34AA and getting 325cc - Newfoundland, NL

I am 21 years old and I have 2 children, 27 months...

I am 21 years old and I have 2 children, 27 months and 11 months. I breastfed both of them and now my breasts are deflated and saggy. I was a B cup before I had children, and now I don't even fill an A cup. I get extremely frustrated and embarrassed when I go bra shopping because there is never anything there to fit me :( My fiance says he likes what I have now and has tried, multiple times to talk me out of getting implants, but I can't help but notice him oogle over women with... breasts! haha.. He has finally realized how uncomfortable I feel about my body, I hardly take my shirt off in front of him.. or try to cover myself when I do. When I lay on my back there is absolutely nothing there, seriously, my fiance has bigger breasts than I do! LOL.. I have been researching for a few months now, mostly about things that could go wrong but nothing seems to turn me from wanting boobs.. I finally found a surgeon in Newfoundland and I have a consultation with her in a few months and I couldn't be happier... I am hoping for saline implants under the muscle and in through the armpit! Does anyone have any advice for a mother of two on healing while taking care of babies?
I am also thinking about getting mine done.. After breastfeeding 2 kids , they are deflated and out of shape lol... I'm also from Newfoundland and was researching doctors that do them... How did you find your doctor here?

Thank you for starting your story on RealSelf. So many of us can identify with everything you are saying...including your husband's breasts being larger than yours. We get it! I did saline implants through the areola and you can't see any scars at all! I did wait until my third child was 2 years old so she could get in and out of her car seat on her own. Here are some helpful questions to discuss with your PS during your consult. Keep us posted!!

Hey! New here....I also have 2 small children and my boobs were quite deflated going from a natural 34E to barely a C cup. I am currently 7 days post op, I had a bilateral breast augmentation (uplift and implant).... So far so good really happy, I would suggest that the first few days do nothing...See if you can have help at home with the little ones. You shouldn't lift or push pushchairs etc for a couple of weeks. Luckily your children are young so no school runs. I had help for a week and they have all run off lol...I am doing things little by little and stopping when I feel like I'm overdoing it. If you think in the long run it will give you more confidence in yourself and your relationship go for it....:)

My first consultation!

I had my first consultation 2 months ago, I have another consultation in November and my surgery is booked for the end of February ???? I'm so excited and still very nervous! My surgeon suggested under the muscle 330cc round gummy bear implants with the incision at the bottom of the breast. She did not want to give me saline implants because I don't have much breast tissue and there is more of a chance of rippling showing up and she does not like to do the incision through the armpit because of higher risk of infection.

Glad you're back and you found a surgeon. You can make your own rice sizers at home if you want to experiment a bit with size. Please be sure to let us know how your next consult goes. 

How do I measure out the rice? I tried using 330ml for 330cc and it looked so small.. I'm not sure if I'm doing it right
I'm sorry it took me so long to reply. A friend of my sisters was thinking about getting implants and got a referral from her family doctor for dr.cluett. She knew I had been thinking about getting implants and couldn't find a surgeon in Newfoundland so she gave me the number to her office.. I couldn't find any through research lol

Unsure about size

I have been looking at sizes and I'm thinking 330cc is too small for the look I want (full C). I had to push my next consultation back and couldn't get an appointment until February 20th, which was 8 days before my initial surgery date, so I pushed my surgery date back as well. Now I can't get my BA until May 30th :( it seems so far away but I think I could use the time to get my sizes figured out. Here are a few pics of my 'wish boobs' enjoy!!
I never thought I would consider breast implants, was never opposed to it, just never figured it would be for me. I have breastfed 2 children also, seems to be the magic number...and am now considering saline implants. I have a fair amount of volume, but sag. I think I look fine in a bra, but in a bathing suit I am self conscious. We have a pool and hot tub, so bathing suit season is all year. I too notice the way my husband looks at full boobs. He has always liked boobs...lol. I am just nervous about the complications, and wondering if it is worth it or not for me. So much to think about.....
I agree, there is so much to think about! www.implantinfo.com is an awesome website, I learned a lot from it and you can search BA pictures by typing in your age, height and/or weight. You can also look up before and after cup /cc sizes. That site along with this one are my favorite :) very informative

One cup of rice is equal to 250 cc's. Add another 1/4 cup for a total of 325 cc's. This size might appear small on your body frame depending up your stats and the look you're trying to achieve. Perhaps post some "goal wish boob" photos so we can better advise you. What I'm sure you're disappointed about postponing your surgery until May, but I think your wise to not rush into surgery.  


