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Dr. Ayman Shahine- Plus Size Lipo - New York, NY

Around Thanksgiving of 2012, I found Dr. Shahine...

Around Thanksgiving of 2012, I found Dr. Shahine on YouTube after trying to figure out how laser liposuction worked. I saw his Brazilian butt lift videos and thought he was awesome. Fortunately for me, I didn't need to pay him $10k for what God has blessed me with. Anywho, I went to the manhattan location on W34th street for a consultation and the pictures on the wall spiked my interest. I knew I couldn''t afford lipo, so I was only there for him to give me a price range so I could see what I could do about it.

I initially worked with Marly, lovely lady by the way; If I was a lesbian, I would've tried to holler, lol, she's really nice and sweet. So, I worked with Marly and she looked at my body and started writing numbers for me... we talked about my overall goal and the areas that were more important... she gave me an AMAZING number... then shahine walked into the room and said no. He spiked up the price 6 thousand dollars, like wtf man!

A month later, I'm back for surgery 12/28/12. I got there on the Friday EVENING on time and mentally prepared. After waiting for 2 and a half hours, the secretary pulled me into the room to tell me he isn't coming because of some big emergency. It turns out he fell asleep. whatever, So, I went back home. They told me to come in a noon the next morning and i would be seen first. I got there at 1pm because the receptionist told me he wasn't even in the office at that time!!! Long story short, He scheduled me for 12pm and I wasn't laying on the table til 10:30pm 12/29/12!!!

By the way, you learn a loot in the waiting room. You wouldn't belieeeeeve how many people complained about his service in there... my thing is, why isn't anyone writing reviews about him???? Is he paying off the people he screws up???? Honestly, I wish I knew what I know now. Back to the story, I did the procedure while i was awake and he spoke to me the whole time... he has good bedside manner. Being that I am full figured (I looked like i was pregnant... never lost the baby weight), he was only able to do the upper part of my stomach... I wish I knew that, because I wouldn't opt to come back for a second surgery AWAKE for him to try and finish the rest of the one area.

As I was leaving, the medical assistant helped me get dressed and I asked her for some of the blue sheet thing, and she gave me a few... This doctor doesn't send you home with anything! So if you decide to go with him, have gauze, surgical tape, and old sheets prepared.

The day after surgery, I checked myself out in the mirror and saw a little difference in the little area he did. I was excited! I couldn't wait to see what it would look like once it was finished. FYI, If you're a size 16+ be ready for pain. He had to get aggressive in the area and it was painful. Screw the anesthesia! Also, be careful when he's going into your sides because there's a barrier where there's no anesthesia and when it get scraped by that big needle thing, it's not going to be an amusing story... it will hurt ur ass!

A couple of days later when I was feeling better, I called to schedule my next seesion. I booked a date three weeks later. A few days before my scheduled surgery 1/19/13(mind you, i got a babysitter an everything for the weekend(my son is three)) the secretary calls me to say he'll be on vacation for a week! WTFFFF!!!!!! So I rescheduled after giving them a piece of my mind for the following saturday 1/26/13. That morning secretary calls me and tells me and says he wont be in til that night... so i got pissed and said i cant be starting my surgery in the wee hours in the morning. so i rescheduled for a ten days later . I got there that evening at 7 and didnt start my procedure til 1AM! After assuring me that i would be seen first, two people went ahead of me... smh. These people are a bunch of liars. I was scared throughout the whole surgery. I was shaking and everything. I took a picture of myself after he added the anesthesia ( I looked scary, yikes!). He would have me roll on my side throughout the procedure to give me "curves"... by the way, i NATURALLY have curves! so when he finished the surgery he said "Wow you stomach is flat!" I WAS SOOOOO HAPPY. I loked at my stomach and asked him why it looked weird like that, he said it's the swelling.

