Ive wanted a BA since i can remember but was to...

Ive wanted a BA since i can remember but was to young back then, then i had my first child at the age of 22! nursed her for about 4 months, my breast never went back to what they were but they weren't bad. I knew i wanted more kids so i told myself I'm waiting till I'm done having kids to finally go though with it. fast forward 6 yrs and we finally had our last child haha. Well i nursed her for 13 months and oh my did that do a number on my boobs!!! they are deflated and saggy!! I'm a pretty fit person so my only insecurity right now is my breast, i can't stand them. So i finally stepped out of my comfort zone and went to a few consults, not as bad as i thought but all docs recommended different implants for me so that was pretty confusing to say the least cause i honestly liked them all! after researching like crazy I've chosen my doc!!! and I'm excited cause i will finally have beautiful breast again :)

Pre BA boobs :(

My breasts look almost identical to yours ... Mine have about the same level of sagging as yours do. I'm almost 30 and have 3 kids ... All of which I nursed for 2 years each and boy they have drained the life from my once naturally round, big breasts! I was wondering if any doctors recommended a lift as well, or just an augmentation? I'm trying to get a feel for what I'm in for. How big are you going?
No they. Actually said I wouldn't need one if I put a big enough implant (not to huge) it would stretch out and lift my skin, they said if I wasn't happy with just an plant I could always do a small lift later on, but I've seen other pictures of ladies with breast similar to mine who just got an implant and no lift and they look great. I know I won't have super perky boobs but they will look more natural and I don't believe they'll look saggy

Just had Pre Op~~~475cc natrelle HP style 20

I just had my pre op and I was set on going with the new gummy bear sientra shaped implants but the high profile ones only went up to 425cc and I wanted to go bigger, hey I'm paying good money for these bad boys I don't want to regret not going big enough! So we discussed my other option and decided on round smooth now instead of the shaped textured and was looking between 450cc-500cc but the width on the 500 was pushing it for me since my width is 12.5. I hope the 475 are big enough but not overly huge!! Excited and nervous cause it's officially my one week countdown!
Thank you! I hope I'm making the right choice too haha
I hope all goes well for you and that you love your results! I have a similar height, weight, and build as you and am unsure how many cc's I'd like. My second consult is at the end of May...

T-4 days!!!!

I'm anxious and nervous! I have two kids and yes my husband is taking time off to help me but I'm do use to doing everything it's gonna be very difficult to just have to sit back and do nothing (since I prolly won't be able to) but my 1.5yr old us t gonna like that momma can't hold her. How long will I be in pain pain? And until I feel normal to do stuff? I know everyone is different but I guess I'm just trying to plan things out. Gonna go shopping on Monday to get things were gonna need and make some freezer meals so the hubs can just pop into the crockpot. I was told to get zip up sports bras from walmart to.

a little bigger than this

Here are my stats

30yrs old
2kids- my youngest is 17 months whom i stopped nursing at 13 months
Im in the gym 4-5days a week, mostly weights but training for a half marathon
Decided on 475cc Natrelle (allergan) style 20 high profile
We are similar build and getting similar size so I look forward to seeing your results! I bet they are awesome!
:) haha I've been searching people similar to myself to
sorry i dont know if it's on here or not but where do i read about wether your getting saline or silicone? im about to get a BA myself so im doing some final research before my consultation

Getting things ready...

Picked up my scrips, and got some antibacterial dial bar soap. Went on the search for a zip up or front closure bra/sports brand was very difficult to find, I found a few at walmart but I was so confused cause I have no clue what size to get , there's no medium or large it goes by number and cup size. So I got one that was a 38D and one just said 38.... I'm normally a 34 B. I'm going to bring them both with me and let them decide which one to put on me. I'm gonna go grocery shopping tomorrow and make some freezer meals so my hubs can just thaw them out or throw in the crock pot and will prolly stay home and clean on Sunday. Anything else I'm missing?? Thankfully my husband was able to take a week off of work so that's a lifesaver!!
I'm looking forward to the outcome too! We are starting out at a very similar place....good luck!
Thank you!


On my way for my surgery, I have major butterflies in my stomach kinda feels like I'm gonna puke wish I had anti anxiety meds lol. Surgery is at 8am they said be there at 7:30!! Wish me luck :)


Wowwa I have boobs now pretty crazy, I'm in pain mostly on top of my chest, it hurts just took my pain meds gonna put some peas on my chest. Had bad cotton mouth when I woke up but I woke up good. Just relaxing now, will continue to update :)
Just got mine done on Friday so we are healing together. At post op day three and didn't need pain medicine but had a very bad head ache. Lost my appetite for the past three days too. Feeling better, ever day is a little better than the one before it. Can't wait to see how they look when they're healed!

