May 11 2012 Augmentation - Saline 330s unders high profile 5'2 110 lbs 11 bwd

I am trying to decide if I want to get implants...

I am trying to decide if I want to get implants next month or in Sept. I am worried about not being able to wear a swimsuit this summer if they don't drop right away, any thoughts on that? And how bad are the scars? Are they small enough to be hidden when wearing a bra? After a month or so can you mow or do typical summer activities (softball, kayaking, etc.)? My surgeon said small free weights typically in 6-8 weeks but no machine weights for upper body for 3-6 months. I had my initial consult last week and decided on either 250 or 275 cc high profile saline under the muscle with the incision under the breast. I am 5'2 110 lbs and usually wear a 34A from Victoria's Secret. I want my breasts to look natural but big enough to give me a little cleavage and fill out certain shirts/dresses. I tried on the sizers under a sports bra and was happy with both sizes but leaning towards 275 cc since it sounds like most people wish they would have gone bigger. Also I think I am going to schedule the surgery on a Thursday and then take the following week off work (about 11 days off). I have a desk job so hoping that will be long enough. Is that long enough? A friend referred me to her surgeon, she got implants over 10 yrs ago and has had a child and they still look amazing. The downfall is he is an hour away but I felt comfortable with him and like the fact my friend has had such great results and felt he listened to me, was honest when I showed him pictures that were unrealistic goals (due to bra/photoshopping of picture). I'm so excited and anxious!!!!

Also, I am reconsidering my saline preference. I think all the silicone pictures I see look amazing, how do yours feel by now? What made you decide silicone over saline?

This was my response to another user on this website regarding my decision to get silicone over saline:

When I first decided to have breast augmentation, I was pretty firm on getting saline implants. I scared myself to death reading about silicone and its dangers online. However, most of this information is not relevant to the new silicone implants, which are much safer and different than the ones made many years ago. My plastic surgeon put aside my fears by explaining to me that if you were to cut a silicone implant in half (the ones made now) that it would stay put and not leak. After being able to touch a silicone and a saline implant, it was clear to me that the silicone one had a much thicker shell and it also had a much better and more real feel to it. This helped me make my decision to go with silicone. Silicone implants are also less prone to rippling and wrinkling, which would be an issue for thinner women with little breast tissue, like me.

Check out this video on YouTube also. A doctor shows what happens with the different implants when pierced with a needle and also cut.  Here is the link:
Thanks for the advice and comments!! I decided I want to get this done now, honestly I have wanted this for so long but was putting it off due to fears about being put under but I had my wisdowm teeth out earlier this year and had no issues with that so I am confident this will go well.

Makenzie's review was very helpful, it's so nice to know what other people have gone through.

I have had a hard time talking to my friends about this, I get a lot of "you're so skinny of course you have small boobs" comments from most of my girl friends. My one friend who referred me to the surgeon said that is normal because girls have a competitive streak which I guess I kind of understand but I am a little disappointed because it seems like my close friends should know how much this will affect my confidence.

I have only told two guy friends to get their input on size and they are pretty supportive but don't really understand the impact this is having on my life, I cannot wait until I can fill out swimsuits and normal bras that aren't super padded. It is like Christmas and birthdays and everything else good all rolled up and wrapped into one as far as the anticipation factor. 22 more days until surgery!!! I cannot wait!!!

Thank you so so so much for sharing your story and the advice, you have no idea how much I appreciate it.
Hope your trip to Vegas is fabulous!!

Pre-op appt was this week, I'm excited but anxious...

Pre-op appt was this week, I'm excited but anxious. I decided on saline high profile because I am fairly thin (5'2 110 lb). During my initial appt I was set on 275, this time I tried on 300 and 325 and the dr said 325 actually looked more natural. My appt was almost 3 hours, all my questions were answered and I can't wait!!! Just a little size stress which seems normal.

