Hello ladies! I have been stalking these forums...

Hello ladies! I have been stalking these forums for months reading reviews and asking questions, all the while trying to decide if I really want to get this procedure done or not. I am scheduled for July 24th but might push the date to August 7th due to my new health insurance kicking in. I am currently 33A and I'm getting 450 cc under the muscle silicone. I have had my consultation already and I go in on the 9th to get my medical clearance. Ladies I haven't picked up any essentials and I would like to know what items you think I should get. I'm no longer nervous and I'm so excited and can't wait for the new girls to arrive.

Wish boobies

I forgot

Sorry ladies I forgot to mention , Mentor smooth gel cohesive 450cc hp under the muscle (for now subpectoral ).

Clearance and bloodwork

Hey ladies! So today I went and signed my consents and got my clearance done. Boy was there a lot of information but now that I'm past getting pricked with a needle part I'm so excited and can't wait until surgery.My MA was very understanding and informative. There was another MA training so she was present with us in the room. I still do have some questions but I will ask the doctor once I see him again. Vitals were good except for the blood pressure and that was only because I was hungry and haven't eaten anything prior. They gave me my prescriptions
Pain, muscle relaxer, antibiotic and nausea medications.
I still haven't picked up any essentials but I will soon like
Dial soap, ice bag, two extra pillows(I already have 4 on my bed) stool softener/laxative, soup, aloe water, pineapples, dry cleansing clothes for cleaning body, baby wipes, cold cuts for sandwiches, I already have ensures, shirts that button in the front, sports bras that open in front and spandex . If there's anything I'm missing please of tell me.

Scar cream

So what's a good scar cream that also works well for women of color?

Stress uggghhh

If it's not one thing it's another and despite how bad I want to get this done it just seems as if something is always coming up. My bday is very soon so I wanted to have it time before then and also before my work schedule hours increase(working two jobs). Some of my folks are telling me to wait and in a way I'm feeling like I should because I will deeply regret if God forbid something goes wrong but then again I feel like I also want to just go through with the surgery and get it over with. I'm feeling anxious, excited and worried. Not sure if I'm stressing myself out because I'm so anxious for the procedure. So far I have about 20% more to pay and I'm all set. I still haven't brought any essentials yet because when I called my PS office on Friday they said I will know if my PS approves for clearance by the 24th. Man he's a busy guy lol. I am however struggling with the decision of getting Novo scar cream or Silicone scar sheets. I don't keloid and my skin normally heals well but does leave a scar that fades over time but I won't a speedy assisted process.

Bee stings

Here's some pics of the baby girls lol ????????

Emergency room visit????????

First and foremost i hate being in hospitals (I'm such a big baby) sometimes I wonder how I'm gonna do with childbirth and such lol.So I'm in the emergency room today because I started to feel some pain /discomfort in my body. So I'm here in a gown getting poked and probe just to make sure thins are all well. Based on my results later that will determine if I will have to push my surgery back once again which I don't mind because health is first and this will give me more time to work these crazy hours and save up for the big vacation. I'm looking forward to Costa Rica, Fiji or Aruba !

New surgery date!!

So I spoke with my PC today and just to be safe we moved the surgery date to August 12th which falls on a Tuesday! So I have a couple of more days to prepare for the surgery now! Whoop whoop! I still anxious and excited though. I also spoke with her about getting a silicone gel for the scar that she says they sell in their office that works really well but for
$80 I don't know if I want to spend that much. I heard its good but not sure. It's called BioCorneum cream and it's a silicone scar treatment with a steroid and also spf30.

Doctor said I'm cleared for takeoff

So the doctors nurse called me today and gave me the cleaning for August 12th! Yayyyy. Now it's time for me to look for easy on and off clothes. I was told not to buy any sports bras yet until after so I'm just gonna get another bra they give you at the office .


