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As a Community Manager at RealSelf I've pretty...

As a Community Manager at RealSelf I've pretty much seen it all. We've all been curious about the home-treatment body wraps so as the CM of Body Wraps I was given the opportunity to test and review the It Works brand wraps. In all honestly I do not believe they will work one bit, but I'm happy to be proven wrong.

A little about me: 

I'm a 33 year old active mom who is physically fit and I eat pretty clean. I love to trail run all summer, then ski all winter. I'm normally 5'8 and about 136-140 lbs (it fluctuates in that range) and a size 4 or 6. This spring I found out I had a hip injury and have been benched from all my favorite activities until I can have surgery this fall (long waitlist for my doctor). So I haven't been running or doing all my normal balls to the wall training. I've also been doing a little self-pity eating. As a result my weight has gone up to about 142-146 lbs and I feel less muscley and more doughy. Size 6+ I refuse to go buy clothes right now. Not cool. My saddle bags and the thuttocks (where the thigh meets the buttocks and bulges in that unholy way) aren't looking too hot, so perfect timing for a body wrap review! Hashtag silver lining!

Costs and ordering:

I ordered online and did NOT sign up for the auto-enroll "loyal customer program". They advertise the wraps to be $59 but that is if you sign up for said program. In reality this was the cost breakdown: 1 set of The Ultimate Body Applicator body wraps (4 total treatments): $99 Fab Wraps (green bandage material to hold the body wraps in place): $7 Shipping and taxes: $12 Total: $118

They shipped pretty quickly via USPS and I've never received an email from them so I guess I don't have to worry about constant "buy more" emails. Because It Works is a direct sales company you have to pick an It Works Distributor to buy from so they get a commission. I am in a moms Facebook group and knew of a woman who was a Distributor so I used her name. I haven't heard a peep from her so either she isn't that active of a seller or I'm about to (hoping for the former).

Delivery! Their delivery boxes are cute, I'll give them that. Although I felt like a tool walking home from the Post Office with a box that screamed It Works on it. I've added two pictures of what was in the box.

Time to Wrap: 

As I mentioned I've chosen to test out my least favorite fatty area, which is my outer thigh/thuttocks. Since I have two legs (imagine!) that means I will get two total treatments, since each leg requires one wrap application and I have 4 total. The directions are really basic (choose area and clean, open wrap, apply wrap, wrap over with ace bandages/plastic wrap/fab wrap, leave on for 45 minutes minimum, remove and discard, rub remaining lotion into skin). Ummm okay. Then you can repeat in 72 hours.

First Treatment: 

The whole process is pretty straight forward. Once my upper thighs were covered and secured with the fab wrap I put some loose PJ pants on and am currently just sitting back and writing this first part of my review. The wraps smell minty and feel like icy hot. The fab wrap material is environmentally reprehensible and is a thin plastic foam that rips very easily, but it was simple to put on. I think you would probably need to buy one every time you buy a Ultimate Body Applicator kit. But if I were going to do this on a regular basis I'd just pony up and buy two ace wraps and reuse them.

I've had the wraps on for about half and hour and feel fine- no skin reactions or anything. The directions just say a minimum of 45 minutes so I'll just wear them until I go to bed. I'm sitting and drinking water. I drink a lot of water in general so this isn't out of the ordinary.

My pre-wrap thigh measurement (where the saddlebag fat pocket is the biggest) is 22 inches.  

Can't wait to see if anything happens, but like I said before I'm pretty skeptical of this whole industry.  I will take more pics of the application process with my next treatment, I was trying to get this done in the bathroom while my daughter was running around so I was a little rushed ;)

24 hour update

No change.  22 inches

I tried to wear them overnight because I read somewhere that you could do that, but they kept sliding down my legs a little and bugging me so I took them off in the middle of the night.  I had them on for about 5 hours.

I did have a dream that my legs went from 22 inches to 14 inches overnight and apparently that was a good thing (yikes- that would be so skinny that a Barbie doll would look heavy by comparison).  Maybe this is my subconscious telling me to stop worrying about "society's unrealistic expectations" of large thigh gaps and to embrace the saddle bags!  

I'm still drinking lots of water.  Ate really clean today, haven't pigged out on s'mores even though I have all the ingredients in my pantry and they are calling to me (have you ever tried a nutella s'more?  Yeah, you're welcome).

48 Hours...drumroll......

Still no change.  

