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Don't Waste Your Money! - San Diego, CA

I had gone to see about getting a face lift, and,...

I had gone to see about getting a face lift, and, at the MD's advice, had a full face fat transfer instead. It looked fabulous for the first 3 months! As month 6 approached, I was watching it all disappear, day by day. At 1 year, zero results, and that's when it was supposed to be best. And I spent all that money! I went back to my doctor, and his staff just told me how good I look. Before having it done, they made it sound like if I wasn't satisfied, the MD would re-do it. This was not offered. And no discount on a face lift was offered either. I have been paying for fillers ever since, and so upset about wasting so much money. So, my suggestion: Don't waste your money!

San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr and staff very nice, but the procedure was a failure, and it feels like a win-lose: The Dr. wins, and I lose. I do not feel like I got my money's worth at all. Wish i hadn't let myself be talked into this procedure. Must be a money-maker or easier for the doc compared to face lift. Feel the staff tried to convince me I got results I did not get, kind of manipulative. Very disappointed and unhappy, out $8000 for nothing.

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I had fat transfer by him about 2 years ago. 90% of fat was gone after about 2 months. I went back and complained and was told he could do some resty and give me a discount for it. Really? After all the $ I just paid he is now charging me for resty. The reason I wanted to do fat transfer was because I wanted to stop resty cause it was a bit bumpy and uneven. I had it done and will never go back to him again. I thought it was really strange too that before pics were taken and no after pics were. Ummmm what's up with that? I guess the one thing I'm thankful for is that even though I paid over 8,000 for basically nothing I did not come out disfirgured or worse. Oh and also told me my face will the fat will look the best around my eyes after 2 years. Total BS!!!
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Yes! And he told me the restylene for my giant cheek dent from the fat transfer would be permanent.
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The only negative reviews I hear about Dr. Karam is that the fat goes away, which is better than it being lumpy and horrible. But I'm curious, has anyone had a fat transfer from him in which their face DID become lumpy and uneven? I'd like to get a fat transfer but I don't want to get one that will cause any disfigurement - out of the two evils, I'd rather get one where the fat fades after time.
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Yes. My face is lumpy and uneven. Big cheek dent.
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Hi biggirly, I'm sorry to hear it didn't last. That is one concern I have about having the procedure done. Can I ask, did you go to Dr. K?
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I think the good news about Karam is that he is very conservative and doesn't put too much in. That looks like an unfixable disaster.
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Hi Raf...was your last comment to me? If it was, I didn't go Karam, tho I have heard of others with similar complaints about the FT not lasting. I went to Fadi Chahin. Most of mine went away in my face (which I now consider fortunate) but it's a mess around my eyes. Lumps, bags under both eyes, saggy skin on the upper lids, ptosis of the left eye and now it won't close all the way. I have to keep putting ointment in my eye nightly and drops every few hours so I don't get "dry eye" and lose that eye. A real nightmare. And after several consults, it looks like my chances of a repair are slim. Too risky too mess with the eye that won't close. They may be able to help with the "bags" by doing a lower bleph...around $15,000. The whole thing is such a disaster. As far as getting my money back...no such luck. I am getting the same response...he acts like it is just "my perception" and says I look great. Funny, that's not what ANY of the other surgeons said when I went for a consult. They were very concerned and immediately saw the problems. I did go to Chahin when I figured out things weren't going well. He tried to remove the lumps, and "refabricate" an eyelid on the right side. There was so much excess fat, I didn't have a lid anymore. I ended up with a bad scar there from the revision...and the lumps just came right back. I have since gone to another doc for 5FU injections that helped some, but the lumps still persist. When I have the bleph, he will see if he can do better with excising them. The scar is permanent. Nothing they can do. Two of the new PSs advise me not to do anything for about 5-6 months...they say my eyes are too traumatized right now. At any rate, no other PS I saw thought that I was being unrealistic with my concerns. It was apparent they were not pleased about what happened to me. At this point, I wouldn't let Chahin near my face again...even if he offered. I simply can't risk it getting any worse. I guess they are all very "nice" till things go wrong. If it doesn't, they blame it on the patient and just want you to go away. It's real disappointing...and frightening too.
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Yes... the staff reaction over there is ridiculous. Very negative response when I called with my concerns and acting like it was my perception. Have you asked him to redo it? He seems nice.
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First off he grossly over charged you! I spent $2500 on a full face transfer 6 months ago...in Beverly Hills! (I'm 62) He should at least have offered to apply the amount to a face lift, or give you temp fillers for several years. But let me assure you it could be much worse. I had the opposite problem..mine is lasting around my eyes. They are puffy and I have lumps, scar tissue, and have permanent bags under my eyes now. It aged me 10 years. I couldn't been seen in public for four months. Now I wear sunglasses nearly 24/7. I've spent thousands trying to get the fat removed so far and have discovered its nearly impossible to get rid of. I am told I need a lower bleph that will cost $15,000 because the transferred fat has to be removed and it is a very intricate surgery. I only "wish" my fat had gone away. I think fat transfer is a horrible procedure...either way.
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Thank you for letting me know. I wish they would divide into age groups the comments on the different procedures as it makes a huge difference! I am sorry for your waist of money :-(
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I had it to my brests 3 months ago, and I feel just like you !!! looked great for first few weeks now nothing !!! waste of my hard earned money !!!
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yes, I notice many of the positive comments are from people who just had the procedure. I was thrilled, too, at first. I was your age when i had it done, two years ago.
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wow I am sorry! Thank you for being honest. I was wondering about the lasting effects of fat transfer as I was considering it myself. A friend just had it and after suffering through the first month looks great but I am not sure it lasts. You answered my question! My friend and I are 53 and 52 years old. May I ask how old you are? I heard that when one is younger it lasts longer but not sure about that either.
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