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Hi realself ladies my name is Jen :0) I'm...

hi realself ladies my name is Jen :0) I'm 5'8" tall 180lbs. And 34 yrs. old. I have one son aged 15yrs. old (0: and I'm married to a fantastic guy!! I've wanted implants for about 14yrs. now. I'm very excited to finally get the " girls " fixed! (0: " grins " I had my consult today I'm scheduling tomorrow morning.

My surgery will be on nov. 4th at 8:15am. WooHoo!!!!!! I cannot wait!!!

Hi I'm updating, so I called this morning and...

Hi I'm updating, so I called this morning and scheduled my surgery for nov. 4th. My pre-op is on nov. 1st. It's happening pretty quickly which is just great. I've been waiting a long time. I'm very happy. 15 days!! :0D

Well tomorrow is my pre-op with my doc. and the...

Well tomorrow is my pre-op with my doc. and the hospital. I'm excited. Fri. is the big day gotta be there by 8:15 surgery at 9:30 I believe they said I'd be on my way home by 12:00 or 12:30 pm. :0) so tomorrow I've got to ask the PS about going to 800cc's and about which profile he's going to use. I need to find out which meds I'll be taking afterward. Gotta get the house cleaned up this week. :0) I'm not nervous yet just super excited!!!! I bet I'll get nervous and scared the night before or the day of surgery. I've gotta have my husband take before pics. So I can post them.

I just added before shots. I will soon be adding...

I just added before shots. I will soon be adding after shots. My surgery is in five days.

Hey everybody, so I had my pre-op today. I...

Hey everybody, so I had my pre-op today. I finalized implant size, placement, and insicion location, as well as implant type: I'm going with 800cc, sub-muscular, infra-mammary, and silicone. My meds. were called in today. I'm picking them up tomorrow. I got all my instructions about surgery and after care. I just forgot to ask about which profile grrr, I do totally trust my ps's judgement I just wanted to know. Oh well it's in his hands now :0) I just hope they turn out fantastic!!! (0: he's a very nice dr. he's answered all my questions wonderfully and I spent very little time waiting. :0)

Argh!!! They moved my surgery up now I have to be...

Argh!!! They moved my surgery up now I have to be there at 6:15am!!!! Woo hooo!!!!!!! :0)

Well I just gotta get through today and tomorrow...

Well I just gotta get through today and tomorrow then it's go time! * Doing wild happy dance * (0: :0)

New boobs tomorrow!!!! Yay!!!! :0) excited/...

New boobs tomorrow!!!! Yay!!!! :0) excited/ terrified, I have got to stop worrying about what could go wrong. I've done my homework I'm aware of all the possible complications. I've got to let it go. :0)

It's day two and I'm definately hurting....

It's day two and I'm definately hurting. The meds. mostly just take the edge off the pain. Although I'm only taking half a norco at a time. I guess I'd rather deal with some pain so I can stay lucid. :0) who knows though by later today I may get tired of dealing and end up taking a whole one:0) I'm also taking soma which is a muscle relaxer which helps. Overall I believe I'm doi well.

Gosh all I can say is this fricking hurts. I still...

Gosh all I can say is this fricking hurts. I still can't wait to see my end result though. Getting out of bed is a major challenge :0). The most pain I've felt besides waiting to long to take my meds. has got to be going from a mostly horizontal position to a vertical position, darn gravity. :0) been drinking a ton of water and trying to make sure I eat the latter is difficult because I'm just not very hungry. I'm making myself eat though. :0)

Well I had before shots on here but I'm not...

Well I had before shots on here but I'm not sure what happened to them. They seem to have disappeared off my page which really sucks because I got rid of the originals, my son uses the computer and I didn't want them laying around. Ugh this sucks! :0(

Yay I noticed my before shots are back that's...

Yay I noticed my before shots are back that's good, I thought they were gone forever. Anyhow I'm still in pain, I guess I'll update again when something changes. :0) tale care real self ladies! :0)

Hello everyone. I figured I'd check in,...

