Hello ladies I am ready to begin this huge change...

Hello ladies I am ready to begin this huge change in my life. As many of you ladies are and have. I am a mother of 4 beautiful children. I am done having kids and to make sure of that I got my tubes tied when I had my last child some years back. I am ready to start this journey in my life and I am not gonna lie I am gonna need some support but in turn I will also be here for you ladies as well. I am 34 yrs old and its time to take back my body. My husband of course loves me the way I am but its not about that. Its about how I feel about me. Being that I had my first child at a young age my stomach was destroyed., needless to sat I have not worn a half top nor a bikini if over 15 yrs so yeah its time for me. I feel that my oldest are in there teens so with the help of them and my husband I think I will okay.

I am looking to get my surgery in November 2012. I got my yesterday and I am quite pleased with it. I am looking to meet people on here who are going through the same. It doesnt hurt to make a friend lol:)

I will be getting a tummy tuck w/ muscle tightening, lipo on love handles, lower back, flanks, underarms, inner thighs, well hell wear ever they can get fat lol.
Okay here are my stats:
153-158lbs depends on the time of the month

I think thats it. As things progress with my journey I promise to post asap.

Thank you. Yeah I found a Dr Im going to Dr Pantoja in Tx, mexico
Wow YOU LOOK AWESOME!!! How much weight did you lose after surgery? How many sizes Did you go down. From your before picture I think I have the same body type.


Welcome to the bbl sisterhood.  GL on your journey.  Have you found a dr. as yet?

Well I just got my Surgery date. November 6, 2012...

Well I just got my Surgery date. November 6, 2012 Yay. I cant wait, Just added the countdown to my phone 80 days, 19 hrs, 24 minutes and some odd seconds. I can see that this is going to drives me nuts. Is it to soon to start buying things that I will need? I have looked on other ladies post and the list seem never ending so I feel it would behoove me to start asap lol. BTW am I the only one that appears to be having trouble with people around me. Either they are jealous that I am doing this, or saying if I have money why cant they borrow some. Not to mention my hubby asking so why do you want to change yourself? (um because I want a booty, my my tummy is dammed to hell lol) Until I found this site I fell like DAMN am I alone on this? Oh well...
Good luck on ur surgery hun I will be keeping a close eye on ur updates because I'm goin to Pantoja also, so I'm wishing u the best!!!!
When are you going to Pantoja. I cant wait i constantly counting down the days lol.
Congrats to you all with your Pantoja surgery dates. I went to Pantoja early July. He is a really caring Dr. Make sure you voice exactly what you want. I didnt get a TT, I just got lipo and BBL and I got exactly what I wanted. Good luck LADIES

Well I am just checking in. Kinda sad I had to...

Well I am just checking in. Kinda sad I had to change my surgery to November 14. its only less then a week after but i was so excited, well I am still excited. I just want it to get here already. I am supper impatient.

I will, I am supper excited.
hey let me know how it goes im going to Dr. P December 11th
I sure will. What are you having done with Dr Pantoja?

I up for another update. As of now I have...

I up for another update. As of now I have scheduled my surgery for November 14, 2012. I am so excited I realize that it is probably to eary but I have already started to buy the things that I need Post op for my surgery. I have already started taking multivitamins, iron, and I am also drinking smoothies as well as working out. Being that I wont be able to work out for a while after the surgery. I am also trying to get I ideas of what all supplies that I need post op. As of the moment I have Neoposorin x4, gause, tape, boppy, neck pillow, aroma therapy pillow, water pills, chamomile tea, mialax, vitamin E oil comfy grip slippers, 3 lanyards for drains, thermometer, water bottle, pills separator, pads for incision, I have also called a place that has hospital bed rentals with gel over lay which is 120 month. You cant beat that. Please help me if I am missing anything. I am sure I am.


Congradulations your date will be here so soon , iam going to pantoja also & iam having my sx in December ilook forward to following your progress .
Thank you so much. I actually have 58 days left. I pretty much have all my supplies. I am just getting my money together. What are you having done?
Same here but I am getting lipo of the arms , inner thighs , flanks , full back & abdomen , are you excited ? ICant wait to see your results .

Hello well update ate on my journey. Well I still...

Hello well update ate on my journey. Well I still haven't had my surgery yet but it is upcoming. I had to move it to the November 26, 2012, due to the holiday. Not much to update. I almost have all of my post op supplies. I will post them tomorrow.
I know ur getting more and more excited about ur upcoming surgery!!!! I'm scheduled for my surgery Feb. 8th with Dr. Pantoja so I will be looking forward to following ur journey!!
What are you having done?
Cool, i love the fact that there is this website were you can follow ppl journys. And get to know fellow bbl ladies:)

Okay update time. Yay.Well for the most part...

Okay update time. Yay.Well for the most part somethings are the same. I have all my post op supplies. Just received my ultrasonic massager today in the mail. WOOHOO!!!!! I also payed my deposit with Dr Pantoja to secure my date. So it's offical November 26th and I am the first surgery of the day. Yay!!! Its all becoming to real,I am posting a list of my post-op supplies, Please feel to inform me if I a missing any thing.

Here we go:
Pads for tummy tuck
Epi foam
milk of magnesia
arnica montana gell
arnica tablets
antibacterial soap
hand sanitizer
vitamen e oil
shea butter
neck pillow
anti - itch cream
pill organizer
eso chap stick
5 tanks

I can't wait to see your results! Congrats on your sx
Thank you. I am supper excited

Well nothing really to update as of yet. I have 28...

Well nothing really to update as of yet. I have 28 days left.
hi phat_mommy4 ,im looking to more info about dr p dose he do anice tummy work too,and i hear he dont put ccs in hips ?why?
I have seen some of his work and i am supper fan of his supper low tummy tuck incisions. As far as the hips that's I am aware of he does not put fat there. I guess it doesn't last that long. I am not to sure as to why. When are you looking into going?
Maybe warm socks for coming out of surgery? Urinal? Suction cups if you have drains? Shower shoes (I am paranoid of bathroom floors)

Well let's what's new to update. I am 16 days...

Well let's what's new to update. I am 16 days pre-op and I am so excited about it finally being my time. I have waited so long for this 16 yrs to be exact lol. I am so happy that I am finally finally going to he able to do this. Pretty much everything is set, I am all packed and ready to get the show on the road . I am very aware that this is going to be a lo g journey but I am so ready. I hope to give my support to those ladies who need and want it and I to wouldn't mind getting some support from you ladies. Well that's all I have to update. I will keep you posted all along the way.
I'm seriously leaning towards Pantoja for my bbl surgery there's not a lot of before and after pics of his work so i will be following you to educate myself on your experience. Def keep us posted :)
Sounds good I will do my best to keep you posted

Hello to all well let's see what to up date. I am...