So I decided to create a checklist of things I think I may need for after care of my surgery. I decided that I would cook 2 big meals so that way the house is fed and my fam/friends that will be attending to me will also be well fed while doing so. I'm a big eater so cooking is my thing.
So far this is what I have in mind to get
2 extra pillows (ikea)
Thera Pearl (heat/cold pad)
Ducolax (laxative)
Cold cuts (sandwich meat)
Scar cream (still not sure which one to get yet either Biocorneum or Scar guard silicone sheets)
Antibacterial soap
Detachable shower head
Baby wipes
Aloe Vera Water
Coconut water
Buy new shirts (easy on and off)
Batteries for my massager
Toms Deodarant
If I'm missing something let me know.

Few picks

Good and Bad news!!!

So the good news is that today I paid off my full balance of my procedure ! yay. Seeing all that money leave me was devastating but hey I'd it is something you want you go and get it lol. The Bad news is that I may have to cancel my surgery because where was I this whole time that I didn't realize that my prescription wouldn't be covered under my insurance and that I would possibly have to spend about $600 or less for medicine!!! Ouch !!!! So I called the office to try and work something out and my doctor won't be back until Thursday ! I'm freak king out because I need to know an estimate of how much the prescriptions are gonna cost me out of pocket because things come up and whose gonna be able to just fork over all that amount of money at the last min? Secondly I have allergies to Sulfa so I can't just take anything. I'm feeling like canceling right now but I don't want to. I don't know if this is a sign or not for me to bit go through with it smh. The office manager said he will try and contact the doctor and see what he says . I expressed how urgent this matter was to me and that I need an estimate of an answer before that Thursday which would put me almost 4-5 days away from my surgery.

Okay I'm calm now

So I just called the pharmacy and found out that the price for all the prescriptions is no where near the amount I thought I would have to pay out of pocket. The price is more reasonable like around $120 or so. Feeling so much happier now. Lol really was freaking out. On my way to do laundry I will drop the prescription off and see what the deal is . That's definitely a sign of relief! So boobies are still on!

Counting down

So today I went and picked up two extra pillows ,pillow case, star night lights (lol I'm such a big baby when it comes to being in the dark) and my prescriptions that cost me a whomping $130.26 ! Must be nice I tell ya... I could be doing so many other things with that amount but hey these medicines were well worth it right? The only things left are the minor things like food , water, baby wipes and later down the line scar sheets. My bday falls I've week post op and I want to go do a small get away with my friend . I'm kind of bummed out that I may not be able to drink any alcohol . I'm hoping that I can at least have a little sippy sip though lol. I plan on going to the mall 5 days post op to go get 4 outfits for my bday (2 dresses,2 day outfits/lounging, bathing suit , new shoes) and also try on clothes since I won't be able to fit anything. Tomorrow I plan on taking all the clothes I know I won't be able to fit , put them in a bag and give them away to either family/friend or salvation army. I will embark on a new journey soon and some of these tops and dresses I won't be able to share any more memories with ????. Overall I'm still excited for the new girls though!!!

Just curious lol

How long do you have to wait before you can have sex again even if it's very gentle and doesn't involve to much movement ? Lol

Counting down the days

I can't believe my day is right around the corner. I'm overwhelmed with excitement, anxiety, nervousness and preparations to becoming use to my new body. I'm wondering about getting the arnica pills since I will be drinking Aloe Water . I still need to get the antibacterial soap that I somehow haven't been able to get when going to Duane Reade aka Walgreens. I see that Walmart has all the things you can think of (Thought Target would too) lol but that megastore is just to far out to reach . I have decided to wash laundry,sweep,mop and vacuum room, prep station next to bed, prep bed with pillows and sort out clothes /shoes that I will be wearing throughout the weeks all on Monday night. As far as earlier that day on Monday , I will run the little bit of errands I need to do and get the last of my essentials if I haven't already picked them up by then. Ladies if you have any suggestions for me please do tell.

So nervous

Nurse just called today to go over a few things with me and to let me know my surgery time is at 7am so I have to be there by 6am. I will be up by 4am.

