Fat Transfer to Breasts W/ Brava - Toronto, ON

I'm starting at a small C34 / large B. I want my...

I'm starting at a small C34 / large B. I want my breasts to be a bit larger and fuller in the middle, but I don't to change their shape and movement as drastically as implants would. I think I've been hoping for a procedure like this to exist for quite some time... from the moment I learned about it, I was super interested. The fat will be harvested from my inner thighs, back of thighs, flanks, stomach, and upper back.

I was told to use the Brava for 12 hours a day. So far I've been failing at that. I average closer to 9. I have classes during the day and I haven't been able to completely sacrifice my social or sex life. Also, this device is brutal. I'm a lot more used to it now than I was in the beginning, but I still wake up at 5-6am really itchy and with a sore back and I can't fall back asleep until I take the thing off. The swelling is fun though. It sticks around through the day... although often the red marks stay too. I've had blisters a few times. I've itched hard enough to leave scratches on skin made already delicate by the Brava.

I hope this thing helps... when I spoke to a different doctor (one who didn't use it for fat transfer) he said that it had been around for a long time and was only recently connected to fat transfer as a way to sell them. But using it makes sense to me and my Dr at least.

Starting measurements:

Breasts 35
Waist 27
Hips 36

With the Brava, so far my swelling around gets to a 37.5 and goes down to about a 36 by nightfall. I've never had implants; I've never breastfed; I'm 23.

Good luck to you! Hope you get the results that you desire!

K, so when I originally conceived of this idea I...

K, so when I originally conceived of this idea I wanted to do it at the end of February. It took a while for shit to come together though and it was scheduled for the end of March.. then as I neared the end of March I realized it was an awful time for surgery. I have so many exams and essays due in the 2/3 weeks after the procedure... very silly. So I have moved it to middle of April when I should be done everything.

Another benefit is that I will now have about two solid months of Brava'ing in before the surgery. I've read/seen/heard that the results of fat transfer will be less significant than the largest amount of swelling you can achieve through suction. The more I use the Brava, the more I swell, the longer the swelling lasts.. I think I've made a very good decision here.

Pre-Brava measurement around my chest was 35inches. Now it's usually 38 when I remove it in the morning, 37 end of the day, 36 next day even if I don't Brava during the night. I'm somewhat concerned it's affecting my nipples..

I really cannot bitch enough about the Brava. ...

I really cannot bitch enough about the Brava. This is not a regime to be undertaken lightly. My breasts have been unsightly for almost a month straight. Best case scenario, they itch and my nipples seem weird. Worst, they're hugely bruised and/or blistered. Be careful putting blister pads over your nipples, removing those seems to take skin with them.

Placing the thing is such a pain. There's not a weird, permanent crease in the silicon of one of the cups and it always folds along there.
Hi..can you post photos along the journey? Welcome!

I'm struggling a lot with this. In between...

I'm struggling a lot with this. In between booking the procedure and now I got back together with an ex who really hates the idea-- he says because he can tell I don't really want to do it. Actually, I do really want to do it. But maybe I don't really want to want to do it. It's quite an emotional mess. The majority of the times I've talked to people in my life about it, I've been in tears... so I guess I don't blame them for mostly recommending I hold off a little longer. My mom doesn't like the idea either.

But I think I'm going to go ahead with it. 10 days now. I haven't been as good about Brava'ing since I got back with that ex and now he's around most nights. School's wrapping up now too and that presents its own set of difficulties.

I've been having a lot of trouble looking at myself naked in mirrors lately. Either I think my breasts look bad and I'm sad. Or I think my breasts look good and I'm sad.
Hey WhatWhat, just calling in to share my two cents. I used BRAVA for about 3 weeks a few years ago and saw absolutely no change in my breast size or shape - just an extremely pointed nipple and rashes, so i stopped. You're lucky you're seeing some change, I think that's a good sign. I'm considering AFT too, and they say the BRAVA is really important to get best results so I wouldn't go too soon if you've been skipping nights. That said, I've had similar emotional issues with the whole thing and tend to chicken out whenever it comes to booking procedures too. I NEVER speak to my parents about this stuff, they'd never understand. I tend to speak to my sister - I trust her opinion and she can tell me whether she thinks I'm in an emotionally bad/insecure place or whether this is something I'll never get over. Anyway, I've wanted bigger boobs for ages but haven't done anything. For me, it's not about the money, it's whether it will work or not. Have you done your research with your surgeon? Asked for references and spoken to them, etc.? That might help you make a decision? You get most of your money back if you change your mind. Good luck with exams!
Hi Jen Cha, Are you considering joining the forum?  Who are you considering AFT with? Amelia
Hi there! Sorry you're struggling with your decision! Have you paid money down for your surgery (in addition to the Brava?)? I think if you have money invested, that makes it harder to make a rational decision. Is your boyfriend generally supportive? He may just not like the Brava use, which seems to be the worst part of it, and that it interferes with your time together, but remember it won't be forever! Good luck with your decision!

