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Hello ladies! I have been stalking these forums...

Hello ladies! I have been stalking these forums for months reading reviews and asking questions, all the while trying to decide if I really want to get this procedure done or not. I am scheduled for July 24th but might push the date to August 7th due to my new health insurance kicking in. I am currently 33A and I'm getting 450 cc under the muscle silicone. I have had my consultation already and I go in on the 9th to get my medical clearance. Ladies I haven't picked up any essentials and I would like to know what items you think I should get. I'm no longer nervous and I'm so excited and can't wait for the new girls to arrive.

Wish boobies

I forgot

Sorry ladies I forgot to mention , Mentor smooth gel cohesive 450cc hp under the muscle (for now subpectoral ).

Clearance and bloodwork

Hey ladies! So today I went and signed my consents and got my clearance done. Boy was there a lot of information but now that I'm past getting pricked with a needle part I'm so excited and can't wait until surgery.My MA was very understanding and informative. There was another MA training so she was present with us in the room. I still do have some questions but I will ask the doctor once I see him again. Vitals were good except for the blood pressure and that was only because I was hungry and haven't eaten anything prior. They gave me my prescriptions
Pain, muscle relaxer, antibiotic and nausea medications.
I still haven't picked up any essentials but I will soon like
Dial soap, ice bag, two extra pillows(I already have 4 on my bed) stool softener/laxative, soup, aloe water, pineapples, dry cleansing clothes for cleaning body, baby wipes, cold cuts for sandwiches, I already have ensures, shirts that button in the front, sports bras that open in front and spandex . If there's anything I'm missing please of tell me.

Scar cream

So what's a good scar cream that also works well for women of color?

Stress uggghhh

If it's not one thing it's another and despite how bad I want to get this done it just seems as if something is always coming up. My bday is very soon so I wanted to have it time before then and also before my work schedule hours increase(working two jobs). Some of my folks are telling me to wait and in a way I'm feeling like I should because I will deeply regret if God forbid something goes wrong but then again I feel like I also want to just go through with the surgery and get it over with. I'm feeling anxious, excited and worried. Not sure if I'm stressing myself out because I'm so anxious for the procedure. So far I have about 20% more to pay and I'm all set. I still haven't brought any essentials yet because when I called my PS office on Friday they said I will know if my PS approves for clearance by the 24th. Man he's a busy guy lol. I am however struggling with the decision of getting Novo scar cream or Silicone scar sheets. I don't keloid and my skin normally heals well but does leave a scar that fades over time but I won't a speedy assisted process.

Bee stings

Here's some pics of the baby girls lol ????????

Emergency room visit????????

First and foremost i hate being in hospitals (I'm such a big baby) sometimes I wonder how I'm gonna do with childbirth and such lol.So I'm in the emergency room today because I started to feel some pain /discomfort in my body. So I'm here in a gown getting poked and probe just to make sure thins are all well. Based on my results later that will determine if I will have to push my surgery back once again which I don't mind because health is first and this will give me more time to work these crazy hours and save up for the big vacation. I'm looking forward to Costa Rica, Fiji or Aruba !

New surgery date!!

So I spoke with my PC today and just to be safe we moved the surgery date to August 12th which falls on a Tuesday! So I have a couple of more days to prepare for the surgery now! Whoop whoop! I still anxious and excited though. I also spoke with her about getting a silicone gel for the scar that she says they sell in their office that works really well but for
$80 I don't know if I want to spend that much. I heard its good but not sure. It's called BioCorneum cream and it's a silicone scar treatment with a steroid and also spf30.

Doctor said I'm cleared for takeoff

So the doctors nurse called me today and gave me the cleaning for August 12th! Yayyyy. Now it's time for me to look for easy on and off clothes. I was told not to buy any sports bras yet until after so I'm just gonna get another bra they give you at the office .


So I decided to create a checklist of things I think I may need for after care of my surgery. I decided that I would cook 2 big meals so that way the house is fed and my fam/friends that will be attending to me will also be well fed while doing so. I'm a big eater so cooking is my thing.
So far this is what I have in mind to get
2 extra pillows (ikea)
Thera Pearl (heat/cold pad)
Ducolax (laxative)
Cold cuts (sandwich meat)
Scar cream (still not sure which one to get yet either Biocorneum or Scar guard silicone sheets)
Antibacterial soap
Detachable shower head
Baby wipes
Aloe Vera Water
Coconut water
Buy new shirts (easy on and off)
Batteries for my massager
Toms Deodarant
If I'm missing something let me know.