Hello everyone. I figured I'd check in, I'm still hurting but not nearly as bad as I was. I went for a short and slow walk with my husband a little while ago. I feel tired now. I'm probably gonna take a nap now. I'm eagerly waiting for my final result.

Hello everyone, just a quick update. I'm not...

Hello everyone, just a quick update. I'm not feeling very good today. I fell asleep without my strap last night and woke up rather swollen in the upper pole area not sure if that's the cause or not? Rather sore today also running a low grade fever. Just feeling blah! all the way around today. Well tomorrow is my first post-op appt. at 11:30am. It will be nice to see my dr. and see if things are progressing normally. :0) will post again tomorrow after my appt.

Also I haven't heard anything today about my before shots. Hopefully they will be back soon. :0)

I forgot to mention before that my dr. used the...

I forgot to mention before that my dr. used the Keller funnel technique during my aug. which is a device that's used to insert the implant in order to keep the implant from coming into contact with the patients skin or glandular tissue (which does contain bacteria) to prevent possible contamination. It's believed possible by using this funnel that the possibility of a contracture may be prevented or lessened. I'm not sure if that's a fact or not and it doesn't sound to me as if they are either. However my dr. did say the Keller funnel made insertion of the implant a lot simpler. I imagine it must have been a plus because I did get
800cc silicone implants. :0) and even if it's just a " chance " I'll take it getting a contracture would suck!!!! He threw the Keller funnel in at no extra charge I also had several skin tags which he removed for free which is awesome. :0)

Heading out to my ps appt. I'll do an update...

Heading out to my ps appt. I'll do an update when I get back. :0)

So I'm back from my follow-up appt. I got my...

So I'm back from my follow-up appt. I got my sutures removed (that was an odd feeling). I learned some breast massages which I'm supposed to perform on myself 4 times daily. I got another strap to wear. Dr. Wong told me to wear it 24/7 and he made it tighter than I had it set. I got my implant cards and warranty info. today. My implants are mentor 800cc memory gel high profile. :0) I really like my doc. He always takes time to answer all of my questions and he stressed to me today that if I have any worries or questions to not hesitate to call him. :0)

Here are some updated photos. :0)

Here are some updated photos. :0)

So yesterday was three weeks my previously posted...

So yesterday was three weeks my previously posted after pics. were actually taken at around two weeks all I can say is norco is a helluva drug lol well and combine that with the fact that I really do have terrible math skills. So hopefully I will have my husband take proper three weeks pics. sometime today and I'll post them. They are dropping slowly but surely I've still got a ways to go.... I just keep up with massaging and strap. :0)

Some 3 weeks pics. :0) I just realized that the #...

some 3 weeks pics. :0) I just realized that the # of days next to my last photos were correct so please disregard most of my last post duh, duh, and duh that's all I can say :0).
So, they still hurt especially now that they're beginning to jiggle. I really want nothing more that to put them in a bra so that my super hyper-sensetive nipples stop rubbing on my shirt. :0) anyway, new pic. (0:

Hello realselfers! Sorry it's been soooo long...

Hello realselfers! Sorry it's been soooo long since I've posted! I've just been very busy with the holidays. I will be taking some updated pics. and posting them soon. The progression is pretty awesome (I'm very pleased with them) :0) I got exactly what I wanted! The scarring is very minimal due to my PS's use of the Keller funnel. I got a huge silicone implant I was expecting a much bigger scar, the scar I got is faint pink and about an inch to an inch and a half long in the infra-mammary fold. Could't ask for better. Been having trouble finding which size bra I am but I believe I wear a 38G in freya bras.

Here's those pics. I promised. :)

Here's those pics. I promised. :)

Hi ladies I haven't been on in awhile, so I...

