9 weeks and a question!

Hello! I'm Emily.. I'm 22 years old and married to...

Hello! I'm Emily.. I'm 22 years old and married to my college sweetheart. We have an 18 month old son whom I breastfed until he was 13 months old (GO ME!). I have DREAMED about having a BA ever since I was old enough to realize that my chest was, umm, extremely lacking. When I'm asked why I want a BA, my answers are simple... I want to be able to wear a backless dress, I want to be able to FILL OUT a bra without it gapping (I can't even fill out a 32 AA), and well, I just want SOMETHING there!

Now that I've finished breastfeeding an our finances are in order, my husband and I decided that this would be the best time to take the plunge, so.. here I am!

My Stats: 5'4, 115 pounds, 32 -AA (notice the "-", again- I might as well be in a training bra) I want to be a GOOD C!

This past week I met with 2 PS in my area: one was referred to me by my OB and the other from a friend who is actually having her surgery on Friday!
I really liked them both, but felt as if the one referred to me by my OB was generally more knowledgeable about the process and he's been in the business for over 30 years.. (there's something to be said about experience!)

Here are my questions/ worries to you ladies thus far in the process.. I'd love all the help I can get!!

1. Both surgeons recommended silicone under the muscle, and to achieve my desired cup size, between 300-350 cc and high profile because my chest is so narrow... What do you think would be the best size to achieve a good C? I want to have enough there, but at the same time I don't want to be tooooo big!

2. Gummy bear implants?! One surgeon practically shoved them down my throat, and the other (whom I'm going to go with) pretty much told me he'd put them in but isn't crazy about them... Any thoughts on that?

3. I'm TERRIFIED about the possibility of rippling! Like I said, I have ZERO boobs and so there's no a lot of tissue there to begin with.. anyone close to my stats and desired size that haven't had any rippling issues?

I think that's all for now!!
I am loving this website, thanks in advance ladies!!!

Oh, how exciting! And congrats on having breastfed for that long. Way to go!

Here's an informative blog post about gummy bear implants (they were just approved by the FDA fairly recently).

Will you be posting your before and after photos? It's always fun to watch the transformation take place.

Please keep us posted throughout your journey! Looking forward to keeping up with you.

hi dear..i had a little bigger breast and i had 330 at left and 350 to right... im only one month post op.if you have to decide between two go for the bigger if it's safe. the most women regret for not going bigger...wish you all the best!!!!

Hello again! I've made some decisions since my...

Hello again! I've made some decisions since my last post (Who would've thought going into this there'd be SO MANY details?)!
As of right now I'm going to go with the memory gel mentor HP 325 or 350's... That is still to be decided! Like I said, I want to be a GOOD C but if I HAPPEN to fit into a D I won't complain! I just DON'T want to find myself in a B ;) My doctor said with my frame and chest cavity, I would need to go HP with the size I'm wanting, but he thinks 325 (or even 300!) would be best.. He said he could put in 350's and it wouldn't "kill me" but that there's a possibility of seeing the implant or it rippling since I'm so petite!
Anyone with similar stats with HP 325-350's? (Under the muscle!)
I'd love to hear your post-op cup size and if you're having any trouble seeing them?
Oh, and I also posted my BEFORE pictures.. (so sad, lol)
I was a 34a and had 339CC Silicone MP augmentation mid-December. I gave my doctor discretion to determine which would look best and am very happy with the results. I am 6 weeks out and am a very full B or C (depends on the brand)- they look huge on my frame without clothing but look proportional with clothing. I think you will be happy with either 325 or 350 and I would trust your doctor to make the final decision so you don't end up with rippling. Since you are going hp, I think 325 hp would probably look larger than my 339 MP b/c it has more profile depth (and is less wide). So, a 350 hp will probably be more like a 370 mp in profile depth.
I began with a 34B and had 260-290CC saline implants in and I am a 36D now. I have a big rib cage and over developed chest muscles but I really like the end results. I don't know if this helps at all but I have lots of before and after pictures. I did have to have a revision 4 weeks after my original so there are some pictures of that as well. Good luck, you are going to be great!
I got 300cc saline implants filled to 325 R and 335 L. I have moderate plus profile. I didn't have much before surgery either. I'm currently 3 1/2 weeks out and am looking like I will be a C cup but won't really know until I drop more as they are still pretty high. I have pictures on my review page if you want to take a look.

Hiii!! Just popping in to say that I have FINALLY...

