TransUmbicular Augmentation 480cc saline under muscle - NY

I am anxious to start my story, although I don't...

I am anxious to start my story, although I don't have pictures yet. I am going to post some pre-ops tomorrow. I am 5'7" 140 lbs. Athletic build, good figure, but flat at about a small deflated B. I am 48 years old, mother of 4 boys ages ranging from 20 to 8. I have never been particularly well-endowed, though I certainly was when pregnant or breastfeeding. I was probably a large C or D when breastfeeding. I fed all my sons (no daughters) for one year full-time and another two years part-time,, figure it out, I breastfed for about 12 years total. It was never easy breaking them from it! My boobs have been stretched across car seats, between the bars of cribs, across beachtowels, you name it! Any of you who have fed know exactly what I'm talking about. There is plenty of extra skin on my breasts. It is probably not exactly "unsightly" to anyone but me! The first consult I went for...both the doctor and his assistant said, 'You have a great body." Fact is, my body if probably in better shape now than when I was in my 20s and that has a lot to do with my kids, the inspiration they gave me to be athletic and in-shape, and competitive! But, from my point of view, and in reality, the fact is that my boobs do look like "two tube socks with a tennis ball at the end." My husband laughs when I say that, but he is respectful. He says I am perfect just the way I am but the truth is, he is being kind to me and he loves his wife. Thank you, God, for sending me a good husband (he's not my first!). Thank you, God, also, that you CAN have more than one great love in life. Amen. I have suddenly gotten very religious, you notice...expect more of that between now and Thursday, my surgery date.

Despite the "tube sock" description, my very experienced doc agrees with previous consults I have had, that I do not require a lift at this time and that a good full implant will do the job. I am having the TransUmbicular Breast Augmentation no-scar, quick recovery procedure! That's fancy talk for "thru the belly button." (We'll see how quick it is, as I intend to document everything here.)

I have a broad athletic build and slack skin, so my doctor suggests about 500 ccs. That sounded just too darn large to me. I cycle, swim, and go on long hikes. I have a job with a lot of responsibility and fancy degrees from fancy schools. I don't want people to simply look at my from the neck down. However, I will be honest, I dig boobs and I want them. They turn me on and the idea of having them in the bed while my husband and I are having fun is...super! Now or never. So I had to make a bit of a choice between redoing the kitchen this year or next year...the kitchen can wait! It's my turn! I am excited, but also worried about the recovery. Also worried about going to BIG, feeling like I have "stripper boobs" or feeling, simply, F A T as I march toward menopause! EEK! Friends, HELP! Give me your best advice, that is what I am here for, sisters! And thank you. The irony of all of this, I suppose, is that I have spent so long carving out my place in the man's world, while also being Mom and trying to "do it all" in the big city...but ultimately, I enjoy being a GIRL and I want to do this. I feel like we saved a heck of a lot of money not buying formula. The number of cans of formula I ever bought could be counted on one hand. The residual will go to replace the boobs that went to good service for my fellas!

I hear you kooberry. I am tempted to name the surgeon but don't want to until I have talked to him about it. I did have several consults before going with this doctor. He does hundreds of these jobs a year, and has done great work. I like his philosophy and I like his medical credentials. He is well versed and i am convinced he would be as good if I get into trouble on the table and need my life saved as the lead ER physician in any top NYC hospital. He knows his stuff. He talked at length about hormone balance and was as expert in that as he is in plastic surgery. He holds patents for medical devices. He is one of the pioneers of the TUBA procedure. I will name him later, if he agrees. I saw many of NYC's top breast surgeons before deciding on this one.
Also, he is listening when I say that 500 is not the neighborhood I'm going to! But he has said, every woman is different, every body frame is different, and that he would like to avoid a lift -- that there is really no need for that at this time, given my skin elasticity and the fact that my body can handle a larger implant. I am still weighing things. i appreciate the feedback. I would like as much feedback as people want to give me. Thanks for going through this with me, friends.
Hello eileen! I must say 500 cc's is quite large!! If you are very active, they may become cumbersome and get in the way. I only have 304 cc's and fit into a C/D cup. Believe it or not, mine feel quite heavy, so I'm very glad I did not go bigger. Follow your gut instinct.... If the doctor pushes you to go larger than what you feel comfortable with, that's a red flag. Go to several different consults before making a hasty decision. Good luck & thanks for sharing your story.

My surgery is the day after tomorrow. One last day...

