Lipo of Inner and Outer Thighs Before a Mommy Make over - Oklahoma City, OK

Hello. I'm 32 - 5'3", 130 pounds,...

Hello. I'm 32 - 5'3", 130 pounds, mother of 2 ( ages 20 months and 5 months). I gained a total of 40 pounds each pregangcy, natural birth with normal sized babies. I nursed my first and am currently nursing my second. I plan to quit nursing in March. I have had various levels of physical activity over the years, I'm currently exercising a couple times a week. I have promised myself I wouldn't let pregnancy get me down about my body. Since we are moving to Japan this summer, I had to pick up my plans to get the procedures done a little earlier than hoped. I'm having lipo of the.inner/ outer thighs and he is adding above the knees free of charge. I've been to one PS, and. Found him to be competent and pleasant. The staff were friendly and the prices reasonable to what I have seen on line. I'm sure I will have more questions and concerns as I get closer. Right now my only wonder is, my PS just opened his clinic up for the procedures rather than going to the hospital. It won't change my costs any. Will it still be safe, I'm thinking yes. However, I'm still considering it.

I do plan to post before picks as I get closer and if I can figure out how to do it on here. Do I have to put them on YouTube first?!

Do you mind telling how much is the price for the inner & outer thighs?

Exactly 2 more weeks until my procedure. I made...

Exactly 2 more weeks until my procedure. I made my payment for the ps fees today and will pay the anesthesiologist and facility fees the day of. I have been very excited, anxiously watching the days creep by. I'm impatient for the TT and BA I've got scheduled in May too. I'm not nervous about the procedure as much as nervous about the result. I'm worried it will come out uneven or mottled. Or perhaps too much will be taken away and I'll look mannish. Its funny how perception changes when the procedure is elective. I doubt I'd be this preoccupied or worried about a knee surgery or something. I'd be worried but for different reasons. In any case, 2weeks and counting!
$1400 for the outer and $1200 for the inner.

Tomorrows the big day!

Tomorrows the big day!
I wouldn't do it. You look great. Really, don't take the risk. I don't know how else to tell you.. this is not a surgery that improves things.. I swear.

I just got out. The last I remember is thinking.....

I just got out. The last I remember is thinking..."woah! Those are big lights". I woke up and am in a good mood all things considered. The areas have a sore/burning sensation. My hubby is in CVS picking up the meds now, which I imagine will put me to sleep for awhile. I'm very thirsty, but really hungry yet. Expect the I vision sites to soak though the binder fairly quickly. I'm told this is normal. They took 1000ml, She described it a half a 2liter bottle of coke, I'm looking forward to seeing the results. Yay!
Have been following your thread! Hope you recover soon and achieve the results you want! I am looking to do this procedure too. Rest up!

Three Days PO- I'm loading pictures I took hours...

Three Days PO- I'm loading pictures I took hours after the surgery. You can see asymmetry on one side but if you notice the bump is a very large bruise. At my follow-up the next day, he stated it was just healing and I have to agree with him. Even if the asymmetry does not go away completely, I am happier with my overall silhouette. I am happy with the results and can already feel and see the difference. I am looking forward to all the bruises going away and seeing the final result!

As far as pain management goes...I feel like I am covered in bruises. Which I am. But my point is that the pain level is a bruise that gets poked when you move. Not unbearable, but definitely uncomfortable. I took my pain medicine and still managed to travel with my family for a weekend at the Grandparents house with them none the wiser. Or at least I hope not. :)

The compression garment is my best friend. Everything feels loose and jiggly without it, so I have been happy to keep it on-save for washing it. Tomorrow is my first day back to work, so, I had 4 days off (including the weekend). Honestly, I think I will be doing more resting with my desk job than I did this weekend.
Dear ndmoreno: Your post definitely scared me...especially when I didn't see it untill it was too late. I do see some asymmetry, but nothing like your pictures and I am staying positive this will get better with time. I hope everything works out for you in the end.
I was just trying to explain everything that I have experience now to you and even give you an idea of some things that you may not have realized might come up. I am soo hopeful that you get everything that you hope for. I honestly don't know how or why some of us get way worse outcomes than others other than too much fat was removed. I think you will be terrific. Stay positive. And keep up posted !!! I realize how much we desire things sometimes for all of the reasons that we do. I just never thought I would be here in this place today from making this decision for myself. thanks for the reply.
I think you already look great :) My lipo improved me ALLOT lol getting even more done real soon can't to see your after pics :)

2weeksPO- I went in for my follow- up yesterday. ...

