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I'm a 23yo mother of two. - 8 weeks post op - Lees Summit, MO

I'm a 23yo mother of two. My husband and I...

I'm a 23yo mother of two. My husband and I have decided we are done having children and now, I want my old body back! I didn't gain a ton of weight with either of my children, but I have lots of stretch marks and extra skin/fat. I lost all of my pregnancy weight and am at a pre-pregnancy weight but I look NOTHING like I did before. I am SO ready to look good again. I want to wear two peice bathing suits, lingerie and jeans that I don't have to pull up over my fat! I had a breast reduction done in October of 2011. I had always had huge boobs and they just got bigger and more saggy after the kiddos. Now, I'm ready for part two... the tummy tuck! I have a 6mo post op appointment with my PS on April 10th and it will also double as my tummy tuck consultaion. I am so excited, I can hardly wait! I am anxious to get all of my questions answered and get a date set! I plan on documenting everything on here to help people in the future!

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So I forgot to add my height/weight. I am...

So I forgot to add my height/weight. I am 5'6" and I currently weigh 154-157 depending on the day.

I haven't had my consultation yet, but I am finding that I am getting super nervous/anxious. I don't know if I am scared of the change since I've been so used to looking gross or what. Anyone else have crazy emotions before/after your TT?


Good for you on finishing your journey. It is emotional. Strangest part for me was my dreams I had during my waiting time. I was super excited on the outside but would have crazy dreams. It's scary having elective surgery but as you can see from most of the reviews everyone post op is happy! Good luck at your appointment! How soon do you want to have the surgery?
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Thanks! I dream about it all the time too. Not all of the dreams are scary or anything, I just find that it is constantly on my mind. I am a very impatient person though so I think I am just so anxious that it's getting to me. I want to have the surgery as soon as possible! My husband is military so we don't have any family around and we will need to fly someone out to help with the kids while I recover. My appointment is on the 10th, but I plan on calling tomorrow to try and set the date so we can book tickets. I'm hoping I will be able to do so since I have already been seen by the PS but we shall see!!

So.. I talked to my PS today, and they let me...

So.. I talked to my PS today, and they let me schedule my TT! I am beyond excited. It is scheduled for May 9th only a little over 6wks from now! Aahhh! Now I am just working on getting prepared for the post op! Anyone have a suggestions on things I should buy to get ready?!


Welcome! Thanks for sharing your story! You will be so happy with your results. I found sleeping in a recliner helped. Also gas-x. Gas pains were so bad at first! I also froze meals & was so happy to have that healthy soup & lasagne when I was healing & did not have to do more than heat it up in the microwave! Also take help. You deserve it & it is crucial to your healing. Good luck!
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Thanks so much for the advice! We don't have a recliner but there is a place here that you can rent one for a week or so. I have gotten that recommendation a few times now so I'm thinking we will do that. My MIL will be flying in to help out for a couple weeks and my husband took time off so I think I will have plenty of help. You said to get gas-x which I will do, but have you heard anything or had experience with Arnica or Bromelin? I have read those help with swelling, bruising and digestion... ?

I am getting really annoyed lately. It seems like...

I am getting really annoyed lately. It seems like things are just not working out the way I want them to. I have the TT scheduled for May 9th, my husband and I have already paid for a ticket for my MIL to fly in and help out. Now... my husband tells me that he might not be able to get his leave approved. WTF?! Why did he not think about this prior to us booking a flight for his mom?! I'm so upset. My husband is in the Air Force and he went to talk to his NCO yesterday about getting his leave approved. Well, turns out that the another guy in his shop (his shop has only 6 people in it, very small) wants to take leave at the EXACT same time he wants to. No joke, same freaking days. They can't both take leave at the same time because they are the only two who have access to things that are needed on a daily basis. I'm annoyed because this other guy ALWAYS takes leave. His leave this time is for a freaking wedding! This is the 3rd wedding he has been to in the last 4months. Not to mention, why the hell does he need two weeks off for a wedding?! He isn't even in the wedding, he's just attending. On top of all that our base is having an airshow the week after my surgery and my husband's shop is responsible for setting up the medical tents there, so they need all the hands they can get. I'm pissed. I'm mad because my husband didn't think to figure this out before we booked tickets, I'm mad because now we might have to pay to change flights, I'm mad because I might have to wait an extra month for my surgery. Ugh. sorry for the rant, I'm just annoyed today.


Hi! I'm also having my surgery on May 9th! Happy Mother's Day to us,right?I too am getting supplies together for the big day! Here's a link that I've found to be very useful...http://www.tummytuckformen.com/tummy-tuck-abdominoplasty-preparation-for-surgery-checklist.html.... Check it out!
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Awesome! We can be TT buddies! I'm sure we will have lots to talk about post op. I don't even realize how close to Mother's Day the surgery was but hells yes! Happy Mother's Day is right! I will definitely check out that site, thank you!
You're welcome! I have never taken arnica or bromelin. I heard they help with swelling & bruising & don't cause harm. I guess it wouldn't hurt to try
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So, just a little update... The whole leave...

So, just a little update... The whole leave situation is taken care of and everything is on for MAY 9! I'm so excited, it's all I think about. Now I just need to get all prepared. My consultation is in a week or so and I have to say it's been kind of weird having a day picked out for the surgery without knowing answers to all the questions I have. I am hoping once that is done I will feel more at ease and be more excited rather than anxious. I'm really hoping to find some girls on here to connect with who are having their surgery around the same time as me. Let's heal together!