My current size is a 34a at VS and I have a BWD of 11 cm. I brought in tons of pictures and my surgeon is known for working with smaller framed girls so I'm going to trust him. He ordered 325 and 300 for my operation and I've expressed concern over going too big/fake so I'm guessing I will end up with the 300.

3 weeks to go!!

I have been anxious about size so I am trying the...

I have been anxious about size so I am trying the rice test. Planning on either 300 or 325 so I used 1 and 1/3 cup per stocking and have been wearing under a sports bra. At first I thought they were huge but I'm adjusting to how I look in tanks. I hate how huge they are in just the sports bra though, I can't decide if it's just the fact the rice is lumpy and obviously fake or if I need to go down a little. Does anyone have experience in rice test accuracy before/after to get an estimate of size?

The rice/sports bra combo look about the size I am in a padded bra with cutlets so I am happy with that but nervous how they will look without clothes. Based on my frame the dr said 380 cc was the biggest i could go but i feel like 325 is huge. I will try to take/post pics later today.

I'm doing a lot of cleaning, shopping for stuff I will need after surgery, getting ahead at work, etc. so hopefully by surgery day I will be less than 3 weeks I will finally have boobs!

Two weeks til the big day!! I'm so excited and...

Two weeks til the big day!! I'm so excited and anxious about the size. I am afraid of going too big or having them end up looking really fake but my dr is known for being fairly conservative on size so that helps me calm down.

I went through a phase where all I could think/talk about was the surgery but thankfully that has stopped. Although I do have nightmares about the size nightly but I figure the difference between 325cc and 300 cc is probably minimal and I don't want to regret not going bigger.

I told my coworkers I am going on vacation, hopefully they won't notice the increase in size. Also, is 4-6 weeks a good estimate on how long it takes for them to drop?

Can't believe the big day is almost here, 12 more...

Can't believe the big day is almost here, 12 more days I think. I posted a few pics, not really a fan of any self shots especially of the area I am least confident about. I'm a pretty tiny girl (5'2 110 lbs) but you can't really tell from the photos, I'm planning on 325 saline under the muscle implants but the dr will make the final call the day of the surgery, my second choice is 300 cc so guessing it will be one of those two based on how they look compared to my goal pictures.

I'm going through my instructions again and thought I would share the meds, I remember someone else posting this and found it interesting.
-Hydrocodone - 500 mg take 1-2 tablets every 4 hours as needed for pain.
-Cephalexin - 250 mg take 1 tablet 3 x's per day
-Diazepam - 5 mg take 1 every 6 hours
-Transderm SCOP - patch to put behind ear 4 hours prior to surgery

I bought the herbs recommended to help with swelling/healing, I'm sure you can probably get them at GNC or somewhere but I figured this was probably easier since I won't have to worry about getting the doses correct.

-Bromelain with Quercetin - supposed to start taking 3 days prior to surgery (two pills, three times a day) and continue until swelling is gone (7-10 days).
-Arnica Montana 30x - begin immediately after surgery and continue until brusing swelling is gone. Three tablets three times a day, dissolves and you aren't supposed to touch this (not sure why).

I also got the scar/recovery cream recommended by my surgeon, TNS Recovery Complex. It was pretty pricey but I'm hoping if I follow all of his directions I won't have any issues.

He mentioned he has seen two patients over the past several years shortly after surgery that had ruptured implants, one due to a motorcycle accident and one due to going out to the bars and dancing/drinking the weekend following surgery. Definitely makes me want to take it easy and helped me understand that I need to be careful after...
I am so excited for you! I ended up with silicon and I am glad I did. I am really liking the look and feel. I am 5'3" and 120 lbs and my incision was under my breasts and this last weekend I wore a bikini (nearly 6 weeks post op) and the incisions were totally hidden. Like Coloradogal, my PS used goal pictures and I did not know how many CCs were going to be placed in me until I woke up from surgery.....425. Wishing you the best for a smooth surgery and recovery!
Musicalsouls review and comments were helpful to me too. I was leaning toward saline...but after talking to my PS and seeing/feeling the difference I went with 350cc silicone under incision was under my breasts (crease). My PS used the Keller funnel to insert the implants. I am 5'6" and 117lbs. I am really happy with my size.
I think tons of the girls on this site have gone through a roller coaster of emotions...but in the end it seems like most are very happy with their decision to get a BA.
Good luck to you!!
Thanks so much for sharing your size, it's good to know what others have seen for size increase with the same body type/implant size. Was the end result pretty similar to the look of the sizers?
I'm glad your experience has been good, I can't wait to shop after its done. And no more super padded bras and bikinis!!!

