Loving My Gals.... 375 cc's Silicone Overs

I have always been small chested and wished that I...

I have always been small chested and wished that I had boobs like other girls. When I was pregnant with both of my children I had gotten up to a nice C cup which was awesome! I nursed both of my kids for a year each and now I feel I am smaller than I once becuase they just don't have that same fullness. I am currently a 34A/32B depending on where I get a bra from. One breast has a slight sag and one is slightly smaller. I am 5'3" and 115lbs. I work out quite a bit and I am happy to be back at my goal weight and am overall happy with the way my body looks. In working out with several women (I do an all women's bootcamp) I have learned how accepted it is to have a BA and what the experience is like. I grew up in a family where matters such as this would be brushed aside. I haven't told my family just yet that I actually have a surgery date scheduled. My mom sort of knows I'm considering it and she wasn't very happy about it!

I was originally planning to do the surgery next year over the summer as we have a lot going on with getting ready to move (moving this weekend) but my friend who recently had a BA informed me that I'd have to wait several months before going into bodies of water (is that true?) and perhaps I should look into doing it sooner. I have off the week that I have the surgery scheduled so that's why I chose that date. My husband are also planning to possibly go to Vegas the end of November and I thought it would be fun to have boobs and go to Vegas lol. However, with the surgery date quickly approaching I'm starting to question whether I really want this and if the timing is right. I don't hate my boobs but I do get bummed out about them when I am getting dressed, etc. I feel like there is never a "perfect" time and that something will always be going on. I'm a teacher and so I also worry what that will be like coming back to work the following week and what people will say/ask although it's something that I want and I won't let people bring me down about it!

I am planning on going with saline implants over the muscle as per my dr's recommendations. I haven't seen many people with saline overs so I'm not sure how that will look. I guess that's the other thing that is bugging me. I wish I could know how they are going to look when it's all done! I know I loved how it looked when I tried on the fitted bras but I know it's going to be different when it's actually done!!!

There is just so much on my mind right now so sorry if I rambled but I just needed to write it out and perhaps hear some postive words of advice.

Sooo I meant to say several weeks before going...

sooo I meant to say several weeks before going into water but I've researched it more and I have learned it just depends on what your doctor says.

I'm feeling a bit bummed right now because my husband told me today he would prefer I wait until spring break. I don't know if I can take 5 months of waiting!! I hate the whole back and forth... I want to be able to talk to my family about it but I don't want to say anything until I know it's a for sure thing. Frustrated. :(

oh and thought I would post a photo of myself....

So tomorrow I am going to be calling to cancel my...

So tomorrow I am going to be calling to cancel my BA that was set for the 19th. I want to go back to see Dr. Diana and have an appointment tomorrow so I can ask some more questions and then go from there. I'm hoping maybe next month will be better timing. Things have been crazy with the move so I think it's best to hold off for now. Hopefully soon though!

Wow so it has been awhile since I have been on...

Wow so it has been awhile since I have been on here. I had to postpone my surgery date as we had to purchase another vehicle instead! I was really bummed about it and haven't been on here. I'm getting anxious though as I now have a date scheduled for March 12 and my pre op is in February! My sister in law just had a BA done and another sister in law of mine is getting one in Feb. I'm looking forward to it. I've been working out hard and eating right as I want to be in the best shape as possible prior to the surgery. I've told friends and one of my SIL's about the surgery. I got brave and told my grandma about it to see how she handled it (surprisingly well!) I have yet to mention it to my parents or my own sister. I just know that they are all going to flip out about it and I'd rather just wait to bring it up. Perhaps after my pre-op appointment. I dunno :-/

So next week I'm scheduled for my pre-op but now a...

So next week I'm scheduled for my pre-op but now a new twist has come up... My hubby wants me to look into the Sientra implants which would mean seeing another doctor as my current dr does not use them. So I go on monday to consult with this other doctor and compare the gummy bear type implants to the silicone implants. The cost would be more but my hubby says he wants the best for me (of course this gets brought up a few days pre-op) sigh* we shall see. I've been trying to read up as much as I can about both the Sientra implants and the Mentor memory gel implants. It's overwhelming! So hopefully I will know more on Monday!

So today I went and met with the doctor who does...

So today I went and met with the doctor who does the sientra implants. They did feel pretty nice but the downside was that the max size I could go would be 280cc's because my chest width is small. Bummer... so I am planning on sticking with my current doctor and going with the Mentor silicone implants. I have been on the fence about the whole thing the past couple days "cold feet" I suppose you could say but I am not getting excited about it. I got to put on the sizers today with my hubby there so I got to see his reaction! I'll try to post some photos tonight... :) I've been reading story after story and am glad to know my crazy feelings are normal!

Pre-Op is on Thursday and I'm super excited now! I...

Pre-Op is on Thursday and I'm super excited now! I called the dr's office today to speak to them about making the switch to silicone and also to see about doing the local anesthesia instead of being completely under. Has anyone gone that route? If so what was your experience like?