Hello to all well let's see what to up date. I am set to have my surgery in 3 days well 2 if you don't count today. I am supper ready for this. Its finally going to be my time. I believe I have everything that I need. Not to much to update. I will come back in a couple days and update some more. Most likely before I head out. Wish me luck ladies.:D
Yay your day is almost here. Wishing that your sx goes smoothly and for a speedy recovery.
Thank you and good luck to you as well. I wm so excited:D
Good luck, can't wait to see your results I'm going to him in March

Well ladies tomorrow is my big day. I am heading...

Well ladies tomorrow is my big day. I am heading out a few hours. I am all packed and ready. I am going to take a shower and make sure everything is tip top lol:). Aside from that not much to say. I am supper excited and I will be back post-op as soon as I am able to. Wish me luck and pray for me please.
Hello there hope all is well with you and your recovering well.
Hope you recovering well! Does any one know another email to contact Dr. Pantoja cuz I still haven't received a quote.. is this the email info@pantoja.com ?
Congrats.. I hope yourr recovering comfortably

Hello ladies it has been a while. Sorry for not...

Hello ladies it has been a while. Sorry for not coming back on in a while to update ish. I have been trying to take care of myself and work out as well as eating right. This truly is a healing process . I am gonna add pictures today so look out for them. As far as pre-op i started of at 165lbs. I am 146.4 as of today. measurements are 32 d, 26.6 waist 37 hips and 41.5 bootay. which is great to me cause i had nothing prior to.
On I'm confused is he is Tijuana or Mexico City!
Donica he's in Tijuana
Ok because I see girls booked flights to Mexico City and I thought Mexico City and Tijuana is very far from one another

I am at just shy of 3 months post op and I am so...

I am at just shy of 3 months post op and I am so happy with my results. I love how I look. I am going back at the ends of my for my boobs:)
Omg that wish pic for ur boobs is like WHOA!!!!! What size u getting? Ur waist is soooo tiny I love it!!!!
I love it. I think with some lipo of my tummy and a lol tweaking here and there I will have my body where I want it. I don't no how big they are but I am gonna send that pic to pantoja so maybe he can tell me the size.
Lol ok let me know what he says!!!!

I am trying to find the abdominal board. Do any of...

I am trying to find the abdominal board. Do any of you ladies no where I can find it. I am trying to prepare for my next surgery.
Board websites: http://www.bella-jane.com/post_surgery_pads_100_ctg.htm http://www.lipoexpress.com/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage_new.tpl&product_id=131&category_id=8&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=58&lang=en&vmcchk=1&Itemid=58 http://www.annmichellstore.com/detail/index.cfm?nPID=3468
I couldn't view it. Can you repost it please
How's your count down days changing do fast? LOL...aren't you going a day before me?

I am so excited that I have round 2 planned and in...

I am so excited that I have round 2 planned and in the works already. I do have some things from round 1 but being that this time I am also getting tummy lipo and bl/ba i need the breast essentials as well. I am a supper planner. I am the type of person that has to have everything in order way before hand.I am already looking into getting the tummy board. I also have heard something about breast spacers. ladies any suggestion are welcome:)

So I came into some extra money so my date has...

So I came into some extra money so my date has changed to dun dun dun June 6, lol yeah just 1 week before.
Thank you sooooo much

So I started getting little supplies today. I am...

So I started getting little supplies today. I am an ubber planner. I still have my 2 boppys, walking, lawn chair, neck pillow, lanyard (which you only need for tt drains). But I had to restock the gauze, paper tape, sticky bandages, triple antibiotic, anti-itch cream, pads for booty drain, more bio oil, soft lip chap stick, already got my antibiotic and pain meds LOL. And depression meds WHAT!!!! yall can't see me lol j/k
Hey Chica! OKAY you know I stated I was stealing your wish pic! LMBO...well, I did a collage of my tummy and two wish pics (one was yours) and sent to Nadia for Dr P to review...I bet Nadia said "WTF I'm tired of seeing this BIG TITTIE CHIC" LOL...but, I wanted/needed to know if Dr P can make my tummy extra flat...SH*T a closed mouth can't be fed! got email stating HE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN! HAHA...I got PROOF so he BETTER make it HAPPEN :-)
Lol your funny. That's so true



I also put this in my other review:) THE...

I also put this in my other review:)

THE FIRST LIST IS THINGS THAT I STILL NEED. I still have 79 days so I have time, but I am a supper planner. With out further a do here we go:
Breast ice pack (make your own or countourmd $3)
vitamen pack (make me heal)
fajate (Colombian on that yily precribes, message me and I will send the link)
abdominal board (bella-jane.com)
wedge pillow
foam (fabric store)
wrap dresses
heating pad
breast stabilizer
post op bra ( message me for link found them for cheap):)
tegadirm (protects breast incisions from getting wet when you shower)
Arnica tabs (have some but need more)
Arnica gel (have some but need more)
Small supllies:
thick pads
puppy pads
antibacterial soap
hand sanitizer
baby wipes
zip lock bags
arnica teah

anti-itch ointment
soft lip chapstick
adhesive pads
surgical pads
sanitary pads
latex gloves (not if allergic)
sticky bandages
funnel (to pee)
little garbage can
laxative milk of mag
tripple antibiotic
small band aids

neck pillow
over night bag
lawn chair, with a hole in it for the booty.


WOW! you need to do a side by side pic...BIG DIFFERENCE! LOOKN GOOD!
i was looking at it and wanted to cry

So ladies guess what i found out and started...

So ladies guess what i found out and started today? DUN DUN DUN......I got my first steroid shot in my bb to loosing it a bit as well as on my right hip, I had a little bit of scar tissue build up. I think its called hypertrophic scar tissue. And guess what insurance should cover that. You have to go to your primary Dr and get a referral to see a dermatologist and they do it. WTF get outa her. I hafd no I dea. So that means that along with the silicon sheet the insicion will damn near disappear. YAY!!! I will post a picture a 2 weeks and then a mont from today that is the series of shots so yall can see the difference. So I am most def am gonna have this done after I have my breast.


What a transformation u look beautiful.. Any other pantoja's post op patients on rs ?
Thank you so much, you got me blushing lol")

I am just gonna post on my other review cause this...

I am just gonna post on my other review cause this shit is confusing lol.

I am 4 months post op, well i will be in 3 days. I...

I am 4 months post op, well i will be in 3 days. I am so happy with my results. Its truly is a journey and a healing process but I would change it for anything.l cant wait until june when i get my boobs done. When i get closer to the day i will upload my flap jack boobs to my other review.
DAMN you a SEXY kinda HOT! LOL...lookn GOOD! I want her boobs too!
Thank you so much. Your time is coming.

Okay ladies this review has nothing to do with...

Okay ladies this review has nothing to do with bbl,tt.lipo, or boobs.
I am waiting in the hospital awaiting an MRI. I have suffered friends major headaches since I can remember but they they gotten worse. So my primary is checking up making sure everything is ok
Ur in my prayers miss lady. Everything will be ok. God bless u.
Praying for you! Your tummytuck is on point!! Damn, I can't wait to be on the flat side! I want my waist small and the tummy flat ass hell! yeeeeee :)
you are in my PRAYERS!

