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Arm Lift Complications after Major 6-hr Surgery (4 procedures) Dr. Joseph F. Capella Took Good Care of Me Throughout Recovery

I've wanted this surgery since 2006 with Dr....

I've wanted this surgery since 2006 with Dr. Capella and I am finally realizing my dream. Dr. Capella's technique is to make one long incision from the elbow down the side of the flanks and under the breast resulting in a beautiful contour. He is very well known for his arm lifts, and has the largest experience in the world of this surgery. I invite you to follow my journey and see before and after photos here.

Arm wounds separated, skin necrosis aft brachioplast

Complications after brachioplasty

My photos above show skin dehiscence (the small wound opening in the arm pit - NOT the larger area of skin necrosis) after brachioplasty (arm lift), which happens in about 25% of patients who undergo this procedure.

My photos also show the right arm in which there has been some minor skin necrosis (death of skin cells). This is the long white line that you see that runs along my incision and goes about 4-5 inches down the arm, as well as the circular wound. This is not a true necrosis in that the underlying skin is in good condition and only a small area of superficial skin cells are sloughing off. Google images of skin necrosis and you will see the difference. My surgeon said this condition was caused because he pulled the skin tight. Note that he did not say he pulled it too tight! That would be very bad!

Although my arm looks pretty awful, it is not as bad as it seems. There is a burning sensation on and off, and a sharpness if I extend my arms too far. I rate this as discomfort rather than pain.

Treatment is to keep the area dry with gauze, and my surgeon said I was welcome to try the Xeroform (gauze with pertroleum and 3% Bismuth Tribromophenate) that a few patients had recommended. I find the expensive Xerform to be soothing on my arms but it is too soon to tell if it will provide any other benefit. Like many products that are out there for pre and post plastic surgery recovery, it may just be a gimmick. I will let you know my opinion a little further down the road. Regardless, my surgeon told me that he hopes I will be recovered by 3 weeks, which will be 6-mos post op, and I can return to vigorous exercise. Yikes I hate feeling like a couch blob until then!!!

My surgeon said that I will have a thicker scar in this arm and he would revise it in his office when the time was right.

Some people have been overly concerned when they saw my photos. It does look a lot worse than it really is. I do not want to scare anyone considering brachioplasty, but rather prepare you for what might happen. These complications are more annoying than anything else. Of course I speak only of my own experience and with my specific surgeon who is a master in brachioplasty. Your personal experience based on your health conditions and your pain threshold and the skills and experience of your surgeon could be very different.

I read somewhere that the ASAPS says the avg plastic surgeon performs 1-2 arm lifts per year. I have not asked Dr. Capella how any he has performed but he has the most experience in the world doing this procedure. From what I see he is doing at least 1-2 of these per week, if not more. My estimation is that he has done more than 1000 arms, and I am probably under estimating that.

My point being is that I trust my surgeon's expertise and skills. And while the arm healing is a minor setback, I am not at all worried about the final outcome. He does fabulous arms and I am happy that he does pull them really tight. I have seen too many surgeons who under-correct the arm lift and the end result is mediocre. If I am going to have a scar along my arm, then I want the very best shaped arms I can get. Not something mediocre.

I have posted a before shot of my arm taken during markup. I will post an after shot at 3-mos and 6-mos post op. I also will post periodic shots of the arm healing.

My brachioplasty was performed as part of a nearly 6.5-hr surgery that included: body lift (no tummy tuck, which was done previously), inner thigh lift, monsplasty, and upper body lift (breasts, flanks, arms). My entire body has now undergone body contouring and you may read all about my journey here: http://www.realself.com/review/ramsey-nj-medial-thigh-lift-lbl-arm-lift-flankplasty-breast-lift-monsplasty#/

A final surgery is planned for 2014 to do my implants and face/neck lift, and any minor revisions and tweaks to my body. I will be sure to write a review on that experience when the time comes. Until then, I will be healing and returning to life as usual -- but with a smoking hot body, :-)

Right arm is healing

My right arm is healing and nearly all granulation tissue now. My surgeon told me to use only the dry gauze now and no tape. The openings in the axilla are bothersome and do not seem to be improving to me. Maybe it just needs more time owing to the stress of this area constantly moving. But my surgeon is checking new photos of the area to see if there is any hyper granulation.


