Petite…Fit…and Active Mama of 3!! Wanting to Stay Natural Looking @ 250/275cc - San Diego, CA

I am 35 years old with 3 kiddos. I am active..i...

I am 35 years old with 3 kiddos. I am active..i exercise…i surf and am overall in good physical condition. I nursed all 3 of my kids and have been left deflated. I was a 32C prior to having kids and now am barely a 32A. I am looking for a nice full B and a very naturally looking breast. My ribcage is 28" and my BD is 11.5. I am between 250cc or 275cc and not sure about either Moderate or Moderate Plus.


So I had my pre op on Friday!! I was so so nervous ... Like I was going into surgery lol. Anyway we did the dozers again and I have decided on 250cc moderate profile plus. I tried the next size which was such a gradual change but it was just enough for me to feel a little boob a licious haha. Anyway if the 250 doesn't fill me out right then the doc will do a 275 cc but my ultimate choice is 250cc. The countdown is on!!! 12 days to go!!! Ahhh

The girls have arrived!!!

So I had my surgery at 9am this morning. Everything went fantastic and lasted just a little over an hour. The doctor made me feel so incredibly calm and everyone was wonderful. I came out of anesthesia no problem but I could feel a heaviness on my chest. Anyway I am home and so far so good. I haven't taken a pain pull because I wasn't in pain but just discomfort and that was a bad idea!! Lol. My back hurt like I had the flu and such soreness so I took a percocette and I feel totally great. You really cannot move your arms and really do need to rest! I ended up going 250cc moderate profile plus mentor smooth silicone. I can already tell I will love them!!!!! I peeked and I could have totally gone bigger which ironically is the feeling I wanted to have!! I didn't want to max out what I could have done! I will upload a pic

10 hours post op. Kids... Pain.. Real life

So overall I feel like I'm doing well . Pain is minimal. More discomfort and I am taking Percocet. But havig 3 kids at home who are 1,5,6 completely changes the ball game. They know I'm here and I told them mama hurt herself but of course they want to be with me and see me and hug me and I CANNOT do any of that. I'm a pretty tough cookie and recover incredibly quick. I was home 24 hours pp w my 3rd cooking lol but this time. No way! I am not jeaoporsiZing these and I literally cannot. So its stressful having them in the house even though hubby is doing an amazing job. So I told him to take them out to the park and dinner and now I'm hungry and can't even open the fridge lol! For those with little ones... You need help with them and help with you the first recovery day. For sure!!!

pill poppin!

i am someone who doesn't really take meds for anything, anyway i stayed on top of my meds so i wouldn't feel pain….but i couldn't sleep!!!! even after anesthesia, percocette, muscle relaxer and a sleeping pill i was awake til 2 am. i never napped yesterday and am up at 6! wtf! so I'm switching to ibuprofen because I'm not in a lot of pain. just discomfort . they didn't even make me feel loopy. just tired but sleepless. i didn't swell much. pics to come

Morning after pics

I don't feel I've swelled too much. Just high still and a little swollen. Kind of hoping they move a little closer together. I feel good aside from my 3 little ones all wanting MOMMY

Side pic

People weren't lying when they said they felt bloated. Blah

Day 3!!

I am almost 48 hours post op and I feel great! I only took tylenol yesterday and haven't had any since 9pm last night. I have no bruising at all and minimal swelling. I can move my arms and am just tender if I move to fast but I feel great. Not taking pain meds allowed me to sleep normal! It is so hard not snuggling my 1 year old. It's killing me. My 5 and 6 yer ok'd have been wonderful though. My left side is slightly more swollen and in between my breasts is tender and slightly swollen. I don't love my side profile yet. The upper part is still swollen but overall I feel great!! And not big at all!! It was exactly as I wanted

Pinched nerve and loving the girls!

So the only pain I have is in my back! I think I've pinched a nerve because I'm totally fine until I start walking around a bit. Ugh. Not even my boobs hurt like this lol. Anyway today is day 4 and I just love them! Went to my post op and I am doing fantastic. I am so so so so glad I for them. They look just like my pre baby boobs to me and I know I still have some fluffing to do!

Completely in love with the girls!

Just wanted to say that those who are on the fence about doing this…….I am soooo soooo happy i did this. I am just 5 day Post Op and I feel so happy with the entire experience. They look just like my pre baby breasts! They feel so real and i know they will only get prettier each day that they heal. Even having 3 little ones (1,5,6) it has been doable. A nice long weekend away would have been ideal but i got 1 night away lol and with the help of my hubby it has been just fine. I couldn't be happier!!

Day 8! Cooking, kids, boobies!

I'm on day 8 and if day I'm like back to 90% full speed ahead. Watching my 3 little ones, cooking, cleaning etc. Still trying to avoid in and out of crib but picking my 21 pound toddler is totally find! My boobs are healing beautifully and I JUST LOVE THEM. They feel just like my pre baby boobs!

Bra measurements today

I stopped by VS just to get a comfy bralette since I can wear anything without underwire. I know I will go down a bit more but I was curious and I'm a 32D at Victoria secret which is probably a 32C elsewhere . They feel perfect to me! Slightly busty which is what I wanted!

Itchiness and set backs

Although overall I'm doing great, just daily living and carrying my 16 month old kind of have me a little soreness again. I also slipped at te park and threw my hands behind me real quick to catch myself and I felt like a little popping sensation internally. Scared the hell out of me. But nothing happened ( I hope). I'm trying to get to then 2 or 3 mark of taking it easy but with a 1,5,6 year old who just had a 4 day break from school, it feels impossible lol. The in and out of the car seat and crib.. Ugh. I also have this itchy sensation on my nipples . I can't tell if its a contact dermatitis and from what?? My whole breast feels like its sunburned but I think its nerves coming back. It's not bad but like itchy and burny. Any thoughts? Anyone else have set backs?

