Best thing I ever did!

So I saw my surgeon today for a consult and asked...

So I saw my surgeon today for a consult and asked all the questions I had about safety and complications. I found out he suggests saline through the nipple. I have a 34a right now and didnt even think to discuss look or size at this consultation since I was mainly interested in price and getting to know my surgeon. Well after talking about payment with another girl I was taken to 3d imaging. They took my picture and looked at the doctors notes only to tell me he suggested 150-200cc mod ... I told her I was looking to be a full c small d. She told me I was "flat" and that I would look strange with a different size and showed my the 200cc's. I was persistent I wanted larger and have known girls similar in my size that got to a full c with no problem. She went and got another assistant who was much more understanding since she had an augmentation herself from an A. We settled on 250 high profiles most likely overfilled to 300cc's. I still feel uncomfortable with that decision as I wasn't even measured. Also anyone else familiar with the 3D imaging? The boobs look so far apart and strange...
That picture just does not look right. Do you have goal photos to show your PS?

3D Image pictures

these are the photos for the 250cc high profile. I had my arms to my side and pulled back like I'm stretching my chest and my head tilted up.

Photo of my arms at my side before

before photo arms at side
thanks for the response misty. I know the picture looks like torpedoes?? I had no idea at the initial consultation I would already be talking size. They didn't even check my breast width yet. I do have goal photos.... me when my milk came in... Maybe slightly larger. i'll post those.

Goal photos

It sounds like your PS is very responsive to questions... Maybe something like "How can you make my breasts look like these?" Nice goal photos!
alright I posted the photos. I actually couldn't find the ones of when my milk came in so that's just me pregnant...

More info about me

I'm 5'6 110lbs right now i'm 34A my goal is to be a full C by looks so with implants ill probably measure a D.
Well I'm probably going to make a consult with another doctor in the same office that does silicone. Dr Hamm only does saline through the areola or armpit. I just wish my Dr would have been around for the 3D imaging. It went so fast I didn't know the next step would be payment to secure the surgery date. I have too many questions! Will most doctors let you do another consult before payment?

Another wish pic

Perhaps more communication with your PS would resolve your issues, however, I am happy to hear you're going for another consult. Here is a list of important questions to discuss during your consult. I agree with the community, the photos don't quite look right and you don't seem like you're comfortable with the PS. Your wish boobs are very reasonable and nice looking. Based on the photos, I'm not sure you would get anything near your desired results. Thank you for starting your journey on RealSelf. Let us know how your next consult goes!

             wish my ps had the 3d images in his office! your wish pucs are nic!

Went back today

Well I went in for another consultation with a different doctor (Dr. Pane) that does silicone. However, they said he was in surgery and rescheduled me for the 31st. I will post how that consult goes as I'm ready to book a date now!
When I started out i was an A - my first implants were 350cc/filled to 400 (saline - moderate profile round) that gave me a C at best. I have always chosen saline with an areolar incision. Fast healing, very little to no scarring - full nipple sensitivity. I don't believe from my experience having 4 surgeries that you will be able to achieve the size you want with a little 250cc implant ,which will be compressed further under the chest wall muscle. Even 400cc is not a big implant if you want to at least be a C cup. You are taller than me, and can certainly carry a 500cc implant for example - this may give you the full C/smaller D you are seeking. Of course your final result depends on your own body type, breast tissue, skin elasticity, etc... Don't let the surgeon or their staff discourage you from asking for and getting what you really want! If you already feel this way, disappointed, then what will you feel like after surgery? Consider this. Also - I wouldn't rely on 3D imaging to make your decision as it rarely looks like what you will look like in real life. If you do not feel like your surgeon is listening or hearing your vision of what you want to look like - I would suggest finding another! Best of luck! ;-)
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story and share your experience. I have done just that (found a new PS) that was actually recommended to me from someone I know. He's in the same practice. I go this Wednesday to finally speak with him. Went today but I guess they didnt realize he was in surgery.
You are so very welcome! I hope the new surgeon makes you feel excited and happy about getting your surgery - let me know how it goes! When you say the same practice - and at this price, you're not talking about Strax, are you? I live in South Florida also...oh - I just looked it up while typing this and see he is at Strax. My friend had a tummy tuck from them 2 yrs ago and had to get it redone - she had horrible results. I am not trying to discourage you - I am just a stranger - but there is a reason why you hear such negative things and why their prices are so cheap - please do your research - your health & safety are #1 over a low price for breast augmentation. If your friend had good results though, and you trust them and the new doctor makes you feel comfortable, then perhaps it will be OK. I would still research other doctors though - there are plenty here and all generally at $5k (even for the best doctors) or below here in South Florida - land of boob luck in whatever you decide to do! =-)