In my post on Nov 2, I wrote, "will be recovered by 3 weeks, which will be 6-mos post op, and I can return to vigorous exercise." It should have read, "will be recovered by 3 weeks, which will be 6-weeks post op, and I can return to vigorous exercise."

I will be 6-weeks post op in just about 2-weeks, and time cannot fly quick enough for me. Geez, I cannot believe it is almost Thanksgiving.

Arms and Axilla at 4 weeks 1 day post op

To me the arm looks as it is healing but the axilla look worse. I will ask my doctors.

Dr. Capella asked me to do the wall crawl with my fingers to stretch my arms aboce my shoulders. My skin is so tight that I cannot lift my arms much above my shoulders at this point. Of course, the pain in the axilla don't help! Ouch!!!

Arms and Axilla at 5 weeks post op

They do not seem to be improving to me.

Hyper granulation

I am so frustrated that my arms are not healing well. Here is a pic of the right arm with hyper granulation that has been there for at least a week. My surgeon is sending me nitrate sticks in the mail that he will instruct me how to use.

But it is really the axilla that bother me the most and I just don't know why they are not healing. Not happy today...

Much better!

I pulled some of the debris off my right arm wound with my fingers. It looks much cleaner now, and healthier. Allow me to correct myself, in my post on Nov 14 I wrote, "I am so frustrated that my arms are not healing well." But what I meant was "I am so frustrated that my arms are healing so slowly." There is a distinction between poor wound healing, which is not what I have, and slow wound healing, which is what I do have.

As for the Xeroform pads, my surgeon advised me to stop using them a few weeks ago. He did not like the way that my arms looked and prefers the dry gauze treatment. Furthermore, he likes the rough weave gauze because it pulls out the debris. He told me that I would not be able to find the rough weave in the pharmacy, that everything is fine weave. So I have tried ordering the Covidien Gauze Sponges from Amazon in hopes that it will be the rough weave. The price on Amazon is much less than in the pharmacy. I ordered 200 4x4 for $7, free shipping. The Xeroform BTW was $55... in my case they were a big waste of money.

Dr. Capella assured me that my arms will heal. I asked him if the stretching exercises were contraindicated for the axilla healing (streching exercises are to lift my arms above my shoulders whereas axilla healing are NOT to lift arms above the shoulders). He told me that I could stop the stretching and the axilla will heal quicker, but reassured me that they will heal regardless. I chose to keep doing the exercises and let the axilla take longer to heal.

For me, not lifting my arms above my shoulders prohibits me from living life as usual. It was not good for my psyche to be unable to do hair and makeup, to have to keep wearing my same few recovery shirts that open and close in the front versus wearing my normal pretty shirts that must be pulled over my head. Additionally, the limited range of motion is what is most bothersome to me so I will prioritize this healing over the axilla.

As far as hyper granulation, Dr. Capella said he is not sure if I have it. Remember he is only able to see it in a one dimensional photo, not in person. To me it looks as though the wound on my right arm has hyper granulation but Dr. Capella said it doesn't normally occur there but rather in the axilla. So at this point I am not sure where he wants me to use the nitrate sticks. He is going to walk me through using them when they arrive next week. So I will find out then and let you know.

BTW - a word on panty liners

You’ll need dressings under your arms to keep them dry. Initially, I used panty liners taped to my arms with surgical tape. This is a pretty common practice. Some people don't want to use gauze because it sticks, especially the rough kind that my surgeon uses. Initially my Dr. Capella questioned how absorbent panty liners were. Later when my axilla opened he told me to stop using them and use gauze, no tape, because the gauze was more absorbent. Also, the tape pulled some skin off my arms. Of all the things that I have tried, I do find that for me the rough weave dry gauze is most effective. It keeps my arms dry, whereas they are pretty juicy with everything else I have tried. What's more, it is a very low maintenance regimen to follow, and inexpensive. I really like to keep it simple and not get into all these complex and expensive wound dressings and regimens.

Arms at 37 days post op

My arms are looking better at 37 days post op, especially the wound that I removed the debris from.


My right arm wound is looking better. The only thing that I did differently was to really pump up my protein intake, even more than the high protein I had been eating previously. I was afraid I'd gain weight eating all this extra food but instead I lost weight.


I also pulled two sutures from my arm wound in the past two days that apparently were working their way out. This may have contributed to the improved healing.