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Okay... I had a BR done 6mo ago, so my PS allowed...

Okay... I had a BR done 6mo ago, so my PS allowed me to schedule my TT before having my official consult. I went to my consult today to have my PS actually look at my body and get answers to the questions I had. Now, I am a little nervous.

My PS does lipo to the abdomen and some to the hips with the TT. I have a big concern for my hips! I feel like I have a fairly small waist and the my hips just BAM! are all the way out there! I talked to my PS about posiibly getting an extended TT but he tried to talk me out of it. He also suggested to me that I not get any extra lipo to my hips/flanks. Basically he told me, get the regular TT and if I am not happy with the results, based on the concerns I expressed to him, I would later come back for the ETT. He said don't waste the money on the lipo....

Did you guys get extra lipo or did you just get what was included with the TT?

PLEASE SOMEONE LOOK AT MY PICTURES!!! I don't want to have to have two surgeries. I would rather get it all done at once! In your opinion, do you think that a regular TT will pull my hips in at all?! Or do you think I need an ETT? My PS did say that when they do a TT, they don't just pull the skin down, but rather toward the front as if I were to be sqeezing my fat pouch you know? Idk if that makes any sense at all. I don't know if the post makes any sense at all to be honest. I am just having a freak out moment because I paid today and even though I took my LONG list of questions in there with me and got them all answered, now that I am home, I just want to go back and ask more.

Ugh. I could cry right now.


looking forward to your after pics!!! Your time is almost here!!
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yes it is!! I'm getting so excited! I will keep you all updated.
Well I would agree with your surgeon ( I dont have any medical background though.. Just my opinion) the extended is TT would just extend the incision further around the back, it doesnt look like you have a lot of excess skin, fat that would require that. I think you will be very happy with the 'standard tummytuck' again just my opinion. As for lipo I didn't get much done as my surgeon didn't think it was required, now as I'm a couple of weeks PO I cn see where I would like some lipo, but I'm okay with going back another time, as adding lipo to the TT has more risk with complications and longer recovery and as I am reading more painful. I have had lipo about 10 years ago, so I can only imagine the techniques are that much better now. I know there is so much to think about, I would put your trust in your surgeon as they specialize in aesthetic surgery and they have a vested interest in making sure they give you the best outcome based on your body. ( my biggest fear was that my incision would be too high and quite honestly I wish it was a bit lower, but I don't think he could of made it any lower without making it in my leg creases.. Lol. I haven't posted pics yet because I can't download from iPhone or iPad.. But I will when I get my computer up and running:).... Good luck but (easier said than done) don't worry so much, and have faith in your surgeon... But make sure you indicate where you would like your incision ;)
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So, I have 26 days until my surgery and I am...

So, I have 26 days until my surgery and I am beginning to get really really nervous. I read alot and have heard alot that people go through a depression type phase after surgery. I am really worried about this because I already struggle with depression/anxiety issues. I take medication to help, and for the most part it does but I am still just really worried that I am going to come out of this thing being a hot mess. On top if those feelings, I have a friend who recently got a tummy tuck. She had hers mid march and she has been texting me pictures of her new belly and OMG it looks freaking HORRIBLE. I don't understand. I saw her PS' website and his before and afters but holy shit, her stomach looks terrible. I haven't told her that of course, but now I am super scared mine is going to look like that. Now, I have seen TONS of before and afters. I am cosntantly stalking this forum along with a couple others so I know what other people look like around the same time post-op as her. She looks so bad. I'm scared. One other thing that has been a constant thing with me. Get lipo on my flanks, or don't get lipo on my flanks? Tough decision... mostly monetarily. I feel bad that I am already spending $6k on myself, but to add another $2k for some lipo... makes me feel selfish. Not to mention, who likes to just drop a couple grand like it's nothing? Maybe rich people, but I'm not rich. My pre-op appointment is on the 25th of this month. Since my consult was a little confusing on what I should do (mostly my fault cause I would suggest things and ask way too many questions)... I am going to go into the appointment, look at my doctor and say "alright, pretend you've never met me, look at my body and tell me what would YOU do to fix this mess?" Hopefully we will get some clarity then. My husband will also be coming along to this appointment so it will be nice to have his voice there with me. I'm usually kind of shy when it comes to things like this. He is a guy who really doesn't give shit what people think so, I am sure he will speak up when I need him to. Plus, the fact that we both have a medical background means that we aren't really easily bullshitted. lol. Anyways, just thought I would vent. I hope that I can form bonds with some of you ladies over this whole thing. It would be nice to have someone who is going through or has been through the same thing to talk to.

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A little over a week until my pre-op appointment,...

A little over a week until my pre-op appointment, which means a little over 3 weeks until my surgery!! I am getting soooooooooooo excited! I can't believe how quickly time is going by. It seems like only a couple days ago I was thinking "holy crap, 6 wks? I can't wait 6 wks!" I hope that the healing goes by this quickly too. I am anxious/nervous to see my results. I know that I am going to come out of surgery not looking too hot and I'm going to look a bit haggard over the next few months after. I just hope I can stay positive and remember that in the end it will all have been worth it. I've waited since my first was born to have this done, I think I can handle a few months of looking weird during my recovery. Woooo hooo!!! Sexy body... here I come!

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Well my pre-op is in 5 days. I'm so excited. I...

