Weight Loss Journey for Optimal Bbl & TT Results - New Date confirmed 11/18/13...YAYYYY!!!- Suwanee, GA

I remember this 1st time I was told I had a flat...

I remember this 1st time I was told I had a flat ass. I was in the 8th and the boys were made at the girls so they pictures of all of us (lol). The picture of me was flat down the back with humongous boobs. At that time it didn't even know a round butt was something to have. I've been self conscience ever since. My goal is to get a nice round ass. I want a back slope with fullness from mid to bottom. No shelf for me please.

Hey again. I wasn't sure how this stuffed posted...

Hey again. I wasn't sure how this stuffed posted so I made the 1st one very short. So I have been stalking this site for over a year. I initially had a phone consultation set up with dr. Jimerson January 2012 but had to cancel. The desire was still haunting me so I rescheduled and saw him on 10/11/12. Valerie was great. She was very sweet. Actually the whole staff was. The office is very upscale and cozy. Dr. Jimerson came in after Valerie took all of the pictures and asked all of the questions. He was very nice & professional. He gave me a very honest assessment of my body. I asked him if I could just get lipo on my stomach or would I need a TT. He said in order to get a flat stomach I would need a TT. The stretch marks would still be there and the skin would not retract because of the stretch marks. He also stated that my hips fall a little flat so he suggested fat transfer to my hips. I told him I work out & run a lot. I would like to lose weight but Valerie didn't think I should because I would need fat for the bbl. He looked at me up and down then suggested I lose 15-20lbs. He said that would give me optimal results. I also asked about upper bra roll and inner thigh. He wasn't convinced about the inner thigh. He suggest we wait until after the weight loss. The upper bra roll, he said should be done because once he lipos the flanks and lower back it would be more pronounced. I truly appreciated his assessment & honest evaluation.

Then later that month he was on TI & Tiny. I called the next work day and the lines were busy. I finally reached Azizza a few days later. She remembered me from the office. She gave me so many compliments :0). She told me at that time that his prices would be going up in Feb 2013. So I needed to put my deposit down in order to hold my quote. I called back early Nov set my date for March 18th and paid my deposit...woohoo!!!

I've been even more obsessed with this surgery. I've only told I friend that I am doing this. She is so excited that she wanted to come take care of me...I love her! I will tell my mom & dad (who live with me) & daughter about a month out. I will put my time off request in at work at the end of the month.

My goal is to lose about 20lbs total by my preop appt date which is 2/27/13. Which will take me to about 150lbs. That way he can tell me if I should lose more or stay there. Well this is all for now. I will post as relevant information/events come up. I am so excited!!!!!

Info about me:
Age: 32 (42 according to my birth certificate lol)
Height: 5'2ish lol
Current weight:166 (the holidays were very festive lol)
Current measurements: 35-33-42
Measurement goal: 34-29-45 (I think)

My weight loss regime:

Green smoothies- Twice/day
Lunch - protein, veggie & salad
Snacks - fruit, almonds & carrots
After workout - protein shake

Boot camp style cross training 5x per week (weights, kettlebells and cardio)
Run 3x per week one 4mi run, one hill training & one long run (training for my 4th half marathon)
Keep up the good work you can do it!! Your time will be here soon!!
thanks wrknonit! keep your head up girlie! you will be back to normal before you know it!
Welcome to the group. I just joined not to long ago. I just had my TT done Dec. 20 and I'm loving my results I still very swollen. Kudos for running and boot camp. I also run 3x a week 3 miles and boot camp 2x a week also I'm in Black Girls Run. I know u know of that group they are heavily in GA. They are a group of wonderful ladies. I'm coming to ATL for the Hot Chocolate Run on the 13th I'm not able to run it but me and my husband will be walking it I will be slow slow walking it lol. Good luck on your TT u r going to love it lol. Look at some pics I posted I'm getting great results.

Today I learned a collegemate of mine passed away....

Today I learned a collegemate of mine passed away. It has me thinking about this procedure & the possible dangers...is it worth it? While I know ppl have come through it fine all the time, I'm just thinking about the what ifs. I know this feeling will pass and I will be excited again. I know this is random lol. It was just something on my mind. Have a great day my bbl sisters!
Keep it up boo! Best of luck with the weight loss! I got tips on my page !! #teamjimerson
ok thanks! i'll check them out.