I am starting my serious abdominal work out...

I am starting my serious abdominal work out TODAY!!! I WILL HAVE A 6 PACK BUT MY BDAY!! NO BULL SHIT. I will post my progress weekly for those of you who care to see. Next Thursday will be the first 6 pack for that ass week lol!!!
I'm ready to c them big titties girl lol!!!!!
Hey Buddy....yo ass didn't tell me you posted new pics...LOL...and, you will have a 6pac cause you had MR done :-) get IT IN!!!
LOL. I'm trying to get everything right by my bday.

My body is looking better everyday. I am so...

My body is looking better everyday. I am so pleased with my results.

Here ladies: http://www.amazon...

Here ladies:
Imma text you back in a minute talking to my hubby on the phone.l
I TEXTED yo ASS!!! yo ass live 3hrs away from San Diego/TJ??????????? I do tooooo!!! OMG...my buddy is CLOSE!!!
Thanks for the list of things to get before surgery!!!

So update. I am getting tatted on Monday. My...

So update. I am getting tatted on Monday. My tattoo chick Is drawing it up. Its gonna be a side piece down the ribs across the tummy, up my back and shoulder. Dun dun dun .....
Hey can you send me the link for the faja? And I didnt quite understand the steroid shot in regards to the bb? Is it not healing right? An where was the scar tissue at? Shoot I been tryna come up with a solution to ask my dr 4 that option. ..or hell I dnt even know if they even do that here.. I wonder if it will work for the scar tissue around the belly button area. Anyhow PANTOJA did a excellent job on you.. that waist is itty bitty girl..
www.misfajas.com.The steroid shot is done buy the dermatologist. I told my primary and he referred me to a dermatologist. I have gotten 2 shots already. And my results are really good. I was trying to get it a smooth as possible for my tattoo tomorrow. Omg nervous.
Hmmm idk how to even approach my pcp..does your pcp know the scar tissue is from plastic surgery? ?

So I am in the tattoo shop getting tatted

So I am in the tattoo shop getting tatted
Wow!! You look amazingggg! Seriously. I can only hope dr p hooks me up the way he did you. Your bangin' :)
Wow,you look beautiful!You did so good girl.
Thank you so much.

Just added a yucky boob pre-op picture

Just added a yucky boob pre-op picture
I sent your boob pic to Dr. P as my wish pic, now I want your waist....I will be good after that!! Thank you for your positiveness! I go on the 12th and I'm excited!!!
How are you feeling? In way late responding sorry. In the process of planning my Vegas trip.
You are definitely my wish pic for Dr Pantoja!

7 months post op and still supper happy

I will take more pictures on my 4 week boob post op 7 month tt,lipo, bbl on wed. But here is a picture.
You should get a major discount if you decide to have more surgery. Your pics are the main reason I'm doing my surgery with Dr. Pantoja. I love everything about your body. I also want to know what you were told about getting TT and BBL at the same time. I don't know if I should get both procedures at the same time.
You do look amazing
i am so impressed with your results!!!! i am getting lipo and tt with bbl in ohio in about 9 days and am super scared nervous and excited. i have a ? for you... how did you sleep without destroying butt or tummy?

Countdown.... again

I'm going back to Dr pantoja for more lipo, of the mons pubis, inner thighs, out thighs, waist,back arm pits arm, banana roll and bbl. Yes more booty. Any ladies going around this time?
You look good! I can't wait until its my turn
U look great.... Your waist is ridiculous!!!! I hope i get results like u.
Your waist is sooo damm tiny..I looked at these same pics like I never seen them before lol

just shy of 9 months post op+ pics

OMG!! What a transformation!! You look beautiful...so happy for the new you...Definately leaning towards Pantoja...?? Does he do hips? Thought I read somewhere that he doesn't..
What month are you going back? I want to do my arms, belly and upper back!
You look great already!

9 month post op +pictures

Hey yall its been a cool one since I updated. I have been supper busy with my kids, and back to school shopping. Everything is going great. Only thing is that I have put on like 10 lbs but am in the process of getting that off. Its just that running around with the kids I have been eating water ever. Oh and that swell hell for tummy tucks at like 8-10 months is not joke. But I am getting it under control. I adding more pictures in my boob review. FYI I am going back to Pantoja Nov 20
Good luck to u phat_mommy!
You look great! Did you get aggressive Lipo? I go to Dr. Pantoja next month to get full body aggressive lipo and tummy tuck, so wondering how bad the lipo will hurt??
It burns n stings like ni bodies business!


well i have been going hard at the gym and at the track. My weight did go up a little bit but i think that's because of muscle weighing more ten fat and my boob job lol.
under bust: 30 (WOW .. thats small but the boobs are huge)
waist: 28
Hips: 35
Ass: 41 (i will gladly take that for now but come 11-20 i will have more)

9.5 months tt, bbl pictures

Beautiful !
Thank you so much

On my way back March 19

I love my body. I put on a little bit of weight for my upcoming round 2 bbl. I'm going back on March 19. To Dr Pantoja. Anyone going around that time?I will also be updating photos later today.
Amazing girl you look awesome.
Thank you so much. Didn't you have another procedure done.
Yup! Had my nose done on the 30th. I txt you back btw... So you are going back in March? More bbl? What about the teeth? I miss you!

Updated pictures as of today round 2 bbl in 68 days....

Werll ladies here I go again. lol..... here are some updated picturesof my tt, lipo,bbl,blw/implants
You look awesome, how was recovery ? how did you sleep to keep your booty in place? im getting those same procedures and i was wondering about recovery mainly how people sleep and keep pressure off their booty without hurting the tt.
I am sorry for such a late response. I slept on my sides. I tried not to ever sleep directly on my back.
Me too can't wait.... I didn't sit for four mos!!!

knew date October 13,2014

Sorry I have been MIA ladies. I had some family issues going on. My mother was very ill. Now that she is doing well I'm back on track with my surgery. I have 88 days I scheduled my surgery this morning. I apologize if I have not responded to any question, comments or concerns. I am in the process to doing that.
hey boo boo
Omg hey you. It's been forever. How are?

knew pictures as of 7-19-14

I'm am very happy with my results but of course I want more. By the time I go back it will be nearly 2 yrs since round 1.
Perrrfect is Perfected already but hummm more is good... You look awesome!!
Thank you. Im happy but I want a bit of tweaking.

20 month post op with PICTURES

knew pictures

knew pictures 8/2/2014

SNATCHED BBY! Our PS is the TT MASTER!!! I have to give him that !
Yes he is. Lol

Omg faja website cheap cheap....

love ittttt hottie. your surgeon did a bomb job!
Thank you. Are you looking into getting any surgery
Welp I have surgery on this Friday with Salama. I have total confidence in him pero damn your surgeon needs to use you as an example. In the future I may want a bbl if squats don't give me the lift I want.

my own wish pictures

Yay!!! I'm in the 60's meaning days

I am so excited I have 69 days left until round 2. Well I finally told my hubby that I am going in for round 2. He is not supper happy about it. As he said before I hAd any surgery "you are perfect the way you are" . Uhuh yet since my last 2 procedures he is on me more then ever lol.... he of course is going to take care of me for a week then has to go back to work. Luckily I have older kids that can help out. I have started my vitamin regimen. I also have been doing squats so when I do get this round I will look better then my wish picture.
Yay! Mine in Sept 2 only have 20 days! :)
Can't wait to see your results? Mine's is sep. 22nd !
Results! **

Officialy 60 day PLUS.... Supply list and things I still need.

