Almost 2 Months

Goal & Motivation Behind Surgery: To finally...

Goal & Motivation Behind Surgery:
To finally feel like a real lady and stop being so self conscious.

I've consider this surgery over ten years. I have been saving up for the procedure for a very long time. I'm hoping it all goes well and I don't regret it. I've researched for a very long time. Kept up with Realself success stories and horror stories. I have weighed the risks.

- Downtime - no working out for a short period of time :(
- No more butterflies exercises
- Possible negative feedback and people thinking less of me after they find out about it
- Foreign objects inside of my body

- Finally going to feel like a lady!!
- Improve symmetry
- No more worrying about how many layers I need to wear on top to even out the flat chest with the curves below.
- Clothes will finally fit me on top!

Unknowns I'm worried about:
- Choosing the correct size for my lifestyle and my size
- Pain and reaction of going under anesthesia
- How my boyfriend will react - he knows, but he's worried I might go too big or too small.

I'm feeling pretty good right now that I've schedule my surgery date. I almost backed out of the whole thing after reading the explant part of and had a nightmare of my boobs all distorted.

As of now, I recently have decide to go with 300cc on the left and 250cc on the right. I was going back and forth on: 275cc/255cc or 300cc/250cc. I tried on the sizers for the 300cc/250cc.. thought they were still large. Tried on 250cc/200cc - my breasts didn't look as symmetrical as it did with the larger size. They didn't have a 275cc on hand so I didn't get to try it out.

I've learned a lot on this site. Everyone will have different experiences and results. But as long as you know what to expect COULD happen, you'll be fine. I love how ladies have put a to do list before the surgery - if you have tips please share.

So far the tips I have picked up are:

  • Complete chores & errands before surgery
  • Have soup and food ready for the next fews months
  • Buy some frozen peas to help the swelling
  • Have my netflix que ready to go to be a bum for at least a week
  • Start wearing lose clothing and padded bras to work, and try to wear scarfs to cover them up...
  • Buy button up shirts and have hooded sweatshirts ready to go.

Thank you for everyone who has posted - you have helped with my decision.

Good luck to you. I too have learned so much from other ladies here, they are awesome. My surgery is on the 3rd, so we'll be recovery buddies.
Thank you! I agree, the ladies on this site are awesome :) Good luck with your surgery, look forward to reading your updates.
What size did you eventually go for they look great, my op is on the 18th of Jan and im an a cup getting 340cc xxx

Went to my pre-op appointment, decided on the 300...

Went to my pre-op appointment, decided on the 300 & 250. The staff was really nice and explained the sizers are actually larger. So if I liked the look of 275 & 225, I should go with the next size up. I'm super excited to get it done I know everything will turn out great.

Bought a new sports bra from Victoria Secret - zip...

Bought a new sports bra from Victoria Secret - zip up front. Also have been buying some stylish button up shirts and blending them into my attire for work... Feeling excited - not nervous a bit at this point. So happy I found this site - everyone is so awesome!! Thank you ladies!
Good luck
Thank you!

AHhhhhhh next Friday is the big day, can't wait to...

AHhhhhhh next Friday is the big day, can't wait to be fixed and start healing... this is insane. I'm finally going to feel normal :D
Good luck! I remember the anticipation the few weeks before surgery. Hope it goes well & you're happy with your results :)
Ah me too. Can't believe the it's so close and it's actually going to happen. I'm in disbelief at this point :o
Good luck! Cannot wait to hear from u

I'm getting so excited for my surgery... I don't...

I'm getting so excited for my surgery... I don't know how I am going to sleep tonight or the next. :o Let only go to work without thinking about boobs tomorrow. LOL, I keep looking at everyone's results and they look so amazing. I'm really hoping that I will look good and feel happy with what I chose. My main goal is to fit into a bra without one side being empty. I think when I try on a bra for the first time after surgery I'm going to cry because I will feel so happy.
Good luck tomorrow! I'm in Minnesota too:)
Thank you fellow Minnesota chica :)
Totally with you there on worrying about how people judge. I'm from a super conservative christian family and if any of them found out I'm paying $6,000 for silicone I'd get shot. Nonetheless I'm excited for you and myself. Good luck and cannot wait to read your updates!!

