014 for the operation

I looked into getting my breast augmentation in 2004, after having my first child
I was a size 34c/d cup and went down to a 34a-b after pregnancy & breast feeding
but didn't have the money to go through with it,
I also wanted to have more children so didn't think this was the right time too.

I'll add more pictures soon as these were taken in bad lighting

My Surgeon suggested a 300-325cc to get back to what I was and I'm happy with that as that's what I want too of course
Hey thanks for sharing, my op is booked for 6th May, in Birmingham UK. I can't wait mine look similar to yours. I am having 330cc high profile tear drop shape and areola reduction. I have been worrying that is not big enough but after wearing my rice sizers for a day it is plenty big enough for me!!
Oh I also meant to say I have the children are you telling any of your? x
Yes, pregnancy and breastfeeding can really take a toll on breasts. Glad the timing is right and you can get your boobs back! Here is a helpful list of recovery supplies you may want to purchase and set up prior to your surgery. Keep us posted as the big day draws near!

3 weeks and 5 days to go, I can't wait

I'm counting down now.....
Looking forward but nervous too,
I booked my surgery at the start of the school holidays so it would give me some time to recover, I also have my mother in law helps with the children as she works in a school so will be off work during this time. Thank goodness

My implants will be high profile silicone mentor ones
Thanks for reading, there's not many uk women on here so hi, yay you're all booked in too, there is a lot of women that are going bigger then us, I'm a little worried that my new breasts will make my areolas look even bigger, just have to wait and see, what do you think? I've told my children but I don't think they understand.
Thank you that list will be helpful

Cost of surgery is £3,900 (uk pounds)

I'll be getting discount as a family member works at the hospital
So then it will cost £3,520 yay!
No there isn't many of us. Who are you getting it done with? Do you know what measurement your areola are? My surgeon measured them without knowing I might what them done the`ideal` areola measurement is supposed to be 4cm mine are 5.5 cm and 6.5cm :-( so have decided to have them down to 4! Yours do look a little big, have you spoken to your surgeon about it? It is costing me an extra £600 but if I wanted them doing on their own it would be £2000!! Have you read my review? It does make me nervous that everyone goes so much bigger on here!! x
Hiya, I'm getting mine done by a surgeon called mr Simon Allan at bmi hospital It's only since looking on this website that I thought my areolas look a bit big (5cm) just thing they might look bigger after surgery, so at the time of my consultation I didn't have a problem with it and still don't really, so I'm happy to keep them these size, I'll mention it to my surgeon tho yeah so many have gone 500cc + seems crazy Yes I've read your review, it's been helpful, Will you be posting any before pictures of your lady's ? Are you going under or over the muscle?

More before pictures :(

In better lighting, the husband took these ones!
Your boobs look really similar to mine pre-op! - Although I'm ten years younger and haven't had any children, so at least you have an excuse!! I got 330cc moderate profile with an areola reduction and nipple lift. I bet they'll look great :) x
Yes that's my main worry and I don't like they fact that mine are so uneven, one I found and the other oval, yours might not stretch that much, defo worth checking, if mine looked your size after surgery I would be happy too. I bet your so excited!! The day of your surgery is the day I have to pay my final balanc.e. I'm having under the muscle which I wanted for a natural look but when I went f for my consultation he said that I didn't have enough breast tissue to cover the implant if I didn't go under anyway! What about you? Yes I think I will, it caused a big `discussion` with my partner!! But essentially it's my choice! x

Omg! I told my nan I'm having a boob job

I told my 90 year old nan and I was so worried to what she would say and shocked to hear she is fine with it, and if she could have it done herself she would as hers have shrunk getting older,
So pleased to her that, I'm very relieved
Good luck. I am into my 3rd day post op...not too much discomfort but super super tired....I was a 34A but hardly filled the bra so probably a AA pre op...I had 300cc behind the muscle and my surgeon checked them before I left hospital he said I had very minimal swelling so this would be my size and they now fill a 34C :-)) sooo happy!
Thank you, how are you doing now? Any tips on things to get afterwards, to help with recovery? Xx
Wow! Yeah we're similar, you're looking great now, bet you're so pleased, do you still fit into your old tops or do you need to go up a size with your new pair? :) x

1 week and 6 days to go.....