Well my pre-op is in 5 days. I'm so excited. I still have a few more questions for my PS but for the most part I think I am well prepared. I ordered some Arnica pills and Arnica gel. I'm really hoping that helps because I have super sensitive skin and bruise pretty easily. I think all that is left for me to get is my script filled after the pre-op and then I will be renting a recliner for a couple weeks since I have read that helps to have. I have been getting super excited lately. I just keep looking in the mirror thinking... OMG, in just a little while I am actually going to like what I see. Now that I am in the teen days until my surgery my countdown is really on! Yaaaaay! 19days!


Oh my goodness, you are going to LOVE your tummy in 19 days! :D I'm only 2 days out from surgery and LOVE mine! Yay for skinny binny bellies and YES, what a wonderful Mother's Day gift to you! :)
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yay! Congrats. I saw your pics, you look awesome! I'm so so so excited =]
I'm so, so excited for you too! The night before surgery I was kind of anxious and scared and hoped I had everything on hand for recovery. Then the morning of, I was pure bliss and super duper stoked. You and I are so lucky that we have been given the opportunity to go through with this. We're young and deserve to be comfortable and happy. 18 more days! :)

I have my pre-op appointment tomorrow at 4:45. I...

I have my pre-op appointment tomorrow at 4:45. I am really excited to get those last few questions answered... not to mention it means that my surgery is in TWO WEEKS! AAahhh! I think it hasn't quite hit me yet that this is really happening. I dream about it every night. I am constantly thinking about it and wondering how my body is going to look. It seems so surreal that I am finally going to look in the mirror and say "daaaaamn, you look hot ;)" lol. The nervousness is setting in. I will be renting a recliner to sleep in for a couple weeks since my by is REALLY tall and I think I'd probably kill myself trying to get into it post-op. My brain is so jumbled right now, I'm not really sure what else I want to say so I will probably stop writing now. I will update tomorrow after my pre-op!


Good luck. Try to stay calm.
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Wooohooo! Had my pre-op appointment a little bit...

Wooohooo! Had my pre-op appointment a little bit ago and gave them my final payment! Eeekkk! No turning back now. I had some guilt on the drive home. It's hard being a mother and wife and spending a large chunk of change on strictly myself. My husband is supportive, but he doesn't really like to talk about it. He just tells me he is fine with it and that is that.

About my appointment. Went there and he went over everything with me. I am getting just a Tummy Tuck, no extra lipo. The lipo that he includes is to the abdomen and some to the hips. I am a little big upset because he recommended that I get lipo to the flanks. I'm not upset that he recommended it, I am upset that I am not getting it. It is an extra $2000 and we are just not willing to spend that kind of money on it. So, needless to say, I am really starting to stress out about my results. I don't want to come out looking gross, or have a giant muffin top because I didn't get the lipo. My doctor made me feel better and said that I would still look good and that when he is doing the lipo to the hips he will get as much out as he can. I'm just anxious and want this all to be over with so I can see how I turn out instead of just wondering.

I have a friend that got a TT recently and she sends me pictures. When I first saw the one, I was like OMG... That looks terrible, but maybe it's normal?! Then it just never got better. Her scar is shaped horribly, like not a straight line... everything just looks aweful. I have been soooo worried that that is normal and that is what I will look like. I showed my PS and his assistant her pictures and needless to say... they gasped at the results. Now, knowing that I am not going to turn out like that makes me feel a lot better. Ugh.. My mind is so jumbled right now. Only 2 more weeks and I will be on the other side! My body/skin is sooooo sensitive so I think my healing is going to go slow. I hope I am able to keep my head up and stay positive. I will be hanging out on here a lot post-op looking for support! Be here for me ladies! I need you! We need each other!!

14 DAYS!


Yay for payment day! 2 weeks out is a BIG deal for making it feel SO real! Just get real busy and the time will fly. You'll look FABULOUS with your TT. We're here for ya!
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Your going to look awesome afterwards!!! Thanks for sharing :)
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Aw thank you! Youre sweet!

So we are in the single digits now! Woohooo! Only...

So we are in the single digits now! Woohooo! Only 8 more days!! I can not even describe how excited I am. Every time I look in the mirror I just think, YES! That is going to be gone soon! I have been getting a little bit nervous because I have pretty severe scoliosis. I know that I am going to be bent over for a while so I really hope that my back muscles can take that. They are already sore and tense just from them having to strain to keep things straight-ish. I'm hoping that the muscle relaxers will help. If not, I guess I will just have to lay around all week. Darn it. LOL.

My husband and I took my measurements and new photos the other night. I have to say, these pics are even more disgusting than the original ones. Looking at them make me that much more appreciative of this surgery. I must say that I also have one amazing hubby. I'm very lucky that he supports me and wants me to have this done. He tells me that I deserve it. In the beginning he didn't really want to talk about it much, but now he makes me feel better when I am having a guilty moment.

Ugh I am soooo excited!!

Here are my measurements:

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 153.8
Chest: 38.5"
Underwire: 34"
Waist: 33"
Gut: 38.5"
Hips: 38"
Butt: 40.5"
R Thigh: 23.75"
L Thigh: 23.75"

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Not sure why I am not on the calendar for surgery....

Not sure why I am not on the calendar for surgery... I'm trying it a different way, so we will see if this works.

My surgery is May 9, 2012


Hi, I am going in right before you! May 8, 2012. Good luck!
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good luck ur gonna love ur results!!!
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thank you so much! I'm so anxious... you look great!! I'm crossing my fingers for results like yours! =]

Well guys, tomorrow is the big day! It is...