So that went down yesterday and everything went...

So that went down yesterday and everything went well. I should have Brava'd more in the 2 weeks before the surgery, but we'll see how it goes. If all else fails, I might just have to do it again at some point. I was nervous as hell. But anestesia is a funny thing, one minute I was nervous, then next moment I'm waking up and it's all over. I'm pretty swollen all over, except for my stomach which is crazy flat. My waist is really intense. But, yea, my thighs, back, and my hips are all swollen. It will be a while before I can see how this has worked out. I'll be wearing the brava for a week after as much as possible and I'll be wearing the binder outfit thing for about 2 weeks. My boobs look lovely. Definitely stiff. I hope I retain most of the size they currently are. I'll upload pictures soon. I know you've all heard it enough times, but it is worth repeating, the lipo leaves you so so so sore. I feel like I've been hit by a car. Getting up from lying down involves a lot of rocking and grabbing things and faith. I feel pretty good though. I waffled so much over this. And even now, thinking back to my natural body, it's lovely. If nothing changes then I'm still lucky. But if I end up with bigger boobs, and a widdled waist, and a bum that looks even rounder because there's less fat on my lower back and upper thighs. Then that is lovely too. Also, as for the bf... well I went to talk to my mom about this on the day before. And she didn't seem nearly as against it as she did the last time I told her about it. And then when I got back and told the bf that my mom had come around, he didn't seem against it any more either. Lol. One of those things. Dr. Kesarwani and his staff are great btw. They've been amazingly patient with me haha. I'll post a more comprehensive review of all of that once I know more about how the results turn out.

My memory of things that happened immediately post...

My memory of things that happened immediately post is a bit foggy.. but I'm fairly certain he said he put 225cc in my larger breast and 185cc in the smaller one. I know some people report their doctors putting twice that much in, but I think the risk for complications during reabsorbtion is higher when there is more injected, so I'm happy about those numbers. Also, even if it ends up costing more, I'd rather do careful, incremental increases than one big gamble.
p.s.  Are you waiting to change your rating from "not sure" to make sure that you are happy with the results down the road?  That is what I am doing.
Ya, that's the plan.
You look awesome!!  Your breasts look fabulous, thank you for sharing.  I am glad everyone was more supportive in your decision to do this.  Keep us posted on changes and if you continue to feel good about this. Amelia

I woke up pretty confused this morning with a...

I woke up pretty confused this morning with a fever. A bit disconcerting, but it's gone away now. I'm on antibiotics and painkillers. I thought the fever might just be because I have to sleep in the compression garment and I put some bloomers on over top of that because the crotch hole is too silly. And normally I sleep stark, so a bit of overheating is to be expected maybe.

Still very stiff, hobbling around. I'm going to try and do some very chill yin yoga tonight. I was supposed to be 4/20 cooking with a friend today, but it didn't feel like a reasonable idea. I don't really want to tell her I had plastic surgery or lie to her and I'm too infirm to really be much fun today anyway.

Showering was a wonderful experience. I took off my bandages mostly. I have little stitches; I believe they will dissolve on their own. Being out of the compression garment is pretty nice... I washed it and am waiting for it to dry and then it's back in for me. I'm trying to brava as much as possible now too. Unfortunately, the device has been losing its suction and not turning itself back on a lot lately when I'm asleep.

I'm just the tiniest bit nervous for the after shape of my body where there's been lipo. I'm obviously still swollen and things do look good so far, but I previously had no qualms with the shape of my hips. I'm really, really excited to see how everything turns out.

