43 days out

So, I hit the age of 11..I paid attention to my...

So, I hit the age of 11..I paid attention to my mums boobs and though *im screwed*
I am her complete double, I knew I had to start saving to get me some twins.
Im going to be turning 26 on February 1st and IT IS TIME my friends.

Over the years I have lost and gained weight. I have always been slim, BUT, when I moved from England to Texas 7 years ago I slowly became big like Texas. I shot up from 98lbs to around 178lbs and I lost it again with in 7 months...and lost the ta-tas..( I went from a 34b to a 36e and im now weighing in at 113)

Growing up I danced at least 5 days a weeks, for multiple hours a day and from the age of 14 I have been wrestling and over the last 4 1/2 years i have been professionally wrestling. Its going to be extremely hard not to be active (my surgeon told me 6-10 weeks.)

ALTHOUGH I did decide on saline during the consult...im torn again..
I wrestle, my concern was if the implant was to bust open id rather have saline in my body and not a silicone leak, BUT silicone is more resistant... I just don't know what to do.

Heres the thing....Im about to turn 26 and im so afraid to tell my mum!
Im her twin, I look exactly like she did when she was 25.. shes very proud of that and very proud of how I look..I got juvederm in my lips one time and she flipped out and was sad...what the hell will she do when I break this news?

Ive researched and looked into a BA for so long and its so close..now here come the nerves!!


Be happy for you, and best of luck!
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Congrats on your decision to get a BA!!! Some people I know never told their family .. It really is a personal decision for you. ;) Please feel free t check out my profile and pics if it helps you in any way.
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Well I don't have a mom and grew up in a house full of men (3 brothers and dad!). I have always complained about having small boobs. After my recent divorce, I decided that I'm finally going to do something for ME. I plan to lose 50lbs and get implants before my birthday this year. I've thought about it off and on for years now and I just need to be happy. I broke it to my family by just flat out saying it at dinner lol it was quite funny. They're males so they really don't understand. I'm excited for the "new me" and am working hard to reach my goals :-) I wish you the best of luck!
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So now I'm becoming obsessed with boobs. I kinda...

So now I'm becoming obsessed with boobs.
I kinda was before, but now I'm having frequent dreams, I'm doing daily activities and thinking 'hmm wonder what this will be like with boobs.'

I'm constantly on this website, reading, comparing notes, writing lists of things I need to do/buy before the big day..

Last but not least I'm freaking out about having to quit smoking.. Dr Jones would like me stop at least 2weeks before the surgery and to continue without for 2 week after surgery... ONE MONTH!! I know I can do it, I have to do it.. But oh man!! I'm a bartender, smoking is how I deal with all of the fucktards that come into my bar.

Any advice on how to deal with that? I don't want to get fired for hitting a customer.


Did you decide on size? Saline or silicone? :)
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I think I'm going to do silicone. My co worker was telling me about some studies performed on the new silicone implants that I guess I missed. Seems extremely hard to rupture one or have a leak. I want to do 500cc but Dr J isn't sure if it'll fit. :/ I'm pretty broad so I know it won't look crazy big but he's not sure how much breast tissue I have
I have 457 ccs silicones! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! ;o) Good luck with your decision. I wish I went a tiny bit bigger. Hee hee

Ok so... I've made my final decision, silicone it is!!

Ok so... I've made my final decision, silicone it is!!


hey great story so far, im with u on your journey, as far as the smoking maybe see if its safe to use a patch for the month, but i look forward to ya updates
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I quit smoking years ago using peppermint flavored toothpicks.. I had one in my mouth for like three weeks straight, they really helped! Just curious where you heard Silicone was more resistant? My PS told me the opposite, he said there are more studies on saline because they have been used much longer and that women with silicone need replacement before women with saline in general. Just wondering why he told me that and were you hear the opposite, I am still trying to decide myself! So hard because I keep hearing the opposite from everyone, I do not know where to turn to make a really educated decision.
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I used nicotine gum when I quit .. Best thing ever!! I personally am ok with the MRIs and the fact that I may need to replace them in 10 years. I was going for the best of the best and wanted a certain look and feel. Well, I got what I wanted with my silicones! Praying that they are ok .. I already know I'm going to go bigger within a few years so we will see what my options are then. ;-) xoxo

29 days to go... HOLY SHIT! Still haven't...