Drinking lots of water, eating super clean as per usual.  I'm adding my belated before pics, too.  My phone and computer don't seem to be talking so of course one of the pictures won't cloud over to my computer so I'll add it when it does. Tomorrow I'll do the second treatment of the same area and take more pics.

Round 2- not the results I was expecting

I had a busy weekend and didn't have a chance to update my review, but I did do a second treatment on Saturday night.  This time I cut the wrap in half so that I have the opportunity to do a third treatment in a few days, and since half the wrap covers my saddle bag no prob.

I followed the directions, just like last time, and chose to wear the wraps overnight for 8 hours.  They moved around a bit because I toss when I sleep, but they kept my saddlebags covered no problem.  The next morning I had to take a shower to get ready for an event, so I just skipped the soap in an effort to keep as much of the wrap solution on my skin.

I've added some pictures to show what the wrap looks like when it is fully unwrapped, and some of the application process.  I wasn't able to take video- it was really awkward to get my phone to balance and actually show what I was doing so I gave up on that, but the whole process is super straight-forward.

I've noticed that the main It Works website has basically no information as far as how to get the best results, tips and tricks, etc.  However the independent distributor websites have a ton of tips for getting results.  So does that mean the main company does not endorse any of these tips but they let their sellers say whatever?  Also the main site says the wraps tighten, tone, firm and reduce the appearance of cellulite.  They don't mention rapid weight loss or losing inches.  Yet there are crazy before and after pics all over the internet that imply otherwise. 


Oh and I should mention- I ate a ton of salt yesterday and my measurement today is 22.75!  WTF!  So I'm starting to think these multiple inches people lose after doing the wraps are really from them drinking lots of water and cutting out the salts.  Just my opinion.  I do think these wraps may serve as a catalyst for people to start living a healthier lifestyle, and they also sell green drinks and other more health conscious products so I get that these wraps could help people take the plunge and lose weight.  I've been pretty open about being skeptical about the efficacy of body wraps for weight loss, but I don't think this company is doing anything morally wrong or different than any other company out there (the weight loss industry is a multibillion dollar industry after all and their profits are on the rise at the same rate as obesity).  

I'll do the final wrap on Tuesday and keep you posted in the meantime.

Status update!

I haven't updated in a while, life is a little nuts right now!  So thanks to my lady calendar, I opted to wait until Aunt Flow left the building to do the final wrap because I was bloated and didn't want to skew the results. Although now that I think about it maybe the wraps would have helped with the bloat!  Dang!

I have the final wraps on right now and am doing a video entry for the whole enchilada, stay tuned for that :)