New purchases

So I made a few purchases of sweaters, shirts ,dresses and items for myself for post op surgery. Here's some pics that will soon be throwbacks..lol

Reminisce pics

So here's a few pics of how the girls looked in a bra. Sorry for the pics loading sideways and upside down(Realself glitch not mines lol). Btw I don't wear a bra if it doesn't have any padding lol

Quick update

Hey ladies and thank you all for your support. I'm so tired right now but at the moment I'm handling last min preparations such as laundry, cooking and cleaning. I have gotten everything I need from the store so far except for cranberry juice, crackers, bread and eggs but will ask someone to pick that up for me. I should be done with everything by 10 and post an update. Today is also my nephews bday and he just turned 11!!! So I have a few members of my family over to sing happy bday to him. Talk to you ladies in a few. Until then if you ladies have any more advice to give , pass them along.

Last day to sleep on stomach

Hey ladies it's almost time! I'm scheduled for surgery at 7am and I have to be there by 6am so I will be updating very soon afterwards if I'm not knocked out from the meds. Everything is in place, so far except for the laxative or stool softener! My best friend is on her way to the house to spend the night. I cleaned up as well. I prepared steak, baked chicken , broccoli, mash potatoes,sandwiches , tuna fish salad and I have soups on the counter. I have my Aloe water which I will have to re up on by Thursday. Water tank is filled. I just finish popping for the day (thank God so I won't be to backed up when the mds kick in) out fit is together. So the only thing left to do is shower, pray , relax and get some rest. I think that what makes me nervous the most is the post op pressure and pain also being nervous about the surgery in gerneral. Shout out to my girls on here that have been consistent with keeping up with me, I appreciate y'all so much. So I guess the next time I will be updating is when I get there and I will take pics real quick . Oh btw I also have the bed propped up and ready too.

Made it to the other side

Hey ladies I made it! About to eat some soup so I can take muscle relaxer. Lots of soreness and tightness now. Dr. Altman is amazing and his staff. Will talk later.thank you for all your prayers ladies.

Quick loopy update lol

Hey ladies quick update for y'all. I'm experiencing muscle tightness, pressure and soreness. On a scale from 1-10 I would say it's definitely between 6-7. Once the meds kick in and I sleep it's down to a scale 1. Weird right. No nausea as of now. Once I wake up I feel everything lol . Gosh .. I have been eating soup and little sandwich bites, drinking aloe water and water. I take cat naps and when I wake up I feel loopy. My best friend is here with me and she's been helping me carry on and providing company. One thing I will say is I swear I'm righting something but it never gets written lol. Going to pee I need a little assistance getting there. Getting back on the bed is a little challenging for I have to use my but muscles and core muscles because my bed is a little high. Getting up from it isn't that bad. The cat came and later next to me but when I touched her she nibbled my finger as to say rest because I want to play and you can't do that right now lol. I can respect that lol. I don't want to open the bra even though it will feel less tight , I will take the pics tomorrow. For the meantime keep the support coming and thank you ladies in advance/present time. Btw I have also been icing the boobs on top where I feel the most pain at.

Things I notice

I really can't sleep for more then 2 hours and less then 1 hour without waking up. I'm taking the muscle relaxers every 8 hours and the pain pill every four hours. The surgery bra that was given to me is a Black compression bra by Marena ! How cool lol. When I lean forward they don't hurt as much but every time I lay back and wake up it's like I wake up all of a sudden. I'm on my second bottle of Aloe Water and still icing. I switch between the boobs ice packs and the back one. Funny story, my nephew (11) told his camp counselor today that he would not be coming in tomorrow or Thursday and she asked him why. He replied "because my Aunt had surgery and I want to be there for her, she asked what type and he told her "it's personal" lol . Thank God for this blessing and for my recovery as well. Two more other things I notice too lol is that my right boob looks slightly higher in the bra . I will ask about that tomorrow morning and besides having to read over my text and text slow because I'm a little loopy from the meds , underneath my arms feel sore.

Post op

So today I seen Dr.Altman for my post op check up. All my vitals were good and he loosened up that dreaded bra which was causing me so much more pain. He explained to me that I had som very tight pec muscles so he had to squeeze those bad boys in there lol. I will try and upload pics later but right now it will be to much discomfort to open and close it. My stomach however is bloated as hell with no pain but I will soon be ready lol. I haven't ate anything to solid so today will be that day. I have been eating soup and sandwiches for the most part. My pain is mostly where the top part of the boob is and the middle but other than that it's fine. P.S. Ladies what ever you do , don't get upset about anything because your pec muscles get tight and the muscles well I guess they spass a little.