Now these are awful looking arms...

Here are the photos from me pre op photo shoot. Yikes, I did not know my bat wings were so large! Sometimes ignorance is bliss...

Axilla after treatment with silver nitrate sticks

I used the silver nitrate sticks on my axilla and it made the dehisced area turn a light grey/white. Dr. Capella told me to simply rub the stick on the wound and the silver would come off the stick and onto the wound. He said it would not burn. One armpit did not burn but the other did, although it was not what I would classify as painful but rather uncomfortable.

Late the next day my armpit wounds began to hurt, like they had been feeling a couple of weeks ago. I looked at them and all of the white/light grey tissue was read again, and there was a sizeable area of grey surrounding the wound. I wish that I could upload a pix but I took it on my phone and sent it to Dr. Capella. As luck would have it, this happened later in the day on Friday, just before 4:30pm, and I did not hear from him. I know he would have text me back by today if it was something to be concerned about. But just the same it would have been relieving to hear from him that everything is OK. Why do these things always happen to me on end of day Friday?!?!

My arms continue to be painful... tolerable, but painful. It has been a really long month from when they first opened until now. I am really glad the arm wound has shown such fast improvement once the foreign objects (the sutures) were rejected.

I want to reiterate that this is a minor complication and should not scare you off if you are considering having this surgery. It always looks worse on someone else than it is if you yourself go through it. I was so afraid of my arms opening up, but I figured they would. And when it happened it was not all that bad as I had imagined. It really is more frustrating than anything else.

Now that I am 6-weeks post op, Dr. Capella cleared me to exercise, except not repetitious lifting my arms above my head. So I worked my core and my calves today at the gym.

The right arm wound where the sutures came from (I think this is called spitting stitches, not sure) was already healed over with a thin coat of skin. Dr. Capella called it epithealized, which is the next phase of healing. Yeah!!!

Pix of axilla after treatment with silver nitrate sticks

These pix show the skin turned white/grey in the axilla after treatment with the silver nitrate sticks. The pic also shows the epithealized right arm wound.

Nearly healed

My arms are doing much better! The axilla are about 1-cm big now. The arm wound is healed over and will continue to shrink. It healed at 6-weeks post op just as Dr. Capella said it would. It is too soon to tell if I will need scar revision, but I am certainly confident in Dr. Capella to do that if necessary.

It seems the silver nitrate sticks that I used on my axilla seemed to make them worse. Between that and the limited ROM I got scared this past Sunday and called Dr. Capella. Yes, I hated doing that but I was on the verge of an emotional crisis. He was understanding as always. He told me to stop using the silver nitrate and assured me that no patient of his has ever lost range of motion. He said that I do not have to do any treatments now because the wounds are nearly closed. I felt much better after that.

Axilla and arm wound at 7.5 weeks post op

The left axilla healing is not as good as the right axilla because here I had used two silver nitrate sticks versus one on the right before my surgeon told me to discontinue use. The right arm wound is very small now.

My lovely arms 2-mos post brachioplasty

Just wanted to post a pic of what my arms look like at 2-mos post op. I think they look lovely the way that they are, but in fact they will get even better as they are still swollen. I'll be sure to post a pic at 3-mos post op.

Arm wound healed at 8 weeks post op

How a surgeon manages a patient after surgery...

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but what the pictures don’t show is my relationship with Dr. Capella. I had a few minor complications with my arms after this surgery and Dr. Capella was all over me -- just like he was all over me after my tummy tuck. The TT was my first surgery and I was scared. There was never anything wrong with me but Dr. Capella carried me through it until I was satisfied that I was OK (it was just normal swelling and nothing more).

As for this surgery, Dr. Capella saw me every morning in the Care Center and even on weekends. He made sure that both he and I were completely sure that I could take care of myself on my own at the hotel before I left the care center. As for aftercare, he insisted on knowing the hotel I was staying at alone in NJ. He wanted a way to get in touch with me super-fast and said he or his office would call me if they had not heard from me for a few days.

My first night in the hotel he asked that I call him at any hour of the night if I were to have a complication. He had me specifically promise to call him if I had shortness of breath and he would have me admitted to a nearby hospital. Well, I did awake from a dream with labored breathing at 4am and called him. I told him I did not know if it was anxiety induced or something serious. He told me to have the front desk send the paramedic and they would be able to tell. Later that day after surgery, Dr. Capella called me to make sure I was OK. I was fine. It was just anxiety.