Also couple other random questions... I know in my pamphlet it mentions getting arnica tablets and gel but I have seen several of you all posting about bromelain?? What is that for and where can I get it?

Also... how did you know what size bras to buy? I know they are going to give me some sort of bra but I have also read that you aren't supposed to wear underwire bras for quite awhile.

I can't believe I'm going to do this but I'm getting excited about it!

So today I had my pre-op appointment. I had the...

So today I had my pre-op appointment. I had the day off from work and in the morning I kept thinking about how I still had time to change my mind and this and that... As I was sitting in the waiting area I was reminding myself that it's ok for me to do this and do something for me. Yes it's not something that I have to have but my husband is supportive of me having it done so why not? I've worked really hard to get my self back in shape... I'm seriously excited to wear a sports bra and have boobs haha :) My doctor came and talked with me about opting for the local instead of the general anesthesia. I had some concerns with going under and I wanted to make sure that if I opted to do the local instead my doctor would be able to achieve the same results and that I would be able to get through it with being awake. After talking with him about it I am comfortable going that route and as an added bonus it saved me a couple hundred dollars ;) When it came time to sign off on the paperwork the notes stated high profile silicone 375cc's.... I was under the impression I was going with 350cc's but I was pleasantly surprised because I was going to ask him to go to 375! So yay! :) Soooo the pic of me with the sizers on must be the 375 sizers (it was from my consult apt). They went over the procedures and what I needed to do prior to the surgery and they took my vitals, photos, did a 3-D image scan. I can't believe I bought my boobies today lol. 12 more days to go! The one thing on my mind is how am I going to deal with co-workers? I have told a select few that I work closely with/am friends with but that's about it. I know people will talk but I honestly don't care cuz this is for ME! :)

So one week away!!! I keep thinking how when I...

So one week away!!! I keep thinking how when I wake up tomorrow morning I will be one week away from my surgery date. I still have those back and forth moments about what the heck I'm doing. I kinda freaked out a bit when I went to victoria's secret and compared what I currently wear to what I could potentially wear!! I can't even imagine being able to fill out a larger bra lol!! I went to Sears tonight after looking online for some zipper bras. I came across the Hanes zip front bra. I really like how it looks and feels. It's soft and it doesn't have any additional padding. Added bonus was it was buy one get one half off! So I got a white and a black one! I posted a pic for you all to see. I have arnica tablets on the way and I've just been working on getting my house in order and taking care of stuff that needs to be done... it's almost like when you start to "nest" before you have a baby! lol! I've gotten more comfortable talking about the surgery with my mom and grandma which has been nice.. less to stress about. A small part of me is a little sad about saying goodbye to my small boobs BUT I am excited to wake up and meet the new gals! Some of my co-workers know about the procedure and we have joked how I am going to come back from spring break and have blossomed ;) I know I will probably be a topic of conversation but hopefully no one will make it this a huge deal and we will all just go about our day (I hope). I hope that this is an easy week as I already am feeling like I'm on the emotional roller coaster!!!

Wow I can't believe I only have five more days to...

Wow I can't believe I only have five more days to go. Tomorrow the dr's office will be calling me to tell me my surgery time. My prescriptions have been called in and I am picking them up on friday. I have purchased arnica tablets, arnica cream, bromelain, and vitamin e oil. I have bought two Hanes zip up sports bras and on cami bra from target. I want to try to find a pair of cute pj's that are button down. Going to be doing some major house cleaning this weekend!

So talked to the nurse today and I am set to...

So talked to the nurse today and I am set to arrive at 11:00am Tuesday morning! They gave me my directions for what I have to do prior to the surgery. I have a follow up appointment for the next afternoon! Can't believe how close the day is.... I'm going to enjoy this weekend. Going out dancing tonight and just going to have a fun weekend since next week I will just need to relax! I'm feeling pretty excited about it just more worried about returning to work! agh! My friends/co-workers that do know are excited for me and hopefully it will all be ok! I'm worried my students are going to be looking at me funny haha I'm sure they don't pay attention to stuff like that but the thought has crossed my mind. I figure if my co-workers ask I will just say yes I did and just leave it at that or I will just joke and say I got the bombshell bra LOL.

So I have had a great weekend so far. Had fun...

So I have had a great weekend so far. Had fun dancing and hanging out with friends. I usually eat pretty darn good but I guess I have been feeling stressed and my attitude has been gotta eat it now get it out of my system because during my time that I can't work out I gotta be extra good about what I eat! I woke up this morning in panic mode though. The reality that its two days away is hitting me hard right now and I am stressing about all the stuff I need to do before and having the what the heck am I about to do thought running through my mind. I know it's a normal feeling but it's taking its toll on me and the husband. I told a guy friend last night when he asked so what are you doing spring break? Getting boobs! haha Last night I was having fun and excited this morning I am stressed and freaking out! Hello emotional roller coaster!!!