Well guys, tomorrow is the big day! It is beginning to feel a bit more real, but at the same time I don't think it has completely hit me yet. My lift recliner got delivered today and I just got off the phone with my PS' office for my final confirmation. When I answered the phone and found out it was them, I seriously thought she was going to say "hey, I'm sorry but we have to reschedule"... but she didn't! So I need to show up there at 9:30am and my surgery should start around 10:15.

My husband is on his way home from the airport right now from picking up his mom and brother (who are helping take care of the kids). I can't believe this is finally happening. My brain is telling me, "hey, tomorrow is the big day" but my body isn't comprehending it. I think because I have wanted this since my first was born, I just keep thinking, yea right.. it's not going to happen. BUT IT IS!! AND IT'S HAPPENING TOMORROW!!

The recliner is all set up, got my extra pillows, medical supplies, meds, food, etc... Wish me luck everyone, by this time tomorrow I will be on the flat side! WOOOHOOO!!!


Yeayyyy! Can't wait to hear about your journey. Best wishes and happy thoughts your way!
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thank you, thank you, thank you!!
good luck your going to look great. Cant wait to see :-)
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Just a quick update. I'm out of surgery. Not...

Just a quick update. I'm out of surgery. Not feeling bad at all, a little tightness and on one side the very end of my incision hurts some. I had my nurse (who was in the OR) take a picture for me before they got me wrapped up and oh my gosh I am absolutely in looooooove!!!! I'm pretty out of it right now, so I'm sure I will start hurting pretty soon, but it's so worth it. We are driving home right now, and I plan on napping for a bit since I didn't get much sleep last night. I am so happy right now. I was so scared I would look crappy, which I'm sure I'm going to have days where I do, but based on what I've seen so far, I am more than pleased. I will try to update later and put ther pic in here. Night night ;)


YAY krnamba, I am SO happy for you and SO excited you got a sneak peek at your results! I was seriously thinking of you all morning and was sending good positive vibes. CONGRATS! You're on the other side. Now it's time for happy healing. You're a determined gal and sound like you are surrounded by a fabulous family full of support. Big HUGS (not a tight hug - lol - just a BIG virtual one). Wishing you well & happy wishes for a sweet recovery. :o)
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Hey TT buddy!! I'm glad to know that everything went well!! I can't wait to see your pictures and hear about your recovery process...I can't wait until my next dr appt hopefully I can get mine on June 1st(fingers crossed)..I'll be praying for a speedy recovery for you!
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Congrats and I can't wait to see your results!
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Day of surgery: Well girls, I'm alive!!...

Day of surgery:
Well girls, I'm alive!! Everything went very well. I was super nervous this morning when I arrived at the PS office but once I got all marked up the excitement settled in. I woke up a few hours later with little pain. The ride home was fine. Got home, went to the bathroom (ouch) then settled down in my lift recliner :) I took a little nap and when I woke up I needed to go to the bathroom again. This time was not so good. I sat down and started to get nauseous, then dizzy, then next thing I knew my husband was yelling my name and hitting my face. I passed out!! Like bad. He said that I just went lights out and immediately started snoring. My legs went straight and when I woke up I was half off the toilet. I had a similar thing happen with my breast reduction, but it was like a tiny black out and woke right up. I guess this time I was out for a minute or so :-/ Anyways that was scary but I'm better now. My hubby messed up though, I was in pain and asked him if I could have another percocet. He said I needed to wait another half hour.. turns out he was basing it on every 6 hrs not every 4. Kill me lol. Anyway that has been my night thus far.

My nurse took a picture of my belly before they wrapped me up and omg it is amazing. My belly button is cute, tummy is flat, and I'm a happy girl. I know its going to look worse soon, but in the long run I will be satisfied. My PS told me that he did a bunch of lipo on my hips so he thinks I will be happy. I will post the pic tomorrow. Goodnight!!

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1 Day PO: Today I am definitely worse than...

1 Day PO:
Today I am definitely worse than yesterday. My incision is really sore, when I stand up I get a really sharp pain at the end of it, like its about to break open. I think it is cause the blood and stuff is drying and sticking to the bandages. Who knows. I have been eating some crackers and drinking lots of water or sprite. I am pretty bored though cause we have my recliner set up in our room, so during the day I just lay back here all alone. Bummer. My drains haven't been draining much. Not sure if that is good or bad. My throat hurts even though I wasn't intubated, so I would definitely recommend getting some cough drops to have post op. Let's see... I got a little peak at the end of my incision and omg it is the darkest purple I have ever seen. I started taking the Arnica today, so hopefully that will help with the bruising. I have t gel stuff too but I won't put that on for a while. Can't really think of much else at the moment. I think I'm going to take a nap since I'm so bored all alone lol. Its kind of nice though cause I can hear my kiddos fussing and all I can say is, sucks for you dad, for having to take over my job. Lol. Alright.. lates

Will post the one pic I have this evening. It is still on my camera so I need to download it to my comp. Won't have any new pics until after my first post op appointment next week.

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Added a couple pics that my nurse took for me...