It still doesn't feel like I am going to actually...

It still doesn't feel like I am going to actually go through with week at this time I will have boobs!!!! I am supposed to start one of the herbs from the dr on Tuesday and will be cutting out alcohol starting then right now I am drinking some red wine and packing my surgery bag to take to my mom's house :)

I packed straws, stool softener (i typically have bloating/tummy issues after surgery), zip up hoodies, sweats, an airplane neck pillow, an ice pack cover, my meds which includes scar cream from my dr, hats since I can't shower for 3 days, baby wipes to kinda help me freshen up, cotton gauze and surgical tape (will use for sure when I spray tan), and a lot of pillows. Oh and a plastic bag to use in case I get sick on the ride home, hopefully I won't have to use it. Anything else I should bring with? My surgeon will give me a bra when I leave and then I plan to order another after surgery, hoping to find the same brand/style online a little cheaper. He said it is helpful to ice the top after surgery avoiding the incision, is that fairly helpful and how often do you ice?

What day is your surgery?  I know it's coming up soon.
Friday at 8 am!!!! I am getting more excited every day but mentally I am trying to remind myself they will likely be high and swollen the first few weeks.
Everyone is different...but I didn't ice mine at all. I think you've got the stuff you really need. I know now that I over thought everything. I did use a stool softener...but needed to use Milk of Magnesia. It work so much better than ducolax. You'll be you'll had your mom. :)

I can't believe the big day is almost here!!!!...

I can't believe the big day is almost here!!!! Friday morning can't get here soon enough!!! I'm hoping 325 cc takes me from a barely A to a full C. Wish me luck!!!!

I need to stop researching, starting to worry I am...

I need to stop researching, starting to worry I am going too small even though up til this morning my biggest fear was going too big and having symmastia (sp?) or capsular contraction. I work for a small conservative company and jwoww style boobs don't fit my personality (they look great on her, I just don't want that attention).

So nervous!!! Thanks to everyone who has shared stories, pictures and advice. 8 hours til my surgery!!!
ThAnks Natalie!!! It looks like you started out w/maybe a cup size more then me and your results look very natural so I am hoping mine turn out about your size/shape. I didn't realize how flat I am until I took my before pics, ready to finally have some curves.
Good luck tomorrow.

The 325 is going to look great on you. I did about the same size and no one said anything or noticed.
Thanks!!!! So excited :)

I'm about 8.5 hours post surgery and feeling good....

I'm about 8.5 hours post surgery and feeling good. surgery was at 8 am and I was discharged a little before noon. I put on the anti-nausea patch 4 hours before surgery and I think that helped because I haven't had side effects from that!!

I got to the hospital around 6, did my preop blood work, showed the dr a few more pics, then went to surgery. I woke up and looked down and freaked out because they seemed so much smaller. I had my compression bra and I felt the same size as I did before so I kept asking the nurses about the size/why they looked small. Besides that my pain was probably a 2 or 3 out of 1 to 10 with 10 being high.

The drive home was fine, I called the dr with questions about meds and size, I'm a 330 mentor saline under the muscle and she said when they drop they will look bigger. No bruising but that's likely due to herbs. When I got home I took off the bra real quick and am definitely happy I went 330 instead or 250/275 like I planned. I've been icing and doing breathing/leg exercises for 5 minutes every hour.

