I Love having Boobs! New pics :)San Antonio, TX

I have been reading so many stories on here and...

I have been reading so many stories on here and wanted to share my own thoughts. I love the support the girls have given each other when no one else want to hear me obsessing about boobs lol. My friends are supportive I suppose but don't really want to know about ccs or profile. That's all I've been thinking about lately.

I went on a couple of consults. One doc in this area I went to is highly recommended but doesn't give much advise and was straight to the point. Also he doesn't measure either which I wasn't sure how to feel about. The whole consult was maybe 20 mins. Anyway I heard great things about Dr Decherd and decided to check out his office. My consult was almost 2 hours and he is very knowledgable and a great surgeon. His staff is amazing as well. I have a upcoming consult with Dr Schaffer, he has amazing before and after pictures and all his patients testimonials have nothing but positive results :) such a hard decision between trying to decide which doc to choose. I've been a Lil worried about the procedure and even doubted it at times, but I think I'm getting more excited! I think anesthesia is one of the things I fear the most :/

Are there any ppl that are from the SA area here that know about either doc or have info about them? All the support helps. I'm 5'2" 125 lbs ish and a small b. I was measured 12.5 bwd and was recommended 425 hp. I like the look of mods but can only go 339 because of the width in mod for my bwd. I have seen girls pics thats are close to my body type with hp that have great results so i will be happy with hp too. I'm hoping to achieve a full c small d but don't want to look ridiculous for my body type with huge boobs. I'm hoping 425hp will be okay with out looking too big? Thanks for all your feedback it is reassuring :)

Hoping ill be able to schedule surgery soon. I've...

Hoping ill be able to schedule surgery soon. I've come across so many helpful reviews on this site. I've seen girls that start with a A and get to a D with around 400cc. I tried 400 and 425 hp and I like the way it looks but don't want to end up a DD. :/ I'm pretty sure I have to go with hp because of my bwd. I hope to get over my fears and just do it. I've been to a consult with Dr Greene in stone oak as well. I like him, I've just been looking for the best before and afters and feedback. My consult with Dr Schaffer is in the next week. Cant wait! I'm very active, i go to the gym as often as possible and work full time. I also have kids so Im not use to being the one that has to take it easy. I have bought a couple bras for after the surgery one is front closure. If I go with dr Schaffer he does armpit incision. Has anyone experienced this method and was it difficult to move your arms after with out affecting the incisions?

Was under the impression I was a small b cup. Went...

Was under the impression I was a small b cup. Went to jcp recently since all my bras are Victoria secret (I know they run small) and wanted to know what size I could fit into in a unpadded bra and sadly it was a A:/ hoping to get over my nervousness. I have a couple friends that have been through ba and say it is similar to engorgement when your milk comes in. I think I have a high pain tolerance but I've seen alot of stories where women thought the pain was worse than they imagined. not sure how to feel about pain meds. I don't want to feel completely loopy but would rather have something on hand so i can tolerate the pain. I had Valium when I had LASIK and that was good so hopefully that'll be something they prescribe. I know ill have to rest for a while but I'm so use to doing everything for myself. That will take some getting use to. How soon did y'all feel normal again? I love going to les mills body pump and step at the gym. Hope I won't gain too much not being able to do that for a couple months.

I had my consult with Dr. Schaffer today. I am...

I had my consult with Dr. Schaffer today. I am more confident at his office than any other consult I had been to. He spends alot of one on one time with the patient. I was there 2 hours. There was a patient 8 days post op that showed me her results too! They looked fantastic! I definately found my doc. I'm am getting excited and looking forward to this soon..I tried on 400cc doc recommended mod+ 375 filled to 425 saline or 425-450 hp silicone. He did think saline would be better after they're behind the muscle they look the same..but I've heard so many ppl love silicone and may have my mind made up for silicone. A lil worried about MRIs but that's a few yrs away. He says mod+ saline is the same as hp silicone so I don't want them to be wide and was wondering about that because I have a small frame and didnt want them to look huge. All his work before and afters look amazing so I know I can trust him on this one. :)

Getting close..

Tried on sizers again and believe I'm just deciding in between 400 or 425cc I know that's barely a difference lol. Hoping June 14 is my day! :) only thing I'm waiting on is seeing if my funding can transfer to the doc or will have to send it to me..will know by next week. Just under a month from now and ill have tatas!

Getting close..