Added a couple pics that my nurse took for me before they wrapped me up! I'm very pleased :)

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Awwww u passed out? Poor thing. THat is scarey. You look great. Hope u have a better day tommorow. Your husband messing up on the medicine, sounds like something my husband would do.
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Yeah it was a bit scary!! I have had a couple more times where i feel like i am going to pass out, but i havent again. My hubby is such a dork sometimes. There is a lot going on in our house right now... MIL and BIL are here to help out but i think my hubs feels the need to entertain them a bit too. Poor guy. Not to mention being in the military has made him very OCD so he runs around cleaning up after everyone. That has been the hardest part for me... not being able to take care of myself or the kids.
You look amazing!!!!! I hope I get that lucky tomorrow!!
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Day 2 Post-Op: Today is going really well. I...

Day 2 Post-Op:

Today is going really well. I slept well last night and woke up this morning at 7am when my daughter started crying. I think she must have had a bad dream or something. I had to wake my husband up to tell him to go and check on her. LOL, he isn't very good at waking up to anything. Anyways, I think I am going to let you know right now this update might be all over the place cause I just took a percocet. Ok, so woke up at 7, ended up reading my daughter a book and convincing her to lay back down for a little while longer. I took a percocet and went back to sleep until about 10:45am. When I woke up I felt really good. I didn't take any more pain meds until about an hour ago at 1:30pm. That made me feel good that I didn't need one for so long. Yesterday I spent the majority of my day in my recliner and today I actually got up and sat out in the living room on the couch with the family. I just ate some lunch, a sandwich and some wheat thins. I'm starting to feel a little loopy because of the percocet but I am determined to update. What else do I have to say? Umm... I really really hate this binder. I don't know if I have a small torso or something but It just feels like it is soooo high up. My PS fixed the dog ears that I had on my breasts from my BR 6mo ago so the binder being really high up pokes into the cuts of the dog ear revision. That is probably the part that hurts the most, that and my lower back. I hate that I can't take the binder off and see what I look like. I don't know if I am swollen or where I am swollen. I am sure I am, but I just want to see it all. I know my boobs are swollen. Ok, Wow... I am totally rambling. I'm sorry haha. I have two episodes of Grey's Anatomy to catch up on, so I think I am going to do that.. if I don't rck out first. Holy crap. I will write more later when I am not high. haha.

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Well the meds have worn off now, so I am hoping I...

Well the meds have worn off now, so I am hoping I am not going to be all over the place this time. I don't really have much to say except my back is killing me and I am bored out of my mind. I have a heating pad on my back now and I am just sitting in the recliner. I really want to go into see my PS so he can take this binder off and rearrange it. I have tried to do it myself, but all the gauze pads just fall out and I can't get it tight enough. Ugh.

On the plus side... my nurse called me today and I go in on Tuesday to get my drains removed!! Woohoo!! I will also be ditching this binder and getting the stage two garment. I was told it is going to be like biker shorts that go all the way up to my boobies. I think anything will be better than this freaking binder.

Well that's it for today. I'm going to just relax and probably watch a movie with the family. Hope you all are healing well!! I took a couple more pics... it seems like I'm pretty swollen on my left side. Idk I'm so used to being fat I can't really tell what is swelling and what isn't.


you are so blessed all of your marks are gone... my PS said my scar would be super high if he did... I hope my stretchmarks relax a little...I am still very swollen...
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Oh I definitely still have some!! I can't completely tell because the binder thing wrinkles my skin so it is hard to tel what is stretch mark and what is wrinkle. I still have lots on my sides though. At least they went from being above my belly button to right above my bikini line. I am sure you will look great once you are all healed!!! It takes time.... I don't look all that great now, I am just trying to remember what I used to look like in order to make me appreciate my new swollen body ;-]
no no no, you look awesome, can you imagine what you will look like once the swelling subsides???!?!? FREAKING AWESOME!

Day 4 PO: So I have to say I am quite surprised...

Day 4 PO:

So I have to say I am quite surprised at how well things are going for me. Yesterday went well, I got out and went for a little walk with the family. We took the kids to the parkand enjoyed the nice weather. I was walking fairly straight yesterday. When I sit down for a while and get back up I go back to my hunchback position, but it sraightens out afer a few minutes. For the most part I am feeling good. My back gets super sore and my abs are oddly tingley... like when your foot falls asleep and it first starts waking up. It's funny feeling but not painful. This binder is going to be the death of me. I adjust it a million times a day because it just keeps riding up. I am pretty swollen on my right side. My scoliosis makes it to where my right hip is about and inch higher than my left so that, on top of the swelling makes me look like I have a GIANT love handle on just that one side. Gross. I am hoping that once the swelling goes down it will look better. My drains are barely draining anything. Right now they are weird because the blood in them is like clotting. I think it's because there isn't uch draining, so what is in there separates and settles. I think I already sad this, but I get those bad boys out of Tuesday. Yipeeee! I have taken my CG off a couple of times (which I am not supposed to do) and I think my belly looks pretty good. I am bummed because I had a ton of stretch marks on my side, which I knew weren't going to be cut off, but it seems like now those are bigger than before since they were stretched. I am trying to stay positive and look at my before pictures and realize that I definitely look better than I did then! I really didn't think my expectations were unrealistic but maybe they were. Once I am cleared to go tanning I think I am going to do that. It faded my stretch marks when I used to tan so i think it wil make them look better. I am really bruised on my sides and around my belly button. I have put arnica gel on it a few times, but I don't know if it is working or not. I am not needing my pain meds that much. I usually just take them when I am going to take a nap. I probably take 1 percocet and 1 flexeril a day.

I have been reading my tummy tuck buddies reviews and I am sad that you all are having a harder time than me. I seriously keep thinking that I am doing so well that here shotly it is going to come back and bite me in the ass. We will see. Happy healing everyone!! HUGS!!

