3 months post op - Super happy!

I have wanted this since I was 20 years old and...

I have wanted this since I was 20 years old and lost 70lbs. I was always somewhat small chested but after the weight loss I became painfully aware of just how small chested I was.

Now I'm 31 years old 5'8" 140lbs and a size um, training bra. I wear a 36A and there's a gap. I have curvy hips and thighs and am small up top. I can't wait to have a more proportionate body. I have 3 kids all of which were breastfed for about 10 months each. Even while I was nursing my boobs were really only big for the first couple of weeks when I was engorged. I'm tired of feeling embarrassed to be naked in front of my husband (even though he loves me the way I am). I cover my tiny breasts when he catches me naked, ugh. I want to look better in my clothes and out of them, haha. I'm sure that having boobs would make me more confident.

So I think it's time to start a review here and hoping to get some good advice from those who have gone before me. I had my consultation a few weeks ago and went ahead and called back the next week to schedule for April 4th. I had another consultation scheduled in April but I really liked the first PS I met with so I'm just going for it.

My youngest boys are almost 4 yrs and 2 1/2 years old. I also take care of my 4 year old nephew and pick up my 8 yr old niece from school during the week. I'm really worried about recovery and being able to care for the little ones. I scheduled the OP during Spring break so that my sister can find alternate care for her kids and so I can have a few days without the extra obligation. But now I'm worried that 4 days is not enough so I'm trying to get in a week earlier on March 28th to have a whole 11 days off. I'll still need some help with my own boys but it will be much less chaotic :) I was really hoping for an answer from the PS office today but, looks like I'll have to wait till tomorrow.

So I do know for sure that I'll be getting Sientra Memory Gel under the muscle. I think I want moderate plus profile but don't know what size. PS suggested 330 to 375 but we'll figure that out at the pre-op. I don't want to go huge but don't want to wish I had gone bigger. I want a "natural" look.
I ordered some zip front sports bras online but realized I have NO idea what size to order. So....I ordered all of them, lol 36B, 36C and 36D. And a couple that come in L and XL. I think now I was just in boob dreamland when I ordered the XL because I'm sure I wouldn't be that big, right?! But really, what size have you all ordered?


Thank you for starting your story on RealSelf. You are wise to consult with more than one PS. Do you have to lift your 2 1/2 year old in/out of the car/crib? Any additional help with your boys would be great...playdates?  :)

I ended up using a larger bra the first few weeks, and then shopping for a bit smaller bra after the pain and swelling subsided. Your doctor may have some suggestions too...especially immediately post-op.

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Just 48 hours to go and it still doesn't quite...

Just 48 hours to go and it still doesn't quite seem REAL! If I think about the procedure I get nervous so I just keep thinking boobs, haha. I've got plenty to do in the next 2days to keep me busy, cleaning, preparing freezer meals and planting my seedlings in the garden before I'm down for a couple of days. I'm sure ill be a nervous wreck by tomorrow night though! I still need to buy a few bags of frozen peas and the recommended bendy straws :) I hope I'm not forgetting anything. I'm most nervous about my family being taken care of in the first few days. Just a few more meals to cook and things to buy and I'm sure my husband can handle the rest. He's pretty awesome ;)
So I posted the embarrassing before pics. Can't wait to see these little flaps of skin filled out!!!

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I love them already!! Got to surgery center at 830...

I love them already!! Got to surgery center at 830 and was home by 1230pm. The staff was great, the experience was easy. Much easier than I anticipated. I got sientra silicone memory gels 350, under muscle with incision under the boob. When I got home I felt pretty darn good and ate some oatmeal and had some coffee cause I felt deprived this morning, haha.
Then i started to feel sleepy , took an hour and a half nap. And now the soreness is starting to set it. I have an icepack under each boob and an ice pack in each armpit. They feel sore and hot on the top but the nurses said to ice under the boob not the top. Don't know why...the top it where it feels like u need the ice. I am having trouble getting my pants back up over my butt after using the bathroom, can't open the fridge or reach into the cupboards but, iit's WAY easier than I expected!
I hope the swelling doesn't go down too much! I really love what I can see. I have gauze and take over the incision an a front close sports bra. I was asked not to remove the bra until my post op, so ill get my first good look at them tomorrow at 11. :D I hope the rest of you ladies are healing nicely. And the ladies still waiting, relax and good luck! It's not nearly as bad as I thought it'd be. And bendy straws are a great idea!