My final dream boob photo.

I just fell in love with these girls. After some thought, I have realized that one of my previous dream boob photos are way too fake looking and would just make me look top heavy and I don't want that. I want a natural look like this picture :D
Love. Love. Love. I'm so happy for you, and can't wait to see how everything goes! I breastfed two kids as well, and I can relate to everything you are feeling - I think you will be thrilled. Keep us posted!

Last consultation before my surgery is coming up soon!!

Hey Ladies!! I will be having my last consultation on Thursday before my surgery in May. I am just wondering if there is any advice you girls could give me on what I should question my PS on during this visit. I tend to forget everything once I walk into the office haha.
I understand if you're not comfortable answering this question, but how much is the augmentation going to cost? Do they have financing available or do they prefer up front payment? I'm considering going to Dr. Cluett as well and want to be prepared so I'm not disappointed!
My augmentation will cost a total of $8787.00. ($7687.00 covers surgical, anesthesia and cohesive gel implant fee, and $1100.00 covers the hospital fee). You can register online for a Medicard, this will pay the costs up front for you and you can pay it back. I am pretty sure it is interest free! If you don't get accepted for the Medicard, you have to make a draft check payable to dr. Joy cluett at least one week before the surgery and you have to pay the hospital utilization fee prior to your surgery at the cashiers office. I'm pretty sure she does her surgeries at the health science
I believe the saline filled implants are cheaper than the cohesive gel but she thought the cohesive gel would be better for me

Happy with my last consultation :)

I had my consultation on February 20th. I had to bring in a picture of my "Wish Boobs" which came from LittleBee's profile. Thanks LittleBee :) (you can find her in my comments and go check out her story) Dr.Cluett then told me that the 300cc's she wanted to put in me would be too small so we are going to go with the 325cc as of now. When I get on the operating table she may want to put something different in. She went over a few things with me, like how my breast implants won't last a lifetime and there is a good possibility I will have to get them replaced in my lifetime. The Waranty will fully cover the implant if anything is to happen within 10 years, however, I will be responsible for the cost of surgery, anesthesia and hospital fees. I think I already mentioned this but I will be getting mentor, cohesive gel implants and the incision will be under the muscle. She also pointed out that my left ribs stick out more that my right ribs and I may have a touch of scoliosis.. I hope that doesn't make my implants look odd when I get them in. I tried on a 325cc sizer inside my extremely padded pushup bra and I am very pleased.. The countdown for my surgery is on... Only a LONGGG 77 days left lol.
I'm curious how long you had to wait for your first consult? I called her office at the beginning of March and got a consult appointment for the end of March (2014). This appointment is at her office. My MD sent the referral in to Eastern Health instead of her office and I just got my letter saying my first consult is in Jan 2016 and is at the hospital...
I got 325 but overfilled to 350 only because you lose cc when going under the muscle. I went with saline and I had very little breast tissue I'm almost 40. I can't wait to see how the gummy bears look. That wasn't an option for me.
Wow!! I just checked out your profile and they look awesome! I wanted to go with the Saline as well but my doctor suggested the gummy bear because of less chance of rippling showing up. I can't get over how great yours look. I'm so excited to get mine :) I'm kind of worried about losing the cc's. I'm glad she's going with the 325 now instead of 310!

Boobies on the brain!!!

Just 47 short days left! Eeeekk!!! It's getting so close now, all I can think about are boobs! I'm going to post a few before pics for you :/ here goes...
I made the appointment myself. I called in, around the first of April 2013 and they couldn't get me on until August 2013. I had a longgg wait! I got my doc to write a referral, a week later his receptionist called me and told me they couldn't get an appointment with her because she was all booked up for the year, so they booked me an appointment with Dr. Seal 6 months later.. I told her that I had already booked my appointment with Cluett and gave them the Date/Time of the consultation and my doctor wrote up the referral and sent it in for me :)
I had all 3 of my consults at her office on Patton Street
Great! I got in 2 years earlier (2014 instead of 2016) by booking the appointments myself. I'm so glad I read your blog. If I hadn't, I would've been waiting a long time! I had my first consult and I really like her. I can't wait to see your results :)

Just a little update ????