I have been taking all my vitamins. I am starting to get my supplies together. I am going to break it down by meds and vitamins, first aid, beauty, and foods (nutrition)

Maca powder
Vitamin C
Vitamin B12
Benydrl elexter
Benydrl pill
Milk og magnesia
Aloe vera tea
Tylenol PM
Arnica tablet
Vitamin D
Levofloxin (antibiotics)

Dial hand soap
3 shower curtain
Adult pads
Antibacterial wipes
Baby wipes
Q tips
Large bandaid s
First aid tape
Sticky gauze
Ab board
Booty board (diy)
Yoga mat
Chair w/whole in it
Arnica gel
Benydrl cream
Pee funnel
Heating pad

Squeem (s)
Maria e garment

Eos chapstick
Tape measure
Make up
Hair ties
Hair oil

4 maxi dressses
4 tanks
Granny panties

Outfit to come home in...


My booty chair

phat_mommy4 can you please tell me what and how to make this lower back board and i assume you place it right above your butt? and What is this Lumps and bumps ropey thingamajig you made ? What is it for and how do you use it ( please school me on this) Please ! :)
Yeah... no problem. Yup you place it above the but crack. 1) you first want to cut out about 2-4 layers of cardboard depending on the thickness. 2) triangle pieces 3) then you need 2 layers of foam for each side 4) elmers glue stick 5) glue the cardboard to each other 6) glue foam to cardboard 7) wrap it in plastic wrap. That way you can change the wrap when it gets soiled Thats it In regards to the stalking thingy: Its epifoam in stalking s for the lumps
man! thats creative thank you :)I need to hurry up' im still a little confused where the stockings would go ' under the garment? if so where?

MASSAGE... information. You don't want miss this.

So ladies.... guess what.? So I was checking up on massages. Check your insurance ladies. I just qot off the phone with my insurance and found out that it covers chiropractic service. There are massage therapist that work for them. All you do is have to pay is the copay. Check your insurance ladies. I found out for 65 min for a ultrasound. Deep tissue, lymph massage it will be 35 per visit. OMG....cant beat that. If you have any questions inbox me.or message me
I always get my massages at the chiropractor. And what's even better, I don't have a copay
Cool thats great. We have to save were ever we can lol. As much as we are paying for theses bootays l ol
I'll be checking with my insurance company first thing in the morning, good looking out

FAJAS .....sale 15%


more faja information





I will be posting more..
Your results look great! Such a transformation!
Thank you. I'm trying to transform some more. Lol
You're welcome! You're looking amazing! What else are you planning on doing!?

23 days 18 hrs left ...

So I have 23 days left and its getting real . Again lol. I'm about to call me primary Dr to get my results. Part that my hemo is up where it should be.....
Awwww nice i know your so happy your getting your round 2. Your round 1 is amazing but i know i am going to make sure my round 1 is 1 and done. lol Good luck i know the waiting game is driving you crazy unless your keeping busy
Yeah. I am I would have been one and done but I told him not to much.but this time I'm telling him go for it. I'm even doing my cocoa butter regimen every morning and night to stretch out the booty for my knew fat. I'm even going to get a pre op massage to loosen up my fat for optimal results. In regards to staying busy shit I'm trying lol. I clean and reorganize my house so much its not even funny. And I'm constantly on here so... Yeah
lol this site is a bit addicting. I am always on here as well. Im telling Dr. Orgeta to put in as much fat as he can and if i think its too big i can always work out to help it shrink. I just want projection. already have hips and a booty. I just want more lol.

Cc information


Okay i think i figured it out. Bare with me,
There's 1kg in 1200 ccs (mls)
If you have an extra 10lbs of fat that equals 4 kg
4 kg x 1200 ml (! Ccs) equals 4800 ccs (mls)
Ends up with 4800 cc
Thrn again it might not all be pure fat, either wsy you can get , well i can to ... get at least 1500 ccs per cheek
So 10 lbs wich is equal to 4kgs will be enouph
YAY ME!!!!!
Wow awesome ass body!!!! I got my surgeries done in tahoe ca and don't even look close to this good!!!!!! He did a damn good job wow oh wow!!!!

hubby shout out

Shout out to all the good men out there. Mainly mine lol ;) . So i have been looking at this cute dress to ride home from tj, mx in and i was hesitating buying it. He so happen to see it open on my tablet and i just got conformation in my email that he got it. Awwww i love him.
How did you make the lower back board?
I have the step by step instructions of how to make it on my round 2 review I believe. If for some reason its not there let me know and I will message it to you k;).
Okay ill check right now, thanks

TERRIBLE! !! omg

So i didnt want to put my business out there but i had something terrible at happen in my family. I figure this site seems to be pretty supportive so what the heck...SO on friday my 15 yr old baby girl was jumped by 4 hood rats ( might be wrong for sayi for saying that but i dont give a shit) . These &*(^'^รท$ ) grabbed her fro behind and comenced to beat her . She was able to get up at one point at which point she got her swings in. One of them got her back down with a few swing with pad lock to the face and the head. These little bitches managed to break my daughters nose, colar bone and gave her a concussion. It happened at school. Tell me why the school did not call the police. Threy told me it was upmto me to call. I was like wtf really?
I took her to the er waited for 8.5 hrs again. Wtf. I waited for the police and we did a report. I was informed that because she sustained the injuries that she did it is it is a Felony. .... i have to take her ENR dr and then to a plastic surgeon. I cant believe everything everything that is happening. I am trying to figure out what other steps to take. I know i have to file a retraining order, press charges, and sew. I am lost for words ..... my baby is in so much pain...
Omg! What the f is wrong with people? They hit her with a pad lock? R they fucking kidding? Sorry I get mad! I hope everything works out for u and ur baby girl! Xoxo
Shit I don't know. Lol I wish I could knock some since in them. Ugh ... But yeah in regards to my baby girl ( 15 yrs old) she is doing way better.
Sorry to hear about your baby girl, that is horrible! Continue to press charges against all the ones that did it and sue. It will be on the girls records for a long time and hope they will realize the consequences and hope they talk since into other young girls not to fight. Sue the school too, that's just crazy how they didn't call the cops when its all on campus.

7 days and the countdown begins...