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Well last night, I went to the bathroom before bed...

Well last night, I went to the bathroom before bed and I looked down and saw that about two inches of my right drain was pulled out!!! WTF?!?! I called my doc and he told me to pull the rest out. EEEeekk! Luckily, my hubs and I have been in the medical field for the majority of our careers so we are kind of used to doing things like this. Not to mention, with my husband working a medical job in the AF we tend to acquire all the medical supplies you could even dream of. So I was nervous just cause I hated getting my drains taken out with BR. I toughed it up and he removed the drain and the stitch holding it in. Since I already had one drain out my doc told me I could just go in today and get the other one out! YESSSSS!!! So here I am, 5 days post-op, drains are out AND I have my new compression garment. NO MORE BINDER!! I am so glad to be in this new one!! It is kind of weird how it has a giant hole so you can go to the bathroom without taking it off, but it is so much more comfortable... and oh-so-sexy ;-)

Today has gone really well. We got up this morning and went to go get my drain out. My hubby and I got to go by ourselves while my MIL watched the kids. That was nice, being able to have some alone time with him. After we got my drains out, we went to the mall to get some summer stuff for the kids and just shop around. I did well, but tonight I am EXHAUSTED!! I hurt some, but mostly just achy feeling. I haven't taken any meds today, which is good, but I think I need to take something now. I am not sure what else there is so report. Things are just going much better than I ever expected. Oh, I took my measurements again tonight and I lost a half inch to an inch in some places and stayed the same in others. I think once the swelling goes down I will be much smaller than before though. I did actually try on a pair of jeans today while shopping and even with the compression garment on with the extra padding inside, I managed to get into a size 29... not like a giant size 29, but like the pants that are measured like mens. That was exciting for me. Last I remember I was wearing a 33 in those kind of jeans. Woo hoo!!

Overall I am really glad that I did this. I know I am going to be very happy with my end results =] I did have a moment of depression today after I left shopping cause when I put the jeans on I looked in the mirror and I just looked fat. Like the swelling on my hips/lower back is so gross!! Once I got home though, and looked in the mirror with the CG off I felt satisfied so all was better. We will see how tomorrow goes.

Took some new pics of my sweet CG and of my tummy... I am SOOOOOOO BRUISED! I've been putting the arnica gel on the bruising, hopefully I will noticing some differences soon.

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Well I am now 8 days post op! I am feeling really...

Well I am now 8 days post op! I am feeling really good for the most part. I have my days where I do too much and it catches up to me at night. I slept in my own bed the night before last and it went well but last night, I just couldn't do it. Back to the recliner I went. i have pretty much been off the pain meds except at night I take them to help me sleep. I am loving the new CG compared to the binder, but boy I can't wait to just be done with all of it. I have an appointment on the 23rd to get my stitches taken out of my belly button.

I have been using arnica pills and I really think it has helped my swelling be minimal. I really haven't been watching my eating like I should, and I am still not that swollen. My hips are kind of bad where I had some lipo but the rest is pretty good. I also am using arnica gel for the bruising and I have seen an AMAZING difference in the bruises even just over night.

I have had quite a few BMs since the surgery and they have been pretty painless. I started taking stool softeners the day before my surgery and have taken them pretty much everday since. I think that is what has helped in that area.

That is really all I can think of for now =]

New pictures... feedback is really appreciated. Thanks!


You look wonderful. Are you standing pretty straight yet? It looks like you are in the pics.
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Thanks guys! I really appreciate the positive feedback. About my compression garment, i got it from my plastic surgeon but on the tag of it their is a website... fstubbs.com and guys model number 2016. It's really comfortable for a compression garment lol.
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Thanks! :)

I am 12days PO today and I am doing great....

I am 12days PO today and I am doing great. Sleeping in my own bed, walking straight and taking care of the kids by myself. I get my steri-strips and stitches from my belly button removed on Wednesday. I am excited to see my incision and to see if my belly button changes after the stitches are removed. I am so happy that I did this!!

I took some new pics today and I didn't really think I was that swollen in the beginning but comparing those pictures to now is amazing! To think I am going to look even better gets me all sorts of excited.

I originally wrote way more than this but when I clicked update it didn't work and I lost all that I wrote and I don't feel like typing it all again. Sorry this update is kind of crappy, I will update again on Weds or Thurs after my post-op appointment.

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Had my hubby help me take measurements just now.....

Had my hubby help me take measurements just now.. here they are:

Chest: 39.75" (went up 1.25"... I think this is because I have swelling from my PS fixing dog ears)
Underwire: 35" (up 1".. same reason as the chest)
Waist: 32" (down 1")
Gut: 37.5" (down 1")
Hips: 38" (same as before)
Butt: 40.5" (same as before)
R thigh: 23" (down .75")
L thigh: 23" (down .75")

Overall I am a little sad about the actual measurements. I wish I were smaller, I was really hoping to wear smaller pants but I don't know if that is going to happen. One thing that makes me think I still have the chance to go down in size is the fact that before I used to buy my pants a little on the big side because I would pull them up over my fat gut. I'm also only 12 days post op so things could get better still. Either way, I have a flat tummy with not very many stretch marks! Yay!!


You look bangin! I just got back from my PS and he drained another 150cc from my seroma due to the back lipo. UGHHHHHHHHH
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nice mama!! so happy for you!!!
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I wouldn't get down about measurements, you are bound to still have some swelling and regardless you look amazing now!
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I should have gotten lipo to my flanks. I feel fat...