Sneak Peak

They don't look as big right now. They actually look smaller from the angles I took.

Day 2

Hey ladies! So far I have been able to sleep longer now that my body has started adjusting to the meds. I slip in and out of sleep but for longer periods. I'm currently still bloated but I'm not ready to take the laxative yet because I have seem to be passing gas a lot lol. So I will give a few to see if it doesn't get better. I have been opening the bra every so often just to relieve some pressure . It seems when I am laying propped up that my muscles seem to tense on their own for a quick second before becoming relaxed .still no nausea or pain in the belly. Burping feels hella good but to cough oh gosh my life is to valuable lol . Feels awful lol. I started taking the Pain pills every 4-6 hours and in between I take a half because I want to stay ahead of the pain but I don't know if it's working . When I'm sleep I feel nothing but when I wake oh Lord do I feel tightness , pressure and what ever unexplainable pleasures lol. Getting up out the bed I still need a helpers hand behind my back. I have been icing the boobs frequently and also decided to put the heat pad on my back. I took my first bath today and it was crazy trying to sit down and get back up lol. My ex boyfriend came over today to help assist my nephew who has been there every step of the way. I feel so loved lol. I feel loopy when the meds kick in and start typing and saying funny things lol. Talking to long or not stopping to break my sentence up results in shortness of breath or little bit of reflexes. My muscles were very tight to begin with so I think that's why I'm experiencing so much discomfort .
The right boob seems higher and the left seems to be dropping more .

More please

Oh gosh so I'm running low on my Perc and there's no refill on them. I so need another prescription because I'm only on day 2 going to day 3 and I'm down to like my last few pills. I'm not addicted but my chest muscles are so damn tight I'm still in pain.

Day 3

So I'm in less pain today. I feel the muscle tightness and soreness at the top of the boob , underneath arm pits, on the side of the arms/boob muscle and a little bit on the left inner top boob. When I talk for to long or my pitch is to loud , my left boob muscles start flexing. Haven't made poop yet and I'm down to my last 2 pain pills. My moms boyfriend went to the store to get me Tylenol extra strength for me to take 2 at a time. I can say that I believe the meds weren't doing to much for me but it did help some and also helped me sleep. I'm still laying on an incline but every now and then I get up and walk. Waking up in the morning I feel "morning boob" and then it goes away. I have been eating so often and gained about 8 lbs even though I think most of the weight is in my stomach lol so by later today I will make poopy poop. My nephew has still been a blessing with helping me. I definately see a slight difference as the boobs have dropped a little from yesterday. I also let the boobs air out for about 20 mins a day.A questioned I want to know the answer to " Is it just me or is that because the boobs stretch the skin that you find yourself hunched over a little as opposed to standing up straight?

Is it just me

Is it just me or is my bra to tight and high underneath my underarms? Excuse my belly I'm getting ready to release those demons lurking inside my belly.lol


Yayyyy so for all my ladies that knows what it's like to be constipated I finally couldn't take it anymore! My laxative kept giving me false alarms of gas with no fire so I decided to push a little bit and take deep breathes to squeeze it out. I'm sorry about the tmi but this has been the worst feeling ever . My stomachs swelling is going down and I'm gonna ice my chert afterwards to make sure it's okay from some of the squeezing. What a relief!!!

Must be nice ....

So today is my what 3rd or 4th day and I still have soreness and tightness in my chest . I finally was able to make #2 and I felt so relieved. Thank God that my stomach is no longer hard and back to soft(I was looking almost6 months preggo) . I sneezed yesterday and this morning and can I tell you how much it hurts the boobs. To make matters worse my allergies are starting up and when I blew my nose this morning I saw mucus that wasn't clear . I try my best not to sneeze because it hurts so bad. My nurse said that when you sneeze or cough to hold your chest with both hands but now is not the time to be getting sick of any sort. I'm currently sitting upright because laying down on an incline like your told just isn't the feeling I'm going for now. I have ran out of my Percocet and I'm now taking Tylenol extra strength. Waiting on my mom to return to make breakfast but for now I'm eating a yogurt just so I can take my meds. I super tight and sore in the chest right now . Not healing the way I thought I would but hey this is the price you pay for beauty right lol beauty is pain. I think I'm going to open the bra up a little but it seems when I do there nothing there holding the weight and the boobs sensors seem to flex just a little .im still drinking plenty of fluids and I will be eating more soft foods and stuff with fiber in it to help me go to the bathroom better. Will post pics later. So to my ladies that have had their BA's done , how did your boobs feel by this day?