I need to order another bra, I have a 34 merana ( sp?) compression bra that hooks up the front. I was a 34a before surgery so it seems like you can order the same size?! Pain has been low and I'm very consistent with my meds. Sorry this is so long.
May 11th buddy, I totally know what you mean about the size. I mean you know that I went super big--700cc both breast--and yet they look tiny compared to what I was expecting. Are yours riding high as well?
Mine were really high day 1, I think they are slowly dropping or else I am just getting used to them being up there. I was so shocked about size after surgery, I asked if it was really over b/c I felt the same size :( but naked they look proportionate to my body.

How about yours, feeling bigger yet? I can't wait to see pics, I bet yours look great and from what I have read saline ones look slightly larger once they drop and fluff so im hoping mine get bigger. I cant remember, did you go saline or silicone? I have pics but can't post from my iPad so I will try to get my laptop from home today. Happy healing and please keep posting so we can compare recoveries!!!
Good to hear your surgery went well! Trust me, I am 15 days post, by day 4 it gets so so much better! I had major issues with the pain meds, once I could stop all the meds I felt so much better. Keep posting and happy healing, can't wait to see your after photos.

It's about 5 am on day 3 post-surgery....

It's about 5 am on day 3 post-surgery. Surprisingly sleeping on my back hasn't been an issue but I think it is because I have two pillows behind my head for elevation and then one on each side to rest my arms. I woke up at 4 needing pain pills, I took a muscle relaxer around 10 and woke up at midnight and took 2 pain pills b/c my chest was sore and woke me up. It's hard with the meds because you have to take those 2 at least an hour apart and i have my antibiotc 3 xs a day w/food plus my arnica and bromelien (sp?) have to be taken w/o food so I've found it best to write a schedule each day of what needs taken when and the rules for each med.

As far as pain, it is just really sore/achy so far but icing the tops and sides help a lot. And this is probably too much info but I feel like my nipples look amazing, they are still small but seem more proportionate. I can't figure out how to post pics on my iPad but when I get home I will add some on my laptop.

One more question, I am slightly disappointed I was sent home in a 34a bra. Will that be my new size or are compressing bras sized different? I tried on an old black 34a bra and it fit in the band but I was so high it was hard to tell if it was small. I keep reading ow petite girls get a lot f shape from smaller implants so I'm hoping I'm not an exception.

Sorry for all my typos earlier, meds, ipad and no...

Sorry for all my typos earlier, meds, ipad and no sleep threw me off quite a bit.
Yay pics!!
They look good and definitely not A's anymore!
You think b/c maybe? I was flat as a board before!
Lol, yeah b/c you were pretty flat before. =)
I wonder if they are a B or a C? It may be a few weeks before any of us can tell what we ended up with. But thats ok, because we are all now obviously bigger than we were!
Yay for Boobies!

4 days post-surgery, I spent most of yesterday in...

4 days post-surgery, I spent most of yesterday in bed or up taking meds. I took off my anti-nausea patch before bed and when I got up this morning around 6 I took my first round of meds (herbs and antibiotics) then ran to the bathroom and got extremely sick. Fortunately I could shower today so I brushed my teeth and ate some fruit so I wouldn't pass out in the shower.

My dr said I could get another compression bra to wear while this one gets washed, I tried on the medium d support underarmour high impact bra and it was too small. I could zip it up but barely and it was super tight so I'm worried about my final size which is funny b/c 2 days ago i was convinced i was an a cup still. Everyday they look better and softer. I can't seem to sleep enough though and am trying to quit my pain meds/muscle relaxers. Hope everyone else's recovery is going great,

Today is the 15th so I guess this is day 4 which...

