BBL & BA Dr.Pantoja - Tijuana, MX

Getting a Breast Lift with implants, lipo of...

Getting a Breast Lift with implants, lipo of abdomin, sides, full back, bra rolls, arms & thighs.
Staying at Grace house $500 for 4 days.
Getting massages as recommended.
Taking iron pills, bromioline pills, minerals & vitamins.
I weigh 150.
Had a tummy tuck 7 years ago.
Ready for a nice shape, perky boobs n bubble bum... lol
Your body is honestly not that had, your boobs look great. I'd really think about what your getting yourself into with all this planned surgery. Lipo is painful on it's own, let alone adding implants and lift to the mix. For a good butt, hit the squat rack. Why do you want someone to poke holes in your body and then slice up perfectly healthy full boobs? I hope you get what your looking for, but please know you don't "need" this surgery, not even in the slightest.

FYI, Dr. Campos quote.....

Tummy Tuck 3500
Liposuction, lower back, and waist 1800
Breast lift 3200
Fat grafting into the buttocks 800
Discount -1200
S. Facility 1400
Anesthesia 600 (Epidural, Sedation)
Girdle and Bra 180
Post op medication 125
Please add 1000 usd if you are interested on implants (up to 500ccs)
Total 10,405 usd
Dr. Campos
( I told him I already had a tummy tuck, he said he highly recommends extended TT, and I said NO, no response back. Gives me the impression he will do what he wants and not consider my needs & wants)
Hey! I love love love Dr P. He and his team have ALWAYS BEEN HERE FOR ME! Even as i was back jn San Jose- they checked on me once a week either by phone or quick email vise versa. Ive met lots of Dr Campos patients as well with wonderful results. But most have had problems with administration, including me. You can read my journey! Check it out.......til this day i still keep in touch with Team Pantoja. Im gettng boobies done in April 2014! Super excited. I wish you blessings your journey!
Ok I think I'm ready... I got my bobby, squeem, dermaplast spray, arnica gel & tablets, been taking iron, Bromelaine, Vit c & multivitamin's. Staying at Grace house 5 days & 4 nights @$500. Great deal, they said they would honor same price for my buddies.... Let me know if you want to come with me.... Deposits paid... pay off the rest on the 1st... Need sweats & button up shirts... Anything I missed??? Let me know thx Ladies

1 week from today sx

The office called to check in and answer my questions.
My measurements before sx
Waist & hips 37
Ribs 34
Boobs 40 inches around & 12 inches long from collar boan to nipple.
Bra size 36 D.
Booty 41 inches around

I am hoping for a bigger butt & perky boobies.. nor sure what size D or C cup. And much smaller waist. ...
I will be there saturday for check up and massage, maybe I will see you!
Good luck. Please continue to post pics. I'm scheduled for next month.
By the way, I considered Dr Campos as well and requested a quote. After sending pics, Angie suggested a TT instead of just lipo. I declined and received no quote, no more emails. So yeah, I totally agree with you there. I'm glad we chose Pantoja!

I'm here. ..

Waiting for lab results & ekg.
I have a killer migraine & they ordered coffee for me and gave me meds. So nice of them.


Everything you sign is in Spanish. Lol
Ask to see me... ill be upstairs!

I'm the only one getting surgery today

Ok all set ekg normal. Blood work A+. Now just waiting for doc. Ill try n post pre pics again.
Wishing you a speedy recovery.

ewe before pics

The last time I will look like this...
Doctor is here almost time to go upstairs. .



had ultrasound

I passes my Bobby ultrasound. Was extra $42. Only doctors do ultrasounds in mx. I loved that. She read it right in front of me.
Getting 470 gel round implants.
over the muscle....
Are you ok? Update as soon as you can and congrats! I've been traveling all day and haven't been able to update but I will as soon as I can. Hope you're ok!
I will, you should be getting ready to leave the clinic right around the time I have my appointment so ill definitely be able to meet you. How long are you staying in mexico? And how are you getting back across the border? Make sure you get medical pass if you drove yourself. And remember some of the nurses dont speak english well but they all understand the word PAIN! So make sure you tell them if you are in too much pain and they will take care of it! Xoxo