So I am in the home stretch. 1 more week and i will having my round 2 and bb revision. Oh by the way ladies am looking for ideas for freezer ready casseroles. Meaning casserole's that I can make before hand for my kids and hubby being that I won't be able to cook. I think i will make like a weeks worth. I would love to hear ( read ) lol any ideas. Thank my bbl ladies...
7 days yeeeeees girl I'm excited for you
U can freeze different types of sauces and then they can cook pasta and add cheese... like meatsauce, alfrado, mac and cheese.. check out pintrest they have so many ideas.. just search it.. pintrest.com Good luck.. get cold cuts so they can make sandwiches too..
Thank you. I'm going to check it out. I have OCD when it comes to somethings. Like meals...omg being a mommy and a wife lol

Dermatologist update..

days pre

So I just left the dermatologist. I got my monthly shot on my scar tissue. It's a treatment I do once a month. I also go a prescription for courdran steroid tape for scars as well as a prescription for latisse for my lashes. Shit I might as well fix everything lol.
hey ,does he want you to gain weight for BBL#2?
No he said I was okay
wow round 2 for you..love your blog..I will need to stay in touch since we are the same day


So today I got all the little odd and ends I needed. I have all my supplies. The only thing l need to get is another garment but I'm nor going to get it until I come back home. I already have t garments and a squeem so that is a good start. As far as the things I had to pick up today I got my diurex, more cocoa butter, wash clothes, ace bandages, probiotic yogurt shots, a few more aloe Vera drinks ????, low sodium soup, a candle ( for relaxation) lavender fabreeze, more pads, water bottle , 2 cases of water... That's all I can think of that I got today. If I remember anything else I will post it. I am also uploading pictures of everything.

I also organized my kitchen cabinet with my post op food. Tomorrow I am going to prepare my cooked meals and freeze them
Yay your time is so close. I have a question, you posted a photo of an electronic it looks like a massager with some gel next to it. Is it a hand held massager? If so how do you like it? where did you get it? im only asking because i plan on buying my own hand held massager and i dont know which one to get.
Yeah its hand held, i got it off eBay for 25 bucks.
Oh ok nice. Whats the name of it? I seen one on amazon that is a percussion massager it says its eqivelant to a lymphatic massage, but i get so confused about the type to get. Does yours have a heat setting?

post op meals

So I all my meals prepared for a week and I cooked 6 days worth if meals for my family.
My meals include but not limited to fish, pineapple and soup.
Hey hunny, what type of implant and how many cc's did you get?
Cohesive gummy bear implant. I think it was 350 CCs. I'm going to check my boobie birth certificate
It looks wayyy bigger than 350cc. But either ways, you look perfect

Well.... im ready

So I have everything completely ready. I'm all packed, meals for family are prepared, my meals are prepared, I have my handy dandy lawn chair all set, my bed ???? did table has all my necessities on it. Of course all my medication have been filled for sometimes now. I started taking my arnica 3 says ago. I've stopped drinking coffee ????. So with that said I'm pretty much ready. A couple of to do is clean my house again lol, and flat iron my hair... Shoot oh yeah and get a pedicure. That's it.

Soooo side bar.. Hubby and I had a little spat last night. He let me know how he really feels. He has been telling me he supports me but as of late I haven't my felt like that. Ladies you know when you feel something no matter how many times they say " I support you " you know its not true. It's like they try and make themselves believe that they do. Ugh I'm over it.
I'm so sorry about your daughter. What a heartache for you to see your little girl like that. The level of violence in this generation appalls me, reason why I home school my only daughter after sending two boys to school.
I have home schooled her for 3 weeks , she went back today. That's all I can do ... She is a Ap college class 15 yr old that makes me feel hmmm slow lmao. Not her fault but yeah she wanted to got back today. I felt okay with it cause I filled a retraining order and because either my husband or I will be at her school 30-45 min before school lets out.
YAY 1 more day until booty day dun! dun! dun! lol. I know your excited

cute me off...

As was saying I'm done with the negativity. I hope that he is going to jump all the way on the bbl round 2 band wagon cause it going down on Thursday.

Oh as promised pre op round 2 pictures and measurements. ( I have gained about 13 lbs)
Under breast: 30
Waist: 29.5
Hips: 35.5
Ass: 42.5
Thighs: 26 lol wtf...
I weigh 158lbs
I'm 5'7 1/4 lol

Waist: 24
Hips 34
Ass 45 (at least)

sleeping arrangements lol...

My lawn chair aka handy dandy chair, aka my bed for the next 6 weeks at least.
You are already Phenomenal!!!
Thank you so much. I can't wait until Thursday.
Time flies :) So Excited for you.


So after I take my little ones to school in a bit I am going to flat iron my hair. Cause lord know I'm not going to have time to do it after. Or have the energy. Oh and I'm getting a pedicure. Didn't have a chance to get it done the other day.
All the best today. I prayed for us.
Thank you. Today is the day. I'm up and about to pray some more.
Lots of Prayers going up. Be well!

Today is my day

So the day has come. Today is my day, I'm m getting up and getting ready to head out with my hubby. I'm about to bath again with hibiticeans (sp) so I'm all nice, clean, and disinfected. So excited and extremely nervous. My stomach hurts, I feel flutters in my chest. I feel like I can hardly contain myself. I also have to pray I think on the way in going to pray mu rosary or at least a few Our fathers and hail Mary's. Well that's it for now. I'm jumping in the shower ????.ttys
Yayyy!!! Best of wishes hun keep us posted :-)
Thank you. I will update.

On my way... nervous

So I'm in san Diego, about to cross the border. Shit just got real.
Happy healing hope ur feeling good/ happy:-)
Thank you. I'm feeling okay just sore.


Good morning ladies. I woke up stiff as hell. I wanted to say thank you ladies' for all your support. I love all yall. I'm going to updatepictures and what the Dr tells me as well as pre op day I, surgery and day 2. WITH PICTURES
Congrats. Doll happy healing!
Thank you. I'm trying.