Today is the 15th so I guess this is day 4 which is also the first day I've felt completely with it, I was pretty medicated and kept asking what day it was and repeating myself and slept for probably 18 hrs/day. I quit taking all the meds except the antibiotics so guessing that's why I'm feeling back to normal. I went shopping for another comfy bra today and got an amoena frances brand white front closure a/b size, it was $36 and the straps look more like a white tank then bra.The sales lady said it was for after mastectomies but she sells a lot to augmentation patients because it's front closure and super comfy. I got sized at 3 places today too, I know it will change a lot but I figured it would help me pick the right compression bra. Vicky's was 34C, Von Maur was 34D and Dillard's was borderline 32 or 34 D. I'm not sure if they will get bigger or smaller, I would be happy if they stayed this size even though before surgery I was set on full B/small C.

My left breast has a few blue veins but they should fade supposedly. I feel very proportionate after my surgery, I never thought a D cup would look good on me because I am short but before i was so flat i felt like i looked 12. I was hoping 325 cc would bring me to a full B/small C. I am surprised at how much they have dropped and how soft they are, I can feel the implant move sometimes which is strange but overall I'm very happy with the results. Has anyone else noticed the bottoms feel quite a bit softer then the top? Is that normal? Hope everyone else is doing great!!!!
You look great! For a while after surgery you will be fuller (firmer) above your nipple and then the implant will start to drop. Then it will look more "normal" (for lack of a better word). Once your implants start to drop and your chest muscles start to relax both breasts will be softer and then you'll be fuller below your nipple! Does that make sense?!? It took a couple weeks for me to feel like they weren't super high. :)
Ok great!!! I am really liking the upper fullness right now but I'm sure they will look and feel more natural once they drop. I appreciate you letting me know what to expect :)
I think yours look great! And the amount of gap between looks good too, looks natural.
The bubble on top of your boob looks good. I havent been able to compress mine at all yet, so I havent seen any of that. Geez, I got 5 more weeks before I can wear a bra. That sucks b/c I have to be careful about hiding my nips thru shirts.
When do you get to go bra shopping?

My one week post-op appt is tomorrow, I am in love...

My one week post-op appt is tomorrow, I am in love with my new boobs!!! I am kind of feeling down but I think it has to do with boredom and lack of working out or interacting with people since I am usually a lot more social. Plus its hard being home and not able to really clean or do yardwork. Everyday they look even better so Im excited to see what my dr has to say.
How are you doing pinky, I think I read that you are dropping a little, just fyi I hate you for that lol jk!
I will have to post some updated pics today, they look good and I am getting used to the scars! I'm doing good, today they are definitely sore but think it's b/c I have been doing too much. I almost think I went too big, they are feeling kinda are yours doing? How are you feeling by now?
Keep your head up! :) it is hard being at home alone while recovering... It does get better!!

My one week post-op appt was yesterday, I got my...

My one week post-op appt was yesterday, I got my stitches out and saw the scars. They aren't too bad considering it's only been a week and I am using the TNS cream twice a day to help. My dr said if I had not used that he would recommend cocoa butter twice a day instead but I figure I spent $5K on these babies so I'm using the expensive stuff he sells :) I also started massaging them once a day, I push down for 30 seconds pretty firmly and then up, left and right for the same time/intensity.
He said they look great for only a week and will continue to look better then next 3 months. It's kinda strange because today has been a more painful day then usual, started off feeling heaving and then getting little zingers of pain all day. Think it is because I tried to clean this morning, even doing laundry is rough but I'm lucky my family and friends will help, I just need to suck it up and ask them.
Speaking of friends, two of my close friends came over last night and of course asked to see/feel them...since they helped me research, listened to me for months, etc. I let them and they were so impressed at how natural they looked and felt. That was reassuring for me because I am starting to worry I went too big, I ended up getting 330 cc saline unders and I went from completely flat to I think a D and I'm hoping that they either stay the same or get smaller over the next few months. I tried on a few dresses and tanks and they still fit and look amazing now that I can fill them out so that was a good feeling.