The dr's office called me this morning to let me know that they have changed my surgery arrival time from 11 to 9:30!!! I'm actually really happy about that because I wake up at 5:30 in the morning most days and I am super hungry so now I won't have to wait so long to eat haha.

Today I have just been chilling and trying not to stress. I had wanted to go to the gym for a final workout but just have had a lot to do so haven't been able to make it. I did do a little bit of exercise outside and went to the mall and walked around and I'll do my ab workout at some point so eh I suppose that can count right? :) I've just been enjoying my day spending time with my kids, did some shopping, got my hair cut! I'm baking a better than s** chocolate cake for a get together that we are having tonight. Our close friends are coming over for a game night and pizza at our house so I'm looking forward to that and its a good distraction! I really wish I could drink some wine tonight but I told myself after saturday no more!! I had more drinks this weekend than I have ever had sooo I think I'm good for a couple weeks!!! LOL I have been taking my arnica tablets and I've been instructed to wash with Dial soap tonight and tomorrow prior to coming in. I have to put on my numbing cream and these patches before I head to the surgical center. My grandma is coming over in the morning to stay with my kids and my husband is going to take me there. I feel like everyone else is calm about it. My mom and grandma haven't really said anything about it just that they will be there to help with the kids. I've been waiting for someone to talk me out of it but no one has lol. My husband will just give me a hard time saying are you sure about it? agh! haha I know things between us have been a little stressful because my emotions are all over the place. I'm hoping tonight hanging out with our friends will relax us both so we can have a good night and good start to tomorrow! ;) Any last minute tips or advice is welcome!! I'm going to pack all my stuff up tonight so it's ready to go tomorrow morning!

TODAY IS THE BIG DAY!!! My husband is taking...


My husband is taking me to the surgery center right now. I'm feeling pretty calm right now just got off the phone with my parents and my dad surprised me with how calm he was so that was really nice because I haven't talked to him about the surgery. It was kind of a busy morning. I woke up early couldn't sleep so I went to the store to occupy myself. I am so hungry right now!!! I'll update as soon as I can! Thank you for all the support!!

Just wanted to let ya gals know I'm out of surgery...

Just wanted to let ya gals know I'm out of surgery everything went well! We are picking up some comfy pillows and some lunch right now. When I get home and rest a bit I'll post more about it all!!!

SURGERY DAY So this morning I woke up really...


So this morning I woke up really early and I couldn't sleep and was really hungry. So, to occupy my time I went to the store to buy some magazines and some pineapple juice. I put on my numbing cream at 9:00 and we got to the surgery center at 9:45 they didn't call me back until around 10:30. They have me my pain meds ketorolac and a Valium and then go me prepped for surgery.
My doctor came in to talk to me and he told me that after looking at my images and history he felt we should switch to doing the implant over the muscle. I asked him if if I was to be under GA if he would still suggest going that route and he said yes. So I trusted his judgement and off we went.

I opted to do the local so I was awake for the whole procedure though the meds made me feel a tad spaced out and I often felt like I could just fall asleep. They had music on so I just focused on listening to that. They gave me some injections to numb me up and go to work. I could hear everything going on and they let me know what was happening. I only felt discomfort on the right side but it was bearable. I think the local was wearing off because he apparently spent a lot of time with my left breast. The nurse told me I had sisters now not twins lol but he said they looked perfect. :) they took me off to recovery for about 20 mins and then I got to go home. They didnt wrap me but she said tomorrow i would be fitted for a bra. The ride home was a little rough!

I've been in some pain and my breasts feel like they are on fire. They had originally told me not to ice but I called and told them how bad it was hurting so they have me the ok to ice. I have timers set on my phone to remind me to take my meds. Ill post some pics up. They didn't send me home wrapped which surprised me but I can see the gifsl. I'm freaking out a little that they are too big and if over the muscle was the right way to go!

So today I am feeling much better. I've been...

So today I am feeling much better. I've been taking my ketorolac on schedule and last night I did take one Vicodin because I woke up in a lot of pain. However when I got up this morning I felt much better. I have also started taking bromelain and arnica pills. I'm also running arnica cream on my boobs which seems to be helping. I called the dr to see if I can also start using vitamin e oil as I noticed some stretch marks which I know I had prior but know they seem worse :-( I posted some new pics. I'm getting use to them now. They are still very high and hard similar to if you nursed and had an immense amount of milk! Haha Dr still has me bra less so he said nothing more than a unlined cami when I have to go to work!

Ok so I am a little worried about stretch marks...

Ok so I am a little worried about stretch marks and the bruising tha I have (see photos) I saw my dr yesterday and he said everything looks good. I called the office today and they told me I could start using vitamin e oil on my breasts just don't apply it on the incision but my incisions are taped so I just applied the oil around it. Anyone else have this type of bruising/stretching? I did have minimal stretch marks after nursing but not like this! Will it get better? I'm using vitamin e oil, arnica cream, arnica tablets and bromelain!!!

So yesterday I thought I would get on the scale...

So yesterday I thought I would get on the scale and that was a bad idea the scale is not my friend right now haha.