Other times before I left NJ I had fevers, groin pain, depression, and my axilla opened. He saw me immediately each time and treated me. He called in prescriptions and had them delivered to my hotel. At one point his PA Scott possibly saved my life because I was taking diuretics w/o doctor's orders and depleting my body of water and potassium. I was pretty ill and he picked up on it.

Once I developed the minor arm wound back home, Dr. Capella sent me for a CBC to make sure I did not have an infection. He monitored my healing via photos and emails and phone calls. He phoned me during his lunch time on a number of occasions, as well as answered my emails and calls across the weekend. And my arm wound healed pretty much right on schedule, just as he said it would.

How a surgeon manages a patient after surgery is a true testament to his/her character and dedication. Body contouring surgery is not a singular transaction, wherein once the surgery is completed the interaction can be considered to be done. Your surgeon will need to be responsive to your needs and concerns during the months of recovery that will follow.

I have said it many times, and it bears repeating: You are not buying a procedure. You are buying a plastic surgeon.


I have not posted pix of my arms in a while. I am approaching 3-mos post op, about 12 days away now - wow, time has flown! So decided it was time for some progress photos of my arm wound healing. I actually have not looked at them in weeks.

It looks to me like I will need some scar revision, just as Dr. Capella predicted. But they look pretty good all things considered and I am pleased with my recovery.

I like how narrow I have become

With the arm lift removing the excess skin and fat that caused my arms to bow out from my body rather than lay flat at my sides, I now so enjoy looking at how narrow my upper body looks. I always thought I was broad across the shoulders but I am not. In fact most of my tops are size XS now.

I truly enjoy looking at myself nude. How many women can say that? I surely could not say it before plastic surgery. Not since I was a teenager! I like that my arms and breasts look so youthful and slender.

It is really wonderful to love and appreciate your own body.

Right Arm Wound Healed Nicely

I am 4-mos post op and amazed by how well my arm wound healed. It was quite the hideous sight for a while there. I believe that I will still need scar revision, actually I believe I will need scar revision on most of my incisions because I scar darkly owing to my part Latina heritage.

Follow-up appointment with Dr. Capella yesterday

I arrived in NJ on Monday morning and met with Dr. Capella that afternoon. It has been 5-mos since I have been to his practice. He made some staffing changes and I found the atmosphere was warm and welcoming -- a true reflection of Capella Plastic Surgery.

Kerry, his new (and lovely) patient coordinator was extremely kind, going above and beyond to help me (and my dog) get from the Route 17 train station to my hotel. BTW Dr. Capella's practice is one building away from the Ramsey Route 17 train station making it extremely convenient to get to his practice.

When I arrived at Dr. Capella's practice that afternoon, Kimberly, who has known me from the start, came out from her office to greet me. Kimberly is the former patient coordinator and she was given a well-earned promotion to surgical coordinator. She was warm and friendly as always and very complimentary about my transformation.

Best of all was meeting with Dr. Capella. He had a smile from ear to ear and told me that my results exceeded his expectations. They exceeded my expectations, as well. I told him that I was so glad that I found him. Never would I have believed back in April of 2013 when my journey began that he could get me to a size 2 jean. As I have said many times before: You are not buying a procedure; you are buying a plastic surgeon.

I discused my arms with Dr. Capella. He believes that I will not need scar revision on either arm. Not even the right arm that had the ugly wound. He wants me to wait to see how they lighten. He is convinced that they will be the color of my skin. As he has never been wrong in any medical opinion he has given me, I easily trust his advice.

I did ask Dr. Capella to cut my right arm pit to remove some slight webbing that was there and was impeding my full range of motion with that arm. He said the skin would soften and stretch over time and I could forgo the z-plasty but I asked him to do it none-the-less. So he did.

It was fascinating to watch him do the procedure on me. I am his first plastic surgery patient that he did the procedure on, but he said he had done it a few times in med school. It did not take much time at all and I barely felt anything. Today the incision burns but that may have been aggravated by all the clothing changes I did. I did a photo shoot in NYC and had four changes of outfits. Of course, everything was over the head and required me to keep raising my arms.