Update as promised.. btw no longer post on page bbl 2 page

Here we go. From beginning to end. First and foremost I want to thank all of you ladies for all the support and love ? and prayer. I don't think would have been able to do this with out so much support. Here we go:
10-9-2014 I left to head out to Tijuana ,Mexico at 6 am I arrived at the border. My hubby saw me off gave me a kiss and I walked across the border. ( yes I went alone, I always do) anyways I walked over the bridge and took a taxi ???? that was $7 btw last 2 times I went it was $5. So I took the taxi that got me there in about 2-3 minutes. I arrived at Dr Pantojas office and was greeted by Honey and Nadia. Honey then took me to the lab I did my blood work and the. I went back up to the office and did my paper work while I waited for my EKG to get done. He showed up at about 10 am , after the EKG Nadia took my payment and then I had my consultation with the lovely DR Pantoja. He asked me what I was trying to get sucked out? He said I didn't have barely any fat. I'm pretty lean even though I weighed 157 post op and I'm 5'7.5. Any who he said he will suck the fat out were ever he can get it. I said go for it.
Well he marked me up and then I went upstairs and I was given a massage. OMG talk about relaxing. Right after my massage , the anesthesiologist came in the room and talked to me. I put on my gown and my stalking on and walked to the operating room. I laid on my side and was given the night night medicine and then the epidural block. At some point some one put in the catheter. I was in surgery for about 3 hrs he took his time with me. Next thing you know I wake up to Dr Pantoja in my room making sure I was okay. I layer found out that he looked my back, abdomen,arms ,armpits ,inner thighs,bra role and mons pubis I was able to get 8500cc per cheek and I think he did my hips to. Not sure yet I have to ask. I'm day 2 post op and my waist already went from a 29.5 pre op to a 27 and a quarter. And its only day 2 . Wow... My ass is at a 45 Mmm huh its juicy. And just think it hasn't even fluffed yet . I am so happy with my results. Supper sore though. Last night I had alot of fluid draining I will upload pictures of it all. The good the bad and the ugly. I also had to have my bedding changed this morning. At about 8 a.m I was given breakfast. It was papaya,apple , pineapple and ???? strawberries w/ cottage cheese and honey. Oh yeah and one pineapple juice. After breakfast I was given a lymph drainage massage by Maripas she is amazing. I drained alot during the massage. After that I was put in my garment which is a medium at the tightest row. Yay.... Oh and Dr Pantoja came and saw me off. As promised....dun dun dun
What garment do u have? And why is the next one u will wear?
I have the marena in medium. Next I am getting the faja de prada. I also have the sqeem.and a Maria e thong.
Hey girlie... we are 2 days post up. How are you? Last night was kind of rough for me with back pain and stiffness.

Day 3 POST OP , shower + pictures

So last night was an okay night. I slept in my handy dandy chair until 4:30 am then hubby helped me transfer onto the bed to were I slept until 7:00 am. At which point I got up to take a shower. Wow was that a doosy omg. My hubby helped me bathe I almost passed out I got a tad bit woozy. My daughters helped me with my bandaging and I temporarily put on some ace bandages and my squeem while my garment dries. I also put on my thigh wraps and compression sock.

I also took my medications,vitamins,supplements and my probiotic shot.
My baby girl made me my oatmeal and arnic tea.
Hahaha!!! I was cracking up with those crazy blue faces LOL. You look great!
Thank you. Lol yeah those faces are pretty funny.
Yeah babe you look amazing......I'm happy for you......specially those measurements...damnnnn mama....

Day 4 post op swell hell

Omg wtf .... So I woke up this morning and my hands where swollen as hell. My little girl ???? said my hands look like wreck it Ralph lol... I'm like wtf really? Kinda hurt my feelings but they did look supper bad.

Well aside from that In realm stiff. I woke up this morning and it was a harder night last night. My poor hubby I woke him up like 5-10 times so I could pee. I was all wet and I had to take a shower and change my dressings. I dang near passed out again. As soon as I tool off the garment I felt un put together lol. On another note after my shower and massage (performed by my hubby) I was able to put on my garment with all my epi foam and DIY butt pad. I am going to try to put my abdominal board in a bit later.
Lets see today thus far I have eaten oatmeal with arnica tea, lunch was soup ???? 5 crakers and arnica tea. Snack pineapple juice and a nutrigrain bar. I have drank 4 bottles of water and aloe Vera drink. I haven't weighed myself yet. I am sure I have quite a bit of water weight. Ummmm I am getting supper sleepy ???? from this dang Norco and stuff. So I am going to take a nap ttyl ladies...
Oh Phat... I think you have tons of fluid in you that's why you are almost passing out. When I had my BR I had some lipo done in my tummy and I was bloated to the point of almost exploding. I remember the nurse would take me to the toilet and I would hear the ringing in my ears and then lights out! It will get better as you get rid of the fluid they got in you to do the lipo and the anesthesia. I'm getting a TT in January and my Doc won't do lipo again, I'm terrified of it.
Yeah I'm full of it. I'm getting better tho. It's mainly my hands. I'm drinking alot of water, arnica tea,pineapple juice, aloe juice. It seems to be helping . Little by little.
Awwww I'm sorry to hear you had a rough night. Hope today has been better!!! Stay strong.

After massage + picture

My daughter massaged me with my rolling pen as well as with my ultrasonic massager. I also changed all my bandages and put on my epi foam and my foam DIY roll. I am adding a picture ????. Don't my the booty dent. It was from my shirt that I had on under my garment.
Thank you
all I can say is daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaMmmmmmnnnnn!! That booty!!! Luv it!!

Day 5 + pictures

Good morning my lovely ladies'
So last night was a much better night. I slept half of the night on my tummy next to my hubby and the other in my lawn chair. I woke up this morning and took a shower. My hubby massaged me with my special oil mix (if you would like to know I will give you the recipe). He helped me drain myself. I also cleaned my wounds and bandaged them. I also put on all my epi foam, ab board, and booty board. I also rubbed my arms with arnica oil and wrapped them with ace bandages. I'm finally resting eating a small serving of woman's choice out meal, my probiotic shot, arnica tea and vitamins.
You look amazing doll, I am so happy for you I can not wait until its my turn happy healing
Thank you. When is your turn ?
I am really loving your shape.

Bm... HELP!!!!

I need help I have been drinking mom and arnica tea, and dieters tea and I have not had a bm in 5 days.
Citrus Mitrate drink the whole bottle... That shld do the trip!
Typos ,,,,,trick with n 20mins

Omg the itching wtf

Wtf this itching started out of nowhere. I want to pull the hair out of my head. I feel like crying, I want to punch someone. I just did my tummy massage and my daughter massaged my back with my ultrasonic massager. It was okay during my massage and changing my bandages but as soon as I put my garment I was like f... Me.????. I took Benadryl and all my medicine. I just want to ???? sleep but I can't. Help!!!!
Very Nice results Doll... Please try to get some rest your body needs it. I hope the itching stops soon. I would have thought the Benadryl would have put you to sleep, but I guess your just restless. Happy healing Doll.
Thank you. The itching is getting better. Thank you Jesus. I'm going to try and rest.
You're looking good girl. Booty, booty, booty everywhere :)


Good morning ladies. So although I had I had a terrible evening with the terrible itching after taking some benydrl, Norco and Tylenol pm I slept like a baby. I did not wake up until 7 am. What a great sleep. Sucky thing is that I still haven't had a bowel movement . Tmi sorry LOL

On a different not I was set to have my drains removed today. But being that I am still draining like crazy I'm going to leave them in a few more days. That way i won't risk getting a seretoma (sp) lol. I have a follow up with Dr Pantoja on the 23. At which point I am going to get my stitches out and schedule my next procedure lol.... Possible microdermalbrasion and lips lol. I'm attaching pictures of this morning after my morning shower. Don't mind the mirror. I was taking pictures in my daughters room she has a full closet mirror.
If your taking oxcycodone then thats whats causing you to get itchy and backed up. That opium is no joke. I had the same issue when i had my umbilical hernia removed i wanted to scratch like a crack head but i asked my doctor and she told me what it was which it was the opium. Codeine does the same thing as well. It sucks. Have you tried an enema? I know you may not want to stick anything near your bum but it may work. Also try miralax powder. Hope your BM happens soon it sucks to be stopped up for a long period of time. it happened to me for 3 weeks i was miserable.
You said like a crack head lmao... Yeah I am sure my hubby won't have a problem doing that. Lol since he won't be in that area for a while.
lmaoooooo but i had to do that and it worked great.