My mom and sister went bra shopping for me yesterday and came home with a bunch of pretty bralettes from Victoria's Secret and Gilly Hicks. I'll post a pic of one of the gilly hicks bras the VS ones look the same. The dr doesn't want me in anything with additional support just a cami or nothing but I have to go back to work next week so I figure a bralette would be ok! I couldn't believe that I could wear one and have cleavage! I'm going to see if my mom or sis will take me out to go exchange some for different colors. Yay!

The bruising I have really freaks me out it looks so bad on my left side so I'm making sure to really put on my arnica cream and vitamin e oil and going to Ice up today.

Ok adding a new photo of the bruising I have. Is...

Ok adding a new photo of the bruising I have. Is this normal I feel like I have much more bruising going on than other gals and I'm debating on calling my dr to see about going in to get checked out.

So k saw my dr today and he said that the bruising...

So k saw my dr today and he said that the bruising is nothing to worry about. He told me that when he worked on that breast it did have some oozing and was more of a a challenge. He said though that the yellow discoloration is a good sign that it is healing. He told me to continue taking the arnic tablets and using arnica cream but not to take the bromelain until at least Monday as it could cause more issues. He also told me no vitamin e oil for another couple of weeks! Oops! He joked with me that he can tell I have a bit of a compulsive personality which well I do haha I told him I'm going a bit crazy not being able to do much but he told me to just take it easy and he will see me in a couple days. I had ended up having to drive myself to the appointment so I figured I would stop by the mall to go to Victoria's secrets I bought a really cute bralette and I ordered two more. My dr said I could wear whatever was comfortable but i have read to not wear anything super supportive or with wires. So the VS bralette are perfect! I had the gal measure me and she asked what my current size was I laughed and said I don't know I just had my boobs done haha and she smiled and said wow yeah your boobs look amazing!! I measured at a 34D/DD but she said once swelling goes down I will probably be at a D. Well I am going to rest now I did too much today and my gals are sore!!!

Ok so as you may have read after my surgery I was...

Ok so as you may have read after my surgery I was sent home "as is" no bandages or surgical bra. When I saw him today he told me I could wear whatever bra I am comfortable with. Should I be wearing a bra? Should I let the gals just be free? I have sports bras that I had brought in preparation to be wearing em and for the last couple days that I have been home I have just let the gals be. What do you think? I forgot to ask him why he didn't have me in a bra but when I asked the nurse she said based on how my surgery was I didn't need to be all bandaged up. Just something I was thinking about.... Thoughts??

DAY 5... I think I need to slow myself down....

DAY 5...

I think I need to slow myself down. I've been so excited to get out of the house and buy cute bras but I'm worn out and my right boob hurts! I haven't had to take a Valium but I may have to because I keep having little spasms in my right breast it's not bad but it's bothersome :( I only have a couple more pills of my keteradol. I'm supposed to keep taking the keteradol until I run out and then I guess switch to Tylenol. The Valium is for me to take when the keteradol isn't working and today is one of those days... So now I am just relaxing in bed thinking about bras I want to get still. I have bought three of the VS bralettes and I have a really pretty navy blue one on hold for me that I may go get. I also want to order one of the nude ruched bralettes from VS. I want to go to target to get a sports bra. However I don't want to just have all bralettes! I know in a month I will be able to wear a regular bra but I will probably opt for one like the VS wireless demin bra. At what point did you hals start wearing "regular bras"??? Ill post some pics later of the bras I got and my boobs progress right now going to relax and ice my gals!

Just thought I would post some updated photos to...

Just thought I would post some updated photos to show the gals progress. I've had fun buying some cute bras to wear for when I go back to work next week. I plan to grab a couple sports bras from target tonight. The bruising that I had is looking much better especially on the right breast. My left breast has that yellowish tinge but the dr said its a sign its healing. I go back to see him on Tuesday and I'm going to ask him why he opted to not bandage me or put me in a surgical bra. I trust him as he is an excellent dr but I'm curious and want to be able to answer y'all's questions about it as well! :)

My boobs feel pretty good, I think they are starting to drop I just have some pain on the sides and every now and then I get little twinges but that is mostly in the morning. I haven't been taking the Valium but I think I am going to take one tonight as I have kinda over done it today and I'm hurting a bit more. That and I'm almost out of my keteradol.

One tip I'd like to throw out there is take miralax or something even of you are feeling fine!! I wanted to CRY earlier this evening and I have now taken a dose of miralax in the hopes of not experiencing that pain ever again!!!!

Ok I am apparently a little out of it... Here are...

Ok I am apparently a little out of it... Here are what I have for meds:

Ketorolac is my main pain meds
Hydrocodein/Vicodin is my back up
Diazepam/Vicodin is for spasms

Today I learned an important lesson: RELAX!!!! I...