I should have gotten lipo to my flanks. I feel fat and disgusting. I know my stomach is flat and that makes me happy, but I'm just so sad that I don't look how I wanted to. My back fat pisses me off, my PS says that I can't start working out until the 6wk mark which stresses me out. I love food, probably too much and unfortunately for whatever reason I absolutely HATE vegetables. So, eating a salad is just not happening. I have tried every freaking vegetable under the sun, prepared in every single way and I just effing hate them. With that being said, that means eating "right" doesn't usually happen. I depend a lot on working out. I usually try to eat better things rather than sugary stuff but still.... Ugh, I am so stressed out. One thing that depresses me is the fact that I am young and a lot of my friends from high school have kids as well. Of course, these girls were blessed with those bodies that magically bounced back to perfection the second their children were born. No stretch marks, not extra fat, NOTHING... so I get a tummy tuck hoping, hey, now I will actually look like they did all by themselves.. but NOPE, I still look like a fat fucking cow and they are glowing. Whatev. There went $6k... give me my stretch marks and extra skin back so I look the way I feel. I'm just angry


Trust me the lipo on the flanks isn't a deal breaker for you. Just remember since the TT things are changing as will your ability to work on that area if it's an issue but I think you look GREAT! Look at me, I had lipo on the flanks and have a huge a$$ seroma that I have to keep draining every week. You're young, you look fabulous and I don't see what you see on you but I do understand and know we're all here to help!
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Oh, honey, I could cry for you and your words of frustration!please keep in mind that you have barely begun the recovery process. Several women have said they see changes in their bodies every month even up to a year out from their date. This is a very emotional time. We live in a society of instant gratification and this just in one of those things. Most of us did the surgery because we just couldn't take the way we looked. We work out and didn't see the change. You have to ask yourself though if you did this for yourself or for the skinny girls that you are referring to. You will never be happy with yourself if you constantly compare because someone ALWAYS has something better then what we have. I know it's not what you want to hear but if you focus on the positive things you have in your life it's going to show in you as a person and please trust me when I say inner beauty and happiness is far better then any unhappy perfect skinny person I've ever been around. Give yourself some credit. You look beautiful in your pix you've posted and give your body time to make the changes it will naturally do after surgery. As far dieting, just because you don't like veggies doesn't mean you cant make healthy choices. Get a yogurt instead go French fries at mcDonalds...okay I know that's easier said then done, but it's just encouragement I'm trying to pass along, Gorgeous!
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I think you look great but understand your feelings, try not to bee too hard on yourself....you still likely have some swelling so give it a little more time :)
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I am doing little better lately about the back...

I am doing little better lately about the back fat but I am still really unsure whether or not it is swelling. I don't think it is because I don't look much different than I did before... but I'm crossing my fingers that it is. I want to hurry up and be able to work out and TAN! I don't have a lot to say right now but maybe later I will. I am just writing a little something since I am adding some new pictures.

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Made before/after pictures... made me feel better.

made before/after pictures... made me feel better.


I feel like I am at the same point with you but you do look great! I asked my surgeon and he said it was all swelling and my flanks were still hard, but that will go away. Have faith! It'll be okay! :D
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Hey hot mama!! hope you are doing ok!!!
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you look great!!!
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Tomorrow it will be 4wks PO and wow the time has...

Tomorrow it will be 4wks PO and wow the time has really flown by! Everything is healing well, I think the majority of my swelling is gone. When I do too much around the house or throughout the day I do swell up some, but not too bad. I am still wishing I would have gotten that lipo on my flanks, but I have decided to use them as my motivation. I cannot wait to start working out. My doctor said we will talk about that at the 6wk appointment. It's kind of driving me crazy not doing anything! I am supposed to be wearing my CG at all times except when showering but I recently started sleeping without it. It has been so hot where I am that I just want to relax in my air conditioned room and not sweat my ass off when I sleep. It feels sooooo good to have it off, but I definitely can only have if off for so long until I feel like I need it again. I really want to start tanning! My belly is so white so it is making me feel not as sexy. I'm just so excited for the next couple weeks to pass so I can start working out, tanning and finally go shopping since I will no longer have this CG! Wooo hooo!!

Oh and I got my hair cut yesterday.. cute little summery bob. I love it! Now I just want have the rest of me match =] I'm getting some blonde put in it next week! Ok.. enough about that.

I am going to take new pics this evening and do my measurements again and will update after that!


Oh my gosh you look great! I'm 25 days PO and can't believe I walked around with that flubber gut for so long. CONGRATS!
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I am so ready to get this damn compression garment...

I am so ready to get this damn compression garment off!! OMG. It is so hot and all I can wear is jeans. I called my PS today to see if there was something that I could wear that doesn't go down my legs and they are supposed to call me back because when I called he was in surgery. Crossing my fingers. I need to tan, need to work out... Aaahhhh! I started using the myfitnesspal app on my phone to count my calories and be serious about my diet. I've to go to lose these love handles!! I am like soooo happy with this flat stomach that I am so scared that if I don't do like a million crunches/ab exercises a day then I am going to look fat again. I am glad that I have that mindset though because I think that shows I will keep this up. I am going to go shopping after my 6wk check up on the 25th! I can't wait.