Getting nervous now! Pay day soon so best get some support bras, any advice where to buy from in the UK?
Or tips to help with recovery ??
Hi I'm at day 6 now and can do most things myself but obv not lifting anything heavy. I would rest as much as you can, listen to your body. Drink lots of water and don't be worried about any of it. I'm the biggest worrier hence me waiting about 5 years to go through with it, I should have done it sooner! It was a doddle! Also don't be afraid of taking the pain releif meds, they do really help but they also block you up so you may need a laxative to help you along! Good luck and enjoy your new babies :-)))

Just days to go now....;)

I need to get prepared, where do I start ??

Today is the day (.)(.)

Didn't sleep too well last night. Zzz
I'm so hungry wish I can get something, need to be at the hospital for 745am
So off I go :)

Treatment day pictures

Wow hospital room was nice, it was like a hotel room
I was so tired and nervous, my husband was with me the whole time, thank goodness
I was all checked in by the nurse,
Got into my gown and white stockings
My surgeon and then the anesthetist came to see me and went through everything and that I would be taken down to theatre at 10am


Back from surgery pictures

I was so sleepy zzz

Surgeon went with slightly bigger implants

I was expecting 300/325 cc to get me to a D cup but my surgeon did say he might have to go slightly bigger to give me a better outcome
And he did I have 350cc round high profile silicone over the muscle

There looking cone shape, sore and swollen too
I had drains to clear blood and fluids which were taken out the following morning

Day 6 Dressings coming off, I get to see my new pair

Wow this dressings is sticky, what a job to get it off, releasing one boob at a time..... Happy with the outcome
I know they will fluff and drop in time
There is a few blisters from the dressing which I expected
Scars are looking good with only just a little brusing

Day 8

HI drove today for the first time, it was ok but I wouldn't want to do longer distance , I can do most things now just a lot slower and carefully. My boobs are still very hard and softer around the sides, I don't have any sensation on one of my nipples,
I'm finding these sports bras uncomfortable I keep buying more to find one that's comfortable,
Check up with surgeon tomorrow afternoon

How much do implants weigh ?

How much do implants weigh, any idea?
Your boobs actually look very similar to mine! Only i'm 24 and haven't had kids so i suppose you can always think there really is always someone worse off ha! Looking forward to seeing how your new pair progress, please keep updating with photos! hope the rest of your recovery goes as smoothly.

Updated pictures

All is going well, I saw the surgeon and all is healing well, first week was the hardest week of recovery
Day 17 now, I was told that I have to wear a sports bra then a comfort bra for the first 3 months
But is it hard to find a comfortable one or what?

Picture update

More pictures

Pictures on day 15

More pictures


My scar pictures ...at day 10 , one is more sore then the other it doesn't help that these sports bras are uncomfortable and rides up to my scars and the band digs in, I have to change my bras twice a day because of this.
My stitches were dissolvable

Before and after at day 15

Before and after at day 15
When they were first done they looked quite wide apart but now they look like they are a bit closer together is that how they look to you? And if so when did they start going closer together? I feel like mine are so far apart, more under my armpit than a cleavage. I'm on day 6 so wondering when if at all they will move closer together? They look really good on day 15 and the size really suits u xx
Hi, yeah I was a little worried that at first they looked wide apart, but I knew they would keep changing, sofern and drop, As they felt hard for quite a while, it's 5 weeks now, i need to update on more pictures, I would say at around 3 weeks stated to take shape x
Ahh Thanku that's encouraging! When I took a shower tonight I compared today's photo with day 2 and it looks like they are slowly dropping already but it's early days x
Name not provided

My surgeon was recommend to me, he is local to my area and works for the NHS hospital as well as private

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