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I'm not really sure where to begin, this is a...

I'm not really sure where to begin, this is a really new experience(blogging):

Since I was about 14 and came to the full realization that my breasts were not really developing in comparison to the other girls around me, I have been considering having this procedure done. I want to feel like a woman, instead of a 12 year old girl. I am incredibly nervous for so many reasons. My number one reason is my 15 month old daughter. I worry that I will not come out of this procedure, that for some reason something will go wrong... and though I know I'm completely freaking myself out I cant help but worry. My second issue is, how later on this will make my daughter feel. Maybe its ridiculous but I worry that this very personal decision that has to do with my own self esteem with negatively effect hers. I hope and pray she does not end up with the small breasts gene.

So far I have met with a few doctors and nothing was worse than some of their bed side manners... or should I say lack there of. I have found a really great doctor who is board certified etc, Dr. Paul Parker in Paramus NJ. Actually a friend of mine went to Dr. Parker to have breasts augmented and really loved the entire process. Dr. Parker uses a rapid recovery program and consists of taking vitamins,and a series of lymphatic draining massages. This is by far the biggest difference I have seen compared to a few surgeons. I'm not saying he doesn't give pain meds afterwords, but I try to live a relatively healthy and natural life style and if the vitamins and massages help eliminate some of that need for the pain meds than I think its great.

I am still up in the air on the implant size. I am 5'1", 95 lbs, and currently a 32 A. I would like to be a full C if possible. When I went for my sizing appointment I tried on both 350 cc's in the mentor moderate plus, and the mentor high profile. Then I was told by the patient consultant that maybe I should consider the 375 cc's because most women feel they should have gone at least a bit bigger. I'm worried that if I go any bigger the will be oddly big. I'm not really sure what type of implant to go with, i'm worried that the high profile will look "too fake" on me... hmm decisions, decisions.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate the support :) In regards to the implant I'm worried that the base of the Moderate implant will be too wide for my chest :( I do not want Porno boobies!

You do have a lot to think about right now. Personally, I like the look of moderate profile over high, but then I have no idea what you look like and couldn't really judge anyway. Moderate definitely looks more natural. That said, it is, of course your decision! I hope that whatever you choose, you're thrilled with your results.

And props to you for considering your daughter. I know that feeling. I recently got a laser hair removal procedure and was like, "What's my daughter going to think now when she sees me and then her hair doesn't grow in that way?" You're a good mom and try not to feel guilty about doing this for yourself.


Tomorrow is the big day! I'm nervous but I am...

Tomorrow is the big day! I'm nervous but I am really excited!!! I will be going a bit bigger than I had said in my previous review. I have decided on the 375cc moderate plus. Hopefully I will be this calm come tomorrow morning. Wish me luck!
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