1 Year Post OP

I have always wanted larger breasts ever since I...

I have always wanted larger breasts ever since I can remember. I am small chested 34A possibly small B and after having my daughter a year ago my breast even changed more. Now they are deflated flap jacks. I finally am becoming more serious and deciding to get what I have always wanted. I have been reading tons of reviews online and cant wait to start my journey! I am going to be calling to make an appointment consultation tomorrow. I am still debating between silicone and saline but know all those questions plus more will be answered by my doctor. I would love to get them done in early March, thinking the first week. I plan on taking a week off to recover, but seeing my daughter is only 13 months old I am worried about returning to work and having to get her in and out of the car seat. I cant wait to show off my new boobs. Thats all I have been able to think about!!!

I booked my initial consultation yesterday! So...

I booked my initial consultation yesterday! So excited. I got in on February 11th and received my paperwork today! Cant wait. Nurse said its just a typical 2-3 week wait which would be perfect!
Best of luck!
Congrats!! My surgery is scheduled for early March too!! We could be recovery buddies. I have my final consult on Valentine's Day and will determine the size then. I would like to be a small yet full D. good luck and I look forward to following you updates. (I have not created my profile yet..)
Thank you! I am so excited for my first appointment. I am hoping to get it done the fist week of March or the last week in February! Fingers crossed!

I just got back from a week vacation to the...

I just got back from a week vacation to the Caribbean. It was an amazing time but now that I look through all my pictures, I sure wish I had the girls before I went on vacation. I look literally flat in every one of my bikini pictures. A little disappointing. On the flip side its only 2 weeks till my first consultation! I cant wait!

I had my first consultation this past Monday and...

I had my first consultation this past Monday and fell in love with my doctor. He went over everything, answering my questions before I even had a chance to ask them. I feel really comfortable with him and his staff. I told him that I wanted a large C small D depending on my frame and dont want it to look to big for my body. I scheduled my surgery day for March 7th!!! I am beyond excited! Its finally happening. I have one more appointment in two weeks where I have to bring in pictures of what I would like to look like in people comparison to my size/height so that way we can finalize what size I should go. Any one have a good recommendation on sites I can use to get some good pictures?

My biggest fear was the down time and lifting my daughter who then will be 15 months. He assured me that I will only be down just a few days, I took off a week just in case and as far as lifting my daughter he can show me modified versions to lift her, but no lifting her for the first few days. I have read so many posts from you ladies on here which seems to help out a lot but I know every body is different and it might be completely different for me. I seriously need to post some pictures soon!

I need to post some pics but here are my stats for...

I need to post some pics but here are my stats for now. 5'3'' and 135lbs medium size build. Is it March 7th yet?!
good luck! my surgery is march 11th! I can't wait to read more!

I am almost two weeks out from surgery and I dont...

I am almost two weeks out from surgery and I dont have my final appointment till next week, but I was wondering if I should start taking anything to help the healing process go quicker? I have read many other ladies that start taking things two weeks out. Any suggestions?
Hi! Just wanted to let you know about arnica! It helps with the swelling and bruising you might get after your surgery. They have little dissolvable pills which i started taking a few days before my surgery and it also comes in a lotion form which is great for when you can start massaging! I feel like it helped a lot! Also...this website has pics you can compare to and it also has THE BEST pre-opp and post-opp checklists to make sure you are as prepared as you can be! www.implantinfo.com :) Keep me posted! I'd love to hear what size you decide!
Thank you so much, I am going to look into those! Can you get them at a health store?
I started taking those a week before my surgery and I did not get one bruise!!! Im 8 days post op and still no bruise! It really must work because I am one to bruise really easy!

It looks like a lot of doctors recommend massaging...

It looks like a lot of doctors recommend massaging the breast after their done. My doctor said no need to massage as my muscles in the breast area will be doing enough moving to put things into place. Opinions on this?
Woo hoo we get boobies within a day of each other! I'm scheduled for March 8th. So excited! Good luck to us! :D
Yay!! What are you going with?

