BBL deflated Round 2 Dr.Pantoja 2014

I was scheduled for tummy tuck,lipo and Bbl. With...

I was scheduled for tummy tuck,lipo and Bbl. With Dr.pantoja but after reading about a woman he operated on and had problems at a Recovery home where she collapsed, rushed to hospital where she was in a coma from a blood clot, and now family has pulled from life support, scared me.

I emailed questions of my concern to Dr.P and did not receive the needed info to ease my concerns, also no return calls so I decided on dr.carmina cardenas who is $1200 more but has answered all my questions and eased my anxties, and as of yet no complaints

Well ladies my surgery is set for Sept.8,2012 and...

Well ladies my surgery is set for Sept.8,2012 and feelin the crunch praying I made the right choice, I would like to see more before and after pictures ladies. Im getting last min. Gitters and well I have seen alot of Dr.pantojas work his bootiesif you

If you ladies can please send of her...

If you ladies can please send of her work ,.im feelin anxious and well.$5700 is alot of money but also feelin safe is my priority...

My blood work is done,ekg and checked out my veins...

My blood work is done,ekg and checked out my veins to make sure of no blood clots ! Got an okay from my Doctor, he even requested a chest xray, so im set!

4days till my surgery..Ladies im scared! Im praying, for a great outcome. Dr.Cardenas says im a great canidate for surgery, so im now worried about my outcome and recovery, cuz I will be recovering at home, I live very close to the boarder and im using savings for this surgery, but as I mentioned safety is my concern and I feel.drcardenas takes the time to explain everything.

Feelin scared and anxtious praying all goes well ,...

feelin scared and anxtious praying all goes well , going to Tj. this morning to ask some.more questions about my recovery,

Feelin scared and anxtious praying all goes well ,...

feelin scared and anxtious praying all goes well , going to Tj. this morning to ask some.more questions about my recovery,

Well its here,My surgery day! ,its 4:00am and...

Well its here,My surgery day! ,its 4:00am and nervious, praying all goes well, feelin scared about my recovery , but 1 step at a time, dr.cardenas called me and they will be picking me up at the.boarder, please pray for a safe surgery and a speedy recovery,
my 16 year old daughter has been up all night, she anxious and scared for me, iI asured her all will be good, God is watching over us, ladies iI will be posting pictures so, keep in touch!

I dont like my booty from.dr.cardenas, I had a...

I dont like my booty from.dr.cardenas, I had a nice shape very easy to add alittle.more volume, damm ... I have a long booty that seems to get longer, I should have stayed with my first choice Dr.Pantoja!!

Ladies I spent $1400 more with dr.cardenas and I dont like my booty,.!! I got 900 cc and 200 cc sides hate my butt $$.i could have saved on dr.pantoja, and never heard anybody complaining on their booty results, shes expensive, does.not even cover garment, labs or EKG...

Maybe its too tell but ive.seen dr.Salama...

Maybe its too tell but ive.seen dr.Salama patients the.booty looks bomb,.im concerned Ive.lost alot.of my booty,.aleast o got a nice Tummy Tuck

Im hating my butt more and more now I have a long...

Im hating my butt more and more now I have a long flat butt, im so upset that I spent all this money, Dr.cardenas claims to be the queen of Tummy tucks,.but suckz
On booty,.man thiz really makez me mad that now I have to save.more money to get my butt fixed!!
I am very disappointed I clearly told her big plump, not long and wide!

ladies,.the surgery recovery was scary! She has porcelin tile through out! Stairs NO Elevator! Her bathroom same no rails to hold on too very dangerous! Hospital.beds are the most uncomfortable thing or plastic hard surface I ever had to sit and lye on,

Ladies I felt rushed when I arrived she didnt really come in the room until.last 5min before I went under, after care is terrible no return email.or phone calls, im very disappointed very!!
She is expensive compared to dr.campos who does great booty work her price does not include garment! Or blood work, or even EKG which I believe is soo important!
Her after care she claimed was great compared to other doctors, which is a.lie! I still unaware when im able to drive because I never got the ok from her,.
Ladies do your homework you dont want to be disappointed after 3 long hellish weeks of healing and money lost and not get what u want!!

Im upset ladies very disappointed and im only 2.5weeks and my butt is long instead of bubble, I can just imagine after.more swelling goes down, im going to be in tears!!

Oh and

Oh and

Oh and for your info I asked for 1300cc she said...

Oh and for your info I asked for 1300cc she said she would put what my body could take, I know she didnt even touch the bottom of my butt only the top and sides! What the hell was she thinking!
Ladiez I pictures as soon as I can figure out how too, im sooo disappointed!

I do love my tt scar and.its low and thin she gave...

I do love my tt scar and.its low and thin she gave me a nice hour glass, I cant figure how to post pictures

My update is long over due I had some problems...

My update is long over due I had some problems logging back in,ladies I need to let you all know I voiced my opions way too soon, I had fears and well to be honest I hVe had alot of compliments on my body shape, and ladiez I now love my booty..made my cry too soon, my shape is so nice im scared to sit

I have to voice, good and bad ladies I know I...

I have to voice, good and bad ladies I know I posted I hated my booty, and well now luvn my new shape!
Yes, I do luv it, but my experience was truthfull, and well after posting all those negitive remarks I got a call from fatimah dr.cardenas assistant she insisted I fix what I wrote, bcuz dr,cardenas was getting cancelations
Well really my comments are experiences and I hope all u guys post truthfull experiences aswell, I do have a diffrent outlook in doctors in tijuana they are good,but safety is not their #1
You have to be carefull and ask ask as much as you can get everything in writing! Becuz another concern with cardenas was she or her staff would NOT committ in writing at all!! Not even a receipt!! That was scary,what was the reason? They claimed no patient ever requested a receipt or surgical procedures performed?
So they would not provide one for me!, that was weird,
Their surgical recovery didnt have sanitary napkins for patients,or safe guard rails in the bathroom where they expected you to shower after surgery, and a shiney porcelin tile that was through out even on the stairs,
where you must climb down from after surgery..scary! And dangerous! That is why I say safety is not the #1 for all docs

Ok ladies I have attempted to post pictures but I...

