2 1/2 weeks post op and in love!

I have been extremely sports driven my entire life...

I have been extremely sports driven my entire life. I ran club track for ten years before stumbling on my real passion, volleyball at the age of 15. I ended up playing in college and having the time of my life. Sports gave me so much but there was definitely always a physical defficiency for being so active, I was flat, and hated it. My entire body was in great shape but I looked like a 12 year old boy up top, so wanting a boob job is quite an understatement.

I've seriously considered a boob job for the past two years (I'm almost 26) and especially after having my son who just turned one. There's just something about pregnancy that alters everything you were used to into a body you never thought you would have. I'm a 32A and was a full C during my pregnancy and nursing for 6 months... Then the deflated breasts appeared once I was done nursing and I've been on the hunt for my surgeon ever since.

I've looked at thousands of before and after pictures and can't seem to settle on the "right" look for me. I'm 5"9 about 135 pounds and originally wanted to be a full C but have heard from so many women that you will always wish you would have went bigger.... Well I don't want to feel that way but I definitely don't want to be porn star big.
I've got about 25 pictures of what I think I want and I've got 2 months till my pre-op and my surgery is scheduled for two weeks after that... Any advice is welcomed!


Feel free to take a look at my pics .. everyone has different skin, etc. I really wish I went bigger and I'm only 2 1/2 weeks post op! EVERYONE I have talked to says they wish they went bigger. I brought in a pic to my doc (of his own work of course) and told him I wanted to be a D .. he told me I needed 425 ccs, silicone, mod profile to achieve my look. I ended up going with 457 ccs and am so happy I did. Then again, another girl I know who started off with much smaller boobs than me went with less ccs and turned out bigger than me so there is no exact science. I would just say whatever you and your surgeon decide, add another 25 ccs to that number lol. My 457's are easily disguised in clothes (see my pics) yet look great in a sports bra. :) Good luck and keep us posted!!!
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I looked through your pics and you look great!! I'm hoping for similar results. I think I'll see what my PS recommends as far as profile and size and possibly add 25 cc's like you said. I found another girl on here who has exactly size and look that I'm going for, so I'll bring her pic into my post op, hope he's not offended it's not his own work! Good luck with recovery, and I'll keep you guys posted!!!
Lol good call!! I think that is the best because when my doc first said 425ccs I was thinking "holy cow" but then after doing more research, etc I found that it wasn't that big for me. I think you will be great! Sounds like you are in shape too! I am a very active, avid equestrian so I also didn't want porn star boobs lol but these 457s should be no problemo. I will post an update once I am able to ride and work out! ;)

After reading what feels like a thousand different...

After reading what feels like a thousand different posts, I am a little worried at how my recovery is going to go when I have my 14 month old running crazy all over the house? My boyfriend will be here for the first three days but then he is back to work and I'm back to being a full time mom. Any mothers out there that are post op and have tips for dealing with kids are greatly appreciated!!!!


I'm really into fitness, bodybuilding/lifting also and am about to schedule my surgery for late March. I've heard a lot of stories about your implants moving when you lift heavy for chest (and have also heard of doctors telling patients not to lift chest ever again which is like a nightmare)! I'm just wondering if you've heard anything like this, and what your down time will be like? I had my nose done in '11 and being the gym rat I am not being able to do physical activity for 3 weeks was not fun!
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My friend does bodybuilding competition and she got 500cc a few years ago and only stopped lifting for the 6 weeks post-op
My surgery is scheduled for match 21st and my PS knew I was going to do a bikini show, and thankfully I don't tend to lift a ton of heavy chest... Any toning I need done in my upper body will mainly be done with my diet.. But he did tell me bodybuilders tend to go over the muscle so they can lift heavy.. I had a c section past year and I was back in the gym full swing 4 weeks post baby.. Now I don't want to mess my boobs up just to get back in the gym, but I'm betting I'll be back to my regular workouts 4-6 weeks

So my car decided to take a turn for the worse at...

So my car decided to take a turn for the worse at the greatest time ever... It's a Volvo and dealerships are the only ones who could fix the problem which meant 1500 dollars of an unexpected expense resulting in me pushing my surgery date back. I'm so pist. So instead of march 21st, Im now scheduled for April 23rd. I was twenty days away and now it's back to 53 days and I'm starting to just reconsider the whole thing... It's a major set back because I'm a full time student and mom, and march was perfect versus the end of April during finals.......