Today I have my last appointment to finalize size...

Today I have my last appointment to finalize size and pay the $6000 before the big day! The doctor wants me to bring in pictures of breast close to my desired size. I just dont want to make the mistake of going to small and regretting it but also going to big! But really is there such a thing as going to big :) I am so excited and not nervous at all that in 9 days ill have a totally different body. I hope I get to try on sizers today!!! Yay, will update later!

I just had my sizing appointment and who would...

I just had my sizing appointment and who would have thought I would be going with mentor gel 550cc?! I never did. My goal is to be a D cup. I first tried on the 450cc which looked nice but the 550 just look so much better on. I am so excited! Go big or go home! The doctor and nurse both agreed because I have some curves I can pull this off to look very natural! Wooohoooo!
Woot woot so excited for you!!!! Can't wait for your surg date!! Getting close.. :)
Yay! ! You will be extremely happy with 550s!!
Hey! I saw you have kids too. I have a 7 mo old and a 2 year old and I am 5 days post op. I have been having people help me to lift my youngest but I am going to be on my own after Friday! So ill let you know how that goes, but honestly I think a week is plenty of time! :)

Ahhhh less than a week away! I cant wait. Am I...

Ahhhh less than a week away! I cant wait. Am I crazy for not being nervous, scared or anything? Maybe it will hit me as it gets closer. I still need to go bra shop for a sports bra, get my meds filled and look for Arnica. Wait, wait, wait!

Ahhh its less then 30 hours until the big surgery!...

Ahhh its less then 30 hours until the big surgery! I still have to go bra shopping and get my meds filled, I am such a procrastinator! I celebrated my birthday but also the getting the girls last night! Cant wait.

Ahhh in 12 hours I will be getting the girls! So...

Ahhh in 12 hours I will be getting the girls! So crazy to think that after all these years and finally being serious about it a few months ago that tomorrow is the big day! I probably wont get much sleep tonight. I am doing my last minute house cleaning and prepping. Ill update tomorrow!!! Ahhhhh
Good luck!! Happy healing && keep us posted!!!
Good luck tomorrow. It was such a easy experience for me and I hope the same for you!
Good luck tomorrow!!!!

I had my breast augmentation today almost 12 hrs...

I had my breast augmentation today almost 12 hrs post op. everything went very smooth and now I'm just feeling pressure. I'm keeping up on my meds but still difficulty getting up and walking around. I went in at 6am was discharged at 2pm because I have a very weak stomach and kept throwing up. Ill update more details later.

Today is one day post op and so far not too bad. I...

Today is one day post op and so far not too bad. I slept in the recliner last night and I slept so good, was actually waking up exactly 5 minutes before I needed to take my next round of pain meds. So far as long as I am sitting or not really doing anything they dont hurt at all. Theres slight discomfort when I move around but doctor said the more you move quicker you heal so Im trying to move around just a little bit.

Here's how my day went. Arrived at hospital at 6am and was in the surgery room at 730. I laid down a nurse put an IV in my hand and before you know it I was in the recovery room. Couldnt believe how quick things went. I was in and out of surgery within an hour. Doctor went to talk to my husband and at first he didnt think the 550's would fit but he got them in. I was in the first recovery room for over 2 hours all which I slept but it didn't feel like that long at all. They then wanted me to move to the next room and started sitting me up and I started throwing up so I had to rest again and finally got moved to the other room where I again was throwing up. Once I got to see my husband I was like did he get them in and hes like no they only put in 200cc and I was like WHAT?!?! Terrible joke to play on me. I wasn't in too much pain more pressure and my sides of the breast is what hurt the most. Finally once I was able to go home was around 2pm. I have been keeping up taking my pain meds every 4 hours to stay on top of things. I am sooo bloated and gained 4lbs since yesterday morning even though all I ate was cherrios last night. I drank a tonnnn of water and they gave me 3 full bags of saline or whatever so hopefully its just all water weight. I also started putting Anica around my breasts hopefully to prevent bruising and help with the swelling.
Question on that, do you apply it over the entire breast? And how often?
Ill keep updating but here are some pics.

