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Well I wanted to write about my experience because...

Well I wanted to write about my experience because I have found it difficult to find many stories about other peoples experience getting a Brazillian Butt Lift. I am at day 16 in my recovery so far,but I will back up a bit....

To start I should tell you that I had fat harvested from my back and love handle area.It was harvested with the syringe method.My Surgeon also added P.R.P (Platelet Rich Plasma) to the fat before it was re injected.He did not do "Micro Fat Injections" (when fat is injected in little pearl size drops) From what I know he injected "lines" of fat into my buttocks.From what I have learned,lots of Surgeons do it this way,but it is not the "Best"way as I have heard, but he did harvest the fat with a syringe so at least the fat going back in, suffered less trauma then with traditional lipo. I had to really look to find a surgeon who did this procedure with fat, instead of an implant,and with the proper harvesting technique.I wish I could have found a DR to do micro fat injection, but I couldn't in my area....not even in my Province actually.(I'm From Ontario Canada) I also received 400cc's to each butt check.

So.... I remember when I woke up after surgery, I was upset that I was lying on my back,lol. I guess in my groggy stupor, I made a bit of a fuss over it, and kept getting up onto my knees,saying I didn't want to hurt my new butt.The nurses also said I could ride home sitting?...Of course I didn't.

I was laying on my stomach all the way home. I was very sick to my stomach and tired the whole next day,and into the next 3 or 4 days.The antibiotics and demerol made me feel VERY sick at first,then,after a couple of days, I was able to tolerate it better. At first my butt looked really big,and a bit bumpy.I had almost no pain at all in my behind.The areas that were lipoed did hurt though,but not to bad.Just like a big bruise,or a major work out. The first day I wasn't very swollen and I could see a nice curve from my back to my butt.The next day however,I was so swollen in my waist area that my butt didn't look as big any more.I also started to swell in my stomach and thighs,I didn't have anything done to these areas,but apparently you can swell in other places as your body is healing.

I have had very little bruising so far. I started to measure around my waist and butt, to watch how much it would shrink as the swelling went down and fat that didn't take was re absorbed.So far I have went down two inches and I'm crossing my fingers,hopping that it doesn't shrink much more,but will keep you posted. Over the last two weeks I have noticed the bumpiness is almost gone.The shape has remained the same.It seems to have settled down all around evenly.Also since the swelling has gone down,the nice contour I saw the first day from my back to the "shelf" of my butt is much more visible.I was worried there for a bit.I went back to work after 6 days.(my job doesn't require me to sit)

I have to say the worst part of the healing process so far has been not being able to sit,or sleep comfortably.After MUCH trial and error, I found that sleeping with myself propped up on a slant, with many pillows and the cushions off my couch,sleep is at least somewhat possible now.My knees and elbows are sore from the pressure of sleeping this way,but it has been the most comfortable for me.(I'm a side sleeper,but don't want to put any pressure on the sides of my butt by sleeping that way) So I have done everything I have been told.Haven't sat,or slept on my butt at all. Have been wearing my support garment constantly,taking it off only to shower,or change into a fresh one.

I will post again in a week of two. I LOVE my results so far.I had almost NO butt at all.I have been doing squats and lunges for years trying to grow it,and I mean hard core training and diet.I even had a personal trainer for quite some time, to help me achieve to butt I wanted through exercise,to no avail.My trainer said that some people just don't genetically have the quick twitch mussel fibers to grow mussels they want,and that's why some professional body builders get calf implants for example,because they are just unable to grow them. I am in my thirties and I wish I didn't wait so long to do this for myself.Even in my support garment,clothes look SOOOO much better with my new butt.I know its very early.I don't know how it will all end up,but I will share everything that happens with you.I hope it helps in some way.

Hi buttbutterfly,im from Montréal and here theres no cliniques for butt augmentation ...n i did a lot of research but thé only places i found is in the states but then i dont know nô one that knows thé place or even thé results so i dont know if u can Email me thé place you went and thé result if possible cause i want good results before going thank you n im anxious for your reply :)
Iknow you know who kim k is, I was going to mention other names unfamiliar,tho :-)
Hey butterfly! Just reading comment. I too have been measuring and snapping away weekly. I haveent changed either since 3 weeks. I know you have seen me and I know what you think, but I didn't get what. Wanted and I'm soooo tempted to go to that doc in Maryland! I'm awe struck by his results and I KNOW I would have that shape I desire. Yes I had a booty b4 procedure, but the shape could be rounder. I had lipo in the whole belly back even thighs, and so you know To date, those areas reMain unchanged!!!! How can that be?! I've been lookinng at pics of females(I know you have no idea of these ladies),like Bubbles(Latina),kim k. Bria Myles- now she and I are almost identical except for her waist is TINY.the lipo should have taken care of that.Sadly, it didn't. I healed pretty easily after that long trip to Ohio sitting on a pillow( I STILL sit on a pillow when driving). You seem to be doig great?!? How are you feeling these days?!

Just wanted to update my profile.I'm almost at...

Just wanted to update my profile.I'm almost at five months now and I'm still happy with my new butt.Ive kinda gotten used to it now though,lol, and I want to go a bit bigger.I'm planning to go back in the winter to add another 300cc's. Cant wait! I had NO butt at all, before I did this,I have a butt now that's in proportion to the rest of my body.Now I just want to have a bit extra.Ill post again closer to the day.

hi..i'm interested to do it asap wat's ur address and phone number in toronto canada?
do you have pics
Of course I do?
Dr. Sliwin

At two weeks things look great.So far I would recommend my Doctor.If things change I will post my opinion again.So far it to soon to see final result.

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