29 days to go... HOLY SHIT!

Still haven't told the parents :(

After having a friend fighting for his life, my dog passing away and my birthday (all in one week) I'm a little distracted.

I feel like there's so much to do before the big day


Silicone - YAY! Sorry you are having a rough couple of days!! :/
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Happy belated!! Sry abt your friend and your dog hope your friend willl pull through
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I'd rather quit cold turkey. It's worked out to be easier in the past. Ahh feb 19th is the last day I can smoke

Ok so were cutting it down to wire... I need to...

Ok so were cutting it down to wire...
I need to quit smoking on Tuesday, I'm scheduled for march 5th.
My boyfriend lives in OKC so he's going to come to Dallas the weekend beginning march 1st to pick me up and get me up there.
My brother has offered to watch my dog, such a relief as I was worried about walking her once my boyfriends days off ended.
I'm taking ten days off work, the first 6 days my boyfriend will b looking after me, the following 4 I guess I'll b laying around his apt. I'm a bartender so I wanted to make sure I recovered fully before going back to work being as it is extremely physical.
I still haven't told my mum about the surgery, I figure ill do it the day before. No turning back and all of that good stuff.

I bought two bras from Walmart a while back, front closure, think they're fruit of the loom. I wanted to get a couple more incase they don't work out. Any suggestions. I've heard a lot of people mention the danskin foam zip front from Walmart too.
It's confusing me on what size I would need to get too. I think I'm a 36c (although my bras don't fit) I'm looking to get 500cc. So with that being said plus swelling I'm just confused on sizes


So excited for you! My surgery is set for March 7 so we will be recovering around the same time. I was scared to tell my parents too but once I did, I felt so relieved. They were surprisingly so supportive and excited. It was a strange feeling haha. Whatever you decide to do though, it will be the best decision for you! Can't wait to see your post op pictures. :)
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Plastic surgery I kind of a vain though in the uk. So mum kinda doesn't like it (I worked or a facial plastic surgeon for a few years and she got upset when I got lip injections.) I'm sure once I tell her how unhappy I am that she will understand. Boob buddies, think I'm going to go boob shopping on Wednesday and get some arnica and a big back pillow with arms.
As a Brit I understand your fear!! My mum thought i was joking for quite awhile at first. Thankfully it's sunk in now and she's ok about it. I plan on telling nobody though, not a sole. Good luck with yours. I love your before boobs your afters will be great! x

Hey guys! So I went boob shopping the other...

Hey guys!
So I went boob shopping the other day!!
Got a wedge/arm pillow, some vitamin C supplements, more p/o bras, digestive healthy teas, milk of magnesia, and then some good foods for leading up to booby day.

I went on amazon when I got home an found a GREAT deal on bromelain supplements, $3.19!! And they're vegetarian and vegan friendly!! :)

When I was out I also bought bio oil. My friend swore by it duing her pre as post op journey. She's prone to stretch marks (as am I) and she had a fabulous result and no stretch marks in sight. I've included a picture!!!

9 days and 15 hours!!!!

P.s day 5 of no smoking... Do you realise how hard it is when you're a bartender? Lol


OH and where did you find the bromelain at? :)
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Amazon! $3.19
OHk im going to say this with the upmost respect and Im really sorry if it offends you but even though your boobs are small, they're still like really pretty!!! lol Your going to have such perfect boobs when you get them done!!
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Fuckity fuck!! Its coming down to the wire now...

Fuckity fuck!!
Its coming down to the wire now ladies!!
I paid for my twins today..Just waiting on Tuesday to roll around!
I suppose I need to pack still (I live in Dallas, and im getting them done in OKC)
Tell you what, having to work 11 days straight before surgery sucks!! I have no time to pack, organize and get errands done before I leave dallas for 2 weeks!