Today is the BIG DAY!! *big breath. Still in...

Today is the BIG DAY!! *big breath. Still in disbelief, but ready to get this part over. I'm very tired this morning, I didn't sleep that well last night. I feel more excited than nervous.

Thoughts in my head:
- Finally!!
- I hope I picked the right size (ahhh!! )
- I hope I will adjust quickly to the new additions.
- I hope I won't feel sick from the anesthesia afterwards.

See you soon on the other side.

Hey ladies, this will be short... I just go up and...

hey ladies, this will be short... I just go up and out of bed ;)

The drive to surgery center was dead quiet with my bf in the car. He asked if I felt ok, I said yes. I asked how he was doing, he said stressed. I think he was more nervous than I was. He asked me in the surgery center, are you sure about this. I was little taken back he would ask me, I think I over reacted and said, that is rude to say, I'm here and I have thought about it long enough. Shortly after he comforted me and said it was going to be all ok. :)

The doctor was running late, so my surgery was at 12:30. They prepped me and he did the markings. He didn't really say too much to me, he was in the zone. The nurses we're nice and made me feel comfortable. The nurse confirmed my sizes on the box and everything else. (my name, etc). The anesthesia came back and asked me some questions.. and I was off to the surgery room.

From what I can recall, they said here comes the happy juice.. I don't remember the happy just a slight sting of liquid and I was out. While I was out, I had dream I was working... Not what I was hoping for.. I was trying to dream about going to Spain. I woke up and I was like, dang that it's it? I came out an hour later. My boyfriend said the doctor came by and said everything went ok and she got what she wanted, she is even. (For some reason I feel like he would of preferred I go bigger so I could look like a barbie doll... He wanted to go orginally 300/350. Not my goal size at this stage in my life.. maybe when it comes to switch out 10-15 years, I will consider.)

t was almost an hour after surgery, the pain at this point started to come very apparent. My chest was TIGHT and SORE. I felt like I tried to do a bench press and tore a muscle. She gave me a little something through my IV. Took it my pain from 6-7 to a 3-4 (out of ten). I sat in the recliner, I asked for some vicidon for the ride home. The slightest bump invited searing pain into my right boob (the smaller one). Left no issues what so ever. She gave me crackers and cookies with water. Trying to eat was the hardest thing by far. I had no idea I would have serious dry mouth. I had to squirt water into my mouth and then chew and repeat.

The nurse went over all the necessary to do list:
- Times to take medication
- 3 Major Rules:
- Lift arms over head 5 times every hour.
- Lie on my breasts once a day for 15 minutes for the next year and half.
- Don't baby boobs and wear a bra with under wire

I was surprised to hear the under wire bit. I commented on it, I was like really? She confirmed he has his own method and the he's received many awards. I trust him, that's not the issue. I just thought I was going to be in a sports bra the next few months. I left about 3pm. They wheeled me out.

The weather in MN is a bit wonky, it was raining and the temp was dropping. To feel the cold breeze tensed my muscles.. and that hurt.. the car ride home was not pleasant. I started to feel a little sick. Made it home - this was the worst part of my day, getting out of the car and walking up three flights of stairs. My bf gave me some crackers and water. I took the pills as instructed. Set myself propped up on bed - so happy I bought a neck pillow. I fell a sleep.

I woke up a little while ago, ate some soup. I feel a little pain, I did the arm lifting above my head (no weights..) I have yet to lay on my boobs as instructed. This is going to be weird and hopefully feel ok. Minimal swelling, I took Arnica monta two days before and drank a lot of water. I don't see any bruises.

I fit in my B underwire bra which hide my boobs previous.. Now they are popping out on top to say hello. ;)

Overall happy it's over and I'm happy with the size I chose. I'm even and I think no one will even notice. I just don't have to wear the super padded bras anymore. It's pretty cool to look down and see that BOTH of my breasts fill out the bra. Words can not describe, it's surreal at this point.