I'm freaking out

Are my scar areas supposed to look like this? Like I know there will be some bruising and swelling but is my skin supposed to look like this where the bra wraps around on the skin ?

Shooting pains????

So I'm starting to get sharp shooting pains in my left boob that hurt so bad omg! I'm gonna ice them but damn they hurt so bad.

Day 5

Good morning ladies! Mentally I'm feeling much better . Physically a little better but I still have soreness under my arms , I move around a bit more on my own but I can feel my muscles tightening up if I'm doing to much which seems like everything I do, sneezing still hurts because I have allergies, bottom of boob feels a little weird but not painful,I can brush my teeth and wash my face but slowly and softly, I still can not bathe on my own , My tits are still riding high but they are rounding out more,nipples aka cops are sensitive and always on alert (I call them cops lol) . I stand up a little straighter and not as hunched. I have learned to use my feet and toes to help me do things like pick things up, flush toilet , turn sink on/off lol etc. as weird as it sounds I was almost completely immobile to the basic things because my recovery isn't going as fast as most would have and it's because if my tight pec muscles. I just can't wait for them to fluff out some more. I went to the bathroom again yesterday and even though I'm not as bloated the pouch is still holding some retention of water in it( I need my flat stomach back) lol. So let's see how today goes. I get a bathe today yippy. My friends and ex boyfriend have been so supportive, more then family ( besides my nephew being my main support)but hey I'm just happy that at least someone was there and cared for me! My nephew has been working full time to help me out and he actually loves it. God is defiantly good and that little man is truly a blessing. I told him make sure you don't turn my situation into a back to school story lol you know how the teachers tell the kids to write about what they did over the summer , I told him to leave this part out. lol oh did I forget to mention that I let the girls breath for intervals of 20mins 6 times a day equalling up to 2 hours. It's much better then letting breathe for 2 hours straight.

Good afternoon

Good afternoon ladies! It feels so good to be bathe but guess what? Today marked the first day that I was able to actually wash some parts of my body on my own without help yaayyyy. I'm definitely improving . I did notice that by back (lower to middle part) was stiff and sore. I guess maybe from my posture and the weight. I'm sitting down now with my robe on. Another thing is that my ( weak stomaches not allowed ,TMI warning in effect) when I go move my bowels it stings so bad . Idk why though. I haven't been drinking as much liquids as I normally use to. I also took an 1.5 hour nap . I'm going to use my heating pad for my back so I can feel better. I have a salad that I'm about to eat that's all greens and has sliced beef brisket on it. That should also help me with the bathroom. I'm gonna send my ex to the store to get me some applesauce . I somehow worked up a sweet tooth ironically lol but I won't give in. I will wait to my bday to have some nice cake lol. Other then that I'm taking the Arnica Pellets and I finished all my meds!!! Yayyy. So the only thing I'm taking is the Arnica pellets and if I feel the need to take it Tylenol. Still hurts like crap to sneeze lol . I forgot to mention when I wash up I always make sure to use my antiseptic cleanser on my boob area . My nipples are sensitive so I'm careful not to touch them lol I plan on venturing out tomorrow to get an outfit for dinner for my bday . I pray I will be okay. So I'm gonna leave first thing since the stores won't be crowded and pick about 5 -6 stores to see if there's anything I can get . So if I get there by 10 I should be done by 2 and home by 3 the latest . Once I get back I will then take a nap . I'm also gonna take 2 tylenols extra strength when I wake up just to help assist me because I will be walking and taking breaks in between. Pray for me y'all. I already mapped out which stores I will go to first and everything lol