I understand that im supposed to be excited and even nervous. To be honest, I don't feel either emotion. Instead, I feel sad. Never did I consider that emotion. I guess at the end of the day, I love being able to say 'im all natural.' I love my body (sorry if that sounds vain, but I work hard for it) im just tired, tired of the girls not being there! They've been a B cup a C cup a D cup and even an E cup..and now I got nothing.. If I had absolutely nothing, no breast tissue, nada, Id love that, I like how a flat chest looks. However I have that awkward inbetween stage. I haven't worn a bra in almost 3 months, just a bandeau.
Eurgh im sad that I don't get to say im all natural, how dya like them apples haha! ahhh #Firstworldproblems!

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I guess I should put my stats 26 years...

I guess I should put my stats

26 years old
ZERO kids
5'5 tall
34AA (That's the most common result I got when I plugged my measurements into different size calculators)

(29in rib cage, 33in full bust, 32in above bust)


My surgery isn't for another 3 1/2 weeks and I feel sad too! Just because I'm afraid I won't be able to do things the same and especially not beig able to workout for awhile too, I know I'll be jealous of my friends that can! It'll be like starting from square one for my training and it's the most depressing thing ever! Not to mention its my first surgery so that's already stressful enough.
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Me too! I'm a surgery Virgin

eliz.kimzapata, you are in such great shape that I'm guessing your surgery and recovery will go smoothly and quickly. You might have to take a break from your rigorous training, but in the long run, it will be worth it.  I also enjoy working out but I can say that 7 years later, I still don't regret giving myself a boost in self-confidence!  Go girl!

... I have my meds, my happy ass is sat at my...

... I have my meds, my happy ass is sat at my boyfriends in Oklahoma City and I'm just waiting.
I have everything ready to go. Absolutely stuffed, I made us shepherds pie ;)
So, I tol my mum today, explained how I feel etc and she supports me. Obviously she's worried, (she's a nurse so now the medical worries are surfacing.)
Ahhhh relief.

Oh and I'm drinking my body weight in water!!


Good luck!!!
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Congrats!!! My surgery is tomorrow also. I need to be there by 6:30 for surgery at 8. Keep me posted on your recovery. Best of luck tomorow.
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I also, was sad for a cpl days pre op and unsure of my choice. But.... I can say now I could not be happier with my results! I am 21 days post and loving them more every day! Yes, I do miss my itty bitties from time to time but mostly becuz so many of my favorite shirts don't fit me anymore. Then I think about all of the fabulous new clothes I've been buying and feel better! If your ps does his job well, the only ppl that will know you're not natural are those you already know. And your self confidence will sky rocket. That's worth it!!! My hubby is worried that once summer hits I won't ne able to keep them hidden cuz I love them so much!!! NEVER had that problem before! They'll be a great asset to the awesome little body you're already rockin!! Good luck tmrw!!!
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All done!! Alright, surgery was at 7:45am. What...

All done!!

Alright, surgery was at 7:45am. What a breeze! Was on my way home at 9:50am.
The staff were awesome, I couldn't have been happier with them.
I would recommend anyone to go to Dr Justin Jones, he is fabulous.

So far, no bruising, no grogginess. And really no pain. He's AWESOME! Just feels like somebody punched me in the sternum.

We went with 450cc mentor memory gel high profile.

So far so good.


You are too great!!! I read all your posts and you are just adorable!!!!
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Hehe, love your tits and your tats babe!!! Looking good!!!! Another fellow Texan I saw, I am over here in cedar park/ austin!!! Woohoo!!!
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I just read ur profile!! Austin is where my heart is! I went for a consultation with dr Friedman back in 2009, highly recommended. I just didn't have the money back then. My boyfriend had to move to OKC as he got promoted and being as he said he would be my nurse ;) I figured I'd look up here. It's super cheap PLUS my dr was amazing!! I have been up an awake all day, and haven't popped a pill!

Ok ladies... So, my doctor is amazing. Stil NO...