My boobies are currently so fun. Definitely be a bit careful with the post-surgical brava'ing though. I ended up with some blood in one of the domes.
LOL about the "hot" compression garment picture! My pre-surgery pic would give that a run for it's money, when my fat is all marked up with purple marker. ;) That said, you look great! Not too bruised and I'm sure they'll look very nice when the swelling goes down a little in a few more days! I think skipping the 4/20 cooking sounds like the right idea, since you were feverish this morning and are taking pain pills! Relaxing without extra drugs is probably the way to go! :) I also hated the crotchless compression garment - I ended up wearing undies with mine, and going to the bathroom was such a hassel. I was always wiping the crotch area down with baby wipes between washes. I am glad to be done with it! Keep us posted!
Keep an eye on your fever.  Check several times a day.  That is how I got really sick.
Fever has dissipated for now. Did you have any issues with coughing? Every morning I seem to wake up with a really bad cough, but it goes away within an hour.

I remain very stiff and sore. Mainly in my thighs...

I remain very stiff and sore. Mainly in my thighs whenever I move them and my back whenever I sit down/stand up/breathe heavily. I'm going to try and lay off the percs for a bit... this pain might seem all the worse because of the contrast between it and the comfy opiate hazy I've been enjoying over the last few days. But really, the last thing I need to deal with on top of pain from surgery is withdrawal symptoms from the painkillers. Best to be careful with these things!

I have been going for reasonably long walks, which I think has been very good for me. And usually the pain is at its worse at the beginning of these walks, but has lessened quite a bit by the end. My back is still weirdly swollen... it's strange to see... like if I were to gain a disproportionate amount of weight on my lower back. And my inner thighs are super swollen still. I hope that goes away soon. My thighs don't usually touch at all and currently they do for ~15cm.

I can see more of my hips and stomach although they're still swollen. It's most obvious around my pubic area. Fingers still crossed that everything eventually smooths between waist to saddlebags.

Boobs continue to look great, if slightly bruised. Very pokeable.

In the continuing saga of "I Hate the Brava" mine...

In the continuing saga of "I Hate the Brava" mine no longer seems to keep its seal for more than 20 minutes. I've washed the domes a number of times, but the issue is probably that the silicone is just too deformed to hold its shape. It's full of crumples and creases. It's quite frustrating. I assume I'm going to need to purchase new cups, unfortunately, by the time I have a chance to do so, it will be a week post surgery and I won't have much opportunity to use them.

In better news, my pain is down to about a 3/4 and I've successfully kicked the 3 day long opiate dependency that was threatening to destroy us all.
How are you doing??
How are you doing?  Are you pleased with your results so far?
How are you doing now?  How are the breasts and lipo sites?

Soooo... 3 weeks on. My lipo sites all look great...

Soooo... 3 weeks on. My lipo sites all look great. At first my stomach was unnaturally flat looking, but now it has regained a more reasonable flatness. My inner thighs are still a bit tight. My bruises are all gone.

My boobs are... fun. I'm quite enjoying this. I'm paranoid about retention though. Before I was 35-36 around the bust. Immediately post + Brava I maxed out at 40. Now I'm 38-39. Hopefully it sticks around...


For those of you considering this procedure... something I've been thinking about a lot recently is the importance of the liposuction for gaining fat on the breasts. I've been thinking about how Khouri and Coleman both counsel you to be at your thinnest before undertaking the procedure... it seems counter-intuitive, no? You might think it would be best for you to have excess fat for the injection... except maybe the injected fat is less important than we think. Maybe a good result in this procedure has a lot to do with you returning to your normal, pre-lipo weight, but regaining it in the areas that haven't been liposuction (your breasts). I've just been thinking about that because I was reading about how some women report their breasts getting larger after liposuction even without fat transfer. That would also explain why I oft hear repeated that the breasts are at their smallest 2 months post, and then they start getting bigger again. Maybe they lose volume for the first two months because of swelling and fat re-absorbtion. Then they gain volume after because your lifestyle just accommodates a certain amount of fat that can no longer go (easily) to your stomach or thighs or where ever.

Not to say that I think the transferred fat is irrelevant either. Honestly... I've been considering doing the procedure again in the fall depending on what shape my breasts and finances and harvestable fat stores are in then.

I should also say that most* of my bras are too...

