Bubbles one month post op - love them - South Africa

When I weighed over 200lbs I had boobs, beautiful...

When I weighed over 200lbs I had boobs, beautiful boobs spilling over low cut tops...you get the picture.

At 5'11 and 140lbs this is not the case anymore. Tiny little bubbles is all I have left...ffw to where I have been to a consultation and PS is wanting to do ultra high profiles with 450cc.

I have been reading a lot and it seems like taller women normally have medium or medium plus's? I dont have a wide chest, would that be why? Anyone with similar measurements?

It is done! I have booked and paid, 22 March 2013...

It is done! I have booked and paid, 22 March 2013 is the big day! Really nervous!

Last chest workout before the twins is done ! ...

Last chest workout before the twins is done ! Ouch! Going to buy some large comfy button shirts and pj's now. Husband has become quiet over the last day or so. Maybe just a bit worried? Our housekeeper lives on my property and not going away for the Easter holidays which is a blessing - she will mother/smother me back to health in no time!

Three sleeps left. Went to see my GP this morning...

Three sleeps left. Went to see my GP this morning just to check that I am ready for surgery (we are not required to do any blood tests etc in South Africa). Blood pressure really low 98/68, BMI a bit on low side, sugar, cholesterol etc tests will be back tomorrow .

Made a "last minute list" for PS last night...

x No fat /side boob
x Remember I am athletic and do not want them to get in the way, smal(ler) and perkier is better than huge!
x If the breast still shows a little bit of sag after implant - go straight onto a breast lift, no problem!
x Remember - Human inside - I need to live with your decision!

Did I forget anything?

Oh, and I spoke to the theater nurse yesterday, I am the only patient on Dr Hoffmann's list for Friday (Thursday is a public holiday and most people are away) which means I will be in at 07:00 and out by 09:00 am, back at home nice and early!

Less Nervous today! Yeah!

Two sleeps to go! Just spoke to PS. I have two...

Two sleeps to go!

Just spoke to PS. I have two small hands of fat around the back of my hips and I asked about having lipo in that area only at the same time as BA.

PS ended up wanting to charge 1/3 of the TOTAL price of BA on TOP. We had a good laugh at the office and one of my assistants worked out how many hundreds he is charging per ml!

Looks like I will be spending more time with personal trainer - he is a lot cheaper than lipo!

So it's all falling apart or coming together. Not...

So it's all falling apart or coming together. Not quite sure. Hubby seem more intent on using the off day tomorrow to run errands around the hospital while I really really need him there.

I'm scared.

And I left all the proof of payments at my office and will have to go back to pick them up. My dream boobie pics also still there. Will have to go back.

Everyone had all these things ready, I seem to be flying by my pants here! Or does it just feel like that?

It is done! PS ended up doing 375 cc uhp...

It is done!

PS ended up doing 375 cc uhp mentors. Brooklyn Life Health Hospital staff was awesome. In a lot of pain. Will tell more asap. For now I need more meds! Thank you for all the messages, dont know what I would have done without the awesome women here! xxx

I cant believe I have had the twins for 24 hours...

I cant believe I have had the twins for 24 hours and they are already looking better! Lat night the drains were 84ml and this morning only 65 ml and turning clearer. Stitches are starting to pull, yesterday I was able to lift my arms shoulder height (PS went in underarm incision) and today not quite that high.

Everyone I spoke to was very much against Mentor Ultra High Profiles for a 5'11 woman but they are / will be perfect. I can see now that a wider implant would have looked funny on me and stood out on the sides. I was right to trust my ps.

Still very tired but running the office from my cellphone and computer. Husband gave me a spongebath this morning which also made me feel better!

On antibiotics and I have pain meds every six hours plus Vit C to speed up healing. Feeling lucky to be healthy and fit right now! Squats help me reach things I normally would not have been able to, stomach muscles gets me up from lazyboy and bed etc.

Time for a nap! Meds are making me feel a bit funny.

Drain pipes came out this afternoon and I was able...

Drain pipes came out this afternoon and I was able to shower and wash my hair! Best feeling ever! Love my twins and looking forward to dressing them tomorrow!

Lost most of the post-op weight and the twins are...