Oops heaving is supposed to be heavy....

oops heaving is supposed to be heavy....
i just re-read your caption. I dont know how much bigger our boobs will be once they drop,or if they will be any bigger. I am curious myself and I dont exactly want to be any bigger than I am right now either.
Hey Pink, I still think you look good. Not too big, which is what you wanted to avoid but big enough to get cleavage and upper pole fullness when pushed up. I still have the bubble up top also- I am guessing will be around a month before they are dropped. I think my scar looks like yours too. Still have the "bandage" on them although they are kind of falling off, so I have actually seen them. I am veeerrry tempted to just rip them off. My appt. is on Tuesday. I'll post updated pics of me then.

I heard high profile cant be used on people like me with wide/large ribcages and that they are commonly used on ladies with small rib cages.
I found the diameters anf projections for mentor implants on this website.
Just click an option under the "smooth round implants" sections if your interested.
sorry.... to be more specific- if anyone is interested in seeing the diameter and projection differences for moderate , moderate plus, and high profile.

Today was by far the worst day for me since...

Today was by far the worst day for me since Tuesday (6 days ago). Today is day 10 and was my first day back at work, I have a desk job so figured since I quit pain meds last Monday I would be fine, by lunch I was about in tears and popping Tylenol as allowed. It was strange pain, like my sides/ribs were super achy with occasional twinges. Just took a muscle relaxer and hoping to sleep great, I slept awful last night because I was anxious about people at work noticing. No one noticed but I got a few 'you look really sick' comments....gotta love honest coworkers.
Despite the pain I'm still happy, if I could change anything I would go slightly smaller but I doubt 50 cc would make too much of a difference.

I don't do a lot of cardio, I find that lifting weights keeps me very toned. When I'm competing I just up my protein and how heavy I lift. The best cardio I find is the stepmill it is wonderful it gives you a great workout! You get your cardio in and it is wonderful for your butt, keeps it high and tight! I was just ok'd to wear regular bras ans sports bras so I really haven't found one that I love. I have been wearing just a regular bra under my workout clothes. I should probably look for a really good sports bra. If I find one I'll let you know!

Hi pink, hope you are feeling better! Your pics look amazing! I also had high profile and I love them. I wasnt to worried about the stripper look , not that it would have bothered me! Lol!  After having saggy sock boobs anything is better:) Mine look  natural especially under clothing. None of my friends or family have noticed. My hubby and a few ladies at the gym know. I suspect a nosy coworker got on my computer but she has not said anything to me lately. Anyway, I used the Scaraway strips and they really helped flatten and reduce any scarring. Right now I am using bio oil which helped me with the dry skin and tightness. I liked using both products you just can't use them together. Again you look so great, you must be really happy with your results.
Thanks for the compliment, I am so happy with the results. I'm using TNS skin medica recovery complex on my scars and cetaphil lotion on the rest. The skin medica stuff was $$$ so I'm hoping it works well but when I run out think I will check out the strips unless I feel like the tns is worth it.
You obviously work out a lot more then the average person, do you have any recommendations when resuming cardio? And any good bras?

Day 3 at work and doing better but not great....

Day 3 at work and doing better but not great. There's a sharp pain in the side of my right boob, kinda near the scar. Meds help but think I will attempt to do as much as possible left handed tomorrow to see if that helps. Glad I have the holiday weekend to look forward to but I will have to miss a good friends wedding because I physically cannot handle driving that far (6 hours) which is my own fault but my dr said I would probably be back to normal by then so I just assumed I would be fine. Ordered 2 sports bras from Vicky's last night, the front zip ones, so hopefully they fit. Three months of sports/compression bras suck because I really want to show them off in some cute tanks or dresses but I am following my drs orders. Funny how they all have such different opinions on massage, bras, exercise, etc.
I will post pics soon.
Hey Pinky, I totally agree with you about the opinions and techniques of each plastic surgeon, and I really enjoy the fact that you, scrappy, and I (may 11th buddies) are keeping tabs and comparing stories since we had our surgeries at exactly the same times. Your babies look nice and do you think the scar cream is working, or is it too soon to tell. My PS said it is going to take the scars a full year to heal completely. Has yours said anything about them?
I know, it is nice to have someone who's on the same day recovery wise and check to see if things are normal and who understands what you're going through :)
Are yours dropping yet? My surgeon hasn't said much about the scars, just said 3 months til my boobs will be close to dropping and filling out. I will ask him at my one month appt.How are you feeling? I cant imagine running after a baby all day, that has to wear you out.Today was my best day this week at work so that's great for me :)
I'm getting anxious about my size in relation to my body....they are looking pretty round and big. I will post pics this weekend maybe for a 2 week update. Are you happy with your size?