I should also say that most* of my bras are too small. I fit into a D34 pretty well, but I'm avoiding underwire for the time being. I heard somewhere to do that. I'm definitely happy with the results atm. They're fuller and perkier along with slightly bigger.
Thanks for your update, sounds awesome.  Sounds like a future "thumbs up" rating to me??  I like how you describe your 'new' breasts as "fun"!!  That is awesome!  You look fantastic!  Keep us posted as the months go on. Good luck!
I'm not thumbs upping until at least the 3 month mark.
Don't blame you there..but it sure looks like you have a nice result!  Take your time!

Just to clarify what I said yesterday about my...

Just to clarify what I said yesterday about my suspicion regarding where enhanced volume comes from... and why I suspect that the best thing to do in the lead up to the surgery is to get down to a low weight. So when they liposuc your fat they will end up removing more (less engorged) fat cells. Then, not only will it be ok for you to gain some weight returning to your normal weight, but that weight will go to the untreated areas. And it will be possible to transfer more actual fat cells with more potential for continued growth (rather than fewer cells that are as fat as they will get). Just my two cents.

So yea... get lean in the lead up to the surgery. Allow yourself to return to your normal weight after it.

Regardless of fat retention in my breasts (for...

Regardless of fat retention in my breasts (for which the jury is still out) I'm extremely happy with the results of the lipo. Which is funny because going into the procedure that was the part I was the most hesitant about. I liked the shape of my body and was worried about asymmetry and 'ruts'. But nope. The difference is subtle. Previously, when I've lost weight I've lost it in my hips and breasts, so I would get thinner all over, but I'd look less curvy. Now (post lipo) I have the thin thighs, thin stomach, and thin hips, but my breasts are bigger and my outer thighs have retained their width and a lot of fat came off the narrowest part of my waist so I look thin but with severe curves. It's pretty awesome.

Lipo bruises were gone at ~10 days for me. Their incisions are still visible, but they look like ingrown hairs. The marks around my breasts are (unfortunately) still too apparent for any plunging cleavage without inviting questions.
Glad your lipo spots are looking good! I still have red marks in the random lipo spots, too, a month and half out. I haven't been good about touching them up with creams lately. I like your theory on fat/lipo, too. I was about 5 pounds heavier than my "ideal" weight - I usually gain weight in the winter, then lose it again by summer, so in March was still bigger. It will be interesting to see what happens this summer when my weight goes down.
Very insightful and I agree with your thinking that its better to be your thinnest at the time of transfer. My weight has been pretty stable for years but my doctor did comment on he was glad I didn't have a lot of fat because it would mean he could transfer more cells. So I think your thoughts are on the mark! Btw you look great! Sending high retention wishes your way!
I love your updates.  You sound like a writer (maybe of romance novels or humor).  You are very witty!  Glad you are pleased with your results.  Awesome your bruising was gone so soon.  I was not that lucky but it is pretty good now!

busting out

yea... I want to do it again. A lot of the research I looked into had women doing it twice... I think that two times would lead to a "perfect" result for me. I don't know exactly how I'd put together the finances for it yet tho and I don't know where I would want fat to be taken from... I'm a lot more concerned about 'lipo weirdness' in sites that have already been harvested. I suspect that the really saggy, wrinkly, weird stomach I've sometimes seen on thin, YOUNG women post-lipo probably occurs when too much fat has been taken.

Another issue is that I don't know how much better I'll tolerate the Brava 2nd time round. Obviously, it will be slightly easier when I'm not sleeping with someone who is against the procedure... but I also just kind of hated the brava. There were a lot of wounds, and poor sleep, and back pain. We'll see. If I do it again, I'll probably invest in some sessions in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. That was something I was considering for the first time, but then I kind of forgot about setting it up.