Hiii!! Just popping in to say that I have FINALLY SCHEDULED THE BIG DAY!!! Eeeek! I am so excited :) As of right now I'm scheduled for March 8 at 11:30 am, but she's trying to get me in sooner so I won't have to go all day without eating.. My preop is February 18th (President's Day- I'm off work!) and we'll go over sizes and post op stuff!
Just wanted to say thanks to all the ladies that have been helping me with my size dilemma!! Like many of you said, I'm just going to let my surgeon decide what's best for me and my body!
Quick question though for you HP ladies, I know my doctor said that since my frame is so small that I will need to go with HP but I keep hearing rumors around internet land that HP gives you those EXTREMELY fake looking "balls" on your chest?
I'm sure this can't be totally accurate, but was hoping someone out there could ease my mind :)
Thanks for all of your help, you all are FANTASTIC!
I have a runner friend who was a aa before she got 325 high profile and is now a d. She also has a small chest.  Ultimately, just trust your doc. ;)
this is so good to hear because I have been freaking out about not being able to run and eventually sprint for soccer post-op. Eeeeeeeee, it irks me to think about bad consequences =/
I got 375 HP's and mine don't look like balls. The first week weeks when you are all swollen you have a lot of upper pole fullness. Now that I'm a few days shy of a month the roundness up top (swelling) has gone down and they look less fake. When you see the ones that look like balls it's sometimes the ones that have no breast tissue and or just flat. I'm small but I had skin to fill out and breast tissue at the bottom so mine doesn't look so bad...in my opinion.

So my doctor said we are going with the Mentor...

So my doctor said we are going with the Mentor Memory Gel's (silicone) I was so caught up with the whole idea that I wanted the 'gummy bears' but he says that these are extremely similar just not as firm? The one thing I loved about the gummy bears is that if it ruptured, there really wouldn't be any 'leakage' since it is cohesive.. My PS says that's the same with the Memory Gel's... Can anyone attest to this? I've heard elsewhere that the 'memory gel' is just a fancy name for plain ole silicone?
Mine are Mentor Memory Gels and they feel nothing like silicone. I held the two that my PS had in his office. He suggested the Memory Gel and I went with his suggestion. Trust your Ps!! Good luck hun.
lol I read your story and can attest to my same reaction with these 'gummy bear' implants that we all keep hearing about. The last consult I went to, my PS wasn't very fond of the term either.

So just got a phone call from my obgyn.. Turns out...

So just got a phone call from my obgyn.. Turns out my pap smear came back with mild dysplasia with high grade lesions and we may have to do surgery to remove them... I know y'all are my boob girls but I was wondering if anyone had gone through this before, and ultimately- if it's going to effect my upcoming BA?I'm pretty upset about it and go today for a biopsy, Please keep me in your prayers!!
We are very similar in stature! I am 5'4" and about 105lbs. I wear an "A" cup, but do not fill it out. It is ridiculous when I'm in the car, and the seatbelt is resting on my bra, it looks like a big gaping hole where my boobies should be! My surgery is March 11th, we can be recuperating buddies! My doctor recommended HP 350cc's for me (silicone). I liked the sizers, and I've done a lot of searching online for girls of my size with that size implant and I like the results. Some even get 400cc's and really pull that off...I am not opposed to going bigger. I will be bringing photos of what I feel is too small, too big, and just right, that way when I'm on the operating table the surgeon can choose the size that suits my needs. Good luck on your journey! I will be following you :)
How exciting! Yes we will have to be healing buddies for sure! Do you happen to know your chest width? My doctor said with the width of my chest the 350s may give me some side boob so I may go 325, but you never know!
Hoping for the best!

The biopsy wasn't too bad, should get the results...

The biopsy wasn't too bad, should get the results by Monday of next week! Thank you for the continued prayers! Hoping this is just a speed bump on the road to boobie land!

Hey girls! So today I had my pre op appointment!...

Hey girls! So today I had my pre op appointment! It went really well, he took pictures and measurements again, and we decided to achieve my full C he will have 275, 300, and 325 cc's in the OR and will put in what he thinks will be best! As for my biopsy results, they came back with high dysplasia, so im scheduled to have a LEEP done on February 28th! If all goes well with good results, we will proceed with the ba surgery on March 8th, but if not, I'll have to reschedule :( THINKING POSITIVE though :) has anyone had to go through all of this mess before? I so wish I didn't have to so I can keep my focus on my soon to be new additions!
Good luck with everything! I too am petit frame up top A cup. He suggested moderate plus 300cc mentor memory gel

Hey girls!! So I am officially ONE WEEK away from...