Stats 5'3'' 135lbs 550cc mentor silicone gel. In my one pics I am wearing a Danskin Now 36D bra! Whoop whoop!

Also forgot to mention the doctor was able to use...

Also forgot to mention the doctor was able to use one of my previous scars under my breast from a prior surgery so I kinda only have 1 new scar :)

2 days post op. Not feeling too bad. Definitely...

2 days post op. Not feeling too bad. Definitely woke up with more soreness than yesterday but its manageable. I took a shower today and did that feel great. I would totally feel fine if it wasn't for the meds I have to take. My antibiotic makes me feel so sick and I have to take zofran to feel somewhat normal and forget the muscle relaxer. The pain med doesnt really bother me too much. If it wasn't for having to take them I'm sure I would feel great. Been super lazy today, slept most the day so far.
I was more sore on day 2, as well. If you're not taking your antibiotic with food, try doing so and see if that helps the nausea.
I have tried that. I also just have zero appetite. Blahhh

Post op day 3 and for the most part the girls feel...

Post op day 3 and for the most part the girls feel great but I feel miserable! I feel so nauseous and like doing nothing but wanting to throw up. I think its the meds that Im on. Booo :(
try eating some crackers or a banana. they seem to help settle my stomach. You may also feel this way due to lack of bowel movement. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water and drinking smooth move tea daily it will help with the bloat. Happy healing.
Do you have any anti nausea meds? It coulde be pain killers if you are still on them, they make me really sick no matter what kind. Hope u feel better soon.

Post op day 4 I never really thought it would be...

Post op day 4 I never really thought it would be this difficult at times. I am trying to ween off the pain meds because they dont make me feel good and also make me super tired. So far today I have only taken extra strength Tylenol and my breasts feel so heavy like they did when I was nursing. I'm trying to get up and move around some but then get tired and need to sit down. I am suppose to return back to work on Wednesday but now I am rethinking that. Ugh anything I can do?! I feel like being a lump and doing nothing.

Still crazy bloated and little/no bowl movement...

Still crazy bloated and little/no bowl movement since last Wednesday. I took some exlax so hopefully that does the trick soon...
You look amazing! Yea going from laying to sitting/standing was the worst! Pain meds also slow the bowel so that should eaze with the Lessing of prescription meds... I snaked on dried prunes and drank lots of water to help with the bowels!! Good luck!

Finally I am starting to feel better. This road...

Finally I am starting to feel better. This road really hasnt been a pleasant one. I have been off pain meds for almost 24 hours and my breasts just feel so heavy. My left one seems to be a little bigger than the other which I hope settles down and thats the one that also hurts some. I am experiencing the gurgling sound in that breast also which Ive heard is normal. I go back to work on Friday and I hope I can make it through the whole day. I have my first pre op appointment tomorrow. I went to the grocery store today and even just doing that I felt the need to sit down. Ughhh I cant wait to when I feel 100% normal again and I am in love with my breasts because right now yes they look great but I dont feel great.
I can sympathize with you. I too am still not feeling myself. My chest feels full and tight with some swelling still. Mornings are the worst!!! I am ready to feel normal again.

Finally I am feeling so much better! Can get up...

Finally I am feeling so much better! Can get up and move around with no problems finally feels like I am getting back to my normal self! yay! I have my first pre op this afternoon and I get my stitches removed, hopefully going to go bra shopping after! Will post some new pics soon.
I had that same heaviness. I told my PS I feel like my breast are engorged all the time. My left breast was more painful than the right, but all of that went awAy. U too will get there. Take it easy and don't over do it :)
I know what you mean by the 'heavy feeling' of the breasts, definitely need to adjust to it. Hope you feel better!
Yay for you!!! :)

I am 2 weeks post op today and I must say I feel...

