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I had two children by C-Section (they are 19 and...

I had two children by C-Section (they are 19 and 22 now) and in the last 3 years I lost 78 I have a pouch that I want to get rid of to complete my weight loss journey.

Oh dear....3 more days...i am getting so nervous.....

Oh dear....3 more days...i am getting so nervous....will post pictures of my belly tomorrow before the surgery!!!


Wish me luck

So it is day before Pre-Op...I am so freakin...

So it is day before Pre-Op...I am so freakin nervous....but so greatful for this site. it is really helping me through things and a better understanding what is to happen and expect.

I will post tomorrow after to be posted soon.

Tomorrow is the day!! Everything is ready....

Tomorrow is the day!!

Everything is ready..bags are packed, nailpolish is removed, Dog sitter is called, numbers written down and emails sent to family and friends that I am out of commission for a few days.

Pics below that I took this morning. (YUCK)

24 hours since my surgery. I feel good...

24 hours since my surgery. I feel good considering. I stayed in hospital for one night and was released today at noon. I was really drowsy yesterday but today I am alert and on the computer.

My stomach hurts alot but Atasol 30s and gravol is helpling alot.

I did see my stomach this morning as the nurses changed my dressing and WOW no c-section marks anymore..i am soo happy with that.

Thanks for all your support everyone.

Day 2 PO. Maneuvering around pretty good. I am...

Day 2 PO.

Maneuvering around pretty good. I am surprised. Was able to go to the bathroom unassisted throughout the night and was able to sleep on my side.

Had alot of gas and discomfort at the beginning of the evening but that subsided (poor BF lol) and was able to sleep much better.

Belly is very tender and I hates to cough as it feels like my whole insides are going to fall out, but all in all I give my recovering a 70%

This morning I had a peanut butter and Jelly sandwich followed by a golden delicious apple. Boyfriend told me that I better not get too comfortable getting breakfast served in bed. He is being so good.

Day 3 Post Op I am doing great. I have very...

Day 3 Post Op

I am doing great. I have very little pain or discomfort. I am up walking around and able to go to the washroom myself. My Nurse told me that my Right drain will come out Monday as there is very little draining from that one and the left will come out a few days later.

My belly button seems like it is a little high up but the Nurse said that is where it is suppose to be positioned. Will take pics and post later.

My only complaint: I am always tired...but I think the pain meds (Atasol 30 with codiane) is making me tired and Bowel Movements or lack thereoff. I am having difficulty with the BM....Nurse told me to take stool softener and I did last night but a no go this morning.

Day 4 Post Op I am doing great...I am very...

Day 4 Post Op

I am doing great...I am very surprised because I read so much about others who couldn't walk or were just miserable. Mind you I can't run a marathon but I am up and down the stairs and able to clean myself, wash my own hair and get small meals.

I am afraid I may overdo it because I am feeling so good,so I am being cautious.

I finally had a BM...took the stook softener (suggested by my home nurse) and it finally kicked in and had no problem passing.

I am a bit swollen around the belly button and it is very very hard.....not sure if that is normal but the home nurse in coming in this morning and I will ask.

My incisions are a stinging a bit (maybe more a a burn) including the drain holes but I think that is them coming to life.

Last I am itchy so I took some Benedryl Elexir and that works but knocks me out for the count for a while.

Today I am going to go outside on the patio and watch my Significant Other wash the cars...I am so bored int he house.

Day 5 Post Op I am feeling great. I went for a...

Day 5 Post Op

I am feeling great. I went for a walk around the block yesterday and stayed awake for most of the day. I feel like I can do anything but I know that I just had big surgery only 5 days ago so am taking it easy..just it is hard when I feel so good.

The itch is driving me freakin crazy....I have been taking Bendryl but that only really puts me asleep...I feel like something is crawling me all over.

The incision is burning but the Home Nurse said that is good a sign that it is healing :S

My right drain is almost close to be coming out. It is draining less then 35 cc (in 24 hours) and the Nurse said when it goes below 30 cc she will take the right one out. She don't like taking the two out the same day as when the right one comes out the left one will compensate for the one that is not in and will fill up more.

The Binder (compression garment). Mine is pretty comfortable. It is molded for a female type and has two velcro layers on it. One for the top part of my torso and the other for the hips and bottom part. I am told to wear this for 4 - 6 weeks as it will prevent the swelling, so I will just have to get used to it anyway..good thing it is comfortable.

I am updating with pictures this afternoon. I...

I am updating with pictures this afternoon.

I had a little bit of discomfort today and had to rest in bed all afternoon. I guess I overestimate how much I can actually do.

These pictures where taken with my blackberry and I was holding it so it is pretty close but as you can see I have alot of swelling so far and yes those are stretch marks that didn't go away..I guess all couldn't go.

