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PANTOJA ... SX on May 14th... Post Op pics day 1!!!

Hi ladies i've been on here for quite some time...

Hi ladies i've been on here for quite some time but just doing a review for my upcoming surgery.lived by to get to my goal and " Nothing tastes as good as thin feels!!!

About Me

I'm married and have 2 handsome boys (6 and 2) and i can't blame my weight on them. The truth is and still remains I LOVE TO EAT GOOD FOOD. My current weight is 151.2 and height 5'3. I'm 33 and I HAVE LOST OVER 100LBS!!! Gone from a size 22 to 6! It's a battle keeping the weight off, BUT I'M SO WORST THE WAR!!!!! ( Not to get to deep- I had some medical issues that catapulted my weightloss they have since been resolved, but that's what started me in motion.) "On my way to a happy, healthy ME!" This was 1 of the mottos that helped me shed the weight 100lbs. The other one is "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels!" I'm here to just finish what i started ;-D.
That being said I'm planning and trying to schedule with Dr Pantoja sometime this month if i can find an opening i will get in contact with nadia to see.

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I am overjoyed about my upcoming surgery. I'm...

I am overjoyed about my upcoming surgery. I'm scheduled with dr p for May 8th 2013... and i'll be recovering at grace.


You are going to look like a different woman after your done. I'm Happy you lost all that weight and can't wait to see the finishing outcome
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QTMommy i read your story and I am SO PROUD OF YOU! U GO GIRLY AND I AM PRAYING U HAVE A SUCCESSFUL SURGERY cause you deserve it! You have worked so hard! Plz keep us posted. Victory is just a few weeks away...STRIVE!!!
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Aw... hun... your comment brought a smile to my face... thank so much for your support.

So i got an email from drugstore.com about 20%...

So i got an email from drugstore.com about 20% skin care promotion so clicked the link and ordered the following:
Nexcare First Aid Tape Gentle Paper,- 1 ea $2.49
Hyland's Muscle Therapy Gel with Arnica - 3 oz $6.99
Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula w/ Vit. E Skin Therapy Oil - 5.1 fl oz $7.62
Palmer's Scar Serum, Vitamin E - 1 fl oz $9.35
Hyland's Bruising & Soreness, Arnica Montana 30X, Tablets - 250 ea $5.99

Subtotal: $32.44
Standard Shipping: FREE
Estimated Tax: $1.95
Total: $34.39
Total Savings: $10.61->>went to walmart order the same for price comparison and i ready did save 10 plus buck ;-)

Now i know there are going to be ladies out there saying they could probably save more then that per item but i do believe in buy the BEST Quality with the least amount of money.


thank you and it's been a long long time coming i wanted tummy tuck long before i ever lost the weight... too happy

Ok Ok Ok ... thanks for the inboxes ladies and you...

Ok Ok Ok ... thanks for the inboxes ladies and you guys are right compromise is the key to a happy marriage. that being said my new date is July 3rd. Flight purchased deposited paid. .... too excited ...

Hey, ladies the ones of you that flew in the day before surgery, where did you stay the night before surgery. I'm staying at grace for the recovery after surgery. and did you have the massage at the recovery house or DR Pantoja Office?


Excited for you. Can't wait to see your after pictures. Your day is really close I'm sure you're getting very excited at this point.
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I'm excited for you! Another pantoja girl. :) I'm July 1st! For a BBL
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You and I are scheduled for the same date. What time does your flight get in? Which hotel are you going to stay at? Have you paid your deposit for the recovery house? I know we get a discount if we book together or something like that.
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Well ladies I had my date bumped up sometime ago...

Well ladies I had my date bumped up sometime ago but just getting around to updating. (Had to take a break ->RS is Addictive! Lol!) I only have a few days left. I'm elated to say the very least!!! Everyone keeps asking me I'm I nervous? But I'm not... I'm just ready to get this party started. I'm all packed and ready.

I purchased my CG off line and a Squeem Vest as well, but when they got here it was to funny I ordered them in a size small they can't even fit my big toe. LOL! If I get into them DR P is truly a miracle worker. I'm going to keep them and look for more I'm meeting one of the VETS from here to go and find one from one of the shops here in ATL. My sizing is so tricky most of the time I can get into a small ( anything I buy from walmart) or medium ( old navy) and other times in a size large just depends on who made it and this skin really gets in the way.

These days I'm managing my weight very well. I'm eating right and walking 5x a week. I'm not at goal but I'm comfortable. Plus I'm honestly afraid to lose more weight because of the severe laxity of my skin.

I want to thank you all for the support and kindness you have shown me. I'm a big softy and I just wanted you to know, you guys are appreciated. GN Ladies... I promise to update soon. Message me anytime.. I pray I find a CG that fits tomorrow.