Today I learned an important lesson: RELAX!!!! I got so excited with getting out of the house and buying bras that I wayyy over did it! The last couple days in the morning particularly I would get little muscle spasms and I figured it was just "morning boob" and I dealt with it. But today I found myself walking around (in public haha) holding my boobs because they just hurt. So earlier this evening I decided to take a valium to help with the spasms. I thought that would also serve as a pain reliever and I fell asleep. 3 hours later I woke up in so much pain it felt like someone just punched me in the chest. I had to have my husband push me upright in bed lol. I opted to take a Vicodin since I plan to go back to bed in just a bit. I need to try calling my dr to see if I can get a refill on the Ketorolac but I'm guessing they are going to tell me to just start taking Tylenol. My plan tomorrow is to just stay home and rest because Monday I have to go back to work but I'm considering taking Tuesday and maybe even Wednesday off depending on how tomorrow goes. I hate being off of work because its so much MORE work planning for a sub. Ahhhh the vicodin is kicking in and I am feeling much better!! :) Have a good night ladies! :)

Sooo I did a little much today but it was my last...

Sooo I did a little much today but it was my last day of break before going back to work tomorrow. I got all my pretty bras washed and for the most part I'm looking forward to going back to work. Some people already know and I've just come to the conclusion that I don't car what people say are anything I'm so happy with how I am looking and am not going to let others bring me down! I posted some pics of the new bras I got. I am loving that I can wear sports bras and have cleavage now!!!

Added some additional photos of the reduced...

Added some additional photos of the reduced bruising...

Today was my first day back at work... It was ok....

Today was my first day back at work... It was ok. I felt bad that I kept having to leave the classroom because i was tired and my left breast was swollen and it was bleeding from the incision site (see pic)... No one at work noticed or said anything... Only the people that knew about it noticed lol. I ended up telling a couple of my coworkers that info bootcamp with because they were wondering about why I wasn't going to be going. So I told em and they were both supportive and one was really curious and told me she's actually been thinking about it! I had fun showing off my boobs to my friends haha I'm so happy with them! I did take off tomorrow so that I can rest up because I did too much this weekend and today was rough. Posted some new pics. Can't believe that tomorrow will be one week!

I currently have vitamin e oil but my ps told me...

I currently have vitamin e oil but my ps told me not to use it yet. I also have some Arbonne Shea butter that is my regular lotion (LOVE that stuff!) but should I also get cocoa butter? What's best? I'm going to ask my dr tomorrow when I can start using something though I just massaged some Shea butter smells so good haha!

So today I had my one week follow up appointment....

So today I had my one week follow up appointment. I went prepared with some typed up questions lol but of course after I left I thought of other questions so I had to call back they probably see my number and think omg what now haha. So I asked him why he opted to do over the muscle and he told me that the implant wouldn't have fit under my muscle, I'm actually happy that he opted to do overs because I enjoy working out and I've read about women having the implants shift when they contract their muscles. He gave me some instructions on massaging because he said I'm still really tight. At first he hinted that I wasn't doing enough of my arm exercises but when I showed him I could raise my arms all the way up he said oh nevermind haha... He told me not to be afraid to really massage my breasts... I told him I was afraid of hurting them. So I have to start pushing my breasts towards each other hold for a few seconds and release. I also have to grab them from the front and squeeze for a few seconds and release. These are in addition to my arm raises and shoulder shrugs 15 reps of each exercise three times a day. He told me to keep taking the arnica and I'm now taking bromelain for a month along with my multivitamin and vitamin C. I asked him if I could start putting vitamin E or cocoa butter on my breasts and he said I can start to do that. I forgot to ask which was best but I got all three and plan to use them interchangeably.

I also asked him why he didn't put me in a bra or wrap me up and he said that I didn't need that and that my chest muscles would respond just fine without the bra. He said the bra is for comfort and that I really don't need to wear a bra unless I want to. He said the bralettes and the sports bra I had were both good choices.

He told me no exercising yet and that we will talk about it at my one month follow up. However when I called the nurse I asked her if next week if I could at least start walking on the treadmill or do the stationary bike and she said that I can start doing that now however often I want but to listen to my body and dont over do it. she also said its ok to have sex although I'm not sure I'm ready for that haha. I plan to wait until next week before I start light exercises since my left breast is still swollen and they are both tight. I'm just going to focus on my boobercises ;-)

I took today off from work to rest and it was so nice. Gave myself a pedi, watched a movie, had lunch with a friend and relaxed! Hopefully tomorrow at work will go better. I'm planning to take my ice pack so that I can ice them during my breaks. The ice pack feels so good! I'll post some pics in just a bit! I'm so happy I did this I love wearing sports bras and bralettes and having boobs! Now I just gotta work on softening them up!

So I am here at work today and it's going good...

So I am here at work today and it's going good though I did have to take off the sports bra I was wearing just was feeling to snug on my left side becuase my left breast is still swollen more than the right one. Thankfully I have a hoody to wear over my shirt haha I also brought a bralette to wear as a backup but for now I'm just going to let them be bare!!! :)

I used that cocoa butter last night and it was ok. I'm planning on returning it though because its a pain to have to scrape it out and warm it up. I'm planning to go buy the body shop cocoa butter instead. Also the vitamin e smells funny so I will probably just use it at night or mix it with the cocoa butter :)

I feel like I am constantly massaging and doing...