My surgery is the day after tomorrow. One last day with the small saggy ones and one day to go for the much-needed bodywork! i feel very sure about what I am doing, but also told my doc I feel good with an implant in the 420-ish range.
Wow, kiwi, you sure do know your stuff and your comments are pointedly, exactly, the research I needed to read! Thank you! The connections, the outreach, the stories on this site, are fantastic. Thank you.
I think if you went with high profile implants you would not look top heavy. From what I've read, a lot of women end up wishing they had gone bigger, but not all have the elasticity to accommodate a larger size, the first time around. Also from reading here, it seems like most women are able to "hide" (By not going an excessively large size) their breasts in certain clothes and bras, but also make them show (look bigger) when they want to. Personally I think it's great if you don't need unnecessary breast lift scarring. Of course I don't know if that size would get in your way, with such an active lifestyle. Ultimately, you should be comfortable with the size you get.

A few things I found on the website (

"*The most common implant size women choose is 350cc.

*By far the most common complaint that women have after their breast augmentation was not going big enough.

*Under-sizing on the first surgery is understandable because most women are afraid of going to big and not of going too small. As a result, revision surgeries for size increases are extremely common.

*The most popular size increase for average framed women between 5’2” to 5’5” tall is in the 400cc to 550cc range.

*The roughly 100-150cc average increase is a good indicator of what most women under-size their implants by.

I had my surgery 5 hours ago. I am okay. I do have...

I had my surgery 5 hours ago. I am okay. I do have a high pain threshold (4 kids, no anesthesia for any of those childbirths, so I stayed in control of the processes and ended up with no stitches, just small tears and bruising. I wasn't being brave, just usually got to the hospital too late for painkiller to be safely administered! That's cos I had little trouble with contraction pain and sat home too long! All turned out for the best anyway, so...high pain threshold.

Sitting here typing 4 hours later. I only had .2 Alleves (napro...whatever) and a half a vicodin. No nausea. That is what I was most worried about and never happened. I listened to the doc and didn't eat after dinner except for gummy bears at 9pm. My surgery was at 1:30pm.

I looked at a lot of pictures and did begin to think I would like...this number, or that number. Then I would notice that something like 375 ccs sure can look different on one body type to another. And different again a few months post-op.

When I was going into surgery, I was still honestly confused about my CC numbers and ultimately decided -- since I didn't even know what a freakin' cc was a while ago -- I would leave it up to the doc and his very experienced nurse. They do hundreds of these a year, year after year. They did 3 before me this morning. I gave them the guide that my goal is to be a healthy C, not a D. But I didn't say any number. People get wrapped up in the numbers and agonize over them, even if they know what overall result they would like. They have seen a lot of women's bodies and IT'S THEIR EXPERTISE i AM PAYING FOR. Plainly, women often do not know exactly what will give them the result they want, as very many end up going for revisions to go larger. So, I told him I was trusting him, his experience and expertise, his knowledge of the body and familiarity with my body. And asked for a healthy C. I did reiterate that I felt 500 sounds like a large number....but when I looked at this doctor's results in his office and on his website, I never saw an ridiculous results. I saw only classy and tasteful results. At this moment, I am looking down at my results, still sore, and I feel absolutely satisifed, even knowing it will change, settle, etc....These are the right ballpark exactly. I am happy I trusted the expertise I was paying for. I don't think I would even tell a mechanic what he should do with my car. Or my tailor exactly how much to hem my dress based on the results I saw on somebody else's hemline. Trite analogy, but you get the idea. Photos when I can, soon!
Yay, congratulations! Welcome to the other side! I wish you a speedy recovery and hopefully not too much boredom! =) Be careful you arent too active as you said have a high threshold for pain- you could hurt your new boobies. So play the invalid for a couple weeks. Pretend like you dont have
I'm glad I could help! I got the information on-line, ( Keep us posted on your recovery!
Funny, right, but I don't know how many ccs he used. I told him not to tell me until tomorrow, so nothing interferes with my gut reaction to my new pals. Will let you know the number as soon as I do!

I am about to post my post-ops pictures. A day...