Sorry boobies and ladies

Good evening ladies!!! So I did a number on myself today when I went to the mall to look for an outfit for my bday. I'm sorry i didn't take pics of some of the clothes I tried on because I was getting very emotional, agitated and all the above .
1.) I need a bigger bra . The current one I was provided with is a size 34D which is to tight and I need a 36D . They are also charging me $60 for an additional one! (Fml)
2.) my boobs are so funny shaped that I went store to store looking for a top/dress that was loose enough at the top to cover my funny ass looking boobs.
3.) I started to get very emotional
4.) finding clothes in my house just to wear to the store is hard because my boobs are so high up , hard, not to rounded and slanted from the look of the side that it's impossible to hide them unless your wear a baggy shirt or something with ruffles that is loose which I don't really own any summer clothes like that. Their mostly winter.
5.) wasn't expecting my recovery to be this slow but hey it is what what it is.
6.) I tried to go everywhere by car and I don't always have that luxury .
7.) first day out the house besides my post op visit.
.8) by the time I got home I had to shower on my own for the first time, boobs were sore, iced them while I ate , and went to sleep.
9.) praying that I didn't hurt the girls to much
10.) is it worth buying a new bra now and my post op (1week) appointment is Thursday for my PS to tell me I can wear regular sports bra?
11.) gained 10 lbs(bloating went down tremendously but that booty got fatter) can someone say Cake cake cake cake cake, and it's not even my birthday!
12.)think I may have forgotten to mention something but I will throw it in with my next post
So that was my day so sorry I couldn't get to you ladies sooner.

Hey ladies I made it to 26!!!

First and foremost I would like to thank God for blessing me with seeing another birthday and to all the ladies that have have been with me during my journey and have sent their blessings ! I went to the spa , got my hair done and went to dinner( didn't drink any alcohol and all the guys were trying to buy me drinks) lol. I shared the evening with a few ladies cousins and close friends. My nipples irritated me the whole day because they were hard and super sensitive lol. I had crab cake with lobster sauce for an appetizer (some of my friend dry aged steak, yummy) lamb chops , potatoes au gratin , asparagus and complimentary cake thanks to the steakhouse! With every bite my heart beat raced and I had wish that there's was no one there at the restaurant so I could just pig out. Lol we sat in a booth and it took me quite a while to slide in to the middle seat( I'm a Leo so we have to be center of attention lol) and that was that. I went home and put ice on my boobs, popped 2 Tylenol extra strength and went to sleep. Lol can't front , I wanted to drink so bad but these girls are an investment so I passed.( it was tempting though) lol.

Photos from today's doc visit

New Sports Bra

No wire Victoria Secret sports bra 36D (whoa/wow lol) VSX . It has padding on the inside so it bumpers my angry birds aka nipples lol. I will be wearing this for work and switching out between the surgical bra and regular sports bra.

Docs visit

Hey ladies how are you all? I hope well and can't wait to speak with you. So I wrote a whole review for it not to upload about my day but I guess everything happens for a reason because what a day I had from the argument with this dude in the train about a seat , my Mother Nature pouring down rain (my period) while I sat in a seat at a meeting unprepared because the forecast normally calls for rain by next week and I didn't bring any umbrella with me (I normally have one or a raincoat ) lol, looking all over from store to store for a sports bra in my size (I will be ordering online from now on lol). What a day right ? My Angry birds added tension to the parade of rain and hormones lol. So today was just one of those days ladies. Let the church say " Amen" cuz we all know what that's like! lol went and seen the doctor today and he removed my stitches and replaced a new tape on top of the incisions until next week or so when I can take it off. He wanted the incisions to heal a little longer. He said that my boobs are still riding high and tight but they are taking shape little by little. He showed me how to massage these girls and told me to do the excessive 3 times a day 10x for each section. It definitely takes some time to get use to sheesh. I got the okay to wear an elastic band sports bra so thank God I didn't waste money buying a new surgical bra from them @ $60 because it would have been a waste. He also have me the okay to not wear a bra in the house or maybe even sleep in because he said that the muscles are so tight that it's holding the implant and it needs to soften and fluff lol. Massaging and time will help and also taking it easy (G.I . Jane chest over here , lol) my movement of my arms are quite okay and I have reduced my items in my bag to necessities only and I don't use the leather bags because it carries it's own weight by itself. Today I felt the wear and tear from being out all day and having that little bit of weight in my shoulder. When I got home I bathe (not showered) and put some warm compresses on top of the boobs and on the side to relax the muscles. Then I massage them through out the night to he them used to the technique . So ladies boobies will actually start improving some more. I found a solution to my franken boob deformation visual through clothes by buying this new sports bra which has a slight padding and rounds the boob out like a natural one without disturbing the healing process. I will only wear it when I'm wearing something that is very tight and not loose enough to hide shape of boob with regular sports /surgical bra on. Tonight I will be sleeping without bra on only because of the tight muscles. Well ladies I hope you enjoyed your day/night and I will speak to you ladies tomorrow. Xoxox
Jason Altman, MD