I apologize for the grammar and typos in advance haha. Thank you for all comments and advice. You really have made the hard journey pleasant.
Glad surgery went well for you. Hope recovery is a breeze. That's interesting that they tell you to wear an underwire and to lay on your stomach. I haven't heard that before.
Or the hands over the head .. I have been massaging but my PS doesn't want me doing any crazy for at least another week. ;)
I agree, he does it differently than most. He even makes a large mound around my incision area. His book says he does the fast recovery technique.. I feel sore.. so it's hard to say if i'm on the fast track to being pain free. Still taking my med.. blah.. I keep telling myself it will just better.

I feel tired today... I have been taking a lot of...

I feel tired today... I have been taking a lot of cat nap. I have pain around my incision, very swollen. My chest muscles are also very tender. Still taking all my meds . Hoping tomorrow I will not feel so tired and sore. I go back to work on Tuesday. Maybe I should of taken another day off. :/

Laid on my breasts for 15 mins again today - OUCH. It makes me want to cry, but I have to do it. The arm lifts are not bad at all.. and wearing the under wire is working for now.

I have not taken any medication yet - it's still...

I have not taken any medication yet - it's still early BUT I feel less sore and tight. I have been massaging them in addition to laying on them for 15 minutes.

I've taken a quick picture. I can't wait for the swelling to go down and see what my size will really be. Right now I'm wearing a 32B bra which completely hid my breasts. Not anymore. So far I'm happy with the size (knowing they will drop and get smaller).

Corrrection: *34B bra

corrrection: *34B bra

Decided to wear my VS bra over my under wire bra -...

Decided to wear my VS bra over my under wire bra - it made a huge difference. I feel no pain what so ever now in my breasts. My incisions are still tender and swollen. I see a large bruise forming up my right armpit.

Thank you for all the support ladies :)
I had a bruise too on the left aide of my boob plus a few others .. arnica gel! Night night! ;)
How are you?! Keep us posted!!
I'm doing good. Still tired, but not out of it. I have not taken any pain medication or Tylenol. I'm going to try going out for a little bit, hopefully I will do ok ;)

So yesterday I was pretty positive without being...

So yesterday I was pretty positive without being on the meds most of the day. Now I'm feeling down, I've noticed the swelling in my right arm stick around and a dent when I lift it up. I called my doctor and spoke with a nurse. She said she would call me back if I need to come in earlier for my post-op visit which is a few days away. *sigh..

I heard back from the nurse: "I looked at your...

I heard back from the nurse:

"I looked at your pictures and your armpit looks normal. After the tapes and sutures are removed, everything will smooth out. We will double check everything when you come in on January 17th. I hope this helps you."

I hope it does smooth out. My left arm is smooth and the incision is further inside the armpit. When I lift my arms above my head, it feels like the right side tugs more and the incision gives a sharp pain. No pain with the right side of the breast, just the incision area. Pray for me that it does heal and I won't have a dent or pain in the future :(
Praying for you! Are you on an anti-inflammatory supplement like Arnica or Bromelain pills? It can't hurt! Keep us posted!!
And fish oil! LOL!
I am taking Arnica.

I went back to work. Everything went well, I was...

I went back to work. Everything went well, I was little tired than normal in the afternoon. My incision on the right is still sensitive and is swollen.. and the dent remains. Two more days and I can see the doctor. I bought a new underwire bra yesterday, it was a 34C :)
I can't believe you are already back at work! You are a TROOPER!!!
haha thanks ;) In all fairness I have a sit down job, no heavy lifting. I also took a small nap on my lunch break.
I have a desk job too but was not really productive until about 1 week after my surgery lol (working from home for the past few weeks thankfully)

I woke up with more energy this morning. My chest...

