Breast Augmentation with Rhinoplasty April 2013-Toronto

Im very nervous after years of contemplating...

Im very nervous after years of contemplating rhinoplasty after breaking it in competitive cheerleading and many consultations I have booked my surgery for April 18th, with Dr. Lista and Dr. Ahmad in Toronto. I am also having my breasts done at the same time as I am pursuing a career in fitness/bikini competing and modelling and after years in the weight room my D's are now A's. Im hoping for a slight correction of my profile view of my nose nothing dramatic and a small addition to my chest. Hoping to keep a smaller athletic looking chest.

Filled out all my post-operative forms today,...

Filled out all my post-operative forms today, going for my bloodwork tomorrow and doctors forms by the end of this week. Cleaning and purging my room and giving away tons of stuff just want to be clean and organized when I come home. Going to prep my meals as I usually do and keep my same diet but stick to soft foods for 3 days after (protein, greek yogurt, organic soup, rice cakes, VEGA shakes etc). I already train like crazy cause Im competing in September 6 days a week fasted LISS cardio in morning and weights in the evening, 3 days a week the weights are followed by a second cardio session of HIIT's. 1 day off is stretching and yoga and a long dog walk :). Im really scared for no gym and weights but im hoping being as healthy and active as I am will quicken the healing process. I'm also taking a ton of supplements and have just now STOPPED my fish oil, garlic, ginger and gingko. I'll be stopping my Borage and Flax oils a week before and taking everything else striaght through with NOTHING the day before. I can list off my supplements and vitamins if anyones interested. I'v also added in Arnica and Traumil homeopathically

Just thought I would update as it's been about a...

Just thought I would update as it's been about a week since I did. My surgery is in 24 days!! I was really nervous now I'm more excited! Can't wait actually :) Just again not looking forward to the mental battle of no weight training. But I'm being really positive I know my health and training will put me at an advantage for healing and recovery and I will just have to take it easy after all the $$$$$ i am NOT fucking anything up lol, and i have a tendency to be stubborn and train through strains and injuries but i JUST CANT!
My boyfriend will be driving me and taking care of me POST OP and he's been so great I think he's getting excited too cause my boobies might be almost healed for his bday which is May 7th, he might be able to give them a light squeeze lol. He's been googling information on how to be the best help its really sweet.

I have been going crazy cleaning my room, I threw out and gave away literally a dozen boxes full of stuff, emptied my room washed the walls and eveything i just want the cleanest, de-cluttered space possible and it feels great getting rid of stuff!
I've been training 2 or 3x a day and cleaning pretty much and then bartending at night, no full-time job right now as im off for the school year, hopefully ill be able to serve/bartend again in 2-3 weeks I know the trays and bottles are heavy so i'll update you guys so anyone in the industry knows how I felt. I plan on bartending at the nightclub 13 days POST-OP, and not returning to serving at a fine dining restaraunt till almost 4 weeks because I find the plates and trays of drinks to be harder on the area than just the pop gun and bottles. Ill let you all know though!

Bought my surgery pajamas and house coat and surgical soap for pre-op shower. Bloodwork and physical monday or tuesday.

OH by the way FRONT CLOSURE BRAS!!! UnderArmour...

OH by the way FRONT CLOSURE BRAS!!! UnderArmour just released front zip bras in 5 colours, available online, outlet, dick's sporting goods and lady footlocker. They feel great and am presuming they will feel great post-op will update then. they seem very supportive and are seamless!

OMG lol another thing i was wondering if anyone...

OMG lol another thing i was wondering if anyone knows if there are dangers or complications to having very low blood pressure/resting heart rate mine is only 40 beats per minute and I was wondering about the drugs

Well Its been like 10 days since ive written I've...