OK so I did my measurements again... they might be a little off because my hubs was in a crappy mood and didn't feel like helping me so I did it myself. Here they are:

Chest: 40" PREOP: 38.5"...wtf??
Underwire: 34" PREOP: 34"
Waist: 31" PREOP: 33"
Gut: 37" PREOP: 38.5"
Hips: 37.25" PREOP: 38"
Butt: 39.75" PREOP: 40.5"
Thighs: 23.25" PREOP: 23.75"

So that is that... and I have a few new pictures =] Happy healing everyone!!


lookin great at 4 weeks, dont you love the boy shorts, actually your results look very similar to mine !
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Looking Good!!!!! what a difference. You are so much tighter.
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i wish i had taken as many pics as you have and also wish i would have done measurements also............your lookin good !
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Today is 5wks and I'm kind of in the dumps. I just...

Today is 5wks and I'm kind of in the dumps. I just keep looking at my hips/back love handles and think, gosh I wish I would have gotten lipo or the extended tummy tuck. I'm just sad that I paid money hoping that I'd finally be happy with my body and it hasn't happend yet. I know, I know... I'm still fresh out but I don't know, I still look at others who ahd theirs done around the same time as me and they look so much better because they had lipo. Not to mention, a have talked to a few ladies who has extended tummy tucks and they said that they initially went in for a regular TT but their PS decided the extended would look bettter once they got in there... why the hell couldn't mine have done that?! Ugh. I just can't wait to go to my six week appointment and maybe complain so he will feel bad and maybe give me some free lipo LOL. Ugh. I'll update with new pics later.


I think you look awesome.  I had my tt over a year ago - April 8th - and the worst of my swelling was Memorial day weekend last year - I was miserable & looked like a beachball.  I looked pregnant.  Awful.  I think it was 7 weeks post op.  If you look back at my review to that day I was in tears.  Then, it gradually got better with each week.  Swelling lasted for months.  Don't be down on yourself.  You look great & will see your real body at around 6 months.  I know it is hard to wait & be patient, but you will be happy.  I am very happy now, but it took a while.  I am actually healing all over again - my scar revision & dog ear removal  have me healing again this summer - ugh.  I am actually still swollen from that (revision was on 3/24!!).  The scar is healing all over again which is so annoying!  But I am happy now.  Also about the compression garment, just buy a Flexees garment.  I got mine from Macys.  It is a tube shape & you pull it on through your legs & it goes from hips to under breast.  You dont have to pull it up & down when using the bathroom, so that is nice.  I stopped wearing my cg at night around 5 weeks too.  Too hot!  I felt I needed it more when it was hot & when I was more active.  Good luck!
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wow i love, love my results but i really think im gonna have the "dog ears" what all does it take for a revision, wow not sure i want to do all that, the dog ears will not go away will they, im ok with my scar
The dog ear removal is actually not bad. It is a 20 minute procedure in the surgeons office. You don't have to be asleep, they just numb it & fix it there. Usually you don't have to pay. I had to have my scar fixed, that is why I had to have it in the hospital with anesthesia, etc. The dog ears usually do not go down.

So I have my six week check up tomorrow (a little...

So I have my six week check up tomorrow (a little late but whatev). I'm anxious and a little nervous for it. I know that I am going to most likely get cleared for working out and holy crap am I excited. I NEED to work out. I am overall happy either my tummy, but the flat tummy seems to accentuate my chubby love handles. I took look bad from the front, but you can definitely tell I have extra when you see me from behind. Also, when sitting down I don't have tummy rolls, but my love handles like fold over. its annoying. I'm trying to stay positive and think that once I get cleared to work out I will try my hardest and get this nasty fat off of me. I just need to work on my diet and focus really hard. Its been really weird lately because I have been going through swell hell. For some reason I have been swelling only above my belly button. it looks so weird, like an alien belly lol.

I need to take some updated photos and I will try to do so tomorrow as well as measure myself again. I need to go shopping!!! on the plus side I put on a pair of size 8 old navy shorts that I bought right before I found out I was pregnant with my second baby. they fit!!! makes me happy because from my other experience with old navy brand, their bottoms run small.

anyways, I will update again soon and let you all know how my post op goes tomorrow.


Check with your doctor, but you should be able to work out again. Mine cleared me to go back to the gym at 4 weeks, but I have to take it easy. Lots of breaks and no tummy exercises until 8 weeks post-op. But I know how you feel about the measurements going up. I've actually gained 7 pounds back since my first week of surgery because I can't burn off the calories at the gym like I used to (used to work out 7 days a week, 2 hours per day- average burn was around 1500 calories per day). But from what I read, part of it is the swelling, which will eventually (at least it better!) go away. Happy healing!
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Got cleared to work out at my last appointment and...

Got cleared to work out at my last appointment and I've started a new routine. Weighed myself today and I was 149 which is the lowest I have been since my hubby was in basic training and I hardly ate. Pretty exciting! I took some new pics and I'm pretty happy with what I see except for the pics from behind. I just need to lose that back fat and I will damn it! I'm going to get a tattoo to cover up my scar and I'm really excited to do it. Have any of you talked to your PS about getting one and how long you should wait to do so? I forgot to ask mine a my appointment. Anyways, not to much to really update about. Hopefully I will get measurements tomorrow.

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Matt Chhatre

Dr.Chhatre was absolutely amazing to work with. His staff is beyond helpfull and very nice. I am basing this review on the experience I had with my breast reduction since I haven't had my TT yet, but I have no doubt the rating will be the same. I would recommend him to any of my family/friends. Not to mention, he is very reasonably priced.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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