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NIGHTMARE! Dr.Pryor burned my left lower eyelid...

NIGHTMARE! Dr.Pryor burned my left lower eyelid during a quad blepharoplasty using bi-polar forceps with unguarded tip,requiring surgical intervention during the surgery. He excised 1/4" from the lid, there was also a deep tear on the inside he stitched deeply. He didn't inform me of the injury. I complained to his assistant the next day about the extreme pain in my eye even with meds, was told not to come in just take more pain meds(repeatedly told the same when calling daily,due to stabbing pain my eyeball). Went to an Oculoplastic specialist with a severely abraded cornea caused from a chain of suture knots from the "repair" of the burn. ( This was the stitching he left between the eyelid and eyeball "stitched deeply", causing many painful issues). A 2nd surgery was required by an Oculoplastic Specialist to repair the result of Dr. Pryor's "repair," which had the eyelid & lashes rolled inward,& prevented my eye from closing completely. Basically, Dr. Shepherd G. Pryor botched my surgery, attempted to hide the injury, provided minimal aftercare,caused a medical issue with my eye, 2nd surgery required to allow the eye to close completely, permanent scar, & required continuing care. Also, the 2nd surgery required another 1/4" of eyelid to be removed creating an asymmetry that was not there to begin with. HORRIBLE experience! STAY AWAY FROM THIS DOC!!!
Teri, I am so sorry to hear about your horrendous experience at the hands of an incompetent and uncaring doctor who lies!!!! It surely sounds like you have a good lawsuit against him. He acted in a deviant way than most doctors would, and then he lied about it. that is not acceptable and you deserve compensation.
I am going through my own nightmare and now I have a bacteria that has entered my lower eye and have had three surgeries so far. Now we are trying to kill this bacteria with six months of heavy duty antibiotics. We take that chance anytime we put our hands in another. Some are lucky and some are not. I feel for you and know your pain!
Hi Kaapuni: I can not believe what you have had to endure! Did the doctor inform you how you contacted this bacteria infection. I know hospitals are rife with varying types of germs. What does this doctor say about it. These doctors should really stress what can go wrong. If the PS had told me honestly about the things that can go wrong, more than saying this is a cake walk, then I may not have gone ahead with the procedure. Be good to yourself and take care.
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If I could rate a ZERO OR LESS I would!!!! No concern for the patient's well being exhibited by the staff or Dr. Pryor, after the surgery, even when the patient repeatedly brought to his attention there was a very real and painful issue with the left eye! He full well knew ( according to his records) there was an injury he caused that needed monitoring and additional care, and repeatedly tried to convince me there was nothing different happening with the injured eye. His lack of care for the patient exacerbated the danger for the health of the eye! NIGHTMARE!!!!! NOT WORTH THE RISK!

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