Some of my prettiest dresses no longer fit. :)
What is a hyperbaric oxygen chamber?  Cool you are going for a 2nd round!  You are loving it so I am glad you did it!!
it's a high pressure chamber with a much higher than normal concentration of oxygen. there are risks though, including death... maybe I won't use one. I did contact a company that told me they were sometimes used for plastic surgery, recommended two treatments before and two immediately after, and it would have cost ~$1100CND. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperbaric_oxygen "A related effect is the increased oxygen transport capacity of the blood. Under normal atmospheric pressure, oxygen transport is limited by the oxygen binding capacity of hemoglobin in red blood cells and very little oxygen is transported by blood plasma. Because the hemoglobin of the red blood cells is almost saturated with oxygen under atmospheric pressure, this route of transport cannot be exploited any further. Oxygen transport by plasma, however is significantly increased using HBOT as the stimulus." They're used to promote healing in skin grafts, prevent soft tissue necrosis, wound healing generally. I've heard they're a bit of a waste for the average healthy patient plus the cost plus the risks, might not be worth it. But to my layman understanding it would seem highly beneficial for this procedure.
Ya, death may not be worth it! LOL Thanks for your list of possible fat saving to do's.   Why no coffee for 3 months?

retention voodoo

lately I've been interested in the various ( mostly unproven) tips, tricks, and methods told to us or posited by patients to increase retention. It's such a vague science at this point that much of it seems like superstition. I'm going to list those I've heard and those I'm doing.

- Wear the brava as much as possible before and after

- Don't smoke ( no shit... probably the worst thing you can do... it constricts blood vessels, limits healing...)

- live and eat healthy.

Ok... those sound pretty reasonable. the most suspect is probably using the brava, but it has a lot of support among the doctors. now for the more random ones that I've read about people being told, but not uniformly agreed upon.

- no underwire for 6 months afterwards

- eat fatty foods like avocados, nuts, olive oil

- Don't squish them too much, or sleep on your stomach

- " breast growth" herbs like arnica, fenugreek

- no alcohol or coffee ( fuck you)

- stem cells

- hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatments

here's one I invented! :

- maximum nipple simulation to increase blood flow and as a kind of consolation prize for the bf when he wasn't allowed to play rough with them

I'm not following all of those. Just things I've heard 'round the internet. The waiting game is the worst thing. I think we need to feel like we're proactively contributing to the procedure's success.

anyone else know of others?
How are you doing now?  How is the retention?
I have heard that after lipo one will eventually gain a lot of weight bck.is that true?sumone said she got lipo done n she Gained 17 kgs over period of 5 years despite of three hour of daily excercising.my question; does fat return to the donor site or any other site?
Sounds silly to me. People continually prove themselves extremely capable of self deception when it comes to their diet and exercise habits... that just sounds very suspect. My (layman's) opinion is she feels guilty about the weight gain and just wants to blame something outside of herself. And/or she was exaggerating the amount of exercising she did. Failing that, maybe it was just a change in metabolism/eating style and she would have gained that weight at that time whether or not she had lipo. It seems extremely plausible to me that people gain weight after lipo because they see their problem areas 'gone' and then just give themselves permission to eat. Also, they don't actually take that much 'weight' out during lipo. It's more of a volume thing and measured in litres and it's hard to tell exactly how many litres you even 'lose' because a certain amount of it is water and tumescent fluid. So, yea, again I don't actually know... but my suspicion is that gaining weight after lipo is a mental/psychological side effect... or yea, like I mentioned, if you have lipo (and the fat isn't even injected back in elsewhere) and your habits stay the same, then maybe the body just seeks to make up the difference by putting it on elsewhere.

2 months out

Ok, so the girls and I have just passed two months. Retention hasn't changed since my last update. I'm holding steady at 37.5-38.5 (that is +2.5 to + 3.5 from my lowest pre measurement and -1.5 to -2.5 from my largest post measurement). So that's pretty good. I'll try to get some new pics up at some point.

Yea, I remain a big fan of this procedure. The "you'll be back at work in 3 days" which I've read in different places is a complete joke, but I do think the healing time is way, way better than for implants. I think those take months to fully 'settle' and with this by 1 month everything seemed 90% normal to me. At 2 months it's become very easy to forget that I haven't always had them.

I think the main way to describe the difference is that before I could wear a push up and it push my boobs up and it looked nice and caught eyes, but it was fairly difficult for me to get 'straight line' type of cleavage (also because they were wide set). And now it comes fairly easily. I also used to always fit into 'small' dresses, and now quite a few of those don't even nearly fit in the chest. And the mediums are too big in the centre. Ha... understanding that long time lament of the busty now.

Mild new stretch marks. Trade off.