I am about to post my post-ops pictures. A day after my surgery, I am already very pleased with the results. They still need to settle, but I got what I wanted. I am glad i leaned on the expertise and experience of my doctor. Whether going larger or smaller, if you trust your doctor and know you are in the hands of a skilled person who is authoritative and has handled many cases like yours, you might be willing to trust their instinct. Truth is, before I started considering this surgery, I didn't know a cc from my elbow. Then you get on these sites and everybody seems to know what they are talking about, so you feel you should, even though you really don't. In the end, Dr Grossman went with Mentor Smooth Round Moderate Plus Profile Saline filled to 480ccs. You might or might not have similar results. If your frame is like mine at 5'7" 140 lbs and you have broad swimmers shoulders and an athletic build, with droopy saggy boobs from feeding 4 boys for nearly 12 years (1 yr each full time and 2 years part time after) -- ha ha -- then you can figure your results might end up like mine.

With the TUBA method, which I recommend highly for minimally invasive implantation of saline, the recovery is pretty speedy. I was able to eat dinner at the table last night and get my coffee this morning. I was able to sit and watch TV, shower. I have one extra large sized bandaid on my navel, with bacitracin under it and three self-dissolving stitches. I have an elastic band across the top of my chest to help encourage the implants into place. I will wear that most of the time over the next three weeks, but it does not have to be constant beyond the first three or four days (except when showering). That is, I don't have to wear it publicly. The more I can wear it, the better for the speedy settling of the implants.

I want to add that my results are without a lift....

I want to add that my results are without a lift. I went to several consultations. One suggested a lift. Two said, not needed. My own doctor said a lift can be avoided for a woman with reasonably good condition of the breast/skin and a larger implant. Dr Grossman said he feels there are many unnecessary lifts done. If you insist upon one, you'll get it. But you might not need it.
Your after pics look great. I'm glad your recovery is going so great. Having a great PS who knows what he's doing and understands what you want is so important. You've worked hard at being an awesome mom and wife and you've proven your stuff in the corporate world. You've worked at your body, too. It's awesome that you took the time and resources to do this for yourself. You deserve to feel 100% confident and happy. and to be able to fully enjoy all you've worked for. Please do take care of yourself, or better yet let your family take care of you. It's easy to feel too good too fast and end up doing damage. Remember, you are healing inside and that takes time. I know your review is going to help so many women. We will all still be here for you during your recover to answer questions and help you celebrate your success.
Nice pics eileen! Absolutely beautiful! I had mine done the day before you. I get pooped midday... i also didn.t want to look like a pole dancer and at 5' 5, 125 lbs i questioned the dr wen he said 420-450cc. I have to say, so far i.m very pleased. He really knows the woman.s body and knew exactly what i was looking for and gave it to me. Welcome to the other side... Speedy recovery and may they drop soon!
You look great! Thanks for sharing and Congratulations!

I mistakenly posted this as "comment" instead of...

I mistakenly posted this as "comment" instead of "update" so here goes again.....

Not much to add, things are going really well and I feel like I am getting back to regular routines. I posted on someone else's page a few things that summarize my overall feelings at this point, less than a week post-op: By Day 2, I could barely remember what I used to look like, even though I really liked my old self too! I have had none of that "boobie blues" many people talk about.Just not a second of looking back.. I THINK AVOIDING THE BLUES HAS A LOT TO DO WITH THE 'QUICK RECOVERy' FROM THE TRANSUMBICULAR METHOD. When I have been able to get right back to myself pretty quickly. I did go pretty large (480ccs), but I find that when I want to pull them in, it's easily done with a sports bra and sensible dressing. It's the times when they are in full bloom, when I am feeling my powerful womanhood, I almost can't stop smiling! About to post some pics that, I think, will reassure anyone out there, we don't end up feeling F A T or matronly or bloated, or any of that. I feel like I have a great woman's figure now. I used to have a figure of something like a 12 year old boy. Not missing that, especially in bed. Everything is better.

Just want to note, in sisterhood with y'all who...

Just want to note, in sisterhood with y'all who have experienced the breast changes of pregnancy, engorgement, feeding...etc....

The stretching, the discomfort, the settling and dropping, all so reminiscent of the days when we are preparing for birth and then the first days of life and feeding our children. It is all so familiar. I can't imagine going through this without the comfort of knowing we do this, go through these changes, and come out the other end, different, better, voluptuous. Women.

As each day passes, the discomfort lessons and the stretching and settling becomes the new shape. I see the new form I am birthing this time and it's ME.

Don't know about you, but I have had teenagers who have PUT ME THROUGH IT at times. I mean, wow. I am a survivor of motherhood, sacrifice upon sacrifice, and after the lst few years and what motherhood asked of me....FOR MY PART, AT THIS POINT IN MY LIFE, pushing 50 and facing down menopause, it was time to do something for me. I sure did' I didn't do this for anyone but me. I didn't do it for confidence. I've got truckloads of confidence. I didn't need boobs for that. I am doing it for fun, for sexuality, for joy, for feeling my womanhood and it's powerful full bloom. And to call back in some of what I PAID OUT!