I woke up with more energy this morning. My chest is feeling less tight and each day there is small improvements. The dent is minimizing and when I put on my bra on this morning.. I had a huge smile. I'm so happy with my decision and I'm happy I found such great people on this site to share my experience. Now I'm looking forward to working out. I read a couple of posts of ladies returning to the gym. I'm anxious to get back, I miss it, soon enough though. :)
When would your swelling started to go down. Just looked at mine and I feel like they look like the should be on a fat mans chest.
I have been taking Arnica which helps with swelling and bruising. I noticed the swelling decreasing about day 5.
Love Arnica! I also use the gel/cream and am now taking Bromelain too.

It's been 7 days and I have my post-op visit today...

It's been 7 days and I have my post-op visit today. I'm excited to go to the doctor and hear what he thinks. I also have a couple of questions for the future progress:
- When will all the swelling be completely gone?
- When will my boobs fluff?
- Is correct thinking, my left one will fluff out much earlier than my right?
- What's the best scar scream on the market these day?
- When can I work out and how easy do I have to take it at first?
- Why did I end up with a dent on side on the outside of my armpit and not the other?

On my to do list:
- Buy a new underwire sports bras, any recommendations?
- Try on some new bikini's :p

Happy Thursday everyone. :)

My appointment went well. Found out: -...

My appointment went well.

Found out:
- Recommended the same tape from Walgreens as one of the ladys did to help healing (only because I asked). He said I would not need it though and to save my money. My scars will fade nicely.
- Found out the dent is from the tape and sutures, will heal and smooth out
- Sutures come out next week - yay! Can't wait :D!!!
- Two more weeks until I can work out :(
- Everyone's 'dropping' happens differently... So I have to wait and see.

Overall he was happy with my result so far.
Looking nice there. I'm sure you will love them more and more everyday. It's fun to go out and know that everything is proportionate to my body frame now. Wish you many years of boobie love!!!
I agree it is fun to go out, it's completely different than before. I'm not worrying about my outfit, if I should put a scarf on to hide my chest or add another layer to 'look larger' to match my curvy bottom. Thank you and wishing you too - many years of boobie love :)
A glad you are happy and you look great! That's good it'll smooth out. Just a few short weeks and you'll be back to working out, just take it easy.

I forgot to mention in my last update the...

I forgot to mention in my last update the 'tugging' I was feeling in my right arm was due to a chord developing.. and I notice the left has done also. I had forgot this when trying to reach for something above my head this morning. OW.

My PS said to stand sideways flat to a wall, walk your hand up the wall till your arm is parellel to the wall. This stretch shoud help that and also messaging helped me. Also, just reaching my arms above my head as far/hard as I could has helped. Both of these stretches do hurt so I have a long way to go before I start feeling better. She said I can also use heating pads on my arms - but to make sure I don't put it anywhere near my sutures.

My doctor said 1-2 months and it will be gone completely.
Hey they look great! Congratulations :) I'm glad the dents will go away and that the chords should go away soon :) I also live in an apartment on the 3rd floor.. Any tips for handling that after surgery? And what was your starting size?
Thank you, my starting size was A/AA. I ended up doing mod silicone under the muscle through the armpit. Tips after surgery, go really slow up the stairs haha. I had to place both feet on each step before proceeding to the next one. I did all my shopping - any heavy lifting before work. I also made sure I took out the garbage and did all my laundry. Then I didn't leave the apartment for 2 days. Watched netflix and slept. The third day when i did go out I was stiff mainly because it was freezing out and my muscles tensed. But if your in California you shouldn't have to worry.
*before surgery I mean.. ugh.. typed too fast.

So last night was the night I slept in any...

So last night was the night I slept in any position I wanted. I tried to resist sleeping on the squishy left side and start sleeping on my hard right side to help soften it up. In the morning I found myself on my back.

I have been doing the arm raises and wiggling my fingers - doing 'Spirit Fingers' as the cheerleaders use to call that when I was in high school, to help my sore chords. I have notice all ready a difference in my range of motion. I feel positive in another week or so the problem will be completely gone.