So I am please with my progress...

Day 6 Post Op Well yesterday was not great, I...

Day 6 Post Op

Well yesterday was not great, I was feeling alot of pressure in my lower region and it was very uncomfortable, so I rested most of the day.

Today I am feeling much better but taking it easy as suggested by most of you. I feel like I can do anything but I now realize that when I feel that way I go overboard.

So the Nurse was here today and she allowed me to get a shower before she came (leave the bandages on) and then she took of the wet bandages and replaced then with dry clean ones. I also had my right drain taking out...OUCH..but happy that it is out.

Tomorrow my PS will take out off the take on my incision and then I will be free from bandages. It looks like my left Drain has to stay in another while yet...but that is ok, I rather it catch all the fluid then build up in my tummy.

Well it is nap time...I could get used to this routine lol

Today was a good day.....first shower, right drain...

Today was a good day.....first shower, right drain out, went for a drive and then a walk. Well tonight is not so good, overdid it again but it was soo nice out and I was getting a case of house bound and needed to see the outside world. I put on makeup, did my hair and felt like hundred bucks; but then I had to wear a dress and I still have one Drain so i had a lump in my belly where the drain was fitting and didn't feel that attractive afterwards.

Now I understand the up and down are just flowing....rollercoaster.

10 days PO... Well I have not been around for a...

10 days PO...

Well I have not been around for a couple of days because I was just plain miserable. I end up getting some type of stomach sickness and had nausea and some vomiting. I hate being a passenger in a car lately, I get so motion sickness. Not sure what is up with that.

So Day 10. I am feeling pretty good with the TT. Still have my left drain but thinking it will come out Sunday or Monday. It has been around 30 cc the last two days and PS said under 30 it will come out. I truly am not in a hurry because I don't want to get seroma. (sp?)

I am pmsing...oh dear. All bad enough that I have a roller coaster of emotions but pms is only making it 100% worse. My b/f got the horrible end of me tonight, but I realized it afterwards and apoligized.

So mobility is perfect. I am up walking around with a straight back...can bend down and pick up anything and up and down stairs without an issue. I can do almost anything I did prior to the surgery...but RUN or lift weights (that is because the PS has restrictions put on me).

I do get tired in the afternoon and need a nap and by evening I find my belly is swelling (above the belly button) but I am very happy with the results...I am pretty flat in the morning.

Will take more pictures next week.

I haven't weighed myself...but I am not a big scale watcher..more a person who judges by my clothes. I found the scales just frustrates me.

2 Weeks.... Finally got out my Right Drain...

2 Weeks....

Finally got out my Right Drain feels like I am soooo free. My PS did warm me that I may have some fluid buildup above my belly button and to come back to her on Thursday to remove I am anticipating that.

My Monthly Visitor is here toooo so being paranoid about fluid buildup I am having menstral cramps...yuck. Isn't it wonderful to be a woman :)

So Day 14....feeling fine. Up walking. Walked 6000 steps yesterday which is equivalent to about 7 kms....(not all at once). I am walking up straight and no real complaints. I hated that drain so that was a pain to sleep with soooo I am very excited to sleep tonight without it.

No nap today and not tired....I am impressed. My PS said she was impressed with my quick recovery.

Only compliant: I hate the swelling at night. I feel sooo sexy in the morning but by evening ..I feel like a bloated frog...but so is will be like that my PS said up to a year...yeah me....

I am posting day 14 pics...It is 7:30 pm when I took them so there is evening you will notice above the belly button.

Today I felt great. I went out to lunch and then...

Today I felt great. I went out to lunch and then a walk on the water front. Very nice and he was quite impressed that I was keeping up with him while walking.

My only issue today is the burning sensation in my tummy. It feels like my binder is rubbing me raw (even though I have a tank top underneath it) but when I take it off to look it is fine. My PS said it has to do with nerve endings and to just massage, but boy is it bothersome.

17 days PO. My only issue, which is a...

17 days PO.

My only issue, which is a bothersome one is the burning sensation in my tummy. It feels like I have a bad sunburn and to even put a tshirt over it is excruciating. I seen my PS yesterday and she said it is where the nerve endings were cut and to take an Aleve and rub some Viterderm on it. Well it didn't really fix it over night but I will continue to do so.

Tonight I went out to watch a friends son play in a concert and then we all went to supper. I decided to leave off the binder and just put on a spanx, pair of legging and a long tight fitting shirt.....well I felt sooo sexy for the first 20 mins but then the stomach starting blowing the end of supper I looked 4 months pregnant...arrggg...this swelling is not fun.