Ok ladies...
So, my doctor is amazing.
Stil NO pain! I feel extra weight but nothing nuts. I've been walking around, alert, been absolutely normal. Didn't nap at all yesterday as I wanted to have a decent sleeping pattern. Didn't take any pain pills until I went to bed at 1am (wasn't sure what to expect during the night.) I slept ok, woke up every hour as I'm a stomach sleeper, the sleeping reclined on my back thing was awkward for me.

Just got back from my post op, he said everything looks good and right for the day after. He said they look fabulous which is a good sign for the healing to come.

Seriously, to anyone that lives in Oklahoma or near it and you're considering a Breast Aug, go see Dr Jones!


They look amazing you must be thrilled it is done :)
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I'm glad it's done. It's been a breeze! Finally have boobies! Although I'm ADHD and extremely independent so I can't wait for the healing to be done
By the way.... What's bromelian?
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I went to the bathroom 3 times yday :) not sure if...

I went to the bathroom 3 times yday :) not sure if it was just time it a good mix of milk of magnesia and smooth move tea!

Still no pain, I just can't wait to get full mobility of my arms back again! My back is kinda sore from sleeping reclined apart from that, it's still a breeze. Ooh and I slept better last night, I asked Dr Jones if I could take Motrin pm and he said that was fine as long as I don't mix it with my vicodin.. Well I haven't been takin it so I guess we're all clear


Congratulations! You look great in your updated picture! Glad you could finally tell your mom...what does she think now?

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They look awesome!!
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Alright, I'm going to the bathroom like normal,...

Alright, I'm going to the bathroom like normal, I'm sleeping better and still no pain :) this really has been a breeze.
The only annoying thing is knowing I'm not allowed to do certain things even tho I feel able to.

I'm v impatient.. Just can't wait for them to drop..

When did you ladies notice them starting to drop?


I don't think mine ever sat super high to begin with (lots of extra skin) but I can tell you after 4 weeks I was confident that my swelling was finished (sadly LOL) and now (at 10+ weeks post op) they are completely like my own .. squishy and everything! ;)
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I didn't have much to work with so he said they're high because its a big implant for such a small space.. Dang it! I'm hoping they drop some by the time I'm back home as at work..
Too true girl!!! And you look hot! Awe, yeah arm mobility is a good thing lol!!! Hehe! Yeah I guess you would get use to it, and hopefully the two week bug don't get y'all, hehe! But w your new hooters I don't think he will get it! Lol!! I forget about the certain amount of hangin around each other time and stuff like that cause me and my hubby and have lived together for about 6 yrs now... But we still get on each others nerves! Lmao. How's the boobies doing?

Ok so I'm 5 days out. Still no pain, sleeping...

Ok so I'm 5 days out.
Still no pain, sleeping flat on back and sometimes on my side. :)

I just can not wait for them to drop. An I can not wait to get back to Dallas and see what clothes fit and how they fit :)

I took a picture (close up) so that you can see how high up they are


Glad all is going smoothly for you. My recovery hasnt been as smooth but not to bad either. I still have swelling and some bloating. I am trying to rest as much as possible. Im ready to get back to moving normally too. I am not used to just sitting around. happy healing
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I am not so scared after reading all of y'all post. I had 6 kids and so dislike my girls now it's sad. I am sick of paying 70-80$ for bras that fake my boobs ... I have talked to my dad about this choice (we are super close since he is the one who raised me) and looked at pics after pics ... I have even cried over it in front of him. The I am sad because to the I am scared. So I decided this year was it! I am giving myself boobs for my bday :-) I have been looking for doctors for 6 months and reading their site reviews and everything. I know doctors can't get 100% satisfaction all the time but I don't want to go OMG what was I thinking. Plus my man is in Louisiana and can't wait to see me with them. I have so many questions.
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So, I took my bra off for a minute today and had a...