So I get home the next day and I got sooo angry. MY STOMACK LOOKS THE SAME!!! What the fuck was he talking about???? is he looking at the same thing as i am... i still have the slab of gut that's covering my c-section scar. Marly told me he would need to do a third session, but he said he's done..... i dont know what to say... I spent a total of $8k to still have a gut... he said he was going to make it FLAT... and there's a girl on his website who's stomach was similar to mine and he said i would look like that... well, ladies, he lied. I don't want to call him out yet because I have to go back for post ops and maybe the massages. I'm hoping my stomach goes down after that. When I go there I intend on demanding for him to finish, cause this right here aint a done deal!

Oh and as for the BBL, I'm going to tell you what his REAL customers said... if you notice all his pictures are on the operating table! Those butts a nice and juicy because of anesthesia and swelling. your butt goes down after that, some more than others. This one girl ended up with a lopsided booty and he told her it was her fault... not only that he' charging her $5000 to fix it! He doesn't seem to accommodating. It is in my opinion the he works better for thick (8-12) girls and specializes in BBL. BTW, to do the fat transfer, you HAVE to have a significant amount of fat on other areas of your body. If you're a size 2 and want a bigger booty, consider injection because he WILL NOT have anywhere to pull the fat from. Remember i told you this, because you will be disappointed with your results once the swelling goes down.

Dr. Shahine is a hard worker, but he bites off more than he can chew. I haven't yet met anyone my size (16/18) Who is truly satisfied with his results. I'm not calling it a waste of money YET, because there's still hope. Oh, and those massages are pricey if you're not ballin!

So, today makes it two weeks since my procedure. I...

So, today makes it two weeks since my procedure. I went in for my post op last tuesday on the 12th of february and waited a good two hours in the waiting room and one hour in the consult room. I have noticed a lot of changes. my stomach has started to lift up and tighten a little. When I spoke to the doctor, I was ready for war... i was so unhappy.... when i finally spoke to him, i voiced my opinion and he told me there was no fat there, it was just water weight. i still have love handles and a gut. He then told me I would need to make an appointment to get the massages so the water could get out of my stomach. I asked him how much and he told me it was about $400 for like five or six sessions. I wish he would've explained those things to me prior to puncturing my tummy. So, now I have to wait til next payday to get my massages.... and I'm definitely going else where. These people are beyond unprofessional!

First let me say, I like what I am seeing thus far...

First let me say, I like what I am seeing thus far.... in that past 2 weeks I've seen improvements, but it isn't what he said it was and what it was going to be. I was told my belly was FLAT while i was on the operating table... negative. you could see for yourself. I work out now, I am trying to get into a monokini this summer and still look good in it. Like I said... he does FANTASTIC WORK on people who don't really need it (Size 12 and under).

I had a loooong conversation with dr. shahine...

I had a loooong conversation with dr. shahine about how to get my stomach down without it looking deformed and he gave me helpful information like, wearing my waist trimmer, which is like a yoga mat, under my garment, placing a towel there so it prevents a crease in your stomach.... staying away from sodium because it makes your body retain water, coming in for drainage, and doing the massage. after a good 45 minutes of him encouraging me and telling what to do differently, i felt good leaving there. I vowed i wwould never go there because of the waiting period, but I came this far and I dont want to stop now because this tummy has to go down!!! I'm glad I went there the other day, because i know more now than i did before. Also, ladies.... it's okay to be a monster and demand for a better body... dont be lazy, dont be shy.... scream if you have to... if you're unhappy, say so and see what can be done! and also... dr. shahine is a 3x board certified OB/GYN!!! Don't get it twisted, if you're confused, I'm clarifying it... he does plastic surgery procedures like the bbl's and the lipo... and he probably does that cause he likes working with the womans body ;-) *hint hint* lol, but don't put all your hopes in one basket... i learned not to.
Dr. Ayman Shahine