No panginess at all. I've read about it a lot though. I haven't had that at any point, although they were definitely sensitive for 2 weeks to 1 month afterwards. It took about 2 weeks for them to get 'bouncy' again when I walked and that wasn't super comfortable at first, but now everything feels fine. The sensitivity was similar to what I might feel during some periods.

No real new thoughts on retention. The naturally flowing stem cells of youthful fat might be helpful too. Stimulants (coffee, amphetamines [dexedrine, adderall, vyvanse, etc.], nicotine) all constrict blood vessels and are intuitively considered detrimental. So there's no way around the no smoking thing, even with vapour-based e cigarettes because those usually contain nicotine.

A lot of this is the same for implants tho. Constricted blood vessels significantly raise the risk of capsular contraction, so if you want to do either procedure the right way and have it last and look good, then living healthy post surgery is necessary.

Ok, so someone asks you 'did you get a boob job?' (Although they won't because the difference, however wonderful, is subtle).

And you reply with, 'I just got fat.'

You're welcome.
Hilarious and true.  You really need to doing creative writing if you don't.  Wasn't sure if you were kidding since you have such a neat sense of humor.  Great update.  What size bra are you now?
Some of my c34s still fit, some are too tight and I pop out of the cups instantly. I fill out d34s reliably. Cup size is always hard to say for certain though. It seems to change a lot with brand and style.
Yes, you look more like a 34 D so it makes sense that they are fitting reliably.  You look great.

New nudez

Saving some pennies to do it again someday probably.. although my Dr didn't seem to think it was an option to talk about yet. And yea, maybe I will just be content to save or spend on important things... but once more should be perfect lol. No. Yes. Maybe when I'm 30 or something. Hmm.

one more


How much of a difference fullness/one cup size can make. I've had some serious shade being thrown at my chest lately from other women (including one who already has massive implants.) I used to only get that when wore push up bras. Haven't worn one of those in two months.
Hello Whatwahtkumquat, I was wondering why your review says not sure, I think when reading about everything u wrote so far things seem to be so good!, But if anything went wrong could u please tell us about it?
I just decided to hold out on that until I was 3 months post... seeing as this surgery has famously had problems with looking great right after and then not retaining, it just seemed silly to me to rate the results immediately. But you're right, I've had neither medical problems, nor regrets in the wake of the surgery. The change is subtle enough that it's not like my friends immediately KNOW that I've changed anything (although one [gay bud] said something that makes me suspect that he suspects.) But the change was also dramatic enough that I feel like has remedied some problems I had previously with the way I felt about my breasts. They're about 1 cup size bigger. They make cleavage easily (straight line cleavage, not pushed up cleavage.) They a lot rounder. I don't have to worry about someone reaching into a push up bra and groping deception. (I've switched to sports bras and non underwire.)
oh wow! thats great! and yeah i understand the three months mark! :D and dont worry about gay buds they have crazy attention to detail lol most ppl wouldn't tell as easily i believe! and i know what u mean about reaching into push up bra and groping deception lol I saw all ur pics I can see the transformation :D and they do look alot rounder :D I am the same size as u before i am seriously considering it, but still a little hesitant but thank u so much for ur updates and comments and everything :) I hope u can pull up the finances for another one soon :) even though I do beleive that u dont need it! :D


I think my ass has gotten bigger.

And this concludes the latest musing from ~The FT Poet~ !!
(Wonderfully dubbed such by amelia girl)
So glad I stumbled across this post as I am expecting to have my lipo/lift-aug/fat transfer in September. Loved hearing your story- and my gawd you made me laugh! :-)
OMG, so funny, FT Poet as I think my ass has gotten bigger also!!  My old jeans are now fitting again.  It is bizzare.  I think the fat is in my waistline, upper & lower abs and butt!!  I just got back from a spa retreat and gained weight, how crazy is that?  And, the weight redistribution drives ya nuts! Glad you like the "FT Poet" as your code name! LOL

approaching four months

Worried about gaining weight in my arms and face

oh, and

I continue to not have any lumps.

different bra

Your "girls" look nice! Where are your your injection sites?
Two on the tops, two on the inside, two on the bottoms.. maybe there were more. They look like freckles at this point. The ones in the cleavage were fairly noticeable when wearing anything low cut for a while.
No tea or coffee might be something to do with lowering the oestrogen levels in the body. They say Oestrogen Rich Foods can help with breast growth?

maybe last

Ok, 6 months out. Nothing has hanged for a while and I don't predict it will, so this could be my last update.