So, I took my bra off for a minute today and had a good look at the girls. (I don't do it around the boyfriend, he gets frustrated as he can't play yet)
Well although they're high still, they seem as though they've dropped a little into the lower pole of my breast. My nipple isn't as low as it was the day of surgery (didn't look bad, I knew it would rise up as the lower pole filled) also, I LOVE how my breasts are closer together now :) not that they were crazy sideways before, but I'm sure u girls know what I mean :) will try and get pics soon


they look great!! and your pre-op boobs looked good too! My BA is 4-5 I really loved reading your story!! My PS rec 391-420cc, def going 420 ... at least LOL
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Always go with the larger number. Even tho each cc is a small amount individually, if u jump from 391 to 420 u won't kick ur self later
Ah! You look amazing! I am thinking about doing 450 or 425 HP silis as well and it makes me super nervous. I see pics of girls like you though and think Im making the right size choice.
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Hey ladies! Well, not much to update. I guess I...

Hey ladies!
Well, not much to update. I guess I can say that I had a pain free boob job lol.
Sleepin on my sides and back, waiting for them to drop some more and still massaging away.

Can't wait to not have to wear this bra every hour of every day!!

I have my last appointment with Dr Jones tomorrow before I head back to Dallas . I can't wait to be in my own apartment and I can't wait to try on my old clothes ha! The little things!


Yay!!! Your coming home!!! Well looking good girl! Have a safe trip!!!!
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I can't wait to be back in my comfort zone.. Not so excited about work tho!! And woohoo for st Patrick's :)
You look amazing makes me lean towards 450 HP more now.
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Hey ladies!! I had my final post op before going...

Hey ladies!!
I had my final post op before going back to Dallas today.

He removed my steristrips today, got ordered to do no reaching,exercise etc for another 10-14 days. I don't heal as quickly as others, pretty much down to the fact that I've been a vegetarian for 15years and my diet is radical haha :/
Yay for going home today!!


I hope you are taking it as easy as you can on your bod babe!!! How are you doin?!? You feeling okay?
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Oh and I am w you on the not healing fast thing!!! My Lyme disease makes me take forever!!! Ahhh the incision pics freak me out lol!!! Sending healing thoughts girl!
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For sure, I don't know about you girl but I am a total home body!!! But, totally understandable about the work thang! Have a great saint patties day!!! Hey I was thinking after I get my tatas in may, we should totally get together either here in austin or there in Dallas!!! I might be able to get the g-mas to watch my son! Lol! Oh, and I was curious... Are yours the gummy bears?

Hey ladies, it's been a while. As soon as I got...

Hey ladies, it's been a while.
As soon as I got back to Dallas life has been hectic!!!! Work work work.. And I'm getting over a little bronchitis!! Aaahhhhh!

Well everything feels like my own, they're obviously not as soft as my real breasts but they're getting there. My nipples are becoming less sensitive, they went crazy sensitive for about two weeks!

I'm still wearing my front closure fruit if the loom bras, and I will continue to do so until I have my next post op and he clears me for other bras.

I'm still not working out and it's driving me nuts. I have the green light to go ahead but being as my workout regime is p90x , it doesn't fall into the light cardio that Dr Jones suggested.

It's been really cool/interesting discovering little things that feel different to do now, even putting a line on a cocktail at work feels different hehe. I'm on a new adventure with my girls!!

Well I've uploaded some pics, some before and afters in my bikini and then some of my incision lines.


Girl if it is okay w you I am gonna take your photo to my doc?!? I have my Lyme appt this wed and find out whether or not I can get my boobies!!! Wish me luck!!!
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You look great! I'm going with 455cc saline HP sub muscular. What size bra are you in now?
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I don't know yet, I didn't want to go get sized until I felt they had pretty much dropped completely. Maybe mid April ill go get measured.

Alright, not much to tell. Work is still crazy and...

Alright, not much to tell. Work is still crazy and I haven't been able to go for another post op.
Hopefully within the next couple of weeks I can get that done.
I just added two more pics of my scars just to show ya how they're healing.


You look amazing!!
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Awesome we can dress to impress w our new tatas!!! And if your man is in town we will make it a double date, but if not... Girls night!!! Woohoo!!!
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That's a shame that u have to push it back, but better to be on the safe side for sure!! Halloween in Austin sounds amazing! Will have to see if my man is in town then.
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Justin m. Jones

I researched for years, went to countless consultations and he made me feel comfortable, was in depth with his explanations even though I knew everything that he was telling me and his before and afters were beautiful.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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