Oh man that is terrible, well if it makes you feel any better you are really perfect as is!!!! You are one hot mama!!! Lol!!! Just like our girl no more on here!!! We cannot forget about her!!! Got to send love her way to!!! Lol
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Sorry to hear about your car/$$! I waited 18 years for mine (right after I had my daughter and my boobs turned droopy!) .. for 1 reason or another the timing wasn't right or the money wasn't right .. This is the best thing I have ever done for myself. My only regret is not going a little bigger and not doing it MUCH sooner. Only your life and you can dictate when the timing is right .. if it feels to 'forced' then maybe it is .. I always say if it's meant to be it will happen. There is a reason I didn't get my boobs 10 or 15 years ago .. ;) xoxo
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Aw thanks.. Ya it doesn't feel forced, I think it's more of the fact that I was so excited to be so close to my surgery date and to add more days just really chaps my ass. I know it will totally be worth the wait, I'm just ready right now!

Im one month away from surgery and have my pre op...

Im one month away from surgery and have my pre op on April 5th! I can't wait to have a definite answer as to what size implant I will be receiving. I feel like most women on this site want a very natural look, which is perfectly fine, but I'm leaning towards the round fake look... I've been flat my whole life so I'm not trying to hide the fact that I've had a boob job, and I certainly am not paying thousands of dollars to hide my new breasts in clothes. Any girls out their wanting the same look, I'd be more than grateful to hear your thoughts on achieving this look. Hope everyone is healing well!


Hi, once you talk to your ps they will tell you what your breast diameter is and pick the size based on that and what's safe. Ask them what the measurement is for instance mine was 12.5 and they told me what company of implants they were using so I downloaded the sizing chart to see what was possible within my size range. Depending on the ps some will stay more on the safe side but you could still have.more room to play with. I brought in pictures of results that i liked and even how I want to look in a bathing suit. I went in saying a c cup because when you are an a that sounds huge! But when they saw the pics they said those are a d-dd! At first it scared me but once I saw bras that size and tried on sizers I could pull it off with my height. I ended up with 465 ultra high profile inspira natrelle because I have a narrow diameter but I wanted a full look. If I went with a mod + profile I would only be 339 cc and for my body that would look like a b. I feel like you will get that round look because you are so fit and have low body fat. Again I'm kind of a control freak so i downloaded the size chart but its your body and I didn't like the 'unknown' aspect of it until the surgery is done. Ultimately I'd you are staying within your diameter and the ps agrees its a good size for you I'm sure you will get the results you are after. Good luck! P.s you are starting off with a nice shape so your results will be beautiful no matter what
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I totally agree with you.. I think most of us go into this with the mindset of a C, but in reality that isn't very big, and in my opinion not worth thousands of dollars. I have my pre op in 3 days and I've got quite the gallery of "wish pics" and I had friends who went to my PS and he isn't as conservative as some doctors... He is definitely honest and professional, but won't require me to only be a small C. Did you bring in your own bra to your pre op? I was thinking of bringing some old nursing bras to my appointment. I know I want high profile, like you, I am narrow and prefer to have projection versus width... I hope your right about me getting the round look cuz that's truly my main concern.. After swelling went down did you wish you could have went bigger, or were you happy with the final result? Thanks for all your input, I really appreciate it!
Hey there! I'm getting my BA April 26!! I would love to keep in touch with you and go through this journey together! I'm not as tall as you and not quite as fit...but we both share the love of volleyball! I played in junior high and high school year round, and my first year of college...until my "Honey" proposed. ;) I have two beautiful kids (little girl who is 18-months and my sweet boy who just turned 4). I can deal with the pain, it's not being able to pick up or rock my babies when they need me that has me worried. :(
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So I had my pre op today... Signed away my life on...

So I had my pre op today... Signed away my life on paper and got all my prescriptions. They took my dreaded before pictures and then Dr. Spies came in and measured me and looked at my "goal pics". He was very funny and understanding about the overall look I want, so I tried on sizers and was shocked at how small the 550cc looked on me. Don't get me wrong, that number scared me a little, but he reassured me that because I have such little breast tissue as it is, that he thinks anywhere in the ballpark of 500-550 will end up giving me a full D. I'm barely an A now, and he said approximately 200cc's equals one cup larger so do the math and I'm hoping a full D is what I get. We both agreed he would try different sizers and that ultimately he fully understands my wants and that I just need to trust him! So ill be getting silicone mentor 500-550 unders, crease incision! So I feel so much better knowing we have a for sure plan, so now all I need to do is prepare my house and myself with not being able to pick my 16 month old son up for awhile): other than that I'm just counting down the days till the 23rd! 18 more days! Hope everyone is healing well!


Girl WHAT is your workout plan? Because what ever it is I need to join you!!!!! Lol
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Haha thanks... Honestly I was blessed with my mothers body.. And I eat really really clean. Plus after having a baby, I realized babies ruin your body!
Hi, I felt the same as you. I got 533 silicone unders and I will be a D. I also have wide shoulders. Boy, did that number scare me. :)
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Ahh it's the night before surgery and I'm just...