Few picks

Good and Bad news!!!

So the good news is that today I paid off my full balance of my procedure ! yay. Seeing all that money leave me was devastating but hey I'd it is something you want you go and get it lol. The Bad news is that I may have to cancel my surgery because where was I this whole time that I didn't realize that my prescription wouldn't be covered under my insurance and that I would possibly have to spend about $600 or less for medicine!!! Ouch !!!! So I called the office to try and work something out and my doctor won't be back until Thursday ! I'm freak king out because I need to know an estimate of how much the prescriptions are gonna cost me out of pocket because things come up and whose gonna be able to just fork over all that amount of money at the last min? Secondly I have allergies to Sulfa so I can't just take anything. I'm feeling like canceling right now but I don't want to. I don't know if this is a sign or not for me to bit go through with it smh. The office manager said he will try and contact the doctor and see what he says . I expressed how urgent this matter was to me and that I need an estimate of an answer before that Thursday which would put me almost 4-5 days away from my surgery.

Okay I'm calm now

So I just called the pharmacy and found out that the price for all the prescriptions is no where near the amount I thought I would have to pay out of pocket. The price is more reasonable like around $120 or so. Feeling so much happier now. Lol really was freaking out. On my way to do laundry I will drop the prescription off and see what the deal is . That's definitely a sign of relief! So boobies are still on!
Jason Altman, MD

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That's great that it's so much less than you thought! That must have been a relief!
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Girl I didn't know what the word relief meant until now lol
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Bookmarked you so I can follow your updates since you are getting 450cc HP under muscle!! :)
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Hey babes thank you! How are you?
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Hey girl just wanted to come comment so I can follow your updates! Did you ever find out what was causing you pain when you had to go to the hospital?
  • Reply
Hey babes and thank you so much! So they were actually saying that I may have a cyst on my ovaries and that could have been causing the pain. They still haven't really determined what it was so its so confusing. Lol
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Oh no! I hope its nothing serious. That must be frustrating not knowing. but as long as you aren't in any pain or discomfort anymore I'm sure everything's all good :)
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Yes , thank God I'm good for now . It's always scary especially me because I'm quick to jump up and run straight to the doctor like omg I tripped and my toe hurt . Lol but on a serious note I'm a keep an eye out to make sure everything is totally fine.
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Thank you for checking up on me , I so appreciate it !
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Thank goodness! Haha I'm the opposite.. I will put off going to the doctor as much as possible! But its smart of you to be cautious about it right now with an upcoming surgery!
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Girl. Is the ducolax over the counter? And the food idea is a good one since you won't be able to move around. I bought arnica pills for bruising/swelling. Not sure if you may need that
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Yes babes it's definitely over the counter . I will post the pic up today for you. I'm going to add those pills to my list. Just really realized that I'm 12 days. Lol omg time is flying by so fast. I have been working so hard lately and it feels good knowing that my vacation is a paid one too.
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Thank you too for your advice babes!
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Your getting paid on your vacation. While you get your sexy back. Lol a big plus! So happy for you, it almost time! :)
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Yes I know right ! Too bad the vacation will be spent lounging on the bed then in a chair in the sand at the beach lol.
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Lol. Exactly! The first couple of days high on pain pills
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As long as I don't feel the pain to much , any high is good for me lol
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Lol me too! I might not update for a couple of days cause I my be too loopy! Lol
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Your gonna be okay. Lol
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I'm still gonna try to type tho lol
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A back scratcher lol that would've come in handy for me! You're almost there :)
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Yes thank you because I heard the Percocet makes you itch lol
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Awww boobies are fun, cant wait for mine! I thought you were saying you were going to Salama too when u said you changed your surgery date but u meant in general. Either way I pray for a smooth procedure for you. Youre going to look amazing hunn!
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Thank you babes and so will you! How many CC's will you be doing?
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Youre welcome sweetpea. Im thinking 375, I want to be a full d but Ill see what Salama suggests for the look Im trying to achieve ... I just cant wait to see them! and like you show the world...LOL
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