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So I'm a 28yr old mother of 2 who never really...

So I'm a 28yr old mother of 2 who never really developed. Ive been thinking about breast implants since I was 14. I even took up a "boob fund" in high school. Its been a constant struggle as a woman to always need a padded bra, inserts for bikinis, and never ever being able to wear anything backless. I don't need to tell you all about the blows to self confidence and the jealousy towards big breasted friends.

So after a wedding and honeymoon paid for and out of the way, I now will be devoting our next big purchase to my new twins! Ive scheduled a consultation with Dr. Bogdan in Southlake and I'm praying everything goes perfect and I can schedule my surgery within a months time. I will be going from an A (barely) to a C or D. I have nice wide hips and ample bottom, so larger breasts would even everything out at last. I'm thinking Mentor medium plus profile. I'm nervous and excited. Will post pics soon.

Ok its 7pm and the dr's office just called to...

Ok its 7pm and the dr's office just called to reschedule my consultation for this week. I'm so excited, and its nice to know someone is there working this late. More updates to come after Thursday.

So today was my consultation. Completely blew my...

So today was my consultation. Completely blew my mind. I went in set on 375cc medium plus profile mentor memory gel. Boy was I way off! Doc through me a curve and recommends 450cc saline hpp. I'm so pleased with how the sizers looked. So now we just need to pay the booking fee and schedule the surgery day.
let me also say Dr. Bogdan and his staff were so kind and knowledgeable. I really cant wait to keep this ball rolling towards my goal to looking like a woman!

Omg I booked my surgery date today! Its so real...

Omg I booked my surgery date today! Its so real now. February 28th! Less than a month away. I guess I will have little to add before then.
I am so excited. Something I have been plotting and planning for so long is finally coming together. My husband was so sweet about putting the deposit down. We are using our tax return to pay for the BA , and even though i already filed it would be a few weeks before we got it so he sold his spare boat to give me the cash so I didn't miss out on the surgery day I wanted.
Anyways happy boobie hunting!

Ok so here is my update: 2weeks ago my bestie...

Ok so here is my update: 2weeks ago my bestie finds out she has breast cancer… she had a double mastectomy 2days ago, and my guilt is overwhelming to say the least. She is super supportive and still wants me to do it, because then we will have killer racks together but now I feel like I shouldn't do this while she is suffering. I'm down to the wire, my surgery is in4 days! I know I'm gonna to stick to the plan and get it done, but I just needed to put it out there that I feel a little bad about it. Ugh... what a ride this has become.

Today is the day! Omg I'm so nervous. It's 4am and...

Today is the day! Omg I'm so nervous. It's 4am and my surgery is scheduled for 1030. I got no sleep last night :/. Guess ill get plenty of sleep today! I'm worries I'm forgetting something. Wash with the special cleanser. Wear zip up jacket, no deodorant or makeup or jewelry or nail polish. No eating. Bring hospital money. No contacts just glasses. Ok well hopefully everything will go as planned and I will be posting boobie pics tonight! Wish me luck and see you on the other side of boobieland!

So I made it to Boobieland! Doc gave me 450cc in...

So I made it to Boobieland!
Doc gave me 450cc in left and 435cc in right. Funny how you don't notice one is "bigger" than the other when you really don't have anything there lol! Yesterday was great: I went to the hospital, checked in and paid hospital fee. Then they paged me back to get in the gone and to set my iv. Then the anesthesiologist gave me a cocktail and the next thing I know I'm in recovery! Apparently I told dr Bogdan I was still in pain so they switched my hydrocodone to Percocet which is much better. I felt like I had done a really hard workout. I had trouble using my arms a bit, like pulling my pants down to pee (I could get them down but not over my butt, since is quite round). I didn't sleep at all after I got home from surgery at 2pm. Finally went to sleep at 9pm and woke up at 1245 to take meds and of course can't go back to sleep. They were a little swollen last night and I tried to ice them, but my doc called to check on me and he said NO ICE so there went that plan.
Honestly I can't believe how little pain I'm in (granted I'm on some heavy narcs) but I feel great considering! From what I can see (they are wrapped up good in an ace bandage) they are vey perky and large!

Day 3: i have boob greed bad! I think they look...

Day 3: i have boob greed bad! I think they look small now. I wanted to look bigger than what i had with my padded bra but it seems like the same if not smaller. My husband says im nuts and they look amazing but im wishing i went bigger (even though the doc said i went as big as i can stretch) im sure this will pass. I also have to keep the strap of death on til thursday. Today is obviously going to be a wah-wah day lol

Post op day 8- I started getting a rash around the...