Hey girls!! So I am officially ONE WEEK away from my new boobies!! If you've been reading, you know that I had to have a LEEP done YESTERDAY.. Everything went great and the doctor said he believes he got all of the "bad guys" but I will know for sure come Monday when the results come back (please keep me in your prayers!!)
If all goes well with the results, then I'll be sailing away to boobie land! If not, looks like I'll be rescheduling :( BUT I AM BEING POSITIVE!

So I'm one of those like 'plan it out' people and I like to have everything ready in advance for my surgery.. Do any of you post-op girls have any suggestions for me, whether it be what to bring to the hospital, what to tell the PS, or things I may need to have at home?
I'd really appreciate all the advice I can get!
I enjoyed reading your story! I am having my boobies and c-scar done on Fri 3/8 also. I hope all goes well with your surgery and recovery.

Hope everything works out for the best!  You mentioned you liked to plan ahead so here is a great link from another RealSelf member to help you prepare:

What to set up and buy before your breast aug surgery

Keep us posted!


Y'all. I am so nervous!!!!!!! Post op girls......

Y'all. I am so nervous!!!!!!! Post op girls... What should I expect when I first wake up???? I'm sort of freaking out for some reason...
I'm new on here, just getting started and my mommy makeover (BA and mini TT) in 5 weeks from today. I was excited reading your story that you've been able to overcome some obstacles and are finally at your big day! Hope all goes well and look forward to your first update on the other side.
Good luck tomorrow, so excited for you :)
How exciting for you! We all definitely know how it feels to be mere hours away from the BIG day! Hehe, I do remember waking up similar to what Ready4Boobs mentioned. Felt pressure on my chest and my mouth was dry that it was slightly difficult to talk. Thankfully, they had given me an anti nausea patch to place behind my ear the night before BA which helped A LOT. Best advice I can think of for the moment to prepare for post op (mind you, I cant speak for everyone but this worked for me) is to have ice packs waiting and ready for you at home, some stoll softeners, or have prune juice and fiber pills since the medications will get you constipated :) Finally, have plenty of water available! It's perfectly normal to have the jitters prior but know you are in good hands. We're all so very excited for you and can not WAIT to hear about it all! Best wishes and hoping for a quick recovery! xoxo!

Hey girls!! I'm home! Everything went well, I'm in...

Hey girls!! I'm home! Everything went well, I'm in next to no pain so that's good!! Only thing is my left one feels a little bigger? I'm left handed so maybe I'm just more swollen there!! Does that sound right?
YAY!! Congrats! Cant wait to hear how everything went!!
Congrats!! Make sure to take it easy!
I had mine done yesterday I feel my right is bigger as you do ur left... good luck ice ice ice

Y'all.. My PS didnt put steristrips on my...

Y'all.. My PS didnt put steristrips on my incisions? All I have is gauze over them!! Anyone else wake up without them on? I'm wondering how I'm suppose to shower?

So I'm one day post op (surgery was yesterday) and...

So I'm one day post op (surgery was yesterday) and I'm not gonna lie... Today kicked my butt. I have been trying to move around the house today instead of veg on the couch but i think I'm paying for it now.. I hear today is the worst day and tomorrow will be better so we will see! Also, my boobs look really far apart, like no cleavage at all? When they heal more will they come together?
Ooh, definitely DEFINITELY take it easy and REST for these first several days/week! I overdid on day 4 and was completely miserable the entire next day! :(
Girlfriend .. Please please please do NOTHING for many, many days. And I mean nothing except rest, drink a lot of water, eat a clean diet and take your meds as prescribed! The painkillers and muscle relaxers are prescribed to you for a reason. :) Happy healing!!!
My surgeon used skin glue.. I never had any steri strips or gauze.

Good morning ladies! So I posted some pictures I...

