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April 11th - less than 3 weeks! I can't believe...

April 11th - less than 3 weeks! I can't believe it's almost here. After 2 kids, nursing and weight loss things were just.....SAD down there. So I'm scheduled for a BA with lift. I'm just concerned because everyone on here is talking about CCs and profiles - but all we discussed was cup size. I called today to ask about it and they said it's because with the lift things are a little different. My coordinator said that I will lose some of my breast tissue with the lift, so it sounds like the doctor will have to make a judgement call during surgery perhaps?

My other question, it seems like EVERY friend of mine that has had a BA is a D. But there is a HUGE difference in their size IMO. How do I know I want to be a full D if I don't even know what a full D really looks like!? It's so confusing! LOL - I hope I don't sound crazy.

I'll try to post some before pictures soon - thank you to everyone for posting all of this great information, advice and tips - I've learned a lot already!

So I've been putting off adding before photos. ...

So I've been putting off adding before photos. But seeing before and after photos on here has been SO helpful and I want to give back as well. I think it was difficult for a couple of reasons. I had my first consult about 2 years ago. At that time I thought there was a small chance I might need a lift. I have always been very uncomfortable with my breasts. When I walk around our room or bathroom naked I hold them up. My husband LOVES them - but I really do dislike them very much (I'm trying to avoid using the word hate - but I pretty much hate them). At the consult when I disrobed, which is a situation that already made me feel very vulnerable, the doctor immediately said "you need a lift for sure". He wasn't unprofessional in anyway. But through the rest of the consult I could hardly focus on what he was saying because I felt so AWFUL. On the way home I cried the entire time. I laughed as well, joking that "yep - It's official - I'm clinically saggy."

I put off the surgery because of the unexpected lift as well as the added cost. I already struggled with spending money on the BA with guilt, but the lift almost doubled the cost of the surgery and I just could not get my brain around that. On top of that I am TERRIFIED of surgery. I've never even had a cavity. Both deliveries were natural and every time I think about what the surgery entails my stomach gets nauseous.

Two years later and I decide I'm just ready. It has to happen. I've come to terms with needing the lift. Three weeks ago I called the office to make my appointment and even asked them to go ahead and schedule me as early as possible. I just could not stand the idea of having to wait 6 months worrying about this. I went with Holly Wall because I've heard fantastic reviews of her, they have their own surgical suites - so no hospital, and they also use the rapid recovery method. I'm not sure what all that entails, but it sounds like a lot of stretching exercises right after surgery. I haven't heard a lot about that on here so I'd love to hear anyone's experience with that.

Just now my husband helped with the before photos and when I saw the side profile it hit me. I need this surgery in a bad way. I've always been a glass half full girl, but seeing those pictures made me realize - THE GLASS IS FULL EMPTY GIRL. I joke with my girlfriends that I look like I can be on the cover of National Geographic with the tribal ladies and war paint on my face. :)

Anyway, I'm excited and looking forward to the surgery. Two weeks from now I will be home and hopefully feeling well enough to post pictures!

Oh - and I forgot to add stats. I'm 5'6", 138 lbs...

Oh - and I forgot to add stats. I'm 5'6", 138 lbs and I think I'm a B-C cup. I'm about 5 lbs heavier than normal, so when the weight is off I'm a sad B. I want to be a nice full D.

It's Tuesday and my surgery is scheduled for...

It's Tuesday and my surgery is scheduled for Thursday morning. I've done my required blook work, picked up prescriptions and have generally kept myself overbooked with clients this week so I don't have much time to think about the surgery.

One think I'm concerned about is the recovery time. I'm a photographer and took off a full 2 weeks for actual shoots, but I'll need to return to work on Tuesday (surgery is the Thursday prior) for computer work (sitting at a computer all day). What has been your experiences? Did you feel like post-op day 5 you could do that?

And apparently I need to add "learn how to type"...

And apparently I need to add "learn how to type" to my To Do list. :)

Today was the big day. I was the first one...