Ahh it's the night before surgery and I'm just doing last minute grocery store runs, cleaning, showering and trying to calm myself.
Im actually not nervous at all... Possibly because I feel like I've waited forever for this day to come that now I'm just beyond ready to have boobs and start my recovery. I think the biggest thing I'm already hating is the time off from the gym, but I wrote out some at home low resistance work outs to maintain my sanity.
I have to be at the surgery center at 11:00 am and my surgery is scheduled for 12:30. I'm already sad about not being able to hold my son, but I know it will all be worth it! I'm so excited to see what size my PS ends up going with! Hope everyone is healing well or anxiously awaiting their surgery day! I'll try to post tomorrow if I can! Wish me luck!


Good luck!
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just out of curiosity,who are your boob role models?lol for example i really love joanna krupa (google joanna krupa nude) and also really like marisa miller
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Ya Marisa miller has gorgeous boobs.. I'm looking for a tad on the fake side.. I plan on doing fitness comps and round perky boobs look better. But If you google Paige Hathaway, she is a bikini competitor and I follow her on instagram and I love her look.

This will be a short review cuz I'm so groggy, but...

This will be a short review cuz I'm so groggy, but I'll try and give a more detailed account tomorrow. My surgeon and his staff are top notch and I was completely calm and taken care from the moment I waked in.
I woke up with just tightness, but on the drive home the pain started setting in and it felt like my sternum was broke! Thank you Jesus for Valium! I'm watching breaking dawn part 2 and feel amazing! Can't wait to see the girls Tom morning!


Yayyyyyy!!! Welcome to boobie land!!!!
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YEAH! It's your big day, hope you are going well!
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Congratulations! It's so worth it
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Ok so I'm having a hard time uploading pics......

Ok so I'm having a hard time uploading pics... Super frustrating.. I'll spare everyone the details about surgery day as most of us have the same pee test, IV, and then one last chat with our PS before we went to the OR. All I can say is my doctor practices out of his own surgical center and it surpassed my expectations, and in my opinion much easier and better that going through a hospital. I wasn't nervous at all, went over my "wish pics" and left my breasts in his hands. I woke up smiling and the nurse said I'm going to love my new boobs, my mouth was dry and she already had ice in a cup and some soda for me. I felt zero pain and just wanted to see my fiancé. As soon as he walked in he started laughing cuz he said my hair and face looked like a hot mess.... Good thing I was in a good mood and he has been amazing the past day just staying by my side and getting me anything and everything...he has logged when I get my pills and has taken taken care of our 16 month old son with zero complaints. I have realized icing frequently has helped tremendously and my first night of sleep was only really disturbed when my fiancé would wake me up to take pills or if I needed to ice. I woke up this morning and headed to my post op and finally got to see the girls..mi was so happy to not have frankenboob and my nipples were perfectly aligned.. They are obviously extremely high and tight, but I feel so good. I ended up with 550cc mentor silicone high profile, crease incision. My PS told me he tried 500cc at first and couldn't fit the 600cc but said the 550 looked exactly like my goal pics. I'm hoping for a full D... Just don't want a DD. anyways I am elated that I have had the opportunity to do this and I cannot wait to drop and fluff and see the final result! Thanks for all the support! I'll try to upload pics tonight!


load those pics!!LOL im so happy for you and excited to c your pics
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Can't wait to see the outcome! How exciting!
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So excited for you,make sure to get your rest, I felt so energized at first and did too much, so just take it easy, can't wait to see pics
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Ok so last night I slept all through the night and...

Ok so last night I slept all through the night and didn't wake up once to take meds... My boobs were a tad sore in the morning, I'm assuming its the glorious morning boob we all loath.. However I feel amazing.. I'm so shocked that for getting a larger implant, I'm not as tight or uncomfortable as I imagined id be.. I'm icing religiously and just relaxing as much as possible! I get to shower today so I'm over the moon about that... I might have my fiancé wash my hair so I don't over due it by thinking I'm feeling up to possibly doing too much. I'm posting some pictures, let me know what you guys think!! Thanks for all the support, this was a breeze knowing other woman all over the world are going through the same thing and we are able to reach out to one another!! I'm hoping to be a D... Any thoughts or early predictions would be appreciated!


Girl! Your boobies look great! I read that you got 550cc and with your thin bod you will totally have a D cup! Speedy recovery to ya!
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Thanks so much 34CDreamin! I hope your right because a full D was really my only request... Your results look great, fit your body perfectly
Fitmom just let me start off saying yr body is awesome how do u do it? I'm a mom of 2 and now that I have reached the big 40 it seems like I can't loose my gut. Anyway yr boobs look awesome and once they soften and drop they will look even more amazing. Happy Healing!!
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So I'm post op day 4 and I feel great. I'm not in...