I go back to see Dr. Capella tomorrow to plan my final surgery. I am very excited about that. It has been an amazing journey so far, and in some ways I am melancholy to see it come to an end.

Darn arm pit opened after z-plasty

Three days after my z-plasty, my darn incision opened. Dang! Now it will take weeks to close. By now I have become so acclimated to plastic surgery recovery that I am hardly phased by it. I've become one high-toned sonofabitch (as Stephen King might say), LOL.

It is not Dr. Capella's fault that it opened. I am sure it was lifting my arms over my head so many times on Tuesday to change clothes that disturbed it. He had told me not to lift my arm over my head. But everything I brought with me goes over my head.

Add to that, the morning that I left NJ to head to CA I had to take 2 trains, 1 bus, 2 cars, and 2 planes. It was the commute from hell and took about 15 hours door to door. The worst part was that there was an explosion that morning near Newark airport so my train would not drop off there. Instead, it dropped me off in Newark and told me to take a bus to the airport.

I lugged my 52 pound suitcase up stairs, down stairs, and all around before I finally found the darn bus. Needles to say my arm was opened even more the next day. The entire top of the z is open.

I am so glad that I will not be getting any revisions to my arm lift. I cannot take the healing. The only patients I know whose arms did not open were those who did not use them for anything for weeks. I do not think I could sit still that long.

Nice Arms! 5-mos post brachioplasty with Dr. Joseph F. Capella

I love my arms!

*uck My Arms!

I cannot believe it. My arm wound healing problems never end. I hope to never do surgery on my arms again. I had a small and simple procedure on my left arm when I was in Dr. Capella's office last month. He extended the incision to get rid of a "pop eye arm" that I had with my elbow tissue being too large. It wasn't a lot, but it was clearly visible. Anyway, five weeks after the procedure it just now opened today. I should be well outside the danger zone even for a brachioplasty opening, and yet this simple little incision is not healing well.

Add to that, my zplasty wound healed but since last weekend I can feel it tearing. I snapped a pic of it yesterday and I can see and feel two tears not in the incision but outside of it in healthy virgin skin. I just don't get it.

I am so frustrated with my brachioplasty. It is usually an easy procedure for people to recover from. Sorry for the whine. It is just me of those days!
Dr. Joseph F. Capella

Dr. Capella is perhaps THE leading plastic surgeon in the world for body contouring, especially after massive weight loss. He has restored my entire body, taking me from fat to fab. I was a size 14 pre op and now I am a size 2! I love love love my body and I adore Dr. Capella. I give my very highest recommendation of his work - he is one part surgeon, one part artist, and one part magician! LOL! As for my arm lift, my arms are now thin and lovely - no more bat wings! And when I had some minor complications a few weeks out from surgery, Dr. Capella was all over me, taking my calls and emails even during nights, weekends, and lunchtime. He kept me calm during what normally would be a very emotionally-charged experience. And owing to his sound treatment protocol, my arms healed very well. Dr. Capella is quite well known for his arm lifts, and has the largest experience in the world with this surgery. His technique is to make one long incision from the elbow down the side of the flanks and under the breast resulting in a very beautiful and youthful contour. I had the arm lift combined with several other procedures in one 6-hr surgery that included arm lift, flankplasty, breast lift, body lift (no tummy tuck), thigh lift, monsplasty, lipo. It is truly amazing how much he and his PA can accomplish in 6-hrs; most surgeons cannot do this! This results in the best aesthetic outcome and cost efficiencies. I invite you to read my full review and see more photos at http://www.realself.com/review/ramsey-nj-medial-thigh-lift-lbl-arm-lift-flankplasty-breast-lift-monsplasty