I feel like I am constantly massaging and doing arm raises. In addition to what he has told me to do I'm also just doing a general rub down on my boobs. Hoping that will help soften up up and settle better. Any other suggestions?? It felt so good to take a warm shower after work today. My worry of students hugging me off guard happened today and it HURT but now I know to be always on the lookout lol :) I was pretty happy that I only took my tylenol in the morning. I'm going to take some before bed but I'm hoping that I can keep it just to twice a day.

I ended up buying the cocoa butter from the body shop and I am loving it!! Smells great and is easy to put on and even better it was on sale!. I plan on using the cocoa butter, my body reactivating serum, shea butter, and vitamin e oil throughout the day in different combinations. I am also using a firming body cream but just on my stomach and lower areas not around my breasts. My skin is feeling so soft haha. Mixing the vitamin e-oil with the cocoa butter seems to be working well I don't notice the smell of the vitamin e which is good lol. :)

How long did it take for your breasts to really feel soft and not so tight? I feel like my breasts are so tight in the lower region closest to my under arms. I'm just trying to massage that area.

Just curious what massages do you ladies do? Especially if you have overs!!

Also... when will this bloat go away? I know this extra five pounds isn't from my new girls haha. I know its normal and probably doesn't help that it's almost that time of the month but ugh it bums me out that I got down to 112 and now I'm at 118 which I know is not a horrible weight but I just feel so bloated and bleh! I'm trying to get back on track with my eating clean but my attitude is bad right now.... :( Its helped being back at work because I pack a healthy lunch and tonight I made dinner. Suppose it just takes time... I'm going to go eat some sherbet now and call it a night! lol :)

I wanted to add... the hardest part of this...

I wanted to add... the hardest part of this recovery has to be not being able to pick up my 3 year old. I attempted to go to the store today and to GNC and she was running circles around the stores and all I could do was plead with her to come to mommy and hold my hand. I so wished I could have just chased her down picked her up and been done! The guys at GNC got a good laugh at her and I'm sure they were wondering why doesn't this mom just grab her kid?! lol So lesson is... if you have little ones and you gotta do errands take someone with you or go alone!!! :)

Sorry for all the updates... Was just about to go...

Sorry for all the updates... Was just about to go to bed and looked at the girls and noticed that my right breast had dried blood around the steri strip :( in guessing its from a the massaging??? Is this normal? Do you think I need to get a new steri strip?? It bled worse than the left one did (and the left breast has been the one that has been swollen!)

Today was so not fun... This morning when I went...

Today was so not fun... This morning when I went to massage my left breast oozed blood so I put some paper towel between the steri strip and my bra. Went to work got some gauze from the nurse's office and went to change it out. The paper towel had some dried blood on it. About an hour and a half later I went back to massage again and it again oozed blood down me. So I called the dr and they said they wanted me to come in. Thankfully I was able to leave work and they didn't ask any questions about what kind of surgery i had just told me go see my dr and don't worry if I couldn't come back.

I got to the drs and he joked about how wasn't I just here and about being compulsive haha but when he laid me back and squeezed my breast he saw right away what I was dealing with! Apparently I had blood behind my incision which is why my left breast had more bruising and swelling. So he massaged my breast firmly to get out the excess blood it hurt! He then said I needed to come back in later because he wanted to bring me back into the operating room to get the rest out and also check my other breast since it had bled some as well.

I went back later and they got me prepped and on the operating table I went. He numbed me up with a local anesthetic and basically opened me back up to get out the excess blood. It was not fun but the nurse had some good music playing and my dr talked me through it all. There were moments I wanted to cry because I was freaking out but I got through it. Wished i had some valium like indid on surgery day haha...He stitched me back up and he put new steri strips on me. He is also putting me on Accolate which is an asthma med but it apparently helps with softening. He said I'm not hard or anything like that but more as a preventative. He told me not to massage and take it easy with my breasts and that I have to go back in next week.

They actually feel much better now but the incision area is sore. I was pretty tired this evening and I'm do glad thats over with!! So ready for the weekend! I'll try to post pics tomorrow I'm pretty tired and have a long day tomorrow....

Thank you for thinking of me!!

Wow I can't believe it's been two weeks!!! As you...

Wow I can't believe it's been two weeks!!! As you know Thursday was rough but since then it's been so much better!! My boobs feel much better and are starting to soften up. The bruising is almost all gone! That Friday morning following the procedure was the first day that I woke up and didn't feel like I had this weight on my chest. I actually went down 4lbs! I guess I was pretty swollen and retaining water or something. Or could just be its almost that time of the month yay!