Well Its been like 10 days since ive written I've been feeling pretty down physically and mentally. Its really hard knowing I wont be able to go hard in the gym, worries me and I was working out like nuts right up until trying to do as much upper body wieghts as possible, but I've been really sick I got two colds in a row I was throwing up last week and now I've had AWFUL migraines for the last 5 days. It's really gotten to me as I havent been able to get to the gym anywhere near as much as i wanted to. Especially rhe last two days my heads pounding so hard I cant do anything but lay down. So I've been feeling pretty blah about myself and frustrated. But I had my PRE-OP 2 week appointment yesterday went really well I was very nervous now I feel more calm just having spent time with both surgeons again. I'm so confident in them they are both so kind and informative yet straight forward which is what I like. I am now doing Cohesive gel through the armpit, freaked out at frist wanted a breast fold incision but after talking to him im confident it's the right decision. I tried on 275, 300 and 325 cc sizers again i'm still so unsure. I like the smaller ones but i just dont want to regret anything. My boyfriend has always said I dont need it but has been supportive and he came with yesterday to feel them and help me as im SOOOOO indecisive, and the got all excited lmao now he's all go 325 go 325 lol. Anyways I'm all paid in full, at the 12 day mark, no more shaving, drugs or some vitamins. Sucks because of my sickness right now but oh well. So im doing Cohesive TA incision BA and an open rhinoplasty :)

Alot of ladies on here have the same concerns...

Alot of ladies on here have the same concerns about fitness/competing/ weights so I've posted some photos of my body, will do more tomorrow. The ones i posted are about 2-3 months ago im down 4 percent body fat since then and up about 5 pounds of muscle. I'll post other images asap. Hopefully seeing the recent ones and ill post some after BA will help in some of you seeing loss or no loss of weight/muscle etc. I promise ill post ones from this week asap.

By the way SUPPLEMENTS/VITAMINS: I did everything...

I did everything up until yesterday, I consulted my naturopath on pre and post surgery vitamins and herbs and took her advice, I feel the NO VITAMINS for 2 weeks is a bit of bull, but BE VERY careful and know whats in them certain vitamins have to be stopped, GARLIC, OILS,GINGKO etc.

I stopped ginger, garlic, gingko, and oral sea buckthorm 2 weeks ago now.
2 weeks out yesterday I have stopped:

I will continue until 1 day prior to surgery with:
B complex, Biotin, Vita D, C, Multi (check it for blood thinning herbs), Colon health complex, Detox/Liver health complex, Chlorella, Spirulina, Probiotic, and Digestive Enzyme.
Sports Supplements:
Hydrolized Whey Isolate, Liquid L-carnitine
(I dont believe in BCAA'S, pre workouts or creatine and shit) Your diet i its proper can supplement your body with everything it needs don't waste your money on vitamins and supplements and eat a shitty diet!

Some of my other favourite Health/Beauty Natural Products are:
VEGA energy powder, Cocunut Oil, Avacado Oil, Chia seeds, Hemp hearts, Nut Butters, Stevia, Seabuckthorn oil applied topically with moisturizer.

What I will begin immidiately post-op:
(provided in a personalized kit from my Naturopath)
Homeopathic tablets of: ARNICA, TRAUMEEL, and arnica gel

Oh my feels like it was 6 weeks away jst yesterday...

oh my feels like it was 6 weeks away jst yesterday and now it's single digits. 9 days till surgery. holy smokes

OMG I cant not believe it's only 7 days away, time...

OMG I cant not believe it's only 7 days away, time is flying and bartending all weekend I know it will be 3 days away in no time cause my weekends fly by. Im really excited, just very nervous for the IV I hate needles, my boyfriend thinks I'm crazy for being afraid of that but nothing else. The combined recovery freaks me out a bit but the less money, anasthesia and down time makes way more sense.

I am more nervous for the recovery of my nose than breats as I HATE breathing through my mouth it gives me shrotness of breath and relly bad anxiety attacks. But I am more nervous for the outcome of my breasts.

Anyways I've been gyming like nuts getting in my last few chest/arms/back and shouldies workouts. I LOVE shoulders and arms my favourite days so I will miss those. Been weight training and jumping around like crazy, trying to do things I won't be able to do for a while.

I have been juicing and have been VEGETARIAN for the last 5 days and will be for atleast a month if not permanantly now, I only ate organic chicken and turkey but I really dislike the taste of meat and always had to disguise it plus im a huge animal right advocate so I though WTF might as well just go vegetarian for a while see how I respond, plus a break from lifting means I wont need as much protien in my diet.