Just got off the phone with the docs office and they informed me June 14 is available my surgery is most likely at 230 pm. I have to go all day and maybe sweating it Boo.. It's a lil surreal that this is really happening. I am going in a couple hours to put my deposit, sign consent forms and get prescriptions. I am confident about the doc so I shouldn't be worried but I cant help being a lil scared. I hope the pain after is something I can handle. Thanks for the support on here :)

3 weeks!

The last couple days I have had so much anxiety! I hope I'm just over thinking it and it won't be that bad :/ I know ill be in pain but I hope I won't be thinkin wth did I do..just impatient to get over the hard part... I paid for my surgery got my prescriptions and realizing this is really goin to happen 3 weeks from today! Wow..

Workin out

Have any of y'all ever heard of les mills bodypump or body step? I go to the gym as much as I can but I love these classes! It sucks ill have to miss out on them for awhile :/ bodypump involves lots of squats with weight and upper body workout as well. Body step is high intensity cardio. My doc said I could go back to all regular activity in 3 weeks but most stories I read that doesn't sound like I will be wanting to do that in 3 weeks :( maybe I'm not as prepared as I thought. I don't want to lose any kind of definition I have now but o well. I see lots of pics of girls that are in fitness competitions and have their girls done. I wonder when ill feel comfortable to do regular excersizes again...


Lately I've been contemplating if hp is going to look right on me or if mod+ would be better? Most the surgeries my surgeon does is mod+ and recommended this for me but he also said mod+ saline and hp silicone are similar widths. I see both profiles look good. Makes me soo nervous if I'm picking the right size/profile :/

One week!

I think I'm prepared..still a lil nervous tho. Surprised at how time has flied since I booked the date. I haven't bought arnica and bromelain yet but I'm not sure if ill need it? Trying to keep tips in mind from all the great info on this site. Frozen peas and Miralax. Will pick these up soon. Can't wait to see what they will look like after but ill be bandaged up for 2 days until the big reveal :/ glad my surgery is in the morning. I have to be there at 930. How long was it until y'all could take a shower comfortably without help?


Got here at 930. My name is the next one to be called. I cant say i wasnt thinkin about running the other direction a few mins ago. I will be updating later.

Post op

Feelin a Lil tight today. Defiantly takin Tylenol 3 and arnica gives me some relief. Can't see the new girls til Monday :) thanks boobie buddies!

Post op day 2

Felt tight again this morning but have only taken 1 pain pill all day. I actually started doing dishes a min ago and my teenage daughter stopped me lol. She's a great help. Get to see the new girls tomorrow! This ace bandage makes it impossible to go in public.

Post op day 3

I feel so awesome! Just got bandages off and learned massages. Those sucked a lil. Happy with the size but I can see why women say go bigger. Mine don't look too big at all. I got 425hp silicone. They'll prolly look different once they drop. My ps also said no bra at all for 6 weeks. I would recommend this to anyone on the fence about getting it done. I was soo worried. expecting a lot worse pain. I'm on day 3 and feel great!

Post op day 3

Day 3 :)

They look small :/

I know all girls say go bigger but when I tried on sizers I thought 450 looked huge now I wish I would have went a Lil bigger. When I put a shirt on it isn't noticeable I've had anything done. I was so worried about looking top heavy and now I think there's not a difference between when I had a bra on and now. I really hope they look fuller soon! I got 425hp silicone.

Post op day 12

First time to see the doc since surgery

Today was my official first post op appt. saw the doc and he thinks my results are great! so do I of course:) and asked if he could use my before and afters on his website. I am soo happy I picked him to be my surgeon! I know I did tons of research and freaked myself out a few times before the procedure, but finding the right surgeon is what makes you see fabulous results :)
Also, tryin on bikinis is now super exciting!

1 month post op today!

I've been feeling good since around day 3 or 4. I did some high intensity cardio (bodystep) at the gym today for the first time with a couple low options. I was on the elliptical a few days ago but I feel like I've put on a couple lbs. me just prolly not eating right. I miss pump for sure but don't feel like I can lift a barbell yet, or scared to I guess. I love love love being able to wear tube tops or a strapless dress with no bra! :) so fun to look great without a push-up. My doc still doesn't want me to wear any bra til I don't know when. I have another check up with him next week. I forgot to post some incision pics earlier. I think I knicked myself a lil shaving on the left side it's kinda hard to shave around it sometimes. I think they've been healing great. I haven't put anything on them.