The past couple days I have been able to go without any pain meds. I have been having a tingling sensation as if when your arm falls asleep and it wakes up and at the same time if feels like my skin is sunburned! I know it's probably nerve regeneration and that's good but it's driving me nuts! I've started to massage again and so far so good. I go back to the dr on thurs for another follow up. Hoping he lets me start doing some light exercises! Posting some new photos!

I'm guessing this is all part of the healing...

I'm guessing this is all part of the healing process but I am going nuts. Over the weekend I started to get a tingling sensation in my breasts and they just felt strange. Then anything touching my nipples just bothers me so bad. I seriously want to just be topless haha. I was going crazy at work today because I was stuck there and felt like my boobs were on fire. They feel warm to me but could just be me over thinking that something is wrong. I don't think there is because they over all feel fine, there is no additional bruising, and when I am topless i feel just fine. So I'm not sure what to do. Did anyone else experience this? How long did it last? I go back to the dr on thursday and I plan to call them tomorrow to ask them about this but any advice you can offer is appreciated!!!

So today I saw my Dr. for a follow up after the...

So today I saw my Dr. for a follow up after the procedure I had last Thursday. He said everything looks great and that the burning sensations and sensitivity are normal. He wants me to start taking vitamin E and motrin 3 times a day for 7 days. I will see him again in two weeks. I asked him if I could start doing some light exercises but he told me no because he knows I won't do light (ok ok... I know I would probably try to push it LOL) I will probably wait until next week and then start to just do some more walking. I know this weekend I just need to relax. I had a really long week at work, yesterday I tripped (I didn't fall but my boobs bounced hard) so now on my left side by my sternum it feels sore. I meant to ask him about that but I forgot. Oh well. I will let you know if the regimen he's having me do helps. I feel like I'm taking so much stuff lol.

The only other issue I have been having the past two days is numbness on my left side arms/leg. It doesn't last long and I'm sure its normal to experience this (I was reading up on it) but gees!

My goal for my long weekend is to RELAX!!! I plan to just stay in bed or on the couch as long as possible. I also want to try to find some 100% cotton bras to wear and see if that helps. Hope all my other boobie buddies are doing well with their recovery!! :)

So almost at the three week mark and for the most...

So almost at the three week mark and for the most part doing ok! I've been having morning boob again most likely because my boobs are a bit swollen because its almost that time of the month at least it's supposed to be if it would hurry up and show up haha I'm sure my cycle is a little off due to the surgery but I want to get it over with lol!

I went and bought some dresses today. I'm not use to having boobs! I can tell that my left breast is a tad higher of course my left one has been the one that had more swelling and issues... It's also the one that was just a little bigger than the left side. My right side feels like it's just ahead of it in this process oh well.

I'm not sure if the vitamin e and Motrin are helping or if it's just I took it somewhat easy today but the sensitivity was much more manageable definitely still there but I can deal.

Ill post some pics of me with dresses on! Can't believe it's been almost three weeks!

So as of Tuesday I am three weeks post op! Things...

So as of Tuesday I am three weeks post op! Things have been going much better! My only issue is my left breast seems larger and up higher than my right side. I was expecting the left one to be slightly larger since if was prior to the surgery but before I never noticed much but now I notice it I think it's due to my left side still being swollen. I keep reminding myself that they are going to heal at their own pace and to be patient! I'll post a couple new pics. I'm happy to say that I'm back to my pre surgery weight but uh it's that time of the month so excuse the bloat lol... I'm not working out yet as much as I want to I'm not pushing anything. I pulled my under arm muscle trying to drive my SUV :( (perhaps that's why my left side seems swollen a bit more who knows!) I go in next week for my one month check up! Can't believe it's been almost a month!

Can't believe that today marks one month since I...

Can't believe that today marks one month since I had my surgery! I'm really happy with the size of my new gals.... left one is still just a tad larger but I think it's finally starting to catch up to the right side :) I went to Nordstrom's over the weekend to get fitted... 32DD and in some bras 32DDD wowza! They definitely don't feel like they are THAT big but they fill up those cups just fine! I originally feared being a double D but they suit me just fine! Only one person has asked me about it at work (that didn't already know). I had fun buying some new bras this weekend and ordered some lingerie that I should get tomorrow! I'll post some pics in just a bit (please excuse my lovely red square sunburn LOL). Hope you are all doing well! I go for my one month check up on thursday... I am hopeful my doctor will give me the ok to start working out... he didn't want me doing anything :( so we shall see!!

Today I was so excited about going to my one month...

Today I was so excited about going to my one month appointment I was feeling good and was hopeful he would finally give me the ok to start working out but that bubble was popped when he said I had formed a seroma?? In my left breast and he was advising that I have a drain put in for a couple of days to ensure the remaining fluid would drain... When he observed my left breast some fluid leaked out :( so now I'm sporting a lovely drain for the weekend. I'm dreading going to work tomorrow wish I could take it off but it would be silly because its an "easy" day I am taking off Monday though because I have to go back in to have the drain removed. I was reading up on here about this and I just started bawling because I'm a bit scared now and I really want to call the office and ask them to just take it out. I trust my doctor but I'm just a little freaked out right now :( he told me today that I've been his most "intensive" follow up patient he has had in awhile :-/ and it's not a matter of if I have been good or bad I'm just having a rougher recovery. He wants me to just try to relax this weekend and come back on Monday. I'm also being put on an antibiotic. I'll post a pic. There isn't much fluid and he told me there may not be much in the following couple of days but he wanted to make sure I don't have any further issues due to the fluid. I really hope that this is the last bump in my road to recovery!!!