So right now and through my surgery my diet consists of organic vegetables, organic fruits, both juiced and whole, 0% greek yogurt, nuts/nut butters, caesin and whey protein, whole brown rice cakes, rice thins and healthy fats like cocunut oil/avacado oil/hemp hearts/chia seeds.

It's been 5 days and I feel amazing my abs are getting even more defined, I love doing shots of the juice through out the day makes me feel so energized I'll just stop and do a shot of celery juice. SO many nutrients so fast!

I cant believe it's only 5 and half days away. I'm...

I cant believe it's only 5 and half days away. I'm sitting around going crazy with anticipation lol. It's funny the dread has turned into like I just want to be recovering already lol. I'm all organized and payed and got everything arranged. I keep like starting to pack bags and then I'm like it's 5 days stop packing lol.

Oh well.
I'm excited!
Going to get my last spray tan and eye brows tinted on wednesday mornig before surgery thursday, I cant believe I have to wash my HAIR with surgucal soap and not condition OMG. I will NOT be looking hot lol

Hey I cant believe its 2 days away, not even. I...

Hey I cant believe its 2 days away, not even. I leave for the clinic at 6am Thursday.
I have had a rough few days I wont hide it, my body inside is clearly stressed although i dont feel stressed, my period is 3 weeks late, I broke out like nuts and I have awful sugar cravings and just want to eat eat eat. All these are unusual for me. So I've felt a bit weird and frustrated with the break out. I have barely slept the last 3 nights up about every hour not sure why just brain buzz I guess, I've gotten in good workouts at the gym atleast. When I got up this morning I was walking around organizing last minute things like weeping, I couldnt stop crying it was weird I had all these thought like wtf am I doing to myself. It's hard to explain. Then I calmed down I think it's all just very real now that im packiong up the car. I'll be staying at my boyfriends dads house tonight and the night after surgery as it is only 20 minutes from the surgery clinic and my house is an hour. So i'm all packed up food and clothes and all the things I need. Tomorrow I'm going to go to the gym and try to keep my mind occupied and then shower with my surgical soap and go to bed early. I'll update as soon as I'm on the other side of this. Wish me luck!

Hey ladies sorry for the few days delay I had my...

Hey ladies sorry for the few days delay I had my surgeries Thursday.
Went in at 7 am it went well I'm alive, it's officially to type this but I will make a long update after some more pain meds.
Surgery day was long but I'm so happy I chose the doctors and clinic I did the staff were so unbelievably amazing and attentive. I went in at 7 was brought to my private room chnged into robes and slippers and cap. Talked to my rn for a while she gave me a heating blanket. Then the anastheiaioligist came in and told me what he was going to do and that he would be there the entire time. Then u saw both doctors and then into the operating table. I didn't even feel te IV and I hate needles wasnt even a prick and then I was in recovery. I had no pain at all when I woke up, my cheat was tight and the worst part was actually that my tail bone was a but bruised and my elbows were stiff. The doctors both came by after and so did the anastheiaioligist. My surgeries took about 5 hours, and I was supposed to leave recovery after 2 hours I was doing so well but when I got up to pee I had such such bad nausea I ended up in recovery on oxygen for another two hours. Long day was 7 when I got out. Went home not much pain crappy sleep back to have the fri age tubes out in the morning that felt so awful really gross and burning . The pain now is that my back is siezing up from sitting allday in recliner, u get pecs every six hours and the hour before the fifth hour is extremely uncomfortable throbbing everywhere. Now today it's a good things my nerves re coming bCk in my cheat but the pain I really bad little stabbing burning pains all over my breasts hurts so bad. I have no bruising in my face never got any actually only a Tad of swelling in cheeks, boobies are high and tight and back hurts I can move my arms around though slowly, wash and rub myself put on cream etc. I'm sticking to liquids like I said sugar free jello, protein shakes, yogurt smoothie Etc. I can't taste a damn thing at all yet.
So nose- never bruised, tiny bit of swelling, very stuffed up, obviously can't breathe have splints inside an outside still. Only a dull ache between pecs.
Breasts- tightness subsiding stiffness subsiding, nerve endings coming back is excruciating, incisions don't hurt in armpit a but uncomfortable when I wah them.

Still on bed rest, sleeping patterns suck, I try o walk around and stretch after my perca kick in. I walk around squat go I the washroom fine, get myself food and vitamins.

