Finally My girls have arrived!!

Im soo obsessed with this site! I honestly LOVE...

Im soo obsessed with this site! I honestly LOVE reading peoples stories and experiences. It just makes me that much more excited for my big day, and is so helpful. Im getting such a great idea of what to expect day of and post op.

Im having one issue though... I went on 5 different consults and loves 2 of the drs. My husband and I both did lots of research on both and went with the 1 we both thought was a better option. He has won tons of awards and went to great schools! I scheduled my surgery and continued to read about him in the days following. I come across 1 bad review where a woman's husband said he gave her a botched boob job 6 years ago. To say the least I'm a little freaked out now...he has plenty of great reviews calling him a life saver and best ps ever. I just don't know how to take the bad review. Should i go with the other dr i liked or trust in this 1? Im sure every dr has had an unhappy patient in their career and also think a lot depends on if you follow post op instructions. Any suggestions?

Glad to hear you love's addicting!  :)

This is a tough question as the bad review was 6 years ago. Do you feel as comfortable with the other doctor? And does the other doctor have any bad reviews? As you mention, there are so many variables with each person...was the person healthy at the time of surgery, did they follow the doctor's post-op advice, were the same type/size implants used, etc. Do your two favorite doctors have the same vision for your surgery? Looking forward to following your journey!

Yes but she didnt see my ideas the same as i do. She was very nice though! And no no bad reviews for her but she doesnt have nearly the same years as he feeling good with my decision and trust he will do great! Just counting down the days now!

Just under 3 weeks till my surgery! Still seems so...

Just under 3 weeks till my surgery! Still seems so surreal to me! I forgot to mention i am also getting a BL with the BA but only on the left side because my right is so much smaller and doesn't sag. I was told by one of the doctors i did a consult with that you should have them done separately because i could end up with wider scars from the lift, but financially its alot more and child care for 1 surgery i hard enough to get. Has anyone who had them done together had really bad scaring?

Had pre op today! Decided on 500cc hp unders. Its...

Had pre op today! Decided on 500cc hp unders. Its becoming soo very real now! Also paid for it today which was bitter sweet. I hope it is worth all im spending on it! Surgery is the 29th at 730 am. Have everything set up for daycare and husband took the week off work to help me. Now just have to clean and prepare the house this next week. Hope these 10 days fly by!!!!

Also i feel sooo much better about my Dr! He was...

Also i feel sooo much better about my Dr! He was great today and pretty busy which is a good sign! I totally trust him and believe im in good hands.
Thank you for sharing your story and good luck tomorrow! :)
Thank you! I see our stories are soooo similar! I know exactly how you feel. This surgery will be life changing for me aswell! I cant even imagine what life will be like with breasts that are the same size. When are you having urs done?
Yes, very similar! It's really nice to know you're not alone. I'm really excited to see how your surgery goes. You're going to look awesome! I am not sure when I'll have mine done. It was suppose to be last month but some stuff came up and now I'm going to have to wait a bit longer. I have hoping to be scheduled by at least August! I am doing mine in two procedures because that is the only way my doc feels comfortable doing it. I wish I could get it all done at once though.

Well i had my surgery at 8am today and I'm feeling...

Well i had my surgery at 8am today and I'm feeling much better! Was rough waking up because i felt Sooo sick but I've been sleeping a lot and getting some food and water in me. Now im just dizzy when i stand up for longer than a few mins. My hubby has been amazing!! Keeping track of pain meds and my ice packs..bringing me food and water! All while taking care of our 4 year old. Its sooo nice!

As for my boobs i cant really see much and wont be able until tomorrow at my appt. What i can see i LOVE though! I ended up getting 550cc in left and 600cc mentor smooth hp gel. Big! But thats what i wanted...I'm 5'5 125ish lbs so they will def pop out! I cant believe i actually got them today!!!!!! Im so happy!

Congratulations!!! Don't forget to counteract the side effects of the pain meds right away! The constipation can be worse than the surgery if you're not careful. Glad your hubby is there for you all the way. Can't wait for updates and photos...but take your time and happy healing!  Hugs to you!

Thanks for reminding me! I bought stool softners but havent taken them on it! Im already bloated. Im not sure what causes that but ill ask tomorrow. And also post pics!

Get on the softeners asap!  Love the happy for you!


Today I'm sore! And more harder to...

Today I'm sore! And more harder to get off the couch by myself. I saw the Dr and he said all looks well...started the massaging too which hurts! Ouch! Overall not as bad as i expected it to be
Hi Cali I just went for a consultation with Dr. Childers and also read that bad review about the blotched boob. That has me very nervous to use him. Im planning on scheduling my surgery on Monday, but am a little unsure . I loved the DR at the consolation, just dont like the reviews. How was your overall experience?
Hey haven't seen an update from you in a while. Hope all is well and that you have healed beautifully!
Hey! Sorry i havent updated. Im doing great! Healed fast but unfortunately im having a revision surg tomorrow morning. Since i started out so different it was hard to get me perfect in 1 shot. My left breast droops lower so were doing another lift on it and reducing the areola size. And the right breast has minor bottoming out which he will also be fixing. Im anxious to get this surg over and start the healing again. I havent even been able to bra shop because i knew the shape would change after are you doing?
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