3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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I guess Dr Shahine cares more about taking your money then considering your time and after care.
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you're looking really good hun!
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Thank you so much for your honestly ladies. We HAVE to stick together. It's so funny that this chick "love me new body" is going so hard for Dr. Ayman. Posting videos and all. I'm good thanks again ladies.
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OMG! I was actually considering him...
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If you want to wait hours for surgery and then td he decided not to show up then he s your guy. If you want professional service search someone else that concentrates on that type of surgery you want. Shahine is too busy wearing many hats doing many different type of work . There are other good surgeons on Park and Fifth Ave Good luck.
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Hi sister I was browsing the internet to find more about my doctor and foud your comments. From the pictures that you have posted I see that he did an awesome job on you and that you really had a good deal on your procedure. I saw some negative comments but none seemed to be objective. I chose this doctor after my mother's experience with him and his staff was really Excellent. He did her surgey a few years ago and now in her mid 50 s she looks like she is in her mid 30s. I find Dr shahine to be very professional, caring and his work speaks for itself . I saw many of his work on bbldoc.com and youtube. He has a state of the art high end office in Manhattan with hi tech lasers and equipment. He did tell me that the surgery he did on me was not enough and that what I do after the surgery in terms of adhering to post op care and instructions is even more important than the surgery itself towards getting good results especially with fat transfer which is a living changing tissue. I just posted my before and after pictures and I will update my bbl sisters community with my post care progress. you may email me if needed
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I had lipo in Feb. 2013. I was a size 4 with a nice body to start with, all I wanted was for him to clean up my flanks and little on my back. The results suck. He actually ruined my body, it looks bad, uneven and weird in the back. He does not respect patients' time, for my surgery I waited 13 hours from when it was scheduled. He does not provide a garment. He does not have a file for his patient's. The staff is beyond unprofessional and they are hustler's because they get a commission. To see him for a follow-up is almos impossible, he had me wait 5 hours once and 3 hours another time. I feel discouraged and I will have to go to another surgeon for revision. Stay away from this scam. Thx
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I heard same story from other girls . They were very upset and disappointed . If delivering babies is his main profession , then let him stick to that . Find a credible surgeon that cares for his patience well being and great results . One that will give you on time appointments , follows ups and proper post care .
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First things first all the pictures on this website are fake he has his staff put them up and post fake reviews ever wonder why there are only pictures on the table. He has extend your arms in the air so the butt look bigger and ur stomach looks flatter, the pictures from before and after patients are from two different patients. Wants only cash payment because you will never see your money again if not satisfied or if you change your mind. He will have you waiting for over 12 hours and if you want to leave you cant because he has you full amount in cash. He cannot shape a butt and he is not certified. You are never happy with results and he never takes responsibility all he wants is money and for you to spend more and more his consultations are scams he is a good talker he preys on minorites. none of his staff are certified nurses and will quote you a crazy price because they receive commision. The reason you are not put to sleep is becasue they will take away his medical license. You are in extreme pain when you are awake and afterwards. This medical prodecure when you are asleep not local anesthesia. There is no anesthisialogist. It is dirty in an office and not sanitary. We need to stick together and be honest with each other all these post are fake he has his staff do them spread the word this is our body we need to help each other he is a liar a scammer who just wants money you will never get the body you want he will charge you for touch ups
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Thank god
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You are telling it like it is , very scary looking surgery room. Unprofessional desk person. He makes them tell you he s there when he is not. Or are they just lying to get you there . Either way it is a lie. You ll be there waiting and he may or May not show up and this after many hours of waiting . Do you really have time to waste ?
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For all my NYC ladies look up dr Michael jones he on rs now no mor dr shashine
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My cousin is actually going to him for a procedure... I hear good stuff about him