Vitamin wise I'm taking arnica, magnesium citrate, cellfood, zinc, b,d, and a ton of stuff for my colon.
It technically post op day 3 and I've barely pooped so bloated and backed up feels awful. Hopefully I can soon. I think I've done so well because I was so healthy but also my supplements. Cellfood and magnesium citrate repair muscle tissue and nerves etc. arnica pills and traumeel gel for bruising and swelling. I haven't taken many pics as you an imagine double sugery and the longer anaesthesia time makes for a groggy few days will take some tomorrow and post again. Glad I chose 300 thy look very proportionate so at an modest which I what I wanted can't tell anything about nose with cast on but doc said it went really well.

Added some quick ou a from my cell phone

Added some quick ou a from my cell phone

UPDATE! POST-OP day 5.75 lol. Got my cast off...

UPDATE! POST-OP day 5.75 lol.
Got my cast off today feels so relieving! Also had splints inside my nose and it felt so good to have them pulled out they were so big! i was like those were inside my brain!! lol felt weird but so good.
My nose looks amazing so straight an perfect and even though im stuffed up I can breathe so much better again already. SO HAPPY. Dr. Ahmad is amazing! i have small like snore strip things back on for another 5 days :)
My boobs are also doing amazing. still wearing the strap as often as I can which ends up being about 22 hours a day only off to wash it.
I also started massage today 5 minutes every hour feels sore but good to move them around. My incisions are healed up totally closed I'll post pictures of them soon. no more washing them or polysporin I actually am supposed Massage the incision site lightly and the scar tissue lump underneath it 3x a day for a minute each side.
I had never heard anyone doing this last thing and it makes a lot of sense in the same way im an athlete and use a foam roller or tennis ball to break uo muscle soreness and scra tissue they want you breaking it down along your inner armpit.

any ways i feel very relieved, much more mobile I washed my own hair today put on all my own creams made my own food and did laundry and stuff. I spent an hour doing mobility stretches just very slow long held stretches felt awesome my backs still very tight but feels better. I'm amamzingly down to one Tylenol extra strength every 6 hours thats it.
And my digestion is back on track, going to the washroom regularly again.

6 weeks! I will post some photos tomorrow!

Hey ladies its 6 weeks today.
Sorry for the lack of updates my fiance got a job offer 2 days after my surgery so we just moved him out to Alberta :( I just got home.

My breasts an FANTASTIC, perfect size perfect shape perfect healing. right arms still a little tight, left incision scar totally gone, right fading steadily.
back to the weights as of two days ago, feels weird adjusting to the girls and lost a lot of strength but ill get it back.

nose.... looks great i have to go back for a tiny revision just under local freezing no scars or anything. some of the cartilidge he out in didnt smooth out quite as nicel as it did on the right side. super super minor but he's a perfectionist and so am i. and after payong for it why not. eveything else is great i can breathe and touch it and blow it gently. feelings back in the tip almost normal, scars fading almost totally gone. still a little swollen and tender along the bridge if i really push.
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

I knew a few women who have had breasts done with him and they all RAVE and call him a genius lol. They all had amazingly quick recovery and unbelievably natural results. I loved that he was concerned about body measurements and proportions and will not do anything the will look too fake or large as he wants all his results to look natural. His clinic is gorgeous, my patient co-ordinator is great, they are very informative answered all my questions!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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this is an incredible review - do you have any updates? I'm getting both surgeries done as well.
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Hello! I was wondering what your quote was for rhino alone? Was it higher or lower because you had broken you nose prior to surgery? And I was wondering if there was a reduced price being that you got both done on the same day? How much did Lista qoute you for augmentation alone? I love your results for rhino and I've always wanted that done since childhood but my priority is my breasts and after looking at your results I'm strongly considering doing both also if it's not amazing more expensive.
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Aww, I'm sorry to hear you'll be apart from your fiancé, don't let Alberta turn him into an Oilers or Flames fan :) Your nose and boobs are fantastic! The breasts fit you just perfectly, you have a body to die for but I know you've worked for it, you look so good, just like you but a little better! Your nose wasn't bad to start with but I agree it's absolutely great now. If I were you I'd be over the moon!
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p.s sorry to hear about your skin problems, that looks so sore :(
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as you, but I got around the the same size implants through an inframmery incision. So far they are healing nicely my left nipple is a bit swollen, but nothing bad. I can't wait until they drop they look so perky and fake! I don't get my caste off until tomorrow and I'm really worried about how swollen it will be. I go back to work in three days and I'm afraid I'll look like I had my nose done. Did you have any tip work done or anything requiring stitches?
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I just had the same procedure done exactly a week ago. I am also smaller framed, not anywhere near as small
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Wow, you are looking great! Makes me want to do my nose too!  ;) Love your review and all your updates. Can't wait for more photos! Take care!