Went for consultation with Dr Pane

Instantly knew he was the doctor for me. I might have already made up my mind by my friend recommending him. He asked me about my health AND pulled out measuring tape to find out my BWD and seemed confident we could get me to a size ill be happy with. He was talking 400cc high profile but that decision won't be made until I'm on the table with sizers. So it sounds like he will do as much as he can without complications. I told him I wanted to be a D/full C and he thought that was possible from my pregnancy stretching me out. So, YAY! I'm scheduling a Thursday in September for my surgery date. Probably going to seal the deal with payment and scheduling this Friday. Then my next step is blood work and trying on sizers and figuring out if I want Iv sedation or GA which is dependent on saline or silicone. I'm leaning towards GA with saline. I originally was only going to do iV sedation due to a previous surgery I had (6 hours long) that I had a bad experience with the GA. However finding out how short the surgery will actually be.... Sounds like General will be much easier on me then IV sedation. Plus I'd rather the doctor be able to do his thing and not have to worry about me being semi conscience.
I definitely walked in there for the prices and probably would have gone elsewhere if not for my friends recommendation. I have since then done my research on the facility and the complications that have occurred and who performed what. I'm definitely confident in my new Dr.
Also do you know the name of the dr who did your friends TT?

Preop today!

Well I had my pre op today! Definitely asked a million questions! The nurse was great at answering them all. Took blood work, tried on sizers and got a mini tour of where I go surgery day. I also bought my post op "granny bra". I'm now scheduled for a pre op appt with my surgeon 9/5 and my surgery is scheduled 9/12!!! I decided on IV sedation and saline. They will do 500cc if possible!
Great! I am doing local anesthesia and saline! And I am as flat as you are lol and not going less than 375cc
I think my height was the determining factor to go up to 500cc. Even the nurse was apprehensive until I put on the sizers and she said it looked very natural! The doctor is going to use sizers during surgery to see how much he can fit. Part of the reason I'm seeing him again on the 5th is to hear him say a number he's confident in because of my BWD and his experience.
The good thing with saline is that the surgeon can add during surgery. :))) I can't wait for it to be over.

Had my surgery on the 12th

Day 1 I was in excruciating pain but I called my PS and they said to double the painkillers until it was less severe. So now I'm feeling much better. I even got in the shower and everything.

Forgot to say what I got!

I got mentor saline 420cc max filled to 500cc. My BWD is 12cm so the implants max filled were at 11.7cm.

The "death strap"

Well I have been wearing the death strap since Friday with my compression bra. It's been painful, i was not prepared for how little id be capable of the first 3 days but with my family helping me its been doable. Now my family has gobe home and i have a babysitter helping.

From looking at other implants for months prior to getting my own I can already tell my doctor did a fantastic job! He literally picked the same exact implant and fill amount I did doing my own research on my BWD and results I was looking for. I could not be more impressed and I have already been recommending him left and right. Something about getting implants gives your friends that have known you for years the balls to finally go through with it themselves.

Anyone else following my journey knows that on day one the pain was so bad I was basically immobile and groaning and unable to do anything but throw up. It felt like my chest wall was a pair of blinds that would pull up and down every slight movement i made. i called the nurse line and they said to take twice the painkillers. Well, because I doubled up, I ran out of medication much faster (twice as fast to be exact) then I should have. Anyone else have to call there PS and ask for a refill?