I feel like over the past days it does not feel like someone super glued a heavy padded bra on my chest. They feel like mine slowly.. which surprises me I thought it would take me at least a couple of months. But I think since the swelling has gone down and the fluffing has begun, it makes it a big difference. My right one is probably a week behind the left though. Which makes sense, it had little no breast tissue and a larger implant. My muscle was feeling more sore and tight on that side compared to the left. It will take time and I'm willing to wait. I can't wait till summer, when they are fluffed and ready for bikini season. :)
I slept on my tummy for about 20-30 min and then adjusted to my side. It feelt comfy because I hadn't done it in so long. But I doubt that I would sleep that way all night. Mine are kinda big but I didn't feel restricted or anything. Although they seemed a lot softer afterwards. I think someone on this site said their massaging is sleeping on their stomach for a year? Wow all these doctors are different.
Yeah I was surprised how doctors differ. Mine said to lay on a hard surface for 15 mins for the next year and half. I didn't have to do massaging because it was the same thing. He also told me to wear an under wire bra from day one. I think I am the only one so far that has done this verse a compression bra. Everything my doctor has told me, has lead me to a fast and easy recovery. I'm sure a lot of it has to do with his technique that he uses to place the implant and what not.
Justdandy .. That is interesting!! Agreed on different docs having different views. I read on one of these forums that laying on your stomach your displace your implant and cause excesses bleeding in your breasts. Some docs believe in massage some don't .. It is crazy lol

Yesterday I had my sutures taken out by the nurse....

Yesterday I had my sutures taken out by the nurse. Right before that, the doctor came in to take off the tape and check in on the progress. He said everything look great and he was quite happy with the outcome. I was a little out of it because I'm fighting off a bad sore throat/cough.

I can put Vitamin E on the incision area in another week, shaving in about two to three weeks as soon as my lymph nodes settling down and there are no more bumps. I was able to shave around the bumps, so I don't feel like such a hairy ape.

My boyfriend keeps asking me when he gets to see them. Not sure if I reveal this weekend or make him wait longer. I know I'm being weird... but it's hard to still show off my chest even now that I am fixed. What's wrong with me?

They are definitely improved and the larger aureola is not that noticeable. My right is still tight and not fluffy as the other one. Can't wait to work out and shave.. lol.. :) Also can't wait for this summer and to be on the lake feeling confident.

Hope everyone is doing ok and hope you midwest ladies are surviving the hellish cold lately. BLAH!!
Let him have a peak...I'm sure he'll think you look amazing!!! Summer is going to be amazing for us all!
I will give him a peak. :) Summer is going to be awesome for us!
Yes it is. Im soooooo looking forward to a bikini this summer. Oh my so freaking excited!

It's almost 3 weeks, time is going by quick. I'm...

It's almost 3 weeks, time is going by quick. I'm pain free and my chest has been fluffing out nicely. The right is behind, but I know it will get there with time. So happy I did the surgery. I forget that I had the surgery at moments. Until I look down and I was see my chest, 'oh hey ladies!!' I'm really happy with my size, very natural, perfect for my lifestyle and body frame. :)

My scars are healing nicely. I still have bumps and am hoping in another week and half to two weeks it will smooth out completely.

I gained enough courage to show my bf 'the goods' over the weekend. In short, he liked what he saw. He was glad that I was happy.. which makes him happy ;)
Your tank top pic looks amazing! I hope your recovery is going well, I'm less than 24 hours post op..definitely feeling like my boobs are hard as rock! Haha, hopfully it lessens soon :)
Thank you :) My recovery is going well. I hope your breasts soften up quickly I think around a week and half you should feel it lessen. Take care!
Loved your review! I go for mine on Valentine's Day, and reading your detailed journey helps give me an idea of what I might expect! Thanks for sharing! They look great, btw! Enjoy! :)

I had my last visit with my doctor last week. He...

I had my last visit with my doctor last week. He said that he was very impressed. I don't need to go back for another year. :) The dent has been gone for over three weeks. My scars are healing nicely with the help of Vitamin E oil. I'm so happy I went through with the surgery. I feel more confident and happy with my body.
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I researched forever online and looked at the before and after photos.

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