I am 2 weeks post op today and I must say I feel great. The girls are slowly dropping, I have no pain in my right breast and just a tiny bit in my left. My right seems to be softening up much faster than the left but I know it takes time. My doctor doesnt want me to do any massaging but I find myself rubbing them just to help speed things along.
For those with kiddos I lifted my 15month old whose 23lbs on Monday and no pain or anything. Mostly in and out of her carseat. I only do it when I absolutely have too.

Forgot to also add I have been sleeping on my side...

Forgot to also add I have been sleeping on my side with no problems for the last few nights. The first few days when I went back into the bed I used a body pillow and put it between my legs and then could lay on my side but now no problems now. I was worried because I am a huge side sleeper!
Hello there just checking in on you, we haven't heard frm. How are doing?
Glad to hear you're doing better! That first week or so can be pretty tough, but oh-so-worth-it!! Looking good!

Almost 5 months Post Op

Sorry its been so long ladies since I last posted, been a busy summer and I have been meaning to update but then forget!
The girls are settling wonderfully, I absolutely love them. I love how my clothes fill out and everything. I havent had any complications since my surgery and I fill out a 34D bra quiet nicely.

I am starting to get worried about my right breast. It seems to have settled at a MUCH SLOWER rate than the other. Its sill up high, soft but not nearly as soft as the other. When I had my final follow up appointment a month ago, the doctor said its probably because he used an existing scar (I had back surgery where a scar wrapped around close to under my breast) which could be causing it still to be tight and high up. So he recommend I wear this strap for the next two months to help push it down. Well its been a month now and I cant really tell a difference. Its starting to bother me to a point where thats ALL I notice and its starting to be noticeable in clothes, as if my right breast is smaller than the other.
So I started googling it, and of course came across the possibility of capsular contracture?!?!?!? And started freaking out??? Do I have this? It doesnt seem like I do but who knows?!?! Ugh I am debating calling the doctor and have him see me before September but maybe my right breast is just that slow?! Any insite? Ill post pics soon so everyone can see.

Almost 5 months post op. Size difference?!

I would definitely call your PS and have him see you. You could also post a question and pic to the docs on here and get their opinion too. Good luck
Thank you. I will do that. I'm calling first thing Monday.

Capsular contracture :(

Well ladies its been confirmed by my ps my one breast has developed a capsular contracture. :(

My revision surgery date is set for August 26th. I don't have to pay for the doctors fees but to be put under so 2k. I never thought just 5 months from first getting them done this would be happening. But of course I had to fall into that category. I'm upset but it's life. I just hope recovery is quick. :/
wow, i may be in the same boat i see my doctor today. Im two mo in and right is higher and harder, this sux! I hope you are doing better... good luck to you..
Hey hun, just checking in on u. How are u?
So sorry you have to go through this...I think it is all our fears of this happening. I hope for your sake it can be revised and not happen again. Good luck to you on your procedure and recovery! We will be sending prayers your way for a quick and proper healing!!

1 year later

Hi Ladies!

Been awhile since I've posted on here. Turned out I did have a right breast capsular contracture. Had surgery and it went all smooth. Its been a little over a year since the initial surgery and about 7 months since the one revision and the girls look great. The left breast is perfect, couldn't be any more happy. My right breast isn't perfect sits the same as the left and feels the same just at times bothers me slightly and just isn't 100% perfect like the left but its probably me just noticing the difference. They were slightly different to begin with.

The left breast moves a lot more freely then the right, right moves like it should but left has no problems going all over the place :)

Overall I LOVE THEM! Best investment ever. Not only do I feel so much more confident, I look more proportioned to my body. I am a 34D sometimes 34DD depending on the bra. I will try and post some pics soon!!!
Dr. Howard

Referred to by a friend, felt extremely comfortable meeting him the first time.

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3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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