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Yumm sounds like you had an amazing birthday dinner! I went out last night for mine.. since we're talking food lol.. I had sablefish with quinoa, bok choy, edamame, and shitakes in a miso broth.. it was SO GOOD lol. Hope you're doing well today hun how are the nips feeling?
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Hey babes . I'm having trouble updating with pics and a review . Sounds like you ate good as well yummy . Nips are still angry birds but they are like the bad wolf now because of my hormonal storm that just started today lol
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Oh no!! That doesn't sound good! Haha I like your interesting descriptions
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Lmbo tell me about it ....
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Happy Birthday hunnie. I am so happy you got to get out and enjoy yourself. Im feeling better today. Smart choice about not drinking. Once we are fully healed we can grab a drink or 2 or 3 lmfaooo.
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Yes babes and thank you. We're neighbors so that's always possible. How are you coming along so far?
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Not sure what the better birthday gift is right now....great boobs or #2? ;) So sorry you were and still are uncomfortable. I can see you have some dropping and fluffing to do yet but I think you're going to look just like your wish boobs! Congratulations and please take it easy while you're still healing!
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Thank you BethH !!!! The boobs are the best present I could ask for but I guess I was just in my feelings at the moment lol. You are so right about taking it easy . You start feeling almost normal again and you move around with your limitations not realizing that you need to stop and rest so that you for that strong advice BethH I appreciate it . Hopefully after I start my massages on Thursday we will see some results.
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happy birthday xxxxxxx
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Thank you !
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Happy Birthday
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Thank you.
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Gracias. Tuve un maravilloso cumpleaƱos
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Hey seƱorita! Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day :) How are you feeling?
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Thank you! My nipples were acting up as usual lol
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Lol they were saluting girl!
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Yes omg I was like "Stand down , Soldier Stand down" lmbo
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Thank you baby!
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No sports bras for you! I wasn't given clearance until my three week mark. And you have to buy and have extra surgical bras. I was given a 36C= 34D and it was too tight. The one you were provided with will be better to wear at night once your swelling goes down. I had a meltdown shopping in Miami as well. Now is definitely not the time to go shopping. If you need a dress I would look into a classic boat neck dress (Audrey Hepburn style). Your incisions are fine. Your skin is only like that because of the bra. In about a week you will be able to remove the tape and start treating your wounds. I am so impatient lol BUT SERIOUSLY it has only been a week. BE PATIENT! :) Happy healing!
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Thank you for elaborating that info to me. Oh gosh I'm going to try and get to them today so I can purchase a new bra. Hopefully they will give me a discount on my bday (wink wink) lol. I ain't shopping for nothing else but I will get my hair and nails did today which is about it . Still trying to figure out choice of hair color I want to go with lol.
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I got my other bras from another store. You can buy them at lingerie boutiques, walmart, target, marshall's (just going by what some of the other girls mentioned). I'm in New York and they have a ton of faja/corset/lingerie shops that have surgical bras and I paid $35 for mine. They're a little thicker and softer. Hmmm... what are your color options?
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Technically its not your birthday here yet.. but I think you are 3 hours ahead? So HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! hope your girls are in a little less pain.. I'm sorry to hear you had a crappy shopping day. Hope you feel great when you go out to dinner :)
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