I put in my time off request...approved! Time to...

I put in my time off request...approved! Time to work on the financing and getting my out of pocket money together. I will start purchasing my items next month. I'm so excited!

Sorry for the passing if your friend. What you were expressing on your post 1/9 is very normal we All go thru this. I was shocked when it hit me since I had been wanting the bbl so bad. It will pass & you'll move on to the excitement stage again. As it seems you have from your recent update :-)
Yes girl the excitement is back. yesterday I was home looking at posts & pictures. It helped to bring it back. I realize it is a roller coaster ride through this whole process. right now I'm anxiously waiting for my turn. I look at my body all the time imagining the transformation. While I like my body now I can't wait to love it later. thanks for your words of encouragement & support.

Hey there, welcome!

Good luck with your weight loss and your prep for surgery. Please do keep us updated with your progress!


Good Morning Ladies! I just wanted to post a...

Good Morning Ladies! I just wanted to post a weight loss update:

Weight: 165.2
Measurements: 34.5-32.5-41

Slowly but surely! I will get there. Btw that measure goal is my after surgery goal. I didn't make that clear before.

I updated my quote because apparently it didn't include the hips...ugh. They say beauty hurts. Well apparently not only physically but financially too.

Oh yeah! I do have an update. Friday I worked late and guess who called my work phone? Aziza. She said since we hadn't spoken in awhile & my surgery was coming up she wanted to touch bases. Well y'all know she's mad cool. We chopped it up for a bit. I was able to ask her questions. That's how I realized that the hips weren't in the quote.

I also asked her about the different areas of the back and if I should get my middle /upper back done vs. my upper bra roll (apparently they are two different things). She said no. As you know, the section that is lipoed for the bbl is the area right above your butt and below your waistline. The upper bra roll is actually the area on your back, over your bra that bubbles over when your arms are down. So there's an area of your back that's left untouched. That's the middle/upper back area. I want to make sure that is smooth because I have this looooowwww cut dress I want to rock (my inspiration for the bbl/TT lol.) She told me that that area has a lower % of success and that Dr. J will sculpt to make that area proportionate. She also suggested that since I am working to lose a considerable amount of weight, it would be best if Dr. J reassesses me at my preop so he can make some finally suggestions (ie inner thighs & back).

I also talked to her about my wish. I want a slope from back to a bubble (like my girl Mz Chicago & ForeverBooty to name a few). She said that was realistic. She said wish pics are good because while they show the doc want you want. It also let's them know if you are being realistic with your wish. So that way they can help bring us back to reality if need be lol (my words not hers). She also suggested to start taking the Vitamin C about a month out. It really helps with recovery.

Oh yeah, I also asked about scarring because I had a cyst removed in 03 which left no scar really but my breast reduction in 09 did. So she put that in the notes for Dr. J to look at as well.

We also talked about financing. They don't have in house financing but there is another option outside of the ones on the website that you can inquire about ($5000 max; have to pay off in a year).

If there's anything I left out, I will update again. Have a happy Sunday!

My condolences.. Keep strong babes... Love ur review today so I think I'm gonna go ahead with the upper back n bra roll. I wanna rock low cut dressed too n my back is not as tight as I'd wish.. N CONGRATS on ur weight loss!! U look great . I noticed it on ur pix with dress. Keep up the great work!!
thanks bkbeauty! while dude wasnt a close friend. he was a classmate. so therefore in my age range. that type.of reminder that we arent promised the next second of life is jarring. but hey we gotta live. so i shook that off and im moving forward. thanks for mentioning that you notice my weight loss. I'm really working hard towards it.
Hope you alright but life isn't promised ya know?? Happy to see the excitement back

So I had a day today. On my way home from work a...

So I had a day today. On my way home from work a tree almost fell on my car. I saw it coming down and stepped on my brakes. I slowed down just it time. The tree fell right in front of my car. This is actually my 2nd close call God saved md from this year. I am a little shaken up but Im okay.

So of course my mind went allover the place. This is where it ended...after it is all said and down God is in control. Today I wasn't doing anything "questionable" and my life was in jeopardy, but God had me. There was a hot second where I questioned the surgery but then I said, God's got me! He's proven that.

