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Botox Works if You Can Afford It!! - Oklahoma City, OK

Loved the result. the first time i had it done, i...

Loved the result. the first time i had it done, i also did the juvaderm under my eyes (which hurt like he...) but the second time i only did the botox.
It works great but is very expensive. I suggest you only go to a real doctor to get this done as if someone botches it, you can have some paralysis. i go to a famous plastic surgeon at university hospital and i feel confident.
It does hurt a bit but is worth it!!.

Hi Oklahoma,

Welcome to the community and thanks for your review. Did the Botox not hurt as much as the Juvederm, I wonder why as they are both injections, do you think maybe it's the area where you had the Juvederm injected. Glad you had such a great experience, please keep us updated. And if you have pictures we would love to see them.



Oklahoma City Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr W is a professional plastic surgeon and i would not go to a botox party or a nurse for this. there is a chance of paralysis!! However done properly its fine.

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