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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Thanks, Beth!
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After your first surgery, when did your arms start to look like like that, I mean when you knew you had a problem. My Steri-Strips are coming off and I'm starting to get wigged out because I can see the scar now. I think everything looks okay so far except my left arm scar is flat and my right is "ropey"....bulgy. Also, did you have pain and tightness down the inside of your forearm when your arms were straight? I am trying to figure out if that is normal too.
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15 days after surgery... It was my first day home from NJ and I was 700 miles away from Dr. Capella. The corded feeling and tightness have not gone away for me yet, although that has improved. I do not recall of I had pain in the forearm because my darn armpits hurt so much and my attention was focused on that. I think people underestimate an arm lift recovery. It was the hardest part of my stage 2 surgery. It may take a long time for you to feel normal.
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I just read something that I wrote about my arms and I did have pain in the forearms when I extended them.
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My arms did not open at all, but I used them as much as I could. I just didn't over do the activity and the support of the CG really helped. I'm almost 10 weeks PO and the only issue I had were a few spit stitches along the side of the chest where my skin is very thin. I hope you heal up quickly!
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You should be out of the woods at 10 weeks! I think it also helps if you do not combine upper body with lower body procedures. I do not regret it. I am just glad it is over. Now to deal with this darn opening again. I will never cut my armpits again, and probably my arms, either.
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Look at my post OP from almost 4 year breasts, and 8 year tummy tuck....
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You look fabulous! I sure had better keep my act together and maintain these results for the long term!!!
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Next year at this time the scars will be a faded memory!
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Really? That is so good to hear. Right now my body looks like a patchwork quilt with all of these incisions! But it is a beautiful patchwork quilt, LOL! I would trade my flab for these scars in a New York minute! Thanks so much for the reassurance.
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I'm scarred too but I will take it.
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Better to have a beautiful body with scars than an ugly body without, was how I thought about my own body.
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Scars don't feel any different in the dim light....my husband doesn't care...but he sure likes the goods! Me too....
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I went on a shopping spree today and, yum, I love the way my body looks in clothes now. That was not true before my plastic surgery.
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Hey girl! You look amazing! I am now a week post op and still trying to keep my arms comfortable. Those faja straps really play havoc with the scars under my arms. Any hint on what to place one them to save my scars would be appreciated!
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Thank you!!! Gee, I don't know as I did not use anything on my arms. Maybe fine weave gauze or cotton???
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Hi sweetie! I just wanted to check in on you. I'm doing well. I only have one more debreding left. Then on to scar revision. Yaaaaaay! I do have one "knot" like object under on arm incision line, but I'm told to keep massaging it. I did that with the other knotty spots but this one won't budge. Have u had that? You can't see it. You'd have to do it. It's weird. Anyway, chat soon!
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I am glad that you are doing well! The debridement sounds painful. I am glad it is almost over for you. As for what you describe as a knot, is it scar tissue? I have this on the sides of my face and under my chin from the facelift. My facial plastic surgeon's nurse told me to massage it and gave me a handheld massager that broke after two uses. Luckily I had my own little handheld "massager" and it is powerful with different settings and different heads. It seems to work well under the chin softening it up but the sides of the face seem more challenging. I think that I will make an appointment to see Dr. Winslow for a follow-up.
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Glad to see your arms looking much better!
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Thank you! I am due for my post op and will find out if I need scar revision.
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I had the arm lift two years ago when I also had a breast reduction and a tummy tuck. I was sent home (my home, not a recovery center or hotel) one hour after I woke up from the surgery. My arm scars are terrible - not a straight thin line but rather large and wide railroad tracks. My arms are not thin now either - while the skin does not sag down as bad as it did, they are still thick all the way down and do flap. The incisions under my left armpit all came out and it healed in a dark tight way - that sometimes still gives me pain. I am pleased with the tummy tuck and breast reduction (although I feel my breasts are getting larger and beginning to sag now) I guess I am just asking for any advice - I trusted my surgeon and his staff and they had successful pictures - I just don't feel like mine was as great as I thought it would be.
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I am sorry that your results did not turn out as expected. It does sound like you need a revision, from what you describe. Have you spoken to your surgeon about this? S/he should be willing to revise you without a fee. Have you posted your case to the surgeons on RealSelf (with photos) to get their opinions? There is no sense going through surgery to not achieve a good outcome, but some surgeons do not pull the arms tight the first time around, preferring to do the brachioplasty a second time to remove more tissue. Good luck!
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We never discussed having to redo anything. My arms are pretty tight. I just want to make sure my incision heals properly. The one armpit worries me because it is completely open. She'll probably need to restitch it. I go back tomorrow to see where we are with regard to my back. I need to know what to look for as warning signs and healing points and if I will need more surgery or not. Now I'm running into issue finding the island dressing in 4 X 10 or 4 X 14 cheapest. I have to order online somewhere because the tape, silver and gauze thing is breaking my skin out. The paper tape is ripping my skin off and causing me to break me out on top of it all. Ugh.
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