2weeksPO- I went in for my follow- up yesterday. Everything looks good...I still have some bruising. The swelling is going down and the results keep getting better. I can't wait to get back to exercising. I think I've gained a few pounds due to splurging and lack of exercise. I'll post pictures soon....promise!
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hi - you look great. not too much was taken out.. whew. happy for you.

6 weeks PO- OK confession time. I have gained 6...

6 weeks PO- OK confession time. I have gained 6 pounds since my sx. I think there are several things that played a role: I stopped nursing, I went on a vacation, AND I had this sx and wasn't exercising. I'm extremely self conscious about the weight gain especially around the stomach. True to form, the fat now accumulates in my waist rather than my thighs. However, I do notice more uneveness in my inner thighs which I contribute to the added weight gain. I don't think it is significant enough to warrant a revision, but rather loose the weight and finish out the next 4.5 weeks to see the final results. I finally took pictures to share. The bruising was mostly gone by 4 weeks and it was about that time I started exercising again. I still wear a garment, just a mid thigh one from Walmart. Happy healing everyone
I just had lipo on my inner thighs, mons and around the umbilical; it's been 11days. I am still in bed. I don't feel any pain in my stomach, my mons are a little sensitive, but the pain is in my inner thighs. 

The black and blue is intense although it's braking up. The back of my thighs are really black. Everything is very tight. My stomach is great and my mons,  although still a little swollen looks almost normal. 

I had a smooth tuck (tummy tuck w/o the muscles being tightened).  The mons gets very swollen, it's  normal. I just figured while the Doc was in there, he could fix it. And he did. Dr. Schulman is the only Dr. that does the Smooth Tuck. It's quick recovery, and for people who are not candidates for a tummy tuck. 

Hard to believe you were back to work in just days. But then I'm much older than you. My stomach is so flat, that I had to get my legs done. Dr. Schulman sculpted me and I look great for a 60+. But my thighs were too large for the rest of me. My pants were tight around the thighs while they were falling down around my waist. I had pants on the ground. Hahaha!

Dr. M. Schulman is great. He is in NYC. You can check him out at this web sight. Amazing credential, and sweet. 

Good luck to all of you. Make sure you go to a Board  certified Plastic Surgeon.  
I love this blog and the way we give suport to each other it feels like close friends

8 July- I'm about 4 months post Sx now. I do have...

8 July- I'm about 4 months post Sx now. I do have asymmetry of the liposuction, however, I don't think it is overly noticable on the outer thighs. The inner thighs however have made me self conscious in shorts. I'm not sure anyone else would notice, and my husband says if they do, they have no business looking that close to that area of my body anyways. My PS said it will change more as time progresses but that I may need a little touch up there. This works for me because I'd like to get him to do a little work on my back thighs as well. Perhaps ask him about that cellulaze procedure.

I owe everyone more recent pics, but my camera is MIA. When I find it or get another one, I will definitely post new pics
Hello!! you look great! Can't really notice the asymmetry on the inner legs. How are you feeling now? I'm a little nervous because I'm getting inner & outer legs as well as knees, abdomen and flanks

did you take arnica before surgery? You don't seem to have bruised much!!!

I bruised so much with my BA I started arnica even though I'm still one month away from surgery.

also, does it hurt a lot? Did you get swollen? I'm scared because I got a hematoma with my BA...

14 months since liposuction. I need a touch up on...

14 months since liposuction. I need a touch up on th inner thighs as they are uneven. I think my surgeon did a good job, but I'm still uneven :(
Honestly...I can not see ANY distinction!! I don't think you need the touch up. Of course, it is about what you see in the mirror every day, and how it makes you feel because that affects every other part of your life. Good luck, but yeah, I think you look fab!!
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