LOL,, I too still have a problem pulling my pants over my butt!! I'm post op day 2 today. super sore but taking my meds and doing really well. Happy healing!!
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Thanks :) are you finding day 3 easier than day 1 or 2? I really hope I'm not talking too soon and end up in lot of pain in the next few days. I just read of couple of reviews by ladies having painful recoveries :(
Congrats! Very happy for you:-) :-) I sure hope my post op experience is like yours! Cannot wait to see your results. Take care xxxx
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So today has definitely been more painful than...

So today has definitely been more painful than yesterday. I skipped a dose of vicodin and was in extreme pain. I took a vicodin at 5am, went about my day and at 330pm i woke up from a 2 hr nap. I got up and went to the couch. All of the sudden it felt like I was being stabbed with a knife in my right breast incision area. Oh my gosh it was painful. It hurt to draw in a breath or move an inch. I was just yelling ah, ah, ah!! Lol my husband brought me a Vicodin and I felt better within 20 minutes. I thought my pain tolerance was pretty high. i had my kids natural without pain meds or epidurals but this was enough to make me yell. So yeah, good idea to keep up on the pain pills. I had my first post op this morning and PS said not to take the pills unless I was in pain but after this afternoon I will be taking them before I get to that point!
So dr says everything looks good. They took off the gauze and tape so now i just have the stiches covered in steristrips. So glad to have that itchy tape off. I'm swollen on my lower side boobs and the tops of my boobs. I'm feeling like I've overdone it today but ill post another pic when I get up out of bed again :)


So far you look great! Looking forward to your updates. You are about my height and weight and I am curious of how happy you will be with the 350cc....I have been suggested a 457...but I keep thinking that might be toooooo big. I'm okay with the smaller more modest side.
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Thanks :) as you can see from today's pic they are looking a little weird right now but I'm confident that they'll settle where they're supposed to. I was unsure of the size but I think 350 is gonna suit me well. I actually wanted to go bigger but my PS said any bigger would look unnatural on me. Of course they feel big to me right now but anything would, compared to my befores. I remember reading your review a couple of months ago. Very cute story about deciding to get "twins" :) Good luck and ill be looking forward to hearing how your experience unfolds!

So I'm post op day 3. My PS didn't tell me to...

So I'm post op day 3. My PS didn't tell me to massage but didn't tell me not to either. It feels so good to move them around a little bit especially from the outer sides. It really eases the achiness but I don't want to damage anything either. I know all PS's have different recommendations but do you think it's ok to do this at pod3? It's Sunday so I can't call and ask my PS until tomorrow. Thanks ladies!


Our situation sounds very very similar all the way down to not wanting to show my breasts to my hubby. lol My 2 (almost 3) year old weaned about 2 months ago and I lost two cup sizes. ugh! I am aiming for May 1st BA. Before my three children (whom I breastfed) I was always a full C and my breasts were AMAZING!!! Because of this I am having a very hard time adjusting to them the way they are and because I am still so young. :( Please keep posting more pics as your breasts settle more. My implants will be placed differently than yours but I am really curious how yours turn out since our BEFORE breasts are similar looking. Thanks and Congrats on your new girls!
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I was wondering the same thing! Lol I wasnt told to nor not to but it does feel good to move them from the outside a nd frim the top to me
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I was told to start massaging at my first post op appointment which was my 2nd post op day. All I do for mine is squeeze a little from the bottom to move the implants upwards and thats it
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I just wanted to add a couple pics. Still have a...

I just wanted to add a couple pics. Still have a lot of D&F to do but I'm very pleased. I guess my boobs are pretty modest but i couldnt imagine going any bigger. I LOVE them! Much much better rhan what i had! theyre at a size where i can play them up or down. Almost no pain at this point but if I do too much they get very, tight, stiff and uncomfortable.
A lot of ladies have reported trouble sleeping after surgery but I seem to have the opposite. I could fall asleep on que. Today will be my first day without a nap. Darn it, I could get used to naps, haha. Also, I've slept in my bed since the day of surgery and the last 2 nights I've slept almost flat on my back. I've never been a back sleeper but I haven't had any problems.
Starting today ill only be taking Tylenol since I start watching my nephew again and can't be sleepy or groggy.
I am SO happy I did this.

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Ok, so I love my boobs and hate my belly bloat!...

Ok, so I love my boobs and hate my belly bloat! When does it get better? I thought it'd be getting better by now but today it's getting bigger :/ Im Looking 4 or 5 months pregnant.


Wow - its amazing how different everyone's experience is. I'm surprised that you were sleeping as well as you were at post op 3 and only taking tylenol. You must have great tolerance. I'm still pretty uncomfortable and upset that I can't just take an ibuprofen and be ok. Good job though though!! You're 4 days before me - are you almost back to yourself by now? Still bloated? I was not expecting that and its awful :( I'm no skinny mini so the extra belly bloat is pretty annoying.
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The bloating will subside soon...I promise.  :)  You look great!  Congrads!