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Your results make me feel so glad I chose Dr. Lista for my BA as well!!! Your shape is so natural and perfect for your body! He is such a talented surgeon! I have my surgery scheduled for next Monday, I'm hoping mine turn out as nice as yours! Did he use a pain pump on you? And how are your scars healing? are they long? I'm also going trans ax/under the muscle!
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            your results look very natural! 
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I just had my own nose surgery and was taking things like borage oil and fish oils prior, did you start yours again right after surgery? I look at your pics and def feel with your healthy lifestyle you had a healing advantage. I really want to start my oils again to help with swelling.
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Hi sorry for the delay I was away in Alberta. I did not take any oils for 12 days after. Then i started Flax, Lecithin, Omega, Borage and CLA. What helps swelling and bruising the most is arnica tablets under the tongue. They are a MIRACLE.
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hope your recovery goes well and less pain!
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Good luck!! Can't wait to hear all about it! I am still plugging away for my figure competition on May 10th! I am down to 9% body fat!! Only 24 days to go! Then, surgery on May 23!!! Too excited! You eat like me and take a lot of the same supps so I am going to follow your progress closely!! Good Luck Chica!!!!!
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Congrats keep working at it! You'll kill it. Mentally tough to be in recovery right now. All bloated and constipated bye bye abs lol but hey will be back gotta just keep thinking long term. Red my update but I'm so surprised how fast I'm healing and eting nerve endings back and how little bruising I got considering how I usually bruise. I really suggest you get a few essential supplements for after MSG me!
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So far so good! Congrats, you made it! Now on to healing! You will do great! I looked for the arnica...where do you find it? I would like to get a list of the supplements you are taking for ideas! While training right now I am on everything under the sun and of course need to stop 2 weeks prior to surgery (my show is actually 13 days from my surgery!)... Your pics look great...I will be excited to see the nose when you are ready to post pictures! I bet you are relieved it is over! Congrats again and let's keep in touch!
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All I added in for recovery so far is arnica tablets under my tongue. i already took powdered magnesium citrate, and cellfood I just upped the dosage. I use traumeel gel topically. I honestly can't believe how fast I'm healing
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goodluck! wishing you the best!
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yay we are in the same boat, im getting rhino and breast on may 2nd!! i hope yours turns out great! :-)
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Goodluck! So far so good. Minimal pain for me at least but you will need a lot of help trust me I'm stubborn it's doubly hard just cause not only do you have I restrict your torso but you have to watch your face an not bend your head down. Read my update if you like. So far I'm glad I did them together I have hated to do his twice even if it was less discomfort.
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I want your abs: I had a tummy tuck and my abs don't look anything like yours; although I'm happy with my results; good luck for your upcoming surgeries; cant wait to se pics.
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lol thanks, i work hard for those abs baby believe me lol. Abs are all diet not gym, doesn't matter how much you work your abs you need to eat a 100% clean diet for a month or two and you will be AMAZED at what happens to your stomach, and once you stick to it and see them come in you never many to go back lol. I do crave bad foods but when i think of eating it i ask "do i want to eat that as bad as i want my six pack" answers always no lol. Thanks, i'll post pics as soon as i can
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Ahh SO true and your abs are killer! I stopped my 4 glasses of wine a week habit for just 2 weeks before my cruise and saw a 4 pack coming in! It's insane because that's really my "cheat" but just something I can't give up yet!
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Thanks for the tips
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I'm taking a cruise in June; I'm excited; which one did you go on?
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Good luck =)
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