Hi ladies I haven't been on in awhile, so I thought I'd update. :) today is three months for me and I'm doing really good. I'll take some pics. and post them soon. (: I'm very pleased with my results.
Redding Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Wong is an awesome dr. He took the time to answer all my questions. He explained everything in an articulate straightforward manner that I appreciated very much. He didn't try to power sell me on anything. His staff were great! Everyone I've dealt with including dr. Wong and his surgical staff were all very attentive. So far my experience has been a good one. I'm happy I picked dr. Wong :0)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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So would I. I'm confused as to why you're telling your story in the comment section of my review? Anyhow whatever floats your boat. :0)
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Lol! When is your surgery? Mine are healing really nice! I am 3 weeks post op today. The pain is pretty much non exsistent, just every once in a while I feel little zings or if I reach above my head too far. The other day I was getting out of my vehicle and hit 1 on my side view mirror lol!
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I'm schedule for the 30th! You can check out my review over here. 

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I haven't posted for a while but I am now 9 days post op. I am lovin it, the pain isn't really that bad, just tended sometimes. Now I'm just getting impatient for them to drop lol
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Lol that should say tender not tended
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Jennylee I'd love to see your own review! I can totally relate to overloading friends and family with your excitement...I swore to my BFFs I'd say not another word until the date was closer. Having a hard time doing that though as all I can think about is "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBS!"

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chowww mama I can twait for the fck n hipper senstive nipples to hit me lol
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@ jen yes ma I was asking you wow you look awesome!How is the tenderness now!
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Tyvm waiting! I haven't been on in quite awhile, busy with the holidays. :0) I'm still mildly tender. Although my nipples are hyper sensitive still.
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hey jen hope your recovery is still going ok :)
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I'm doing fantastic. Thanks for asking. :0)
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I wasn't sure if u were asking me or not " waiting "? If so no I didn't get a lift, I just got implants. :0)
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=) how long ago did you get yours done?
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I am just shy of 4 month post op.
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Thanks Pam!! That does make me feel alot better!! ESP cause you were the same size as me beforehand.
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Great! Glad I could help! :)
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I don't think the size I'm getting is really going to be that big, my ps said it will look really good..I'm getting 425cc overfilled to 450cc.... I am 5'4" and i weigh 120 lbs.... he said that when I go to buy a bra I will most likely buy a D cup, but definitely not a DD (which I do not want), but with the time getting closer I'm starting to really worry that that is going to be too big, he said it will not, but I guess since I'm only a 34b right now that sounds! I am just really getting excited, and it seems like the time is dragging..I had my consultation Oct 19th..I set it up for the 27th of December because I have a week off of work at this time... and I'm driving my husband crazy cause I talk about it all the! so I was glad to find this site so I could talk to other people that have had or are going to have this done...
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I am 5'7" and 133lbs. I got 425cc's overfilled to 450's. Iam a 34d-34dd. I LOVE them!! You won't be disappointed!! Best of luck to you!
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Oh, and I was a 34b before. :)
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Lmao, I drove my hubby nuts too! That cracked me up. I know what you're going through, the anticipation is almost unbearable!!! It seems like forever until the day. You get to where you're counting down days. Then you worry, then you get scared, you might even second guess yourself. The. You get wheeled into the o.r. Then you blink and you're in recovery with the beautiful boobies that you wanted ;0) don't worry be calm and make sure it's what you want and then you get resolved and determined. I got 800 cc unders and granted I'm much bigger in stature than you. I'm med. framed when thin (I'm not thin right now) and very muscular not like a body builder just very athletic I'm also tall. So my point is just this I don't think the size implant you're going for is huge, look at the size I got they're def. Big but not unnaturally so. I think you'll be thrilled;0) this sight is great most of the peeps on here are very supportive. I was on here everyday before my surgery I was totally addicted. :0) but it is great for research. (0:
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It is exciting isn't it? My best advice about size is listen to your ps for sure they are very good at what they do. Take everything into account, your before breast size you height your weight your level of activity I mean everything and if you still want a large size go for it. You just gotta think about what's best for you. :0)
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i dont! I'm just really excited and a little bit nervous...and I keep wondering if I'm going too big.. I wish the time would just hurry up and get here!
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Tyvm I sure hope you get some. Happy thanksgiving ;0)
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Thanks for sharing! I'm about the same height, and a little chubby, so you were a good comparison. You look great! I totally want your boobs! :D
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