New boobies

OMG I can already tell theyre gonna look GORGEOUS girl! :) once they drop and fluff...hold on lol!
Thanks girl!! I'm so in love with them already, crazy to see I actually have boobs now and no more envious of others haha
Ya last night I slept pretty good for having to stay on my back, just woke up not much pain very tolerable so I might just switch to Tylenol extra strength today and continue to put peas on my chest, that seemed to help ALOT . It's hurting more around my ribs now then on top. I was expecting much more pain from others post, but everyone heals differently. Imma go take a peak at yours :)

24hrs post OP

So I'm 24hrs post op, I slept better then expected it was more of me getting use to sleeping on my back. I took my hydrocodone before bed and Motrin 600mg and I think that helped. Woke up feeling really good then I stood up and was in a little pain but felt better after I showered. Decided not to take my hydro and just the Motrin and so far so good just putting peas on the breast and relaxing while the hubs takes care of the kids :) it's hurting more around my ribs on the side and a little under my right armpit.

Post Op day 4

Feeling pretty good today, went for a walk took it easy which I have been doing since my husband is home helping till Tuesday so I'm milking it right now lol. Breast feel right still which I'm sure is to be expected. Left breast seems to be doing better than my right breast. Right feels and looks tighter to me. Incision looks higher still on the right versus the left but yes I only it's only been four days. Still feels a little squishy down the middle of my chest towards the bottom. I can't open things yet, hurts to use the muscles, I'm having gym withdrawals lol. I've been icing every day to help with any swelling and I think it's helped a lot. Haven't done any massages to my breast since I was t told to yet and my post op appt isn't for two weeks after my surgery. I'm excited for them to start settling in, there so far apart still!

Red blotches on my breast???

So I've noticed some red blotches on my chest yesterday and it's there again today anyone know what it is? No fever or any other symptoms but this weird red blotch...

One week post op

Feeling really good lately!! Husband went back to work on Tuesday so it's just me with my little one and so far I feel like I can pretty much do everuthibg around the house as before except holding my daughter to much or raising my hands above my head for to long or having to open or grip something really hard but everyday it just keeps getting better and better

New pics

2weeks post op

I feel great at two weeks post op, my nipples are a lil overly sensitive tho like hurt at certain times. I'm not in pain but my breast are still sore, my right more than my left and my right is still more swollen then my left. But so far I love them, I got measured at VS the other day and they measured me at a 32ddd. I tried it on and a 32 was a tad tight so I went with the 34 and it fit better. Not many cute bras tho in DDD so I bought a few in DD, hopefully they'll still fit later on!!
Did you do under or over the muscle? They look fantastic!
I went under the muscle
They look so natural! I can see why you're so pleased with them :)

Love the way they look and only 17 days post op

you look great. congrats! and you had 2 kids? how...lol. look wonderful
Your pre breast look somewhat similar to mine. I also am really really considering an implant. Did you get Saline or silicone and if you got silicone do you noticed rippled. Thank you for you post pic they look great am jealous.

3wks post op

The sensitivity in my boobs and nipples is slowly going away. It's more a little uncomfortable where my incisions are. I ordered some silicone tape to put on them. I took pics of the tape and will be doing before and afters in my scars aswell. It's still a lil uncomfortable to sleep on my side and I still haven't tried sleeping on my stomach yet I really do miss it tho!!!
Glad you found the Meiptac! So far my fave for post surgical scar care :)
So I look at the meiptac product. Which one should I get? They have a gel one n then a Chapstick looking one? Thanks
I got mine off amazon it's silicone tape

4wks post op!!!

Wow time just flew by I can't believe it's been a month already! I love my boobs but my right it still a bit stiffer than my left, the sensitivity in my nipple are getting better. Here are some pictures of my scars after a week of using the silicone tape
I love your results. You look amazing! I am currently a size 32aa. Not much left after nursing. I have a narrow chest so my Ps recommended hp but after seeing your result i really feel i should ask him to go bigger. You pre Aug pictures look a lot like mine. We agreed on 330cc saline. Did you feel at first were too big for you? They seem natural and not too big at all! Do they feel heavy? I am having surgery in 6 days and i am beyond excited! Thanks for sharing your journey. Helps a lot! Congrats on your results. Amazing!
Actually at first they felt huge but I never had "big" boobs before, I'm going on to 6wks post op and I kinda feel I should have went bigger but my husband says no that there perfect side for my body and I do agree I'm just having boob envy haha they feel normal now not heavy at all they look real natural and in very happy with my outcome!! I wanted a more natural look and I think that's what they're looking like!

8wks post op

So I'm 8wks post op and I've been noticing some issues with my right breast, you can't see in pictures that we'll but I can see and feel it. I love my breast still, I feel 100% normal again and I sleep on my side comfortably again I haven't tried sleeping full on my stomach yet. So I was laying on my back and took my bra off and noticed my right breast caved in a little near the outside and where my areola is so I'm going to call my doctor and see what's going on. It feels like I have extra room in my right breast or something like it's not right in there, hard to explain.

4 months post op

Feeling great, loving the boobs. But I do notice a ripple every now and then when I take my bra off which I don't like but it's not always there.
I sure hope mine turn out like yours! I'm in the ugly stage right now. I'm struggling through it. Thank you for sharing!
Your results look great! Please tell me where you got the gray and white low cut sports bras you're wearing on post op day 4 and your 1 week post op...so cute! :)

5 months post op

Love the boobs just how my scar has turned out on my right boob, it's raised. They're still red and haven't faded much
Love love love!!! They look so good, im so happy for u!! So did you ever find out why u had the red blotches on your chest?
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