Dr. Eric Schaffer

He explained everything and answered all my questions. I spent alot of time at his office. When all the previous drs i saw mainly their nurses. Dr schaffer gives his patients one on one time and has the patients best interest at heart. His staff is very friendly also. They all made me feel more confident about going thru with it :)

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How are you doing?
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Hey! Loving my new look ;) I went to the outlet mall near me the other day to try on some bras. I know I can't fit them yet but a 34D seems too small. I'm most comfy braless tho :)
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That's awesome. I went thru a phase where I liked my underwire bra (still do when I am out and about) but have gone back to my bandinis again! Lol! I wouldn't b surprised if you were at least a DD. the larger the band size, the lower the cup number. Kind of funny how that works. You should go to Macy's or nordstroms just to get fitted. They are really good with telling you the correct size :) so glad your doing well!!!
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Getting fitted is on my to do list for sure. I went to a VS outlet mall near me but I couldn't figure out what size fit me the best and I had my 6 yr old son with me so he wasn't having nearly as much fun lol. The cami bra I have from Walmart is purdy comfy its nearly as thin as nylons. I saw the doc for my 6 wk checkup today. He's still happy with my look. I'm so happy too! What size fits you the best? It'll be great once a can play them up a lil with push-up. Underwire is still off limits for a lil while :/
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Yeah my bra shopping was w my 2 little ones and they didn't have any fun either.lol! I ended up a 32DDD. I haven't figured out my VS size yet as they run smaller cause a 32DDD was suffocating me. But again I had the kids so their patience level was limited. I still love love my target bandinis, especially in the summer. Also love getting away w just wearing a shelf tank. Never could do that before and look decent. I wanna try a push up too, just to see how it looks w some shirts. :)
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Looking great! And your incision looks good. Thanks for posting. Mine finally healed too and swelling inside the incision went down. Thanks god coz I was worried it will never heal.
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Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. Life is more fun with boobs right! :) did you also have your incisions in the armpit? I am so happy I chose a doc with his skill. They'll be completely in noticeable soon
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             your boobs are beatiful! it doesnt even look like u have implants!
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Aww thank you! I love that I picked the right doctor. I highly recommend him :) under clothes they don't look that big.but I'm happy with them :)
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            mine are that way too! it depends on what i wear! i can also hide them when needed! which is something i rarely do lo!
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I love the way mine look in low cut tank tops and bathing suits :) great feeling!
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             yours do look very natural
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You look great!!
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Thank you! I love them. Good luck to you! :) can't wait to see you posting about your post op pics
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How's your incision? I had mine n the armpits too and they are not quite healed yet. Still a little bit swollen inside.
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I am glad I went thru the armpit. Ill post pics later today. They still look a Lil red but I haven't done anything to them and they look like they're healin nicely :)
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We had our SX's on the same day... Congrats! You look great.
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You look great also! Thanks. It's such a great feeling to try on tube tops and strapless dresses now:) so worth it!
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You can say that again! I felt like a kid at Christmas when I put on my first tube top yesterday while on vacation. Talk about a great stressfree feeling.
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Yesss! I was like wow :) and want to buy one in every color. I'm not allowed by my ps yet to wear a bra, but they're most comfortable with out one :)
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You look so great!
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Thank you! I checked out your profile too and also had a consult with Dr young but decided to go with Dr Schaffer off McCullough. I luv him! I got silicone thru the armpit. I was a nervous mess for sure. What size did you end up getting? and congrats! I totally hear you about not telling certain ppl. My mom is def not a fan of this decision. I still pretty positive she doesn't know I did it. I'm 1 mo post op. I can be discreet around her. I know dr. Young also does armpit incision. Will be happy to hear your updates :)
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I ended up getting Mentor high profile 400cc in each, I originally thought I would go smaller in order to conceal them better but decided that the BA is for me and I should get what I want. Not to mention I wanted to be happy if I'm going to dish out that kind of money.
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I think you'll be happy with choosing the 400. The sizers I tried on scared me cus I was thinkin they'd be huge but they're just right. Not too big at all. Did you get silicone? How are you feeling 1 day po? My recovery was much better than I anticipated. I was feeling 100% by day 3 :)
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Yes, I went with silicone. Too worried about rippling and they feel real! Baha. I'm sure I will be happy with the 400s. I was a bit overwelmed this morning when I got everything off to shower but they are pretty sowellen and I need to get used to them. I'm doing fantastic today and I slept well last night which I didn't think I would cause I never sleep on my back. Already started leanthening the time between pain pills, took a shower (hot water made me nauseas but it went away quickly). My recovery is also going way better than I expected. I don't consider myself to have a high pain tolerance so I was worried. When you did you start getting up and around and outside? I'm getting a little stir crazy but know that I don't want to overdo it and give myself time to rest.
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