Blessings to you on your new journey. Can't wait to see you turn into a beautiful butterfly! Lord, let this woman have a healthy recovery. Bless Dr. P and guide his hands through this marvelous work. I'm right behind ya sister...Can't wait to see what you look like underneath all that skin!!!
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Aw!!! Pin... Girl you try to make me cry ?!?! LOL! Thank you so much for that beautiful prayer :-) you gonna make me cry you'll know I'm a softy... and i can't wait to see either!!! Thank You sis!
;) I teared up thinking about how all us women have so much support&love for one another; even tho we haven't met each other. I can't wait to see what we both look like underneath it all.... so excited for both of us. God bless you sista! Xoxo

Only 3 more days until my surgery MAY 14TH TT,...

Only 3 more days until my surgery MAY 14TH TT, LIPO, and BBL and I'm still excited... I can't sleep( it's 2am I'm wide awake)... I feel like a kid waiting on christmas morning... I'm packed and ready.


So excited for ya Ma! Xoxo
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Ahhh!!! I'd be the same!!!
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Its almost time. I am so happy for you.
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Ok ladies i made it to the recovery house here in...

Ok ladies i made it to the recovery house here in Tijuana. I'm still excited about my surgery but I was very sad to leave my babies behind. They didn't cry, thank god cause i would have too. Hubby stayed behind to care for the kids. So i'm missing him as well.

Ok the schedule Tomorrow May14th- Labs, EKG and then Surgery ( Tummy Tuck, Lipo, and Fat Graphing to the BOOTAY)... I'll be staying 2 nights at the clinic, and then back here to the recovery house for 5 nights. So i'll be leaving Tijuana on May 21th. It's still so surreal to me. Margarita is so sweet and very helpful. Well i'm still on east coast time so I'm going to nap. Night Night ladies I'll message you again from the flat side.


Im praying for your speedy recovery. You are gonna look bootyfull!
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Good luck, you are in my prays
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Good luck qtmommy, happy healing
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I feel great absolutely no pain and no nasuea...

i feel great absolutely no pain and no nasuea what so ever i been sipping mango juice water and i have ABOLUTELY PAIN- God is so wonderful. Some itching but i have beneadryl I did not wait for it to get unbear i just popped a pill immediately

The power of prayer is so wonderful. Ladies thank you for all the Prayer. Nadia said you ladies have been calling and emailing her saying make sure she take care of me !!!! AW!!!! Ladies, you all are amazing!!! Words can't express my gratitude for you support. May God bless each and every last one of you ... I'm here now just sitting on my but which sucks ... What is your solution for that Ladies? i had tt, with lipo, bbl .... he even did my arms and thighs so welll i don't even want to have the arm and thigh lift any more and i'm smooth as a baby... I have no swelling I hope it stay that way .... i may do another round to get the arms and thighs even smaller and more but LOL i haven't even seen it and i already want it bigger LOL!!! can't wait to post my arm and thighs pic i just hope they stay that way ....
He did quote me 1000cc into the but, how ever in the mark progress he shot that down saying i look like i had more fat in my pics. But now that he see me he said i'm all that all he kept saing it's all skin. he said he would love to have give my more fat to the bootay but he asked me where was going to get the fat from ... loL !!! I know you ladies have heard this before but this place is the overloaded with genuinely kind people. I do thankful for every perople Dr P and staff and alll of you.

I will be posting pic as soon as i can get some signal to my phone. ..... Have great day ladies!!!!!


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Today is new booty time with Dr P ill be checking...

today is new booty time with Dr P ill be checking on her this afternoon before/after here surgery. So far i'm loving my results ... I can only see my arm and thighs and tummy but LOVING IT SO FAR.

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Ok ladies i had surgery yesterday not pain what so...

ok ladies i had surgery yesterday not pain what so ever ... i still have not pain... DR P was amazed.... He kept says wow you have a very high pain tolerance. They keep telling me to walk hunched over but i can stand straight up without any pain and i honestly i keep forgetting to hunch over. We thing did not go as planned. I was only given 350 cc each cheek ( i was quote 1000cc and no fat was put in the hips ) ... He explained my skin is thick so it give the illusion of fat but after i got into surgery he said he lipoed my entire back all he could until he started to draw blood. He said plan and simple you are just mostly skin :-( on a good note he told me i could come back and have lipo on my tummy once it is medically safe to do so. However he did take 10lbs from my tummy and did an ett. and 3 liters of fat was all he could get from the arms, thighs, and back. anyway i have posted pic but i swollen. 1 day post op :-)

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Just got out of the OR again ... my nurse pulled...

just got out of the OR again ... my nurse pulled out my drain by accident and i didn't even feel it or see it ... but it was an mess. any way i'm here resting in my room.


you look amazing already! your going to feel like a whole new person :) i hope today was a good day ^_^
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well the tummy looks great already. sorry about the butt
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wow that suck.
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OMG!!! This has been the WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!

OMG!!! This has been the WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!! I can't stop crying... about the quality of care i've received here... I will fill you in when my spirits are better. I'm really broken and hurt please pray for me and feel stuck.


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hi all i changed profiles from qtmommy to getbody so to check out my round 2 pics and updates ... click on getbody and see the new review. surgery was January 10th 2014...
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O just seen this
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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