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Lol I was like this is sum bs!!!! The bloating bothered me more than anything. I hated looking at it! I drank prune juice on two different occasions and my stomach is finally down to a reasonable size. Not all the way flat but I don't look 5months pregnant. Lol
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Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since my surgery. I would...

Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since my surgery. I would say I'm about 90% back to normal. The past week has been great, but I still don't feel comfortable lifting heavy things or bending down for long periods, as in gardening ;) I've been successfully sleeping on my side since about day 10. They're getting softer each day, right boob is a dropping a little slower than left and I am still a little sore to the touch. It just feels like the incision areas are bruised. My nipples are still super super sensitive and I still have a slight tingling or numb sensation from below my nipple to the crease - but only to the touch and I can tell that it gets better every day. I've been wearing camisoles instead of the sports bras and front clasp bras. I bought 4 zip up, 3 front clasp and 4 sport bras and I only used them for the first week. I know some PS want you to wear them for longer but Dr D said I could go braless or use a cami and I'm loving not having to wear a bra and still have boobs!!

Sometimes I wish they were a little bigger, hahaha! My PS is conservative (which I wanted) and doesn't really offer you an option of size. He chooses between 3 sizes in the operating room, based on the chest wall measurements using moderate profile. At my pre-op he said he almost always uses moderate profile unless his patient is petite then he uses HP. His main concern is making a woman look more proportionate, not fake. I didn't know to ask this question about profiles at my initial consultation and didn't know of his moderate profile preference until my pre-op which I had already paid for the surgery. I just decided to let go and trust his opinion. I am still very happy with the results. Just thought I should share in case someone else forgets or doesn't think to discuss profiles with their PS. I didn't want to go huge or fake. But sometimes I do wish I had a little more projection. So down the road, when I need a revision, I'll get mod + and a little bigger :D

Anyway, all in all I am super happy. Before the procedure I felt insecure about my boobs, my jiggly thighs, and cellulite. After the procedure I feel confident, I feel feminine and love my new boobs. Now I'm not saying that a boob job fixes your whole body, haha. But for me, it has made me feel so much better about my body in general. I finally walk around naked in front of my husband and I feel sexy!!


I'm 2 weeks today :) my hubby also lovessss my new confidence! I used to always pull the blanket up over my chest in bed while watching tv and now I purposely lay there completely exposed! Haha
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That's awesome. That is how I am now too. I make sure he catches me coming out the shower on purpose. Even though I still have the steri tape and been doing my breast exercises. I know they will look even better, with time. But now they looking nice and I love it. Glad you have great confidence now .
Hello. I'm new to the forum. And just started posting my story. I also had a baby and lost my breast. But I always had big breast so imagine how I felt when I lost it all after givin birth. But I am going to be 3 weeks post op and still feel a little sore here and there but almost feeling myself. Nipples are extremely sensitive to even rubbing against my clothing. I got a 400 Memory gel implant. Will soon post pics. I'm still a little bloated as well. But been cutting back on salt, because that can be adding to the bloating. What I have been feeling now is sometimes an electric shock almost and usually from my left breast. Will be going for my 3 weeks appointment on Saturday will see what that's about.
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3 months post op - Still in love!

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Love them!

At 3 months they're so soft and moveable, and very natural feeling and I think pretty natural looking. I absolutely love them. I'm 100% back to normal (of course) and can do anything I could before with the exception of upper body workouts. I probably could but I avoid it because I don't like the feeling of the pec muscles squeezing the implant. They feel completely mine until i flex my chest, hahaha! I love them! Wish I had been able to do this sooner!


You look sooo natural!!! Great results!! Has your size stayed pretty much the same from 1 month to 3 months? I've read some posts that say they get smaller and others say that they actually get a little fuller after dropping and fluffing. ??? So confusing. I'm a little over 5 weeks post and love them as they are. Hoping they don't change at all, but I know they probably still will. Just curious what your experience has been. Thanks!
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Thank you so much!! I was afraid they would never drop and fluff! I saw so many people on here look so great so soon after surgery. I was worried there for a little bit, hahaha. For me, they've definitely become more fuller as they've settled :) And they've done a lot of changing in the last month. You look great yourself!
Congratulations to 3 months! You look amazing! I totally understand as a mom myself with two kids who lost their breast fullness due to pregnancies and breast feeding and be able to regain that youth is just so incredibly joyful!!
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