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I'm 26 years old. 5'3" and 140lbs currently a 36A....

I'm 26 years old. 5'3" and 140lbs currently a 36A. My goal is to have a small D cup. I have 2 small children and have wanted to get a breast augmentation for quite a few years now. My huband and I got married almost 2 years ago and as my wedding gift I recieved a coupon for a "Boob Job" :) So now after researching and talking to a few doctors I have a date set!!! In 30 days I will be a new woman! :)

I talked to 3 different plastic surgeons, one in Salzburg, Austria and 2 in Munich, Germany. The doctor I talked to in Salzburg was very nice. He recommeded between 350 and 400cc smooth round silicon mentor implants. Incision through the nipple. Cost about $7900 But as this was my first consultation I wanted to get more opinions and boy am I glad I did! :)

The second doctor I talked to was a woman in Munich ( I decided to go to Munich because it costs only half as much as in Austria). As a surgeon she was very informative and seemed like she knew what she was doing but as a person she was very unfriendly. While we were talking about how big I want to go, I was explaining I want to go just about as big as I can go while keeping a natural look to them. In the middle she completely cut me off and said she understood and that was it. I found that very rude and disrespectful and to me the end result is one of the most important things to discuss with the patient. As the consultation went on she recommended 360-400cc anatomic textured silicon Allergan Natrelle implants, incison in the breast fold. She said the anatomic implants would keep them looking natural as I'm wanting to go so big. She also mentioned that she would need to lower my crease which helps to avoid getting a "double bubble". I had no idea this was necessary and was then a little nervous. So after I got home I did some more research on anatomic implants and crease lowering and decided to get a 3rd opinion to see if another doctor would say the same thing because in my first consultation nothing like this was mentioned.

I had my 3rd consultation with Dr. Nikolaus Raab in Munich. He took the time to listen to what I wanted as an end result and explained everything very well. He suggested Allergan Natrelle 410 anatomic implants. The incision will be in the breast fold and he also said that as I am wanting bigger implants my crease will have to be lowered a little. I did some research on this and it seems to be a normal procedure and some women need it and others not. All in all, I like Dr. Raab and had a more comfortable feeling with him and decided to have the procedure done by him:) I am more than excited and can't wait!!!

I do have a couple questions for you ladies....
If any of you have had your crease lowered, how was the outcome? Could you still see the old crease or was it not noticeable at all?

If any of you have small children (3 or under) how was recovery and not being able to pick up your kids?

Also anyone with anatomic implants... Did you have any problems with rotating or anything else?

Thanks for reading my story and any added advice is highly appreciated:)
Dr. Nikolaus Raab

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the doctor in munich is he good and how much in euro?
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how much u pay for it?
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Thank you for starting your journey on RealSelf! Good for you for getting additional doctor consults! That's great your husband will be home to take care of your little ones. Many women go off and hide in their house the first 2-3 days. Once you are up and and around more, you may consider putting an arm sling on to visibly show your children that mommy has a boo boo, and will be okay, but she can't have little ones running into her boo boo for a big hug!  ;)  Here is a list of items you may want to set up and purchase prior to your recovery. Looking forward to your updates!

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I haven't had my BA yet but I'm also wondering about the recovery with small children. Mine are 4 and 2. Good Luck with your upcoming surgery. So exciting!
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My kids are just about the same age... In sept my oldest will be 4 and my youngest 2. Thanks, I'm really excited:) good luck with your surgery as well! :)
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You'll love it as I do come day 7! I'm excited and I'm glad I finally has it done.
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I don't think my comment posted so I'm going to repeat this part of it: please have someone keep your baby for at least 5-7 days if possible! If its not possible then perhaps you should wait until it is. Not saying that every recovery is the same but as I had my done just last week and I have a very active 3 year old myself I know if I praised God daily that I sent him away for that 7 days I know you probably will to. Day 1 and 2 the pain isn't too bad just annoying and your front is so stiff and sore you will have to figure out a way to rock, roll, lean, or something to just get out of bed in the morning and by morning you will be sleeping off and on all day because you will wake up every 3 to 4 hours due to uncomfort or engorgement type o feel! Not to mention you won't be able to remember if you took your meds or not. By day 3 your back, neck, shoulders and possibly side of face cause I know mine was, will be so sore! Nothing unbearable or anything to cry about, just soreness and irritating as if your coming down with the flu. Please try and send her away for her sake.
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Hi, thanks for the advice! Luckly my husband will be home with me to take care of the kids. Im just a little worried i won't be able to resist picking them up or something;)
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You will be fine! I jave a 2 yr old, 8 yr old and 12 month old who weighs 28 pounds. Dr. Told me i could lift him to and from the crib amd car. You can sit in the floor and cover up with a pillow or two so you can have lap/cuddle time! I had a burning feeling at firat when i picked him up but in on day 7 today and feel great! Pain is very barable! If you can breastfeed and handle being engorged you will be fine! Its so worth it! Keep a medication log by your meds so you dont take too much or too often. Ive been only using ibuprfen from day two and im in very little discomfort. Sleeping was tough the dirat couple nights but use pillows. They will be your best friebd! Love on your kids and dobt worry too much! Just becareful and listen to your body. If it hurts dont do it! Lol... best of luck! Youll never regret it!
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Also, if you want to be a d cup go bigger than you think. I was a. 36Aa and did 440cc sil unders mod profile and im guessing im about a full c.
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