I am self-sacrificing, but there comes a point where I say, that is the line and no more. Time for me. Am I allowed to say that??!!

Not only am I N O T pandering to some image men have of women, this is my most personal celebration of my womanhood, for me. If others wanna come along and enjoy, that's fine, but at the base of it, this was my statement in defense of what was left of me and what I could restore!
Not much to add, things are going really well and I feel like I am getting back to regular routines. I posted on someone else's page a few things that summarize my overall feelings at this point, less than a week post-op: By Day 2, I could barely remember what I used to look like, even though I really liked my old self too! I have had none of that "boobie blues" many people talk about.Just not a second of looking back.. I THINK AVOIDING THE BLUES HAS A LOT TO DO WITH THE 'QUICK RECOVERy' FROM THE TRANSUMBICULAR METHOD. When I have been able to get right back to myself pretty quickly. I did go pretty large (480ccs), but I find that when I want to pull them in, it's easily done with a sports bra and sensible dressing. It's the times when they are in full bloom, when I am feeling my powerful womanhood, I almost can't stop smiling! About to post some pics that, I think, will reassure anyone out there, we don't end up feeling F A T or matronly or bloated, or any of that. I feel like I have a great woman's figure now. I used to have a figure of something like a 12 year old boy. Not missing that, especially in bed. Everything is better.

I am starting to wear regular bras and most of my...

I am starting to wear regular bras and most of my old clothes. There are only a few dresses that were always tight that I just can't wriggle into anymore, UP TOP. I don't think I will post very much anymore because I feel like my journey is winding down. I have been through the work and most of the recovery. I am getting used to my new shape. I feel really good about it. New bounding confidence. I am OUT THERE WITH MY NEW FORM AND FELLING GOOD. I am getting back to usual routines and even rode my bike a couple of times. (Shouldn't really, doc says, cos of use of pectoral muscles, so not going to anymore for a while! I will still respond to any comments, of course!

Looking back on the whole experience, my main observation is that it is kind of funny to me that many of us go into PS offices with a number of ccs in mind, even though most of us don't know what a cc is. And wouldn't know how to pour one out into a cup. We wouldn't know whether to use a dropper or a measuring cup to portion out a cc. I have a master's degree, but I didn't know that a cc is exactly the same as a mL (milliliter). I had a rough idea that 1000mL is one liter, but I had to look at a soda can to know how many mL there. Even so -- and even though we all have different frames, different statures, different desired outcomes -- most people go in with that 300 or 350 number in mind and make our rice test outcome fit that. We also tend to look at ourselves from belly button up, not considering our overall proportions. We also know a huge number of people go back again later for revisions. So, my advice to anyone starting out on this journey is, forget about the numbers. Go to a few experienced PS who do nice work that you can see and give them enough credit for their skill and their craft and experience of women's bodies to give you decent advice on your proportions. I think my doctor, Dr. Grossman in NYC, really appreciated that I trusted his expertise. He is so invested in his work and so determined to represent the best of his field that he can...I think he was kind of happy about being able to advise on the numbers to considerable extent. At the same time, Grossman is a very modest guy. Amazing, sincere craftsman and knowledgeable physician. I knew, going into surgery, he was exactly the guy I wanted in the room if I did happen to get into any trouble on the table.

Funny thing is, by taking good advice about my proportions, I came out of BA surgery also feeling so much better about my overall shape -- and feeling like, hey, my thighs aren't so bad. I haven't shown my thighs at the beach very often. I always use a pair of board shorts because I always felt my thighs were large and bumpy. Guess what? They're fine. They are good and...frankly...who is going to be looking at my thighs?
Great attitude! Refreshing. And you look sexy as hell!
Oh, TCinIN, I love reading your words! Go big or go home!
Awww shucks, thanks Scrappy37, you're a pal ;-D

Responding to request from Jade for front-view...

Responding to request from Jade for front-view photos so she can assess results without lift.
Dr. Grossman in NYC, my doc, wished I had included a pre-op frontal so people could, he said, "See how saggy and dropping they were."