Good morning ladies! So I posted some pictures I took last night, and I'd love y'alls feedback! Still no cleavage but hopefully as they settle they'll come closer together!
So about the morning of my surgery... BOY WAS IT A WHIRLWIND! My surgery was at 8 so I had to be there at 7! The hospital is About an hour drive so I left the house at 6... Right when I got on the interstate I got a phone call from the hospital asking WHERE I WAS! And when I told them I was about 30 minutes out, they said they had my surgery down for 7!!!! Y'all.. I panicked!! Apparently the scheduling coordinator told me the wrong time, but they told me to HURRY and they could still do the surgery. I arrived at 7, was IMMEDIATELY taken back.. I was tag teamed by lots of nurses, one was giving me pills the other was having me sign consents and the other was checking vitals.. There was literally a line outside my room of people waiting to do what they had to do for me! Let's just say I got there at 7 and was asleep by 730! As stressful as it was though, I'm glad it went that way because I didn't have time to sit and think and be nervous! My PS did take his time drawing on me, so that was good, and it gave me a minute to relax! The last thing I remember was getting on the table and noticing a big window in the OR and then I was out.. I woke up in some pain but my nurse quickly fixed that! They wheeled me back into my room where my mom and husband were and was discharged about 20 minutes later! It seemed like a piece of cake!
Today I woke up SORE it felt like my right boob had a Charlie horse, but I took a pain pill and it's subsided! I'm gonna try to wean myself off my pain pills today but I may be singing a different song later!
So... Do my boobs look okay? Haha
What a crazy surgery day! Your boobs look great! Hoping for a quick recovery for you!
You look so good!! What cc and profile did you end up with I'm curios cause I have a narrow chest too and still thinking of going with mod plus!
Your boobs look GREAT!! Congrats!!

Morning ladies!! I'm 4 days post op and feeling...

Morning ladies!! I'm 4 days post op and feeling fantastic! I have hardly any pain and today is the first day I finally get to SHOWER!! I had my first post op yesterday where all he did was move the implants around and check on my swelling- he said everything looks great and he wants to see me again on Thursday to trim up my stitches and put me in a sports bra! One of my friends told me her doctor didn't put her in a sports bra until 2 weeks post op? Has anyone else been in a sports bra about a week post op? And any suggestions on sports bra shopping? I don't even know what size I am haha!!
Also.. This might be TMI but I have yet to have a BM! And my stomach is starting to feel tight and achey! Any suggestions on getting things, ummm, moving?
Thanks girls, y'all really have been my lifesavers through all of this!
Hope things get moving soon!! I was in a sports bra from the moment I left the surgery center. :)
Miralax works great! Just put a capful in some juice everyday. The pain peds cause contstpation :( My PS let me start wearing a sports bra at my 10 day appt. I actually bought Ahh bras & Genie bras bc she said I could use any soft, non wired bra that was comfortable to me & did not rub on my stitches. I found those 2 to be very comfy! I got a large in those & my implants are 400cc.
Your lucky. I went submuscular and through the armpit so I am 1 week post op and still in a little discomfort : / Well I put myself in a sportsbra that unbuttons in the front on day 5. Ive been in enough discomfort that I needed a little relief. I called my surgeons assistant and she said as long as it felt supportive and wasnt too tight or too lose I will be fine :) It also took me 5 days before I had my first BM. I bought stool softeners and started taking them on day 2 but it took a couple days to even get me going lol. I STILL am not regualr and have only gone twice. I had lipo in my abdomen and flanks as well with my BA so all this along with constipation is just a mess :( But its getting better day by day. : ) Milk of Magnesia works WONDERS with that by the way, so I am on my way to get some today and you should have a BW within 3-12 hours. if not, take another dose and that'll do the trick, usually depends on HOW backed up you are lol. I know gross...but we all gotta discuss it sometimes ;) Good luck and good healings!

Hello ladies! Today is my 1 week boobie...

Hello ladies! Today is my 1 week boobie anniversary, tehe! I am just about pain free with the occasional ache from my incisions! The girls are changing EVERY DAY and sometimes it seems like they change more than once a day!! It's definitely been fun waking up in the morning for the 'unveiling' of how they look each day :)
If you'll notice in my new picture it looks like my left is a little bit bigger, or has dropped.. I'm not really sure! But the funny thing is earlier today it looked like my right one was bigger? Have any of ya'll had days like that?
I guess I'm just in the paranoid stage where I'm afraid one is going to be drastically different from the other!
What do ya'll think about them?
Que honesty hour... ;)
They are looking great! It does look like one is dropping just a tad bit faster than the other, which I hear is totally normal. I think my right it about to do it; but I never know with these girls until the next day or even the next hour, lol. Happy one week!!
Been drinking prune juice, eating prunes, taking fiber pills and started doing a detox mix in my water :) Worked like a charm...but I'm pretty much over the prune thing...bleh..I hope recovery is still going fantastic and hopefully you've had a BM by now ;)

So Friday was my twin's 2 week birthday hehe! So...