My feelings about my breasts have changed dramatically.. in large part thanks to my breasts changing shape.. they're bigger, fuller, bouncier, rounder, perkier, heavier, more attention demanding. I haven't felt jealous of anyone else's body since the procedure. I haven't had any negative side effects. My only regret is not losing weight before the procedure.

I do have more stretch marks. iI don't fit into a lot of size small shirts anymore. They are heavier. I still have small spots from the lipo.. I think the ones on the backs of my thighs are the only ones that could be noticed.

I don't have lumps. I don't have pain. I don't worry about rupture or scar tissue or having to replace an implant.

So yea.. all around this has worked out perfectly for me. I think that, when the procedure is done well, it's pretty much perfect. My breasts look and feel 100% natural.. they feel like mine just delicately engineered to be the best version of mine.

If I suddenly come across the money, I may do a second round. Hard to say. At this point, all is well.

Lovely talking to you all.
wow! first I saw the before picture, and you look so beautiful in it, that I wondered why bother doing anything.... then I saw the after pictures.... you look amazing!!! Congratulations!!! so much better than implants can ever look.
to aid in transfer retention ive read where some drs prescribe singulair to calm the allergic type reaction- cant help but think niacin and other vasodialating supplements might be good to take.. maybe some viagra haha
Wow I really enjoyed reading your posts. Super helpful, and you are so funny lol. I tried not to laugh out loud in this quiet lobby at work. Definitely enjoyed it :) Your breasts look freaking amazing by the way. I am referring to the photos all the way til the very last post you posted last October. It's June 2014 now, how are the girls doing? I am getting a consultation with Dr. Park here in a few weeks. He is listed as a top surgeon here on realself as well. I am already aiming for repeated treatments because each time, as we know, only appropriate amount of fats can be harvested and reinjected. Just like you, I am not going to do it in one huge gamble. I'd rather do it carefully the correct way, more than once. Oh just a quick additional detail you might like to know. You may have heard of Thermage treatment. I am planning to get this done to my lower abdomen area after fat transfer procedure. Like months after of course. When I am healed up. I have had one childbirth so far, and I was thinking about thermage for a while until I saw fat transfer to breasts. Now, I will just wait to get thermage done after this procedure. Thanks for posting as much as you have been. If you have a chance, please response with your most current updates on how your beautiful girls are doing and your overall satisfaction and feeling with your body at this time :) Thank you in advance!

1.3 years later

Hey all. Just tried to take a new photo, but my photo gave me a bunch of 'camera fail's then turned itself off. I'll try to remember to get a new one from a more easily comparable angle. In the meantime, I'm including a recent photo where I'm lying down in bed. You can see volume, but not shape. Things are still good!

I think my size was final around 6-8 months... that seemed to be when some of the perkiness settled into heaviness, but that's to be expected of real breasts. I still want it done again, but I don't know exactly when it will be.

The experience with the lipo was almost more significant than with the transfer. For about 6 months after the procedure, no matter what I ate, or how much I ate, I still had a astoundingly flat stomach. Some bad habits developed. Now I'm trying to make them go away because weight is definitely appearing on my arms and I'm concerned it's appearing on my face. This is a familiar struggle that I've managed before successfully, just the location has changed.

So.. yea... things are good. I'm pleased I did the procedure. I continue to enthusiastically endorse Dr.Kesarwani's work. I think that if you want to change your breasts, but not destroy/rebuild them completely, then this is the perfect procedure.
ah I read that you started smoking again, have you noticed any changes due to it? I don't smoke cigs just herb and am able to quit for a year at a time when needed in the past. just curious on how long after your procedure that u began to smoke again and if it changed anything? :) thanks babe!
OKAY SO...how long after I do this whole procedure would I be able to begin smoking again? I can wait a year if I need, just curious if you have heard anything. also, if you go back for another fat graft can they pull fat from the same incision sites so that you don't have new scarrings? and please don't tell me I should quit smoking for good its bad and so forth, I know. ;) so no lumpiness of the lipo areas??? so happy for u!
You look great as always. It was nice to hear from you again. :-)
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