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Hello reviewers I am an new patient of Dr. Victor...

Hello reviewers I am an new patient of Dr. Victor A.U . I had my consultation and all staff was helpful and very honest. I was so comfortable and enjoyed the staff that I made my payment the same day. Dr. Victor is very honest and will tell you the truth my pre op is Dec 20 , 2014 and surgery is Jan 3, 2014 I am hoping of getting 400cc saline implants.


Congrats on taking the first step and getting your pre op an surgery date set :) Are you excited to get your BA? Did you find your PS right away or did you have a couple consults before you found one you liked?
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I have researched doctors in NC as well on real self I even called chapel hill medical schools because a few people told me that schools was cheap. I have chosen dr. au after seeing his before and after pictures. plus I was impressed of his low tummy tucks. the staff took care of my jobs paper work to be out because my job is strict . they are very professional , clean and amazing. this was my second consult. my first was dr. salama in Aventura Florida but that was a virtual consult I needed an consult in person and with doctor au I am sure he will do his best. p.s saline cost 3, 400 that is cheap for NC
oh wow, that is really cheap for saline, i plan on going with saline as well, unfortunately i don't think mine will be as cheap though, your lucky :) lol . My consultation is January 14th, i'll also be booking my pre op and surgery dates then.

3 days post op

I am in lots of pain, would I do it again hell no I can't even wipe myself nor move around on my own. I can tolarate pain , but this one is crazy. I got 400 cc mentor smooth round plus profile saline.


Congrats on your new boobies :) You said your total cost was $3400?
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Are you talking about my doctor? Because he do both saline or silicone gel. The silicone is like 1,000 more in which some doctors don't tell you that if you get silicone you have to get MRI , Xtays, etc.done every six month to a year which we all know mri is costly even with insurance . I have the state bluecross blue sheild coverage, and when I tore three meniscus tears on my.knees the mri cost around 4,000 to 6,000 in which my co-pay (out of pocket) cost me 2,200.00. So yearly mri check UPS the state is making loads off the silcone implants. I don't have money to waste so I.have chosen the saline
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