Lost most of the post-op weight and the twins are fabulous! (I'm uploading pic taken this morning)

So happy!

Quick update! 12 Days post op and the twins have...

Quick update! 12 Days post op and the twins have dropped quite a bit! New pics for my record. On day 11 pain mostly stopped and stitches will be removed tomorrow.

I dont have tiny bubbles anymore, they are pretty...

I dont have tiny bubbles anymore, they are pretty bubbles now! 1 month post op and I love them! They feel funny when working with weights (shoulders).

Somewhere on the net someone suggested sleeping with a pillow to have somewhere to put one's arms and it works! I hug my pillow and that creates a space to put my arms and keep the twins happy and comfy. Wish I knew that right after the op.
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Bubbles - you are looking great? How are you feeling? Getting ready to come down to SA for my BA... The wait is killing me.
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Thank you everyone! Saw PS Yesterday and the twins have almost finished their "drop". Love them more every day!
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Congrats! Looking great!!! Happy for you! 7 sleeps for me :)
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Jippeee! I'm so excited for you. It is the most painful thing ever but worth it! Cant wait to see your results!
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Thank you!!! Can't wait to be on the other side!! :-)
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You are looking great!!!! Happy healing :)
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Wow! You look great! Yours dropped very nicely and have great shape! That's awesome.
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Thank you! Dropping almost done, saw PS yesterday and stitches are out :)
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wow, you got your drains out quickly. Lucky you. I see some that have them in for days and days... Things are looking good, so happy for you.
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Looking great Bubbles!
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Wow, looking good already!
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Hang in there Bubbles! Can't wait to see the results!
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I am already sooo happy! I can see the difference between pic yesterday and pic today. Love them!
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Hope everything turned out great!!! Update us as soon as your able to!!! Happy thoughts!!!
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The very kind ward sister gave me a tablet before op to calm me down a bit. That really helped! The pain was something else when I woke up but feeling much better today. Thank you for the happy thoughts, the twins are already starting to look better! I cant believe the difference between pic from yesterday and the one from this morning!
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Good luck tomorrow!!! Just remember to breath and know that you are making the right choice!!! I go for mine on May 28 and I'm so excited but I'm sure once May hits I will be a ball of nerves!!! Keep us all posted on your journey we are all rooting for ya!!! Sending positive thoughts your way!!! :)
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Thank you for the positive thoughts CougarMilf078! Just got up, today is the day! Back in a few hours! Being a baby now crying and fighting with everyone.
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You must be so excited, getting so close. I have 3 weeks to go. I was so excited to finally see another TALL woman on here! I'm 5'10" and it's so hard to find someone to compare to since most are 5'5". Ha! Story of my life... I'm nervous about doing too much in the gym. For some reason I have it in my head that the tighter my pecs, the harder it will be to fit the implant in. I know that's crazy, but I think it's shutting down my motivation a little. I am however running a marathon this weekend, then taking some rest time before surgery prep and going totally crazy with stress. I look forward to following your journey!
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Than you for your message Mommy2Two. Laugh at me or take pity on me...I am having BA at 07:00 am tomorrow morning. My trainer called me in for one last extra session this morning to work on chest and arms. *cry*. Was supposed to get everything ready today and ended up having a fun day with my son instead. Six pm, time to pack! Trying not to think about tomorrow!
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Mama Chichi, thank you for your note, are you nervous yet? I am going out of my mind here! Good luck with your op! Are you visiting SA alone or will someone be here to help you?
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Nervous - no. Anxious and impatient - YES!! Thank heavens for this site and all you girls doing the same thing - or I would be in a padded room! I stay in hospital for 1 night and then will recuperate at my girlfriend's house. She lives in Midrand.
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Awesome! If you want to let me know when you are here. I live in kempton park, 15km from the airport and about 10km from Midrand. Would be fun to compare notes once yours is done!
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We should do just that! Where is your PS - in Sandton / Rosebank area? Excited for you! Only 3 more days!!!
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My PS is in Pretoria, on my way to hospital now. Hold thumbs! (I wasnt even this scared before cesarean having my son). *eeeek*
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I am in Kenya and coming to Johannesburg next month to have my BA. You are a couple of weeks ahead of me (and similar looking pre-op) so will be following your progress!
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