No one knows that I had the surgery (except immediate family) and my best friend but I have alot of people saying I look good. I don't think they suspect I had a TT because I have been on this new Healthy Lifestyle for 3 years and coach runners, so I think they just think I lost weight.

It is 9:00 pm and I am in bed....I feel fat and yucky with the swelling....

Tomorrow is a better day.

Today I woke up feeling fine with the exception of...

Today I woke up feeling fine with the exception of that burning in my tummy. I have to accept that it will be part of me for a few more weeks so no more whining..(well maybe a little :))

I am not back to work yet. I actually got 6 weeks off and then I am moving provinces for work. I work with the gov't and I our office is moving in Newfoundland so I have to relocate to Halifax (sad). Our wonderful PM is not loving Newfoundland (and NL don't love him).

So with all the recovering from the surgery I am trying to prepare my house to rent and get ready to move...not fun. I am not lifting anything...I promise but it is hard to not do the things I want to do.

I find at nights I get alot of gas in my belly and it that what you guys consider the 'swell hell"??? It is so uncomfortable I have to loosen my binder (good thing it is velcro).

Well that is it for today....going to put on my PJs rub some vitaderm on my tummy and settle into walk some criminal minds.

Well it will be 3 weeks tomorrow. Today marks 3...

Well it will be 3 weeks tomorrow. Today marks 3 weeks with no soda. I was a soda addict but gave it up cold turkey. It was easy the first week because I was miserable but the second week I craved it for a few days but now I am totally cool with it. I am drinking lots of water and keeping back on my sodium.

But I feel soooo freakin fat. No exercise is driving me nuts.

Anyway that is it for today...more tomorrow.

Hope all is feeling good and recovering fine!!

24 days PO Wow it has been 24 days since I had...

24 days PO

Wow it has been 24 days since I had my surgery..that is insane. No regrets here whatsoever.

You all may laugh at me when I say this but I want to see if anyone else find this amusing. For 22 years (since I had my first C-Section) I had this hanging belly (pouch some may call it) and I never got to see my pubic area. So after I had a FTT and Muscle repair I look down and there is no belly but this pubic area. You have to remember I am 42 and I was 19 when I got pregnant and 20 when I had a I never really (I guess) remember seeing my pubic area. I actually had to ask my significant other to tell me if it looks normal. Offcourse he laughs at me and says yes dear it is just you never seen it before. Anyway that is my laugh of the day.

I went for a 5 km walk today. It took me 47 mins but I did it. You must know I am a runner and 5 km takes me normally 25 mins so today seemed like eternity. I don't have the clearance yet to run so I am walking and being patient. I am glad however that I walked but I was so swollen afterward that I was uncomfortable.

Oh another thing my hit is swollen..I don't have a hip bone. Is that normal?

4 weeks PO yesterday. Nothing much to report. ...

4 weeks PO yesterday. Nothing much to report. Seen my GP yesterday (PS on vacation) and he said everything is looking fine. He told me that my walking will not affect or aggravate the surgery but no running. He did explain that this was a pretty intrusive surgery and that it will take time to heal, so be patient but he is happy with the scar and the belly button, he said everything is healing perfectly.

My hip (where the last drain came out) is still swollen, it is actually ridiculously big but it is fluids and he said my body will absorb it.

No new pics...just a little update.

Hope everyone is recovering nicely and for those that are going in for surgery best of luck and stay strong.

5 weeks PO tomorrow. I over did it this weekend...

5 weeks PO tomorrow.

I over did it this was a crazy week. My daughter moved out to her apartment this weekend, so I had to help with that. Then Sunday morning I went for a trail hike. I felt great but then today it backfired. I am in major swell hell all day.

Heading on vacay tomorrow; so relax for a week.

7 weeks PO and I feel good but "fat" because of...

7 weeks PO and I feel good but "fat" because of the lack of exercise. I am back to running ..ok maybe jogging but I have been wearing my compression garment when I run because the swell hell comes back with a vengeance.

PS said it was ok to run just listen to my that is what I am doing. I tend to go out running after supper so I can go home put on my pj's and relax for the night with my swollen tummy.

Besides that all is good.

It is a little over 2 months since my surgery and...

It is a little over 2 months since my surgery and I am feeling pretty good. I have a major tightness in the tummy that at times feels like it will bust but nothing I can't handle.

I am back to running...when I run I blow up like a frog, but it goes down after I rest.

I am only wearing my binder now while I run but otherwise I am binder free. My PS said not to wear it otherwise.

I do wear those tight comprssion shirts when i feel a little of swelling but that is for vanity not for the purpose of helping the swelling.

I drink lots of water...maybe too much but all is good.

2 Years

I decided to come back and give a 2 year review on my TT. I have no regrets. Feeling great, told I look great and able to wear a bikini to the beach.