Today was the big day. I was the first one scheduled for surgery this morning and had to be there at 7 am. It's a 1.5 hour drive so we were out the door at 5:30.

When we got there everyone was really helpful. I signed all of my paperwork and then they took me back while my mom and husband stayed in the waiting room. The surgical suites and offices are gorgeous with couches and fireplace. No hospital!
Once back, I got undressed and the nurses took my vitals. I was a little worried about the IV as I have really small veins, but she gave me numbing medicine and was super easy. Then they brought back my husband for the final talk with the doctor and the markings. And lastly my mother came back to say goodnight. It seemed like 2 minutes later and I was awake.
We left about a half hour later and I slept almost the whole way. When I woke up I just feel very sore and a lot of pressure.
Once at home I slept on and off for several hours. I also ate a small ham sandwich.
At 4;00 I joined my mom and husband in the living room to watch tv and h e dinner. I had one pain pill at 4:00 and that really helped with discomfort.
I will post pictures later - but so far so good!

Last night I slept pretty well. We figured out to...

Last night I slept pretty well. We figured out to put firm pillows on my sides as well for support and that was a huge help. I woke up once and took my pain medicines.
I'm amazed at how great I feel. Just sore and a little tight, but the stretching seems to really help.

My stomach is VERY bloated - looks strange, but I knew from other ladies posts to expect some of that.
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Congratulations! How has the recovery been? What has your PS said at your post-op? Would love photos again too! Hope you are doing well!

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I am so happy that your recovery is going well! Keep taking muscle relaxants if your doc gave them to you - I think that they have helped me so much. You look great, even in bandages!
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Thank you! I'm happy to be on the road to recovery!
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Congratulations! So glad that you are doing well today, don't over do it from what everyone says. My surgery date is 4/30 and can't wait. I think our before pictures look very similar, but I don't have to have the lift. 3 PS's said no so I'm taking their word for it. What CC's and Profile did you go with? Maybe you said but I missed it. I'm still trying to figure it out and I too want a Full "D", I think?!
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With the lift it was hard to determine a specific cc before the surgery because I would be loosing some of my current breast tissue. I ended up with 380 CCs - moderate profile. My doctor actually sits you up during surgery to make sure everything looks right. It feels perfect for me - and I'm looking forward to unwrapping tomorrow!
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Congrats! Again, make sure you get plenty of rest! Happy healing!
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What cc and profile did you end up with?
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380 cc sientra (gummy bear) with moderat profile.
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Good luck with your surgery! It'll be here before you know it!! As for your question, I didn't have a lift but I did go back to work on POD 5 (surgery was Wed, I was back at work Monday). I was a little more tired by the end of the day than I'd thought I would be, but overall did pretty well. Every day will get better and better. Make sure you keep up with your meds and give yourself plenty of time to do nothing but rest. Oh, and if you think the typos are bad now, wait til you're on your postop meds LOL! I look back through my review and laugh - I can definitely tell when I was a little more out of it! :)
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Thank you so much - that is very encouraging to hear!
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Thank you for starting your journey on RealSelf! Yes, the cc's are hard to judge with a lift, but you can still try out the rice test to see what size you are comfortable with. Let us know how it goes! Looking foward to your updates and photos!

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Thank you! I think I will give that a try this weekend.
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Im having a lift too and was concerned that I wasnt gonna be able to get as big as I want. But you jus have to discuss it with your dr. Make sure u are on the same page because it would. Suck to be unhappy after its all done. I heard that they dont like to go to big with the lift beacuse u can have the risk of sagging. Hope it all turns out for you
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Hi from Lafayette! I talked to my PS about profile, type of implant,CC's, and what type of lift I want. I'm going with 400cc myself which brings you to a D. If your concerned with size you can try the rice test which you would have to google because I never needed it. It's from the show Docters. Anyway if your looking for super perky high profile is Key. If you want natural then moderate is where it's at. What you can do is search pics online and show her what your wanting. I, doing the vertical lift.
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