God bless!
Hey! Just posting to wish you good luck and to let you know I'm going o be praying for you and following your journey. I'm having a similar procedure in May and our diet and exercise regimes are almost identical. I'm training for a half in April and trying to shed a few more pounds too. You are going to look great!! So excited to find another bbl and tt girl! Have you talked to your doctor about how you will recover since you will be having your tummy and butt worked on? That's what I most worried about!
Oh wow! I am so excited you found me. We do have some similarities. He said the recovery will be a challenge. That's why a lot of docs don't do them together. But it is doable. I plan to ask him more about it at my preop appt. next Wed.
it's a challenge because you can't lay on your stomach nor your back. So you need to prop yourself up and lay on your side and rotate. My issue is I am getting fat transferred to my hips too. So I will probably have to sacrifice my hips in order to get rest. I will let you know what I end up doing.

Hey Ladies! It's been a minute since I've updated....

Hey Ladies! It's been a minute since I've updated. Well I just left my Doctor's office for my medical clearance. My blood pressure was good 110/78. My EKG was good as well. I will get the results of my blood work next week. My preop appt with Dr. J is on Wednesday. I am excited. I am disappointed is myself bc I took my eating too far and gained 6lbs back but my girl Bklynbeauty has given me some tips to lose the weight. I am confident I will be at my goal by surgery. I just wanted to be close to it by my preop. Oh well. I will let you know how things go.

So I just learned my back up plan to finance my...

So I just learned my back up plan to finance my procedure is a bust!!! I was planning on borrowing from my 401k to pay for it. Well it turns out I can't take out another loan until October. That's even with paying the current one off early. I am going to try to take out a personal loan. If that doesn't work I will be looking for someone to switch with who has a Nov date. So inbox me if you are interested. :0(

While I am disappointed, I know God is in control and everything comes together for our good. I will keep my head up and press forward. I will keep you all updated.
Hello stopping by to show love and congratulate u on ur weight loss. I'm on a lifestyle change as well. God is good!! Ur gonna look wonderful. Keep up the good work!
Also wanted to say everything happens for a reason and God will see u through!
hey girl just wanted to let u know that God IS in control and no worries boo n remember : NEW BIG BEAUTIFUL BOOTIES for the new year!! :) everything will workout and you're doing great.. KEEP IT UP!! :)

I called office yesterday. I ended up leaving a...

I called office yesterday. I ended up leaving a message for Aziza. You know how that goes so I called back and got someone on the nurse line. She wasn't able to change appts. She transferred my to the front desk. She wasn't able to change appts either but said she would leave a msg for Aziza to call me. You know how that goes lol! Since my preop was tomorrow, I didn't want to take the chance that no one would call. So I tried twice today. Guess what...persistence over resistence. I spoke with Michelle today. I got both my preop& sx changed. 10/28 & 11/18 respectively. Yay me!!!

I asked about switching dates. she said they can't do it because they have people who have paid and are on the waiting list. So yes money is power lol!

I am happy about my new date. My girl BklnBeauty helped me to see it is better overall.
1. It gives me more time to prepare.
2. It gives me more time to get to get to figure out my goal weight and gain for the sx.
3. I won't have to be hot & uncomfortable in the cg during the summer.
4. I won't have to worry about additional swelling due to the hot weather.
5. A better way to gradually transition from flat to DAT AZZ.

I will bring in the new year with a brand new me.

So my dress will have to wait until next summer. In the mean time, I am back to eating right & continuing my workouts. Later I will post my new starting point pics taken yesterday. My starting weight this go round is 168.2lbs. I will remeasure later as well. Well that's all for now ladies...TTYL!

I appreciate all of you for your encouragement through this journey!
Aaaaah suki--so glad your well hun :)) prayers for a smooth recovery!
Congrats beautiful Duran doll! She looks amazing by the way ladies!
Hey duran doll!!!
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Well hello my fellow bbl sistahs! It is finally my turn to journal my journey. I've been researching the bbl for a little over a year now. I knew from my initial research I wanted to go with Dr. Jimerson. He is local to me and his before & afters look great. A lot has happened since my last review...I am officially a Duran Doll!

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