7 weeks post op!

Life is 100% normal as I couldn't be more thrilled. I feel like I use to feel and they feel so natural and just like they are totally mine:-) I am measuring a 32Full C at Victoria secret. I feel like I still look petite and athletic but feminine. Like a slightly busty petite:-)

My fav VS bra

My fav VS bra

3 months post op!

Couldn't be happier!!!

3 months post op!

Dr. Saltz,

Dr Saltz at La Jolla Center for cosmetic surgery is amazing!!!! Just read her biography and you can clearly see that she is incredibly skilled!! And aside from that she is so personable, great personality and really listened to what I was looking for. The entire staff was amazing! so sweet…so nurturing and so professional.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I was scrolling through your photo reel and when I got to the 3 months post-op I was like WOW! You look great!! I'm happy to see how much the look improves over the first three months, and you are the proof!!
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You look amazing! I am getting my BA in 2 weeks. You mentioned you have kids, not sure how small they are but I have a 1 year old. My husband will be taking care of him for the first 2 weeks but after that I would like to slowly ease back into our regular routine. He just started walking and requires a lot of attention since he's exploring everything around him. Do you (or any other mamas ) have suggestions for someone recovering and has small kids?
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Hi! Yes, I have a 1 year old, 5 and 6 year old so I totally understand all of them needing attention!! lol. You definitely need help the first few days. By day 5 I was pretty much on my own and it was manageable. Ideally if I could have had help for the first 10 days that would have been AWESOME! I was really really worried about it but it was actually ok. By day 4 i got clearance to carry her but not using my chest muscles. I just squatted down and let her climb on me and went on with my day. If you scroll thru my posts i talk about life with kids after the operation but it looks like by day 8 i was 90% back to normal! THose first 10 days would have been an extra blessing to have help lifting etc so if you can get that then you will be great!
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Omgggggg amazing!!! I know part of that is due to you naturally having amazing boobs. How tall are you? And what bra size are you wearing now?
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Nvm about ur height,I see u answered someone else with ur height&weight
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Hi! I am 5'3 and my bra size at Victoria Secret is a 32C now. A full C. Its perfect. I don't feel busty in clothes but naked and in a bathing suit i feel slightly busty which is what i wanted:)
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Oh I can't wait for mine to drop .... How long before you notice they started to drop ? I'm at week 3 and feel incredible and I'm so happy but I can't wait for them to drop ... la jolla cosmetic is the best aren't they .... I'm so happy with the whole staff there ! You look amazing ... Getting ready for summer ? I did 325 cc moderate plus too but remember I started with less then you so ... We look very similar in size after surg . Keep updating ... They look beautiful and perfect on ya :)
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Hi! They really are the BEST! 325cc really wasn't so far different so I am sure they are beautiful!! I feel like I noticed them dropping in a picture at week 7. BUt i really noticed them fluffing in this latest picture at 3 months!
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wow the way they have dropped they look INCREDIBLE girl! perfect round shape, perky and full! awesome!
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Thank you!!!! So nice of you:)I am so happy with them!!
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I was terrified that the moderate plus would be up in the my throat but they are totally natural looking from the side and still kept a slope!
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Thank you!!!! I am so happy with them. I felt so so so self conscious once i finished nursing. now i am so happy!
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I just posted one of your pics as one of my wish pics! Love your results! I'm also baffled at how pretty your pre-kid boobies were! Dang! Mine have always been pretty non-existent...guess nursing kids often puts us all in the same small-boobie league after! lol :) Glad you got your pre-baby boobies back and I'm glad to get my nursing boobies back!
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Thank you!!! You will be so happy with yours!! I am so glad I stayed at 250cc for my frame. They still feel nice and busty but I still look petite. Just as i wanted. Yes…I felt like a pancake after nursing lol!
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Thanks for sharing your story. I have a similar build to you and it is always great to hear from other petite Mamas! I am thrilled your recovery was so smooth. I am hoping mine is too!
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Getting help that first 7-10 days is IDEAL!! I had help the first 4 and it was also manageable but by day 8 i started to feel good so try and get that help!
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Thanks so much for sharing your story. I have a very similar build as you and it is always nice to hear from other petite Mamas! I am thrilled you had such an easy recovery. I am hoping for the same!
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They look natural and so amazing! If you don't mind my as asking, how much do you weigh and how tall are you? we look similar and I am trying to choose between 255 and 285. Thanks!
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they look wonderful! If you don't mind my asking, how tall are you and how much do you weigh? We have a similar body type and I am trying to decide between 255 and 285 (I am 5'8 and 125#). Yours look completely natural : )
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Hi! I am 5'3 and weigh 102 pounds. I am pretty petite. They feel so incredibly natural. I bet you could go with either and they would look great!!
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Ps. I still feel petite in my clothing but now I fill out a blouse so nicely. And I feel slightly busty in my bathing suit which is what i wanted. I did not want that Holy Boobs look!!!
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Your results look amazing! Super natural and they totally suit your body. I am happy that you feel back to normal...isn't it a great feeling?
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thank you!! YES! it is the best. I just feel like me again:)
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Oh txt for posting you're story ! I just realize I'm going to same practice but I have. Different surges .... They are so amazing there aren't they :) you look amazing and since I'm starting with less breast and I am schedule to get smooth mod profile silicone 300 or 325cc ... I'm still scare and worried too big or I don't know . But I think if I do this , I'll probably end up close to what you have now and that would be fabulous !!! Keep posted you're progress for all of us ok? Hang in there and rest if you can .... I have 3 little boys 8-7-5 and I'm a little scared for the post op too .tx
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