I have been talking to the receptionist at my doctors clinic about being on Paxil, she spoke to doctor cluett and she suggest that I come off of them 2 weeks before my surgery, because of the risk of bleeding out. I have to ween myself off of them from how until the 7th of May! I am getting so excited now I can hardly contain myself. Just 41 days until my surgery haha, it's starting to kick in now that this is real! I have waited for this so long and now it's finally going to happen. I can't wait to have boobies! :)
She is great isn't she?! :) thank you for reading! If you have anymore questions don't hesitate to ask!

Oops! Forgot to mention

I forgot to mention that the $1100.00 hospital fee doesn't have to be paid before surgery, the hospital will send me the bill sometime after the surgery

More before pics

Totally disgusting but I can't wait to see the afters :) I will post some after pictures in the same bikini top!

Into the single digits :D

Just 9 short days left until my surgery! :D I can't wait!!! My mother in-law has been coming over the past week, cleaning and doing laundry (we are doing renovations and she likes to help out) She doesn't have a clue about my surgery. It's going to be very difficult to hide it from her, especially when I'm laid up in bed... I wore 2 tripple push-up bras today and when she came over the first thing she did was look at my boobs haha.. I should have been doing this for a while so no one would notice such a drastic change. Oh well!! Hopefully she will just think I got a new bra haha!
I have been calling my doctors office to make sure the payment from Medicard went through, the first time I called they were gone on holiday, the second time I called there was no answer so I left a message and asked her to get back to me and I still haven't heard from anyone. I just called again that time and still no answer! I hope this isn't an indication of what it will be like after I get my surgery :/
I am so worried that I am going to die when I go under anesthesia. I have never had a surgery before so I have no idea how it will affect me. On the other side, I am jumping with joy that it's only 9 days away and I will finally have a chest!!! :D

3 days to go!

I can't believe it's almost here! I have my pre-op on Tuesday, then my surgery on Wednesday :) I am so excited!! :D I have been going around the last couple of days picking up things that I think I will need during recovery. However, I live in a small town and some of the things I had on my list are not available until I go to st.John's ... I went to the pharmacy and asked if they have anything silicon based to heal scarring and of course they have nothing!! The pharmacist told me that they once had the silicon strips about 5 years ago and they were ridiculously expensive. I guess I will have to send my fiance out to get something while I'm in surgery. I can not wait! It's so hard to believe that I'm this close to having boobies :D :D :D
I am so sorry! I never saw this message until now when I was scrolling down through my comments. Did you have a consultation yet?
Thank you! :D 3 short days to go!
Not sure why I never saw your message. I'm just seeing this now while I'm scrolling through my comments. I am so sorry! I really like doctor cluette, her appointments are kind of quick but she gets to the point and she does give you the chance to ask any questions you want. Have you had a consultation?

2 more sleeps :)

Just two more days! I will have to occupy myself with laundry today to make my day go faster haha. I know tomorrow will fly by because of my pre-op (or it could be slow as hell due to waiting to be seen) lol. I am trying to get all if my stuff together today because I won't have time tomorrow. (I hand to drive an hour and a half to the hospital) I'm taking: a plastic bucket just (in case I get sick from the anesthesia on the way home), a button up shirt and a zip up sweater, yoga pants, my ice packs, a few bottles of water and cans of gingerale and bendy straws for the ride home. I might pack a light snack for the drive as well. I am so not looking forward to fasting lol.. I hope I get my surgery done quick so I don't have to starve.
It's almost time! Best of luck with the surgery! A friend of mine had her BA with Dr. Cluett a few weeks ago. She is doing really well and was able to return to work just over a week after surgery. I saw her the other day and she looks amazing! My next consult is in a week... Reading your blog is making me more excited about my upcoming appointment :)
Thank you so much! I am glad to hear she is doing good, it eases my nerves hearing that haha. I will post some pictures tomorrow evening after surgery if I am feeling up to it :) Thank you for reading! I was beginning to think I was talking to myself on here hahaha!
Haha! I've been counting down with you!

Tomorrow is the big day!!