Thank you lord

Thank all the ladies for your support. I finally took a shit lol tmi sorry. Omg that was the worst ever. I feel like I just gave birth lol..oh and I found a way to sit. I'm go I'm to try to explain the best that I can. Step 1 squat sitting the correct way on the toilet ???? but in stead of sitting put your hands under you and lean forward. Like you are carring yourself. Put your wait to your feet making sure you don't fall forward. And don't smash your butt. Yay!! Me I did it lmao ...

Ay AY Ay

I know I'm only 6 days post op but I had to celebrate ???? with a 15 second twerk fest ... I had a bm twerk twerk twerk ...lol let me stop before I twerk something out lol...
Question 4 u tho about aloe Vera juice.... what's the difference?? I saw herbs, whole leaf filtered & inner fillet (which I bought) buuuuuuut what's the difference is there one or is it just a preference?? Also would u recommend arnica tea over aloe juice or both??
Hmmm... I know the juice helps with fiber, and it help to burn calories. In regards to the which one I prefer I love them both.
Ok cool.... i think I'm going 2 take my arnica pills back bc u have 2 take too many & I'm not a pill popper lol. In fact I hate taking pills I about wait 2 the last moment 2 take anything liquids included lol. Does the aloe vera juice have a taste?? What should I take it with juice water by itself & how much do u normally take?? The one I got says take 1-2oz up to 8oz a day. Do u start taking it b4 surgery or after?? Is it good for healing like the arnica?? Sorry for all the questions but I truly appreciate all info given.

Ugh... im over it

I had the worst night sleep last night it was terrible. My arms are killing me. I guess what happens when you get aggressive ass lipo...????
Definitely aggressive but just look at the outcome hoooooly moly!!!!!!! Fabulous!!!!!!! Neck breaker haha
Thank you. Under all the bruising and swelling there is a lot of booty
Your Bootay looks bad A$$...Pain is beauty! You got this GIRL!! TWERK..TWERK


Although I had the worst night sleep in life last night I had a lovely lymph drainage massage. What made it even more lovely is that my insurance covered the whole shabang ...hell yeah wooohooo.... So that realm made me happy. I feel so relieved ????. Oh ladies help me out please , i have to go pick up my little one from school and i am trying to figure out how to sit but not sit to drive lol. I am going to attach a picture of how i sat omw to my massage. So do i put the boppy under my thighs and the yoga mat under my legs and a pillow in my lower back? I think i did it right. Lol don't judge me lol. Also ok attaching pictures of this morning. Oh don't mind my drains instill have them in. Better safe then sorry.
Damn girl! Ur transformation is amazing!
Thank you. And I'm still transforming. I can't wait until all the swelling and bruising goes down.
U are looking amazing! I had to drive Monday 1 week post op! I had no choice. . I put rolled up yoga matt under my mid to lower thighs and a firm neck pillow behind my back. My butt was in the air no pressure at all! Happy I won't be driving for another 2 weeks though. I had aggressive lipo in my back and it hurt like a b#tch to have the firm pillow behind me but you need it. My gf swears by the boppy but that made me to high in the seat..my head close to the roof like a giant. Lol

post op tid bits for you ladies

Here you go ladies. ( melimel). A few ladies ask what i use. As well as the recipe to my massage oil.
Massage oil:
One part sweet almond oil
one part cocoa nut oi
2 drops of tea tree oil
2 drops lavender oil
whole arnica about 2 teaspoons
let set (-forment ) fornat least week then use
I hope this helps

Bra link


Great faja

Abdominal board
Hey girl if im to get you right you had round 1&2 by Pantoja right? Pls reply!! Lovely results btw xxxx
Yes I went t to him round 1 &2 as well as my bl/ba.
Thank you

NIght time ritual

So I'm laying down for the night well at least I hope. Before I go to bed every night I drink my arnica ???? tea, I change all my dressings as well as give my del a massage or my husband will. I start my massaging my tummy then lower back. Rolling the rolling pin up and down and side to side
I do this for about 10 min then I use my hands to drain the fluid out for about 5 minutes following about 10 minutes of the ultrasonic hand massager. After all that is said and done I am exhausted so input on all my padding. ( end up looking like the Michelin man) oh I forgot to mention I also rub arnica on my body, and my special oil, oh and on my arm I rub icy hot then I wrap them. I am attaching a picture of everything I stuff in my garment.
Lol thank you so much. All you have to do is really take care of yourself, keep you faja on at all times unless you are taking a shower. Lol... Don't have any salt, drink pineapple
Can u do me a favor and check out my bbl post to see if these items are the ones I need.. my sx is in 25 days or so.. have to get supplies.. thanks..
Yeah I will check it out. Or you can screen shot my list . Either way I will check it out

period really wtf

Period really, with all the healing it finally came .
Thank you!
Your welcome
Awww poor thing! I can't believe we had the same surgery day and we almost have the same periods!!!! I'm waiting on mines any day now! I totally don't look forward to this crap! Hope everything is working out for you! You're looking amazing!

Daily update 1 week post op + pictures

So as usual I woke up stiff and my arms where killing me ????. I emailed pictures to Dr Pantoja it was that concerning. I did my daily morning massage and dressing change oh and I was my garment. (side bar I'm attaching a picture of what I where while my garment dries) oh and I well my hubby removed my booty drain as well as one of the front ones (pictures attached) sorry tmi. I did promise to show it all. ;) . I have my next massage on Sunday and on the 23 I am going back to Dr Pantoja for a follow up and a massage with Maripaz. While I'm out there I am going to consult with him about my lips and face. I also have a dentist appointment. ... Lol i went what off topic lol its the norcos fault.

Thursday when I go back to tj I am going to buy another garment at one of those boutiques. ( I will attach there business card and info as well) then to Dr Pantoja for post op and massage after that I'm off to a cosmetic dental consult. I think that's it for now...

Nope btw I had a major bm tmi sorry
TWERK TWERK TWERK!!!! Ay ay ay lol
): I'm probably going to be on my period a lil after my bbl
Aww that sucks
What dentist are you going to my mom got her veneers done in tj too lol

Daily tip lol

My arms have been supper swollen so I was looking through all my medicine cabinets and I found my icy hot. I normally use this as a stomach wrap remedy ( side bar do not I repeat do this right after lipo to the stomach ...) back to what I was saying. So I found the icy hot and I rubbed it on mg arms and then I wrapped it with my ace bandages. And on my elbow I bit a brace. Already it feels so relieving. I did this Las night and this morning. The swelling has gone down tremendously.
Hey Gorgeous! Your results are amazing, Can't wait to see how you dress up that amazing frame of yours! I'm out in TiJuana now and I'm looking for a boutique to buy some more compression garments & fajas. Could you post the business card of the place you will be going to you mentioned next thursday I'm looking for a butt out faja - what do you think of using those post op? Feel Free to PM the address of the store. Thanks!
Okay will do as soon as I go out there I will post all the information. Thank why the way. I can't wait to dress up. But its so not cute to dress up with drains and stuff lol...
Are the purple things you are wearing on each thigh helping to lift your booty? Did you buy or make them? Thank you!