I did it

Well after 6 pokes to get iv thru they called in a pro and he got my iv in my neck. Omg that v was scary.
But note I'm in recovery. It took 4 hours of surgery. 800cc in each butt check. 470 gel implants. I haven't gotten up yet.
But tomorrow ill post more pics.

my new boobies

470cc Gel silicone high profile implants by Nutrella
On top of muscle

forgot pic

Sorry. I'm highly sedated
Oh gosh, that sounds like a lot to have done in one hit (though it probably isn't in reality) how are you feeling now? Did the doc do another TT after you said no?
You look great so far hun! Can't wait to see how the booty turned out!

the booty

I'm not sure. .. looks bigger but my back fat looks worse. Was hoping my bra rolls would be gone. I'm hooping in a month it will.

I could Not have

Done this with out Grace recovery house. The nurses are amazing. I have Master suite and house to myself on Beach. Gated community. Nurses Tessasita & Margarita are my Angels and Pray over me & care for me like a baby. I cryed they are so generous & tentative. Check on me all through the night feed me Delicias food. Even though I am so sick n dizzy. They are my rock. It had been very hard the first 24 hours after surgery. Feeling so much better Thx u God.
Congrats. Now only focusing on healing. Looking forward to more pics.

I feel like a Princess

I'm so well taken care of. I have a Bell to ring when I need my nurse. Home made meals pre pared anytime I want. Fruit protine smoothies. Scrambled eggs, Arnica tea, yummy salmon dinner with mashed potatoes for dinner.
Had a lymphatic massage done by Mariposa, she is good removed my Drain in back it was pluggged. I feel Amazing & so pampered. I strongly recommend if you have any plastic surgery its a must to stay at Grace Recovery House. Don't put the burden on your family or friends. You will need professional help it is essential to your health & getting the best results possible. Well worth $100 a day to be taken care of 24 hours a day anything I want or need they are there holding my hand.
I'm so happy for you! I wish I could have stayed in Tijuana, I definitely would have stayed at Grace House but unfortunately I had to go to Cali. But you look amazing and I think your back fat will eventually smooth out. It'll take a minute, don't worry :-)
No all the fat is gone don't need another tummy tuck. I feel great!
I love my booty after the massage. Its like she shaped. It nice and round and my waist is super tiny. Love it. How r u. I'm going to dr tomorrow at 10 am hope to see you there!

stitches & drain out!

Had a great day. Went shopping, out to lunch, dr visit, stiches removed except on breast... I have to wait 1 more week to get thenm wet after stiches removed. Then use neosporin.
I got my Drain out & iv out. Blood is at 9.5 so I'm good to go home tomorrow. Ive had a wonderful experience, everyone has been so kind & compassionate. I feel so blessed to have had such a great time. Wonderful sx vacation!


The best surgery vacation ever.
Pm me if you want more info or have any questions.
Fyi my butt & bond are huge! I'm a little concerned but doc said it will go down n look perfecto!
He is so funny every time I see him he pinches my cheeks on my face, I love that.

Before & 4 days After Pics

Omg what a difference & I'm swollen. Can't wait to see it after a month.


Today I had another massage.
Makes a huge difference. I want draining much but she got it flowing & a ton of fluid came out. I look smaller & feel so much better. Mariposa is amazing! Her number is 664 163 5408
you look great! what are your new post op measurements ?
I'm still swollen. But bust 42 waist 31 butt 43
Hey girly! How are you feeling?
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

I love Dr. P. He calls everyday to check on me. Hasn't missed a thing. Keeps me very informed on ever step of the process. Gives me his honest opinion & he was 100% Correct in putting in the right implants & fat graft. I could not be more impressed. Amazing doctor & his staff are wonderful full of smiles.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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