I can not believe that I'm only one sleep away from having boobies! :D I had my Pre-op today which took roughly 4 hours. I had an EKG done (dr.cluett makes all of her patients have one done before surgery) bloodwork, I gave a urine sample and I spoke to an anesthesiologist. It was a long day but well worth it! They told me I have to be at the hospital at 8:30am and my surgery is scheduled for 10:15am. I have to fast after 12:00 tonight which really sucks lol. I was starving at the hospital today even after having breakfast before I left for St.John's. I am starting to get nervous about the pain I'm going to be in, but I've been telling myself that there's medication that will help me handle that haha! The nurse I saw today couldn't tell me if I will be asked to stay in the St.John's area, I will have to wait to ask Dr.Cluett tomorrow.

I am feeling kind of guilty about doing this lately because I won't be able to do much for my children while I'm healing. The biggest part that kills me is not being able to hold them. They love to climb all over me and they love to cuddle in my arms. It's going to be so hard listening to them cry for me without being able to snuggle them. I am also worried about healing around my dog. I have a Great Dane and he sleeps in the bed with my husband and I ???? haha I am praying to God he doesn't get too close or jump up on me!

I am just rambling on here so I must go finish my bath and fill my stomach before 12:00 hits.

It's finally here!!

Omg omg omg!!! It's finally my turn to get boobies! I got up this morning and took a shower, creeped into my kids bedrooms and cuddled them and covered them in kisses. I felt so emotional! I was fighting to hold back my tears. I keep thinking that I'm not going to wake up after the anaesthetics and at the same time I'm telling myself that everything will be fine! I am not looking forward to the pain but it's all a part of it! I know when I get on the operating table I will be freaking out haha.
I slept great last night (except for when my son woke up crying for me) but I got in bed and snuggled him back to sleep. I will miss doing that the most! But it won't e for long :) I'm almost there now, fingers crossed for me :) xo

I got boobies!!

I am nodding in and out now so bare with me haha.. My day went great! After my surgery when I was taken into the recovery room, I some pain in my chest between my breasts. The nurse gave me something for it and it worked instantly. Right now it feels like I've been working out.. I can't keep my eyes open lol I will try to post later

Day of surgery

I'm home!

I have been home now for the past 3 and a half hours and I haven't stopped since I came home. My fiancé and I went to pick up the kids at his mothers house and when we got back I started folding and packing away laundry. I am not in as much pain as I thought I would be which is excellent but I had to lie down and ice my boobs for a while after being on the go so long.
My doctor went with 325 cc's after. I was nauseous from the anesthesia in the hospital after drinking two glasses of water. I stayed at my fiances brothers house because Dr.Cluett wanted to see me early this morning. We went back to his house and picked up a pizza on the way which was a big mistake! I threw up from eating pizza and drinking Gatorade, so my fiancé made me a bowl of soup. I took my medication and fell asleep. When I woke up I was feeling good, I could get up and walk around without assistance from my fiancé.
I have no feeling in my nipples, I am hoping it will come back over time. I am very happy with them so far and my doctor says they are looking good! I go back next week to see her. Hopefully I can start massaging then :)
While I was in hospital my mother told my fiances mother. She was a little upset at first but when her an my mother sat and talked about it she was ok with it. She came over today and gave me a hand and said she will take the kids next week when my mother and fiancé are working. She is the greatest!! My fiances sister on the other hand is a big mouth and quite the b*tch lol she over heard our mothers talking and butted in on the conversation asking if I am "retarded" she is lucky I wasn't there to give her a piece if my mind ha.. If she has anything else to say next time she is here I will just tell her in the nicest way that If I want her opinion I would have asked her and the reason I didn't tell her about it was because she's a big mouth lol.. She is pretty childish an likes to get her 2 cents in where it's never needed. But besides her, I have great help at home. I very lucky to have so much support :)

Pics with the bandages removed

Pics without the bandages, they are looking a little weird but my doctor jokes and said not to look at the for the first two months because they will be odd looking haha.. My stomach is bloated and I have swelling between my breasts.
Thanks so much for sharing your journey! I found this blog while doing some research, and I found it very helpful! Congrats on your new boobs, they look fantastic! You must be so excited! I wanted breast implants for literally years now! The only thing holding me back is the financial aspect! I'm hoping to save up the money without getting any loans with high interest! I've met with Dr. Cluett before, but I also heard Dr. Seal is a good surgeon too! How long was the surgery, and how did you find the pain? Would love to hear about your recovery! :) Once again, Thanks for sharing and Congrats on the new boobs!
Thank you :) my surgery took around an hour and a half. When I woke up I had a big pain going down the middle of my chest but it wasn't bad enough to cry over or anything lol I mentioned it to the nurse while I was in recovery and she gave me some pain meds through IV. Over all the pain was not bad at all! I switched from the Demerol to adosol 30's the day after my surgery and today I haven't taken anything for pain! I find my stitches on my right side hurt, but other than that there is no real pain! :)
I have heard good things about dr.Seal as well! I met a girl who was after losing a breast to cancer and he reconstructed it for her. It was an awesome job! She had nothing but good things to say about him! She had dr.cluett as well as a doctor but chose Seal to do her reconstructive surgery!