Post op day 8- I started getting a rash around the steri strips he put on Thursday when he took out my stitches, so I took them off and took Benadryl. Tiny little itchy bumps. Just started itching like 5 minutes ago so I acted with the quickness! They look fantastic by the way. No more "strap of death" but I still can't wear a bra for 3 more weeks! I was told I could sleep on my side so I tried last night, oh I regret that! Hurt like hell and all day today it felt like my left implant was trying to move in with my right! So back to my chair :)

Officially 2 weeks post op, and can we say Nipple...

Officially 2 weeks post op, and can we say Nipple Sensitivity! I have never been so aware of these bad boys until yesterday! I'd give my right eye to be able to wear a bra! I actually can't wear one until my next appt on April 11th. Other than that I love them. They are smooshy for he most part, but definitely still have their hard moments. I can sleep on my side with a pillow under them, but I find myself waking up in the middle of the night on my back for more comfort. I must say my husband LOVES them, it's like he has a whole new wife to play with lol. I will start the Mederma today on my scars, I do still have a little bit of a rash where the steri strips were. Joys of entering boobieland I guess ;) I will post swimsuit pics later to share the difference from my before pics!

So I'm almost 1 month PO and I have to say for the...

So I'm almost 1 month PO and I have to say for the most part I feel like I was born with them. I only ever notice them in a bad way if I accidentally sleep on y stomach or my son hugs me to hard. The most tender spots are on the sides probably where my skin is the thinnest. I still haven't been ok'd to wear a bra, but tank tops are working out just fine. They have dropped quite a bit over the last week.
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How tall are you? and if you dont mind saying your weight?
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I'm 5'7 and with the boobs I'm right at 150 lbs
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They look awesome and SO natural!! I am having my surgery Thursday!!
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Omg I LOVE them!!! Congrats!! I think they are perfect!
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Yay!! They look perfect!! But you have me wishing I went bigger lol...I'm having major booby greed. I keep seeing all of you ladies in the high 400s and 500s and I think I should have gone higher. I was a 34a/32b and I got 400cc hp silicone under the muscle. They look so much smaller than I was expecting...but I'm only post op day 5 too so hopefully they'll fill out a little more too. Congrats on yours though, I don't think you should change a thing!! :)
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YAY boobies they look great!! I got 475cc on Tuesday an I feel like they look small too. But it seems like they are getting bigger each day :-)
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Remember they will look bigger when they drop and fluff ;) I think they look great though! But we all know how us women are on ourselves!!!
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Did you end up with hp?
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I actually forgot to ask lol. I'm pretty sure they are HP because he says they will be super round on top
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Looking good!
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Looks great!
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Looking good!! I want saline. As you heal, keep us posted on how they feel to you.
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They look awesome!!! I'm about the same size as you pre op and getting 275/300cc hp mentor silicone later this month and hopefully I'll look as good as you!!! Congrats!
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Thank you! I'm so glad I went with 450's I definitely wanted it to be worth my while! Good luck with your surgery! I'm sure you will look fantastic!
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Congrats on the girls!!
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Wow! So sorry to hear about your best friend. How is she feeling? I can understand your guilt. I would feel horrible as well being so excited yet at the same time knowing your friend is going through a difficult situation. I am sure your bestie's support is genuine. I would just try to keep the post op complaints to us girls on Real Self :-). Hope everything goes smoothly with your surgery.
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Thank you, she is doing good. She got her expanders put it right away so she already looked like she has more the. I had lol. It's just hard to not talk about my experience with her cuz I don't want to upset her or make her jealous. She stil has a long road ahead of her before she can get the implants and I don't want mine to "rub in her face" so to speak.
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I understand how you feel about not wanting to rub it in her face. You will just have to blab to us Real Self girls. Lol we love to talk about boobs. Happy healing! Can't wait to see your pics. I got mine done yesterday also. We made it to the other side :-)
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It sounds like you have a good Man! :) best of luck to you!!!! It's coming up so fast :) I am having mine on march 7th... Let me know how you a recovering and best of results to you!
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The time will fly by to March 7th and even though I'm sure your anxious and nervous, so far for me it is soooo worth it! I swear I'm going to have a padded bra bonfire when they are nice and settled!
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Awww soo sweet!!!! Good luck!! That's amazing u can go bigger
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YAY!! I am having my BA on the same day! I hope this month goes quick for you, I know I am hoping it does!! You have a very sweet and supportive hubby!!
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Good luck to you!! I had mine done in Southlake, tx too. I hope you are as happy with yours as I am mine!!!
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Awesome!!!! :)
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