From his surgical point of view, the crease I had, the sag and the loss of volume (and droppy skin) was very significant. We heck, you can see from my "befores" that the position one often assumes during sex was....horrible for me! I can be honest with you all, I wore a shirt or some kind of top during sex for most of the last two years!
I love Ice Cream! I will be sure to add my favorite 'SO Delicious' soy organic vanilla to my shopping list! Yep, Now or never! I pick NOW! As for typos, mild but, still annoying, dyslexia is my problem. I totally do not judge typos! I have to edit EVERYTHING I write and still have them! Ugh! Actually I am gong to have my fiancee make me some banana's flambe! I just added plantain on my list for that!

October 16 is my day for 49 and so we are not far apart. Thanks! SO excited will be just getting out of recovery this time tomorrow!

How has your pain been? Any tips for managing it?
I remember wanted ice cream and we didn't have any at home. And I didn't want my husband to go get any, so I just did without it. Didn't matter, because I feel asleep for a few hours and woke up for in time for dinner. There's something about ice cream when you're laid up!

I read in one of your updates that you expect to be all settled by your birthday in October. I will be 49 on Nov 2nd! Hey, it's now or never, isn't it? Bring on this next phase of our lives!
sorry about the stupid typos, which are epidemic on my updates!

I just added some scar pics -- that's about the...

I just added some scar pics -- that's about the only thing that has changed. My breasts are definitely getting back to normal. Now, when I use my arms to open the car door or the kitchen cupboards, I don't even think about it -- last week, I was really feeling the muscle. Not anymore. I have been at the beach and in the ocean for the last week -- wave jumping, not swimming. I feel like they have dropped, swelling is down, they are getting softer, more jiggly! and closing up to form cleavage under the right circumstances (depending on the bra and the clothes).

The bra size that fits me best seems to be 36C or 34C sports bras. That's despite 480 cc implants.So I asked to be a nice healthy C and that is what I got! In clothes, very few people are simply noticing my boobs -- for the first couple of days after surgery, I didn't think anyone would ever make eye contact again! That all does subside! And I figured out how to wear these new things!!! Just goes to show, different ccs will be different for different folks. When my shirt is off, of course, I still feel like Pam Anderson, but that's exactly when I want to feel like Pammy, so it's all good!

I hope to upload a video to show some of the softness and movement that is developing. Pics can't show that.

Not sure if the captions I write to explain photos...

Not sure if the captions I write to explain photos are showing up -- not on my computer anyway, so...let me add:

I want to show the progression of my belly button scar. This is the only scar I have of TUBA (BA thru the navel) and this is two weeks post-op. I hadn't been using anything but Bacitracin ointment on this for the first week and covered with a bandaid. Second week, I used less ointment and just sprayed with Bactine from time to time. The stitches dissolve. For the last two days, I started using Arnica cream (homeopathic). I didn't use Arnica during the time of surgery because I heard Arnica can interact with some of the prescriptions, including Cipro. I'm not sure, but I didn't want ot chance it.
It is amazing that this form of BA does not leave any major scar. My plastic surgeon said he thought, years ago, this would become the "gold standard" in BA surgery. At that point, he put a lot of investment into his own professional development in the direction of TUBA. He says he can't believe the amount of resistance to it in his field and says he think the resistance has to do with the fact that most PSs simply don't know how to do it, so they resist change. The beauty of it. from my point of view, is that women can fix their boobs with minimally invasive surgery, minimal cutting, and very speedy recovery. I was able to use my arms almost immediately. And what went into my body? saline — salt water — if it leaks, it is what we are largely made of anyway. I know there are advantages to other materials too, but a lot makes sense to me about TUBA.
TCinIn, I need you to write a little note to me every week from now on, ok?
You've got it lady. Although I'm sure you will be hearing it from people much closer quite often.

When my doc said he thought about 500 ccs would be...

When my doc said he thought about 500 ccs would be right for me, I thought it sounded huge. The first day after surgery -- the first week even -- it felt HUGE. I thought nobody would ever make eye contact with me again. A month later, the 480cc implants have dropped and the swelling is down and I can see how right Dr Grossman was about the proportions of my body. The implants have also managed to sort out any other issues I had about my figure. Few people have noticed the implants (if I dress discretely), but many have asked me if I am trimming down, generally....funny...I think just because I am more balanced, top and bottom now.

I'm back to cycling and being as active as I want to me.
You look great, I live in NYC and considering Dr.Grossman for my BA as well.
Eileen! Whoa! Looking great!!!
Thanks for you post. I'm a day and a half from my surgery and the only thing I'm nervous about is the probability of constipation during recovery. Ridiculous but it could be worse.
Dr. Leonard Grossman, New York

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