Dr. Joy Clueet

The PS was great...her admin was not friendly nor returned phone calls.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
Was this review helpful? 3 others found this helpful

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TT seems to be a little too long recovery time..(time of work). Have anyone had Liposuction in NL. The area that bothers me the most is my back, between bra and waist...probably referred to as flank. Wondering if anyone had it done, referrals or cost. Thanks..
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17 months and don't regret my decision. I never regained feeling in my tummy, always numb which is weird but no regrets. Back to running fulltime.
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Hi....Thinking of a TT... have been reading all the post here, very helpful..really enjoyed HealthyNewfie story! Was wondering what's the consult fee?? Thanks..
  • Reply
Hi. my consult fee was $75
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Hi HealthyNewfie...wondering if you are still online. I have had a consult with Dr. Cluett and am about 90% sure I am going to go for a FTT. I am also a runner and don't know if all the recovery time is worth it. How are you doing now? -Matty
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hi Matty how did you make out?
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Healthynewife, you are one week ahead of me! I haven't started exercising yet, but sure want to. Good to hear all is going well.
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You look wonderful! How are you feeling now? I was a bit surprised it takes very long for swelling and if you overdo at times (like I did, climbing a tree 2 weeks post op and moving a couch)it does come back to haunt you. But I am now 9 months post op and even still I get some slight burning when I overdo it but nothing major. Now I look at it as being able to "feel my muscle working". I also had the swelling at hip..right where incision ended one side looked bigger than other side and it really concerned me. I have heard that is a common thing and it took several months of contemplating on a laser treatment (to help swelling faster) but my PS said it would reduce on its on and he was right it finally did so don't get to alarmed. That area is very sensitive and can take a long time to heal, or swelling goes down and up for some time. Best of luck to you, enjoy your new fabulous tummy!
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You're looking awesome!

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carolweeltrina, I too am so swollen after work, and I am only going in from 7-11 right now, (am). I get so swollen that it scares me my incision my pop open! today I came home and stuck an ice pack inside my underwear and left it there, it made a huge difference. Tomorrow I am taking some with me to work and putting them on/in so I can minimize it. All I can wear right now are dresses (loose ones) and it can be easily hidden. I am in no way ready for "exercise" this tt/lipo/mr has been very taxing on me!
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Hey!! I can totally relate to seeing the 'dow there'..I am the same!! Haven't seen it for 17 years, or actually more like 20, after my daughter was born!!! Too funny!
Love your pics, you look A LOT like me re: body type and hourglass figure!
I relate to the exercise taboo thing, I am so swollen after a day at work I am not exercising other tha little walks with my little dog! I used to run too. I am much more stressed out about stuff because there is no cardio in my day, unless you count opening and closing model homes for my work, which does tire me out. I feel like a wimp! So i totally understand. I guess we just have to take it slowly, I don't even know how you walked 5 km!! That would have taken me forever!!!
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Hi! I hear you on the running. I too am a runner and have just started back at it. I am soooo slow. I'm at seven weeks and it still feels strange. Just take it easy and slow when you start!
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And I forgot... My hips were uneven for a long time. They are just evening out now! Wen they took my first drain out my hip area swelled and it's taken forever to come down.
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That is funny Marinemom.....I guess we can all laugh at ourselves.

I am just looking at my before pics...can you say grotesque. I never really seen myself in a pic (with no clothes on I can't believe that turned on my BF lol
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HNW...that is so funny! I know exactly what you mean when you say you can't see yourself! The day of surgery, as my ps was getting ready to "draw" on me, I had to tell him that I nicked myself shaving, b/c I can't see down there! He laughed and said, well, after today, that will no longer be a problem! It was funny. He was trying to get the natural "lay" of the belly and I was holding it and he was like, "let it go" and I was like "Huh?" and he said, "let go of your belly, this is the last time you'll see it!
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You look great fellow Canuck!! :) Wow, you must be really pleased!! All the best.
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I think you look so GREAT!! Nice to see a fellow Canadian on here. :-) Doesnt feel great to get out for the first few walks? Hope you continue to heal and feel great.
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I know Kimmers I should not of walked...lying here tonight suffering..but I just hate being in the house all the time
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Thanks Marie
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Gotta love that binder! Way to go, walking and you are looking good.
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You look good woman.  Besides remember you are doing to kick that swelling right in the butt:)

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Thank you Ms Summer. :) Swelling today....I look disgusting and fat!!
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You look smashing, Miss Newfie :) Congratulations on your beautiful new tummy!
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Thanks Marie and Kimmers. I am doing great today, no swelling tonight but I took it easy today.
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Good deal!   Rest is the key right now.   You look wonderful:)

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