Hello Ladies! I know it's been awhile since I have...

Hello Ladies! I know it's been awhile since I have posted! I'm happy to say I am doing great! I go tomorrow for another follow up appointment... I think I have seen my 5 out of 6 weeks lol. I love him though, he has been so thorough with everything since I have had some issues with my recovery. I'm hopeful that tomorrow he will finally give me the ok to start working out! Six weeks without working out is starting to bug me! I'm bringing a list of exercises to my appointment and I'm going to ask him which ones I can do. Surely I can do SOMETHING! :) I'll post some pics tomorrow and update with how the appointment goes! Hope you are all doing well!
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Hey! So glad things are going better for you! :) Cant wait to see your pics! Going good with me too! Hope your appointment goes great tomorrow!
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bummer! I am so sorry. I hope the next few days go well and you can relax. Good Luck.
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hey lady! sorry to hear your follow up didn't go so well. :( you have a really rough time. I hope things get better after this for you. Try to rest up this weekend and dont do too much. Ill be thinking of ya. Keep us posted.
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Thanks girly! I'm hoping third times a charm and it's smooth sailing from here on out! Planning to be a bum all weekend lol!
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I'm sorry to hear about the drain :-(... that definitely feels like a step-back... just like how I feel about wearing this stupid bandeau strap that my PS gave me a few days ago because my Rt pecs just won't relax and I'm so lopsided right now... The thing with the interne tis the more you read about stuff the more its gets crazy then we get obsessed about the worst case scenario so... easy to say than do... do try to relax this weekend and no internet for you as you will just spin your head reading about seromas and drains... We'll get through this... xx
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You are so right!! My husband told me don't look at all that just do what your dr said. I just felt like easy for him to say he doesn't have a tube shoved into his chest!!! Hopefully you don't have to wear that strap too long!! Fingers crossed our girls cooperate and we can ENJOY them!! ((Hugs))
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Looking great so far ;-)
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You look fabulous! I am glad all is going well.
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Hey lady! you are looking amazing!!! Love the new bikini too! I have been looking all over for a new one and just havent found one I like yet. Hope your follow up goes well tomorrow. :)
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Thank you! So are you!!! Target had a bunch of cute ones and they are on sale this week :)
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Time flies when you're having fun, huh? Nice VS bra.. and I have that same suit from Target! Isn't the shopping so much more fun now?!?! :D As much as I hear about Nordstroms for sizing, I wish there was one somewhere close - the closest ones are about 2-1/2hrs away. :(
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Haha yeah I'm a bit bra crazy right now I've been having fun buying new bras! When I went to vs they wanted to put me in a 34D but it did not fit right. It really did help me going to Nordstrom and trying on multiple bras with the rep to see how they should properly fit because then when I went to VS I knew what to look for fit wise! I bought some bras online from Nordstrom and I bought some from VS ill post pics later of what all I got!
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Wow love the before and afters, you rock the blue dress!
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Thank you!
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Looking good! Woohoo. ... You go girl!
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Those maxi dresses look really cute! I have been looking OL too for a lot of it since the BA and can't wait!! Looking hot :-)
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Thank you! I ended up going back to get a medium... fits my gals much better lol!
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Hey! You are looking great!!! :) love the new dresses!
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Ugh, yeah, I remember those days! Felt like they'd never end - but before I knew it the burning (and especially the shooting pains) were dissipating and then gone. The nipple hypersensitivity is much MUCH better, though I still have a little bit of that. Wish I could offer up a suggestion for ways to make it better, but it's just gonna take a little time!
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it's more bearable today but its still there. I did have some of those shooting pains today that I've seen other gals mentioned. Guess I just need to be patient!
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Sounds like nerve regeneration to me. I couldnt stand to have anything rubbing on my chest. I actually bought a microfiber tube top and wore that when I had to go out. I also iced, that helps numb them up. Otherwise, it is something you will have to grin and bear until it goes away. Could take weeks.
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agh! I'm glad its a good sign of thing healing but stinks! I'll have where did you find a microfiber tube top?
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I really had to search. I found this one at the mall in some low brow teeny bopper store. See the pic of it in my profile "Part I". Maybe you could find it online, but I have no idea. I wore that, wore no bra when I could, and sometimes just sat around with my shirt off at home. Lol. I also would put bikini top cups inside the tube top to hide the nips in shirts that showed it. Sorry your going through this! Ice if you can. I thought it really helped.
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Lol I have been going braless at work all week!!! Laying in bed topless right now ahh relief!!! I'll try looking online!
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