Ok ladies I have attempted to post pictures but I have been unsuccesfull !!
Im posting through my cell phone and well, its hard to reply anyways,.its been 10 weeks, and I was told that at 6 weeks I could sit and be normal..wrong,!

I still feel like im healing and my booty is shrinking!! I have not sat normally or laid on my back been carefull bending too, and been eating alot of calories to fluff up my booty, since I was told if I gained weight it would go fat cells

After losing some volume im preparing to have fat...

After losing some volume im preparing to have fat transfer with my 1st choice Dr.Pantoja, ive seen alot of pictures through MMH and Realself, to convince me his booties are banging volume!
So after my income tax, im going for a bigger booty..

Ladies thank u for you're comments I did send my...

Ladies thank u for you're comments I did send my pictures out to all who requested!! So please keep me posted.

Ladies thank u for you're comments I did send my...

Ladies thank u for you're comments I did send my pictures out to all who requested!! And did get great complements and very pleased you all share your views and posted.

My Booty deflated round 2 bbl Aug.2014

My Booty has deflated almost 2 years post op. Need your support; this site is great for advise and support thank you will be meeting with Dr. Pantoja for Lipo and bbl consultation July 8th

Anybody getting Surgery in Tj. August 2014

Looking for some support, surgery is scary and after having a Booty and losing volumes its so depressing im financially ready but not emotionally, looking for support. .any ladies getting bbl in Tijuana?
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

I chose my doctor from realself experiences and make me heal members comments!

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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thank you for the honest review !!
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Anybody getting surgery with Pantoja August 2014
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I'm planning on going in December. You can keep in touch if you like.
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Im already scheduled for August. With Dr.Pantoja. he did say bbl is not permanent and really got me thinking cuz this would be a waisted $$ time and energy not to mention risk in surgery. What do you think? Does everybody else have this problem? Does everybody have to get refills on their booties every couple years? What's up with that? Wondering what Campos says about that so getting a second opinion.
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I'm planning on having a TT and a breast lift after 1st of the year and fat xfer to my butt. Posts pic if you can.
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Can you please post pictuers i am going to see dr.cardenas in November for surgery
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your very brave to do the surgery I wonder if you can send me ur pre nd post up pics to my email sno****** am still debating docs nd would love to see ur results !

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Can you please send me your pre and post op pics chima***** . I will meet with her this monday and I am still searching for other doctors. Thank you in advance.

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Hi thank you posting, I have a scheduled bbl and TT revision for July 1st. I'm scared of getting no projection on the bbl.... May I see your before and after?
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Please come back and let us know how it went! it is only a couple days from now!!
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thank you for your honest and truthful review!
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Do you mind sending me pictures of your results. Before and after would be great my email is **************.com

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How are you feeling?
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I feel fine. I do get a lot of complement s so that's even better!
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Awesome! Is there any way you can send me pics of your tummy tuck? My surgery with Dr Cardenas is on may 8th
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Anna57529 send me your email so I can send pictures
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hey css3 congrats on your sx! i'm going to cardenas in exactly one month :) i'm having a tt, lipo & ,minor fg...would you mind sharing your pics? my email is steph************ :) I'd really appreciate it. thank you

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Oh yeah you can't upload pictures from a phone only computer lap top and some say ipad...
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I'm happy to read that you are happy with your results. I still have an. Upcoming sx so I can't speak to the actual experience. Dr Cardenas work speaks for itself an I can appreciate you expressing how you felt at diff stages throughout your journey. For me. In the original quote she told me what all is included so it is safe to say I know what is not. A receipt? The email with my quote and my reply of acceptance along with deposits made wld be considered receipts. I also know it takes about 3 months or more to get an actual picture of what your results are going to be. Did you have nurses available to you in he surgical facility and when you went to the rest room or were you on your own? It's unfortunate that we as ur bbl sistas cldnt/can't see ur pics to encourage you and Uplift you on where yiu may have bn unsure. That's what we are here for :). I hope you continue to grow to love your results even more and happy healing. You have your health and glad to know nothing actually happened at the facility. So though the design may be flawed to you.. were you taken care of is the true posts on your experience I wld like to read more about. How did your consult go prior to sx with Dr C?... How was the care and where did you stay if not a RH, I know you sd u stay close to the border? Where was your aftercare? How was the consult when you went to ask ?s.. Be blessed!! :)
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criss777, im.only 2 weeks away shy of 3month mark. iI recovered at home with dozens of pillows and my kids help, for my post of vist for my drains dr.cardenas was not their, a nurse removed them, then for my bellybutton stchs dr.cardenas removed them, she was very sweet, during my stay, the nurses or help ladies helped you to the bathroom, its very dangerous as there are no rails to hold on ttoo floor is slippery, and iI had rubber clogs in the shower , in regards to the receipt, iI paid cash upfront! in the office, iI didnt have a email with the run down of the procedure iI came in to her office, personally iI think she is expensive and girdle should have been included as other top notch docs in TJ include in the quotes, but anyways thats my opinion.the transportation is pricey too, but again iI feel that way cuz iI live 5min drive from border. iI did have trouble with her callimg me back, cuz she had surgery herself, and fatimah, so iI was very concerned
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oh and would happy to send u pics, cuz im having trouble loading them on this site
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i would like you to send me some updated pics i saw your tt pics and you looked excellent! booty shrinking seems to be happening to alot of people :(
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