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Yea I would recommend my NYC ladies o go to Michael jones in he is broad certified no questions asked in for this procedure u can go into shock being awake much faster in my opinion as for me I'm going to dr perry booty rocking everywhere out there miami
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Wow! I can DEfINATELY see a difference now. @ first you had me worried! (Lol). My stomach is shaped like urs was. I had it done too. I'm worried cuz its been 2 weeks. My top abs look good. But it seems evrything just fell to the bottom stomach. Its very hard lumpy and sore. Did urs do that in the begining?
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Yes it did. Here's what you have to do to prevent your stomach from staying flapped... Because there is water still in your stomach, gravity will weigh your tummy down. When you wear your garment, wear something underneath it that will lift your tummy up. I used a hip shaper that I used to wear under my dresses. Now I use a waist trimmer to help burn water weight. During the day, I keep it tight and suffocated. I'm still seeing results and I look so much better in clothes, but it's still not flat yet. I'm being patient.
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Thannks soo much. The dr and nnurse need to tell ppl these things in the begining.
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Oops I meant to say that I'm glad you have more confidence in Dr Shahine.
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Damn.... Do you still have water weight in there? There is a BIG difference from a plastic surgeon and an on/gyn.... I knew he was an obgyn prior to me going to him... I liked his work so I tried him out.... I found out that what he's doing isn't illegal.... He's a doctor. Plastic surgery isn't what he specialized in when he went to medical school. At the end of the day, we should've did better research.
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No no water weight unfortunately just a lump of fat and a bunch of other lumps and then one whole section with so little fat its un natural. I know he's not doing anything illegal that's why he can keep on. I know there has to be other ob gyn who are practicing plastic surgery, any MD can perform plastic surgery and since it has become such a booming business all types of Drs have started performing plastic surgery. Well Thank God!! He was trying to convince me to let him perform lipo on my breast but I was like no way!!!! My boobs are Huge and very Glandular. lipo breast reduction is never a suggested surgery for my size. At least I didn't fall for that one. Those are my Girls I would of definitely hurt him!! Lmao. I'm supposed to reduce my boobies this year and have been doing so much research that I can't make up my mind. I guess I was just scared cause of what happened with dr shahine. But I'm ready so I will probably have them done by the summer and Ill see what happens with this tummy. Cause if my boobs are reduced the one side that's lumpy will be more noticeable. I'm going to see if I can take a pic of my abdomen. It's just not as noticeable in pics. Girl keep up the work summer is coming and you will be soooo happy!!! Oh and I have lost weight and toned a whole lot using a home video system called JNl fusion check it out you might like it. Her story is motivational as well.
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@LalaNY, I don't think you should do the breast reduction until you figure out how your stomach can be fixed. Also, if he did such a bad job, why didn't you post about it years ago. When I was unhappy, that's the first thing I did... i let future patients know what they were in for... such as the long wait time. When I was searching for reviews for him, and didn't see ANYTHING solid. well i wish luck. I'll check out the video, too.
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I have to get a Breast Reduction the weight of my breast is overwhelming. I'm a 36 GG and they are very dense. So my "Girls" have been big all my life and now it's just too much. Before my kids I was a 32DDD and 122lbs. Your absolutely right I wish I would of said something sooner. But to be honest I was dealing with the results for myself first, one thing is when you get work done and don't get the results you wanted. Imagine the shock when you find out your body has been ruined. Cause my stomach is disfigured. On top of that I felt kind of stupid to be honest. Last year I was doing the research for my BR not on real self just yet , just some random click and searching, and came across Dr. Shahine that's when I said no no I have to say something. Especially after reading his reviews which for some reason seemed fake to me. Fast forward to a year later now his name pops up a lot more and that's how I began posting on real self. Thank You for sharing your story. Real Self has even helped me with my decision to get the BR that I really need. Woman like you who are kind enough to share your stories in detail and with pics definitely helps others.
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yea, i feel you. You are seriously blessed with girls! I guess it's safe to say that this is a learning lesson when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Next time, choose someone who actually specializes in plastics. I'm sorry for what you've been going through and hope it all works out for you. Thank you for sharing your story. Do you have any pictures you can post so we can see differences in before & after???
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