So I'm post op day 4 and I feel great. I'm not in any real pain, just the expected tightness. My sternum and sides of my boobs are the only tender spots.
I've been lucky and haven't been constipated... I've been drinking water, prune juice and laxatives and have a happily been regular.
I know I'm only 4 days out of surgery, but my boobs look far apart and I was wondering if they will round out and come closer together as I drop and fluff?? Any advice would sure put my mind at ease! Thanks so much ladies and I hope everyone doing great!


Thanks for your posts and you're looking fantastic! I'm also lurking around here 5'8 Bw13.5 and trying to choose my size...I think op is on 24th May? I have a second opinion with another doc tomorrow. I was kind of freaking at the 500cc size , but the more I see and look it seems about spot on for my build too. We tall girls need more ccs. I would love a full d..which is I guess DD too. You might inspire me to push to the 550 so I don't get boob envy lol!
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I'm def glad I went with the 550's.. It all depends on how much tissue you're staring off with, and how active you are... I feel like I'll be able to lift and play sports just as well as before my BA. Good luck with your decision!
I hope you are healing good!Cant wait to c more pics!!From the day1- 4 pics they already look like they have dropped quite a bit.Thats great,do you have an idea of what size they will be?Have you tried any bras?I had a bunch of bras from my pregnancy that fit me now.I am fitting into my 32d like a dream,but i hope that doesnt mean ill be smaller.Keeping my fingers crossed that we will both keep lots of volume and have amazing racks!!lol
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So I had my one week post op and my PS said my...

So I had my one week post op and my PS said my chest muscles were so strong and dense prior to surgery that my dropping and fluffing may take awhile. He said im still so tight and my muscles haven't given up the fight against my implant so he said to wear my surgical bra one more week than I can wear anything or go bra less... At two weeks he also said to start rubbing vitamin E on my incisions. Then at my three week appointment we will go over massaging techniques.
He also said to avoid at all costs trying bras on or getting fitted.. He said it will only drive me crazy and that after the first month girls realize how much their boobs really change..
Overall I walked out of my appointment reassured with a new found need for more patience. I'm excited for the next few weeks and to see how much my girls change!


you know when i had my BA the first time my implants sat up by my collar bones for what felt like a lifetime.I ended up wearing a sports bra and pulling it up so it sat on the top of my breasts and when i needed i would pull them over my breasts.If i was in the car i would pull my bra up under my shirt and if i had to get out i would pull it back down!I really feel like it helped them to settle.
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Ya my boobs have actually settled quite a bit.. I'm 2 weeks post op and I love them.. Surprisingly I love my surgical bra and feel like it's helped tremendously.. Are you in any pain still?
Wow! You look absolutely wonderful, looks like your surgery was WELL worth it!! They compliment your frame so well, not that you look like you needed any help with that anyway;) I am so excited for you, hope you feel as good as they look. Happy Healing!!! P.S. I really need to up my workout game, bc honey your body puts a girl to shame, lmao!
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So I'm 2 1/2 weeks post op and I'm so glad I did...

So I'm 2 1/2 weeks post op and I'm so glad I did this! I have no real pain, just sometimes when I overdue it at the gym they will get tight and let me know to slow down. I'm still sleeping on my bak which sucks... I sleep so much better on my side or stomach. I haven't been fitted or anything, my Dr advised me to wait at least a month an let me body heal... I've noticed since working out again that my rib cage gets really sore after? Not sure if anyone else has had this as well, but it hurts more than my cruel incisions or boobs... Either way I just ice them and my rib cage a lot and hope it goes away soon. I have another post op visit this coming week and my Dr will go over massaging techniques... Other than that I am doing great and hope everyone else is healing well! I added a pic of my side profile, in last years swim suit top!!


You look absolutely fab! It's so hard sleeping on your back when your not use to it. I use to sleep on my stomach all the time before my BA. Happy healing!
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Holey shit I love your body! You're insanely fit, ur boobs are a GREAT extra Ahha!
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Congratulations! You look great!
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Paradise Valley Plastic Surgeon

I played college volleyball and quite a few girls I played with got boob jobs. We all tend to be taller and somewhat slender or of athletic build so I asked a few of them who they went to. I set up three different consults before deciding to go with Dr. Spies. My consult with Dr. Spies was a dream compared to the other two. The staff and office was immaculate and completely competent and respectful. Dr. Spies spent well over an hour with me talking about my background, expectations and my fitness level. He was so informative and made me feel so comfortable that it didn't take much thought for me to choose him as my plastic surgeon!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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