Radiesse Ruined my Self Esteem and Life! - San Francisco, CA

I hate this product! Unless your doctor can...

I hate this product! Unless your doctor can guarantee you absolutely perfect results you should avoid this product! A few years ago I saw a very well known board certified plastic surgeon for some Juvederm in my tear troughs. The results were amazing! I loved how refreshed I looked and had a ton of compliments. Well in the beginning of February 2012 I went back to the same Dr. to see if my tear troughs and n/l folds could be touched up. He told me that Radiesse was much better than Juvederm because it doesn't absorb water and get puffy like Juvederm He took a beige colored pencil and drew on my face the places he could put the product which included my tear troughs and above my eyebrows. I told him flat out that I thought the place above my eyebrows was weird and I wasn't sure about it. Well clearly he brushed off my concerns and proceeded to put it above my brows, in my n/l folds, IN MY CHEEKS and none in my tear troughs. I absolutely did NOT want anything in my cheeks and did not ask for anything in my cheeks. No one in their right mind would ever think I needed my cheeks augmented. They were already big and I have naturally high cheekbones which people use to compliment all the time. After he did my left cheek I looked in the mirror and it looked like an alien. I said "this looks weird" and he said "you are going to like that." Well I absolutely HATE it. For the last 4 months my left cheek is huge compared to my right. He put so much more in my left cheek and he put it much lower on the left side than the right side so my face is completely lopsided. I went from being a little concerned about my tear troughs before to being mortified and consumed with depression. I can't look in the mirror, wash my face or put on makeup without sobbing my eyes out. I would much rather deal with a little puffiness from Juvederm any day than this horrible situation. I went to see him twice afterwards and he said that the average person wouldn't be able to tell and that it will go away in a few months. He also said that one cheek is naturally larger than the other one. Well if that is true I never noticed before. Isn't it the plastic surgeon's job to make you look more symmetrical? Well he made it very obvious how asymmetrical my face is. I have spent every day for the last 4 months sobbing my eyes out. I stopped going out, stopped dating the guy I was dating before and have had such low self esteem I don't even want to leave my house. If you are considering doing Radiesse DON'T!! If you don't like your results you are stuck with them for a long time. My summer plans are pretty much all ruined. I have already missed a wedding and my dad's birthday because I am so embarrassed and humiliated. This product should be taken off the market!

The Dr. refunded my money which was very nice of...

The Dr. refunded my money which was very nice of him. I just still feel like my left cheek is way too big and will have to wait for it to slowly go away. It is a painful process
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Stick to fillers that can be dissolved if you do not like the outcome. This stuff feels very hard and lumpy. I can't even wash my face without sobbing because my face feels so misshapen.

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