I just did! Because I have been taking arnica 30c x5 3 times daily, and rubbing arnicare gel, and icing every angle of my boobs, and bromelain 500mg x2 and took extra strength Tylenol for the first time instead of my Percocet 4 hours ago because i ran out and I nearly died.

So I just called the 24 hour nurse line and my doctor called in a script for me. But still, I feel like a weakling. I mean, I pushed out a 9lb baby with NO drugs or anything! And yet getting fun bags and I turn into a crybaby who needs meds?? I don't even take them for headaches. I feel like a wimp when I read everyone else's quick recoveries. :(. I really thought I'd be clothes shopping by now!
It's the muscle not used to extra volume, I've been there too. It will be over before you know it, they already look awesome girl!
Thank you! I'm very athletic and cut out all upper body work 1 month prior and focused on stretching.
haha death strap! :P looks like they are coming out well!

Went to my first post op

Went to my first post op the other day but my doctor got called into surgery :( so I saw his PA. Seems good so far. Start massage in another week. Still wear the strap. I can start light cardio without any bouncing lol

Actually did some cardio today

I did 45 minutes of cardio today on a recumbent bicycle and elliptical (no arms). Feeling pretty good still sore. I can't wait for them to drop and fluff! I still have lots of bruising.
How did you stretch the pec muscle? I googled it but didn't really get too much:(
Lace your fingers behind your back and stretch. Taking deep breaths to open the chest wall.
And look up

I love them!

I'm so happy I finally did this for myself! Best decision ever, I love them!
They look great! Congrats to you! :)


You look great!!! How do they feel, can you tell its saline at this point??
Definitely can't tell anything yet since they are pretty firm. I started massage yesterday and can already tell a difference! So I'm excited to see what a couple weeks of massage will do for shape and feel.
Thank you :)

Went to another PO appt today

I saw my PS again today. He told me to continue the strap and massage and to come back in 3 weeks for my 6 week appt since everything was looking good. As always he took his time and made sure he answered all my questions. I wanted to add that my incisions are already invisible I don't think anyone would even see them unless I pointed them out and I haven't even really started scar treatment. I'm really shocked since the peri areola incision really scared me. Also I have 100% feeling everywhere on my breasts and nipples. I'm slowly dropping and softening up more everyday!
ok will def keep checkin!!! congrats!!!
Well they are definitely waaaaay softer and actually feel like breasts now! I am shocked at the difference! Considering I'm not even a month post op I'm extremely happy! They have also dropped a lot, not completely but I'm starting to show a slope.

Progression photo

I wanted to show everyone what a difference a couple of weeks can make!
Just wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing what you are doing to help them drop? massaging? how often? are you wearing a band, and during the day or night? Thanks!
I wore the strap 24/7 from the day of surgery for the first 3 weeks. At 2 weeks I started displacement exercises. Those consisted crossing arms and cupping either side and making cleavage. Placing my hand on the top of the opposite breast above the nipple then lifting the skin while pushing down the implant. Placing the hand like a karate chop at the base of the opposite breast and with a rolling motion pushing the implant so it moves upwards. All were held for 10 seconds, release and repeated 6 times. I did this at minimum 3 times a day but tried to do it as often as I could even 6 times a day sometimes.

Before pic

I found a before picture in the same swim suit
Lol I am a D now but want DD's
I have had two surgerys with this doctor and I seriously love this dude. I am going back next year for my boobs. How fast was your recovery is there anything in your posts you haven't included that I should know before the surgery. 
They look great!! Im also thinking saline. How do they feel at this point? Thanks
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

I see him quickly becoming one of the top plastic surgeons due to his patient care and amazing results. He has gone above and beyond and listened to my wants and needs every step of the way. We were on the same page from start to finish and I couldn't be more impressed. I never felt rushed when speaking with him pre AND post op. Not once did I feel like he talked down to me or tried to sell me into his idea of what I needed. He listened and did exactly what I asked and I can't wait to see my final results after healing and I will keep posting progress photos.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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