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I'm wondering if this has the Placebo effect, where you believe its going to help and it does due to the power of one's mind.
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Tips for getting best results · Take a hot shower or bath to open the pores of your skin. · Avoid soaps containing oils or lotions that clog the pores. · Measure the targeted area in 3 places (optional)- and/or take photos to “track” your results. · Unfold and apply the Applicator – lotion side to the body. Smooth out the air bubbles. · Secure with plastic wrap, ace bandage or spandex clothing; it does not have to be tight. · Leave on a minimum of 45 minutes. It may be worn longer up to 8 hours for better results, or overnight. · Remove the Applicator, massage the remaining lotion into the skin and re-measure by lining up the tape measure to the marks made. · Your results are progressive. If measuring, continue taking your measurements for the next 3 days. · It is very important to drink water. Create a river for the toxins to flush out of the body over the next 3 days. This is critical to maintaining your inch loss; otherwise the toxins will reabsorb back into the fat cells. It is recommended to drink ½ your body weight in ounces of water. · Use no more than 2 full Applicators on the body at one time. One wrap only on the torso area at a time. · If it is your first time using an Ultimate Body Applicator™, we recommend that you only leave the wrap on for 45 minutes to test your skin’s sensitivity to the natural ingredients with detoxifying properties. · For best results, use Defining Gel™ twice a day in between your Applicator uses. What to expect the first time you use a wrap: One of 3 things can happen. · You will Tighten, Tone & Firm! 90-95% get results with the first application · Nothing will happen! You are absorbing the lotion slowly while it is working its way down through the pores of the skin. Keep drinking water and continue to measure. If you do not experience visible results after 3 days, it could mean your pores are clogged and the product cannot get through to the fat cells. Wait 3 days and try another Applicator. · You will bloat! Don’t be alarmed! This is actually a good thing. You absorbed so quickly that you started releasing toxins faster than your body could handle and caused a toxic bloat. Drink the recommended amount of water to help the body flush out the toxins. Typically, those that bloat, experience greater results! Frequency of Use: · Use Body Applicator(s) once every 72 hours. Or once per week (for a months supply). · A complete treatment is one box of 4 Applicators. Wrap the same area each time for best results before moving on to another area. · This product is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women or children. If you have a medical condition, health concern, or are taking prescription medication, consult with your health care professional before using this product.
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Dying to see the video!!
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I did my first wrap and had definitely detoxed after. Not to be gross but I almost felt I did a good cleanse. I went to bed with the wrap and used plastic wrap and wrapped tight. I felt lighter and took photos. 72 hrs later and I did my second wrap, I definitely lost 2 inches since 1st wrap. We will see what wrap 3 brings in a few days…..
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Well im evening dieting excersice and lots of water and nothing my tummy looks the same.
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iam wearing a wrap rite now this is my second one on my tummy I have not seen results im 5'1 and weight 129 I have 2 kids csections and I gained a lot of weight and my tummys really stretched I think my only option is prob. a tummy tuck if I decide im too scared.. any luck girls with the tummy area
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Curious if you've finally noticed any positive results. I'm thinking about doing a wrap tonight at their booth at the county fair. I am a very active 54 year old but due to fibromyalgia and the meds used to ease the chronic pain, I'm sure I've got some major toxicity going on : ( looking forward to your last photo. Thanks for sharing valuable Info!
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None at all!  It was a waste of money for me.
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Jill I love your curves. You have hips women are paying lots of money for, but who am I to talk. I find fault where ppl don't. Just letting you know you still look great.
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Thanks so much!  That is really kind of you.  
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I do know the suggestion is to not do around your monthly cycle since it isn't as effective at that time so it probably was a good thing you didn't. If you had the gel you could use that during that time - just so you know.
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Oh that is good to know- thanks :)
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Hi my name is wendy. I just came across this site. I am doing my first wrap today. I am really hope this works. Lol this wrap was sent to me as a gift to try. I didn't know that it is best to rub it around on the applicator first..
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Hey Wendy, I hope you write a review!  Welcome to the site :)
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Ok so I did my first wrap... lol I am one of the ones that has the toxic bloat. I left it on for the 45 min and had no reaction to it so I left it on for 2 hours. I drank a lot of water so I gained some inches. I am not home but I will post the before, after and the 24 hour tomorrow. It did have the icy hot feeling.. it was nice though. Thank you for replying to me. They say that the people that get the bloat usually lose a lot so maybe I am one.
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Awesome!  Click that link in my last comment when you are ready to write your review.  How do you know if you have toxic bloat or not?
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If anyone gains inches, it is referred to as "toxic bloat".
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Ahhh gotcha, thanks.
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I have found when you take the "Greens" product along with wrapping yourself as well as drinking plenty of water it seems to help with detoxing and not bloating as much - at least this is what I have noticed along with about 6 or 7 other friends. I think it also depends on how much toxins you have in your system as well. Plus in between the wraps I use the defining gel to help as well - it has the same product as wraps but it's not as strong. Just thought I would pass this on. I've been using the gel a lot for about 2 months and it is definitely helping with my stomach area.
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I will do that... As soon as I can get back to work... lol. Ok so I did have some positive results. I am very surprised. So before I used the wraps my measurement was ( starting at the top) 35 1/4 - 39 3/4 - 45 1/2... good lord. Lol after 2 hours of the wrap starting again at the top. 36 1/4 - 45 1/4 - 45 1/2 now I almost freaked out lol. So today 24 hours later it is.. at the top... 35 - 40- 45. So kind of amazed. Lol I will have to do this again with the other thing as as well.
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Oh I also drink a gallon of water a day. Some times more. I have a gallon jug in the fridge that I drink... I never drink soda. I do put cucumber slices in my water and it is very refreshing.
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Toxic bloat is when you gain inches after the wrap. I did put my 24 hour measurement in... lol glad it is coming down but still have work to do..
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Wendy, I would definitely add the "greens". At first in the initial excitement they don't seem too important but when it comes down to it getting healthy from the inside leads to weight loss AND health. The greens are just amazing I don't know how I survived before them, and my wrap results are getting so much better now that I have started using the greens! Totally worth it!!
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Could u please tell us what all greens u take with the wrap for better results. I'm about to purchase this. Thanks!
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