So Friday was my twin's 2 week birthday hehe! So far I am loving them- I think I got the perfect size, not too big but big enough :) My left boob has dropped (to what I think) all the way.. instead of my incision being visible, it's now practically tucked away into my crease :) ...can't say much for the right one. The right one has dropped some but not totally, and it's driving me crazy to look at the uneveness on the tops.. My right one looks SO much more fuller than the one that's dropped- which I like! I'm guessing when you drop so does the fullness on the top (a little help here.. haha). Also, I feel like since they've started dropping they've migrated a tad toward my armpit? In the mirror it really doesn't seem that way, but I can feel them a little bit under there when I'm going through the day, is that a part of the 'drop and fluff'? Do they fluff and go out a little into your armpit??
Help help help!! haha
P.S. Do you think my boobs look like they're just 'fluffing' or do you think they're starting to go to the sides?? They really aren't bothering me, but I'm finding that I'm just about paranoid right now haha..
Ease my mind more-post-op-than-me ladies ;)
Hey!! I know exactly what you mean about them feeling like theyr in your armpit! Mine (so far) only feel in my armpit in the morning but I think it might be a part of the healing process (my PS also has had me "bump" them by pressing inward from my armpit to my chest)... When they D&F are they supposed to start looking fuller?? I feel like I should have gone bigger (I know boobie greed) but with the D&F have you noticed them getting bigger?
I don't think they look bigger or smaller.. Just different haha fuller would probably be the word!
Kk lol thanks :)

Hey boobie friends! I'm 3 weeks and 3 days post...

Hey boobie friends! I'm 3 weeks and 3 days post op, and feel fantastic! No pain what so ever and only occasional soreness that doesn't last long at all. I think my right boob (the one that's been giving me trouble) is finally starting to show signs of life but it still isn't where I want it to be! I had another appt with my plastic surgeon last week and he told me to start using a scar cream and that I could be in underwire...
Of course when he said that I thought what?! As most of you ladies on here started wearing underwire much later!! Has anyone been cleared by their PS to wear underwire at the 3 week mark? I went and got sized at Victoria Secret and am a 34C but I'm still swollen on the sides and usually wear 32 band, so we'll see!
Any suggestions on a good scar treatment? My PS just suggested to put Mederma on it!
I am 5'4" and weigh 106 lbs and currently can't even fill out a VS 32AA. I am getting Allergen high profile 300 and 325 cc's (because I'm uneven after nursing 3 babies). I feel like we have very similar stats, so I appreciate you sharing your story. It helps to visualize my possible outcome. ;)
I had my surgery on March 8 also My right is a little bit higher still than my left but not too noticable. You look great I had 375 mod plus I feel like they are dropping and I'm feeling much better, but mine still feel very firm? I see my PS next week do you feel firm still I am doing the exercises my PS told me to do to try and move the implant up but they feel very firm still and implant moves only a small amount I feel like they have softened some since surgery but still feel pretty hard to me? Just thought I would ask you because we had surgery same day and we are the same post op.
Mine are significantly softer but they're definitely not SOFT! Haha.. They give and are pinchable but still have quite a bit of firmness to them!!

Long time no see ladies!! I'm 9 weeks out now and...

Long time no see ladies!! I'm 9 weeks out now and feeling great!! I find myself totally forgetting I have surgery, and it's hard to think that I haven't had this size boobs my whole life, haha!
So today i've been feeling some random pains in my right, and also under my armpit is feeling a little tender again, like when i poke it in one certain spot just outside of my implant.. I know I've felt this before in the "early days" but am surprised to see it returning, since I've been feeling as good as knew!
Do any of you ladies still get little twinges of pain?? I keep freaking myself out thinking it's the start of CC, but its only in one tiny little spot!
any advise would be great!

Forgot to post a pic! See update above for my...

Forgot to post a pic! See update above for my questions!
            hi the lttle twinges of pain your feeling is called zingers! they are normal; mine lasted on and off about 2 to 3 weeks: if ypu feel a little hard spot here and there you can massage it; its probably scar tissue; hope this helps! 
I think she is more nervous because she is 9weeks post op!
Eek! Yes! It's more of an ache now, like a bruise
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