Hello my RS sisters. I slept a little better last night. My arm is still killing me. I don't know what's going on with the left arm. My right arm is healing well. Swelling has subsided on the right arm. But the the left has a mind of its own. It's swollen as hell , my elbow hurts. I'm popping pain pills like there tic tacs cause the pain is no bueno ????. I'm in urgent care now trying to get some meds or something. Cause a sista is in pain . My tummy is fine. The swelling is going down, mainly it feels like a sun burn as well as my back and inner thighs. But this arm is no joke. I did speak to Dr Pantoja and he said to elevate it, keep it wrapped and to drink my arnica tea ????. I do all that. I also wrap it with icy hot and ace wrap it . It has helped with the right arm but the left is being stubborn.
wow..you look amazing!!!..is incredible your transformacion.xoxo
Hey hey hey! How's the swelling in your hands? The swelling is decreasing nicely throughout so your tru shape is coming thru! Exciting phases now and it's interesting to watch how our bodies take on different shapes and forms during recovery!
Omfg u look shit hot x these procedures suit u to a T xx glitter bomb for happy comfortable healing xx u go girl x sensational bid going on xxx

One week and four days post op. +PICTURES...

Hello ladies...its been a few days. I was trying to give yall a little break from me. I know you missed me. Lol jk.. But really update time. So all my drains have been removed by my hubby. Yay!!!! One thing tho,I'm still draining from my front right side. I guess its a good thing. I took my morning shower and did my morning dressing change and massage. I applied tegaderm over my incision. I continued to massage myself and noticed one side was bulging. I was like wtf really.... Well as soon as I took off the patch it started to drain. I guess that's a good thing. Better out then in. In regards to my arms they are much better although they still really hurt. I can't wait until my post op Apt with Dr Pantoja on Thursday. At which point I will be 2 whole weeks post op. I am attaching pictures so yall can see my progress.
I said it!!!! Now lol you and only you .....ur transitioning nicely!
Me only me what lol. Ty
U had to be there! Hey what's up w theses squares? RS tripping.... So is your pain from the aggressive lipo cause we really have no pain after his sx's ? Does the icy HOTT sting w u having lipo?

Headed to Tijuana in a few hours. hey

Hey ladies so I'm headed to Dr Pantoja in a few hours for my 2 week post op. Are any of my bbl or ra sisters out there? I would love to put a name to the booty lol I mean face.
Girl you look so good idk know to effin respond.....I hope im gonna look good in two weeks...

Dun dun dun......2 week post op alobg with tj trip coming soon lol

I went to see Dr Pantoja yesterday for myb2 week post op. I will post the whole shebang in about 1 hr. I am about to go my stomach and thigh wrap. I will post the whole process about that Ina bout 30 min ttly.
Cant wait to read your update lol thanks
I just updated it.

Ice wrap for tummy and thighs

So today I added my icy hot thigh and tummy wrap to my regimen. I am only going to do this once a week on Fridays. I will be adding pictures. Along with measurements when I am done.

What you will need
Ace wraps 4 ( 2 large 2 medium)
Icy hot
Thigh wraps
Plastic wrap

Step 1 apply icy hot to each area
Step 2 wrap plastic wrap on thighs and tummy
Step 3 wrap ace bandages on tummy and thighs
Step 4 wrap thigh wraps on thighs
Step 5 put squeem on tummy

Leave on for 30 min to 1 hr. It gets pretty hot.
Note .... This is something that I do. Try at you own risk.
What is it good for?

Dr Pantoja 2 weeks update Tijuana trip + pictures

Well ladies as promised. I went to Tijuana MX yesterday for my 2 week post op with Dr Pantoja. He is so kind. I love him. Who ever is going to him once you meet him you will know what I mean.

Well anyway, I arrived at the border at about 10 am. I walked over as I always do. I'm a pro at this by this point. Lol I crossed over and the taxi ???? is right on the other side. Got on a cab $5 ... Score lol. Then I was off to Dr Pantoja office. I got there and was greeted with a hug and a hand shake . Nadia and Hannah where there to great me. I wasn't even able to sit, well I don't sit anyway lol... Dr Pantoja took me into the room and said " que Hermosa" I smiled and said gracias. He then asked me to take off my garment and I did. He just smiled. He told me I am doing wonderfully. He told me that it is good that I take good care of myself. He asked me to turn around and admired his work. I asked how many CCs he put. Because honestly I wasn't sure cause I was do loopy when I was being released lmao. He said he would check my file. We talked for a while and we discussed a scar revision on my boob... You know what that means ladeis ....... So I went in for my massage ???? with maripaz. OMG that is hurt like a mutha duckwr lol sorry for the language ...
Nadia called my ride, I waited for her for a little bit. She was bringing another lady in for post and pre op. And oh my damn her body was suck... Lol oh as I was waiting Dr Pantoja came out and told me that........ OMG he was able to give me 950 CCs per cheek plus hips. Wtf he must have sucked me dry out of fat to get that. So are yall ready for my stats??????

Well you all saw my pre op stats. Day after surgery I went up to 172 lbs wtf yes you read that right ...i wad full of fluid. He had to pump me everywhere. So as promised.
Under bust 29
Waist 26.8( a little under 27)
Hips 35
Assssss.... 44
Thighs 24yes they ar
Arms 11.. Small lol
Hey hunni!!!! You're looking AMAZING!!!!! I was wondering when u went to your lymphatic massage was it a very light massage? Because I've been going for mines and they are a very light massage and I'm skeptical if those really help, but I heard the lymphatic system is directly under the skin so it has to be very soft
Thank you. Yeah I noticed that to. So I switched it to the Swedish deep tissue massage. That one is harder. It kinda hurts but it works. I hope this helps.
Yeah my doctor told me tell them to use the same pressure they used when I was there. And I know the deep tissue will be harder and will hurt like hell!!! Lol but this lady who I've already paid for 6 treatments insist that the lymphatic massages are best for me right now because if she goes harder it'll just keep me swollen... So idk what to do lol I'm gonna keep going to her until I complete my 6 massages that I've already paid for. Then I may switch to someone else and get the ultra sound treatments also.

oh my weight .....dun dun dun ugh

You look amazing !! How can I get in contact with him ?
YOu look Beautiful&take very good care of yourself. A true vet!
You look awesome girl!! WHo did your breastsss? I need them on my body like now! grrrr
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He truly is a wonderful caring compassionate i love love love him:)He has changed my body.

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