1 week post-op visit

Yesterday I had my one week post-op visit. She told me that my breasts look really good and that people usually have a more "square" look to them this early. She asked me what I thought of them and I told her I love them! She seemed so happy with that answer, she said she was afraid I was going to tell her they aren't big enough lol.. She pointed out my left breast riding higher than my right before I even got to mention it. She said to continue wearing my compression band for 2 more weeks and my sports bra for 3 more weeks. Hopefully they will even out because it kind of pisses me off when I look at them haha. I just try to remind myself of what they looked like before and to be quite honest, I would rather have one slightly lower than the other than have the chest I had before. Dr. Cluett removed the tape from my incisions and told me to get Kelo Cote for my scars, I picked it up at the pharmacy at Costco behind the counter. It came to $29.00 taxes in. My next appointment is at 6 weeks, then I can finally go bra shopping :D
I am posting some photos of my scarring.. My 34D sports bra is obviously too tight lol
Great news! You look amazing! I saw Dr. Cluett yesterday for my second consult and she said she loved performing BAs because everyone was always happy with the outcome :)

1 week post-op visit continued

I forgot to mention she gave me the OK to hold my kids! :D and of course once I got home they were gone with their auntie to the playground. But once they got home I scooped them up one at a time and gave them the biggest hug that my boobs would allow lol.. And as for getting back to my yoga, I have to wait 6 weeks which I am definitely willing to wait.
thats awesome! seems like the pain wasn't too bad! are you having any pain now?
by the way, you're 1 week post-op pictures look awesome!!
Thank you! :) - no I don't have any pain now, just a little discomfort in the mornings until I get up and moving.

Week 3 :)

Yesterday was my 3 week post op mark so I got to remove my compression band :D . My left breast has dropped and it doesn't look as bad as it first did but you can still see more fullness in the top of my left breast which is noticeable in a bikini but I'm just happy that I have something to put into a bikini now lol. Only one more week until I get to take this sports bra off! Yayy!!
You look great congrats!!
Thank you :)
just curious how much everyone is paying to get it done?

6 Week Post-op Visit

There is an up side and a somewhat down side to this review. I had my 6 week post-op visit at 7 weeks post op because I couldn't make it to my original appointment.
The up side: Dr.Cluett took pictures and asked how I am feeling and if I like them. Of course my response was that I LOVE them!!! hahah. While she was taking the pictures she told me they are "perfect and she doesn't usually brag about her work" lol I was sooo happy to hear that from her. She gave me the OK to continue with my yoga practice :)
The "down side": The evening I got home from my appointment I did a home pregnancy test and it came back positive (This isn't the downside yet) I was soooo sooo excited to hear that I will be having another baby and I booked an appointment with my family doctor who told me that I am 11 weeks pregnant.. (Here comes the down side) which means I was pregnant when I had my breast augmentation surgery!!! I have no idea if they did a pregnancy test on me or not and I have been trying to reach Dr.Cluetts office for a week now to ask if they did and every time I call, it either brings me to leave a message or it's busy.. I tried calling again today and the answering machine picked up and said the office is closed until August 11th and none of the messages left will not be checked lol... I guess I have to wait another 2 weeks before I find out. I know there's nothing I can do about it now but it's eating me alive not knowing if they even gave me the preg test or not... And what were my results???
How much does this cost roughly?
My surgery is scheduled for Sept 10. I'm super excited, especially since your surgery went so well :) Considering how you felt after your surgery, do you think it would be possible to return to work after 1 week? I'm trying to organize my schedule and can't afford to take much time off. What do you think?
Congrats on your pregnancy & your new breasts!! They look great. What bra size are you wearing now? I ask bc I'm considering a revision to go slightly larger. I love your results.
Dr.Joy Cluett

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