Feeling tons better although the scar on my right...

Feeling tons better although the scar on my right side hurts which I guess should be expected with how often I use that side and since I went under the muscle. I have been hit on so much this week it's crazy and at random places like the grocery store and gas station. Most of the time I'm in higher cut tops and skirts with no makeup and I'm wearing sports bras so my boobs arent out there for all to see so I'm guessing it's because I'm more confident overall.
My boobs seem like they are too wide for me, every day they look different though so I'm hoping they're just dropping and are in the round stage. I do have great upper pole roundness or whatever it's called. I'm so sick of sports/compression bras, I bartend part time for a friends bar and really want to flaunt them when I go back to work. Might check out Vicky's for some lower cut sports bras if those exist.

Did my massages and took 2 pics tonight, my right...

Did my massages and took 2 pics tonight, my right side appears to be dropping a lot faster then my left, I'm hoping that why it seems so much bigger.
Hi Pink!
I see your making progress! They look softer and more "natural" instead of being "high and tight."
I'm having a hard time making out if ones is lower. I think I can see it a little bit- r side is? Do they both feel the same softness and moves around the same?
I feel like mine have dropped but are still kinda firm, I know because I chose saline they will be firmer then normal but I hope they soften up. My skin is so dry, I've been moisturizing my breasts and keeping them covered outside but the skin is still kinda white and peeling. Also im having a hard time getting comfortable enough to sleep, I miss sleeping on my stomach/side. Stil love them but very uncomfortable right now. SF ounds like your tube top helps, I might have to get something similar if the sports bras from Victoria's Secret don't fit/aren't comfy.
I have to moisturize mine too! I noticed i started getting dry spots on them. Whats up with that???
i've added a massage regimen on top of the prescribed massage i'm supposed to be doing and mine are pretty soft now. They still got some more to go, but i think the extra helps. Statuesque tried it and she said hers started to soften up.
Sound slike her doc took her off any massaging due to the double bubble forming.

Sleeping flat on my back makes my boobs more sore in the morning and on my side is a bit uncomfortable still too. But no matter how much I prop up, i wake up flat on my back and sore as hell. lol. ugh!

Tube top has been helping...haha but not today! Boobies have been more sore lately. dont know why. my armpit area right next to breast has been sore today, and tube top is now pushing into that spot. EVERYTHING hurts lately. If I dont move, it's all good. lol I was wondering if they might be swollen. I may be eating too much salt lately or overworking my arms.
Man, I cant wait to feel normal again!

Just over two weeks since my surgery and am doing...

Just over two weeks since my surgery and am doing better every day. I had to miss a wedding of one of my very close friends because I was unable to drive that's funny because when I don't exert myself I feel great but lifting groceries, doing housework, and even putting in a full day at the office takes a lot out of me. I have gone out a few times with friends since my surgery and am not able to drink like I used to either, not that I was a heavy drinker but after one drink I just feel sick and tired which is a good excuse to switch to water and will hopefully help me not gain any weight since I still can't drink. It still hurts when I move my arms certain ways, like when I take off my shirts at night and even grocery shopping is hard because some of those bags are heavy when you move them from the cart to car and then into the house.

I went bra shopping this week because I only have two front closure bras right now and that's not enough. I got sized at a few places and ranged from 32B to 32D...I was wearing a compression bra so I'm guessing I will end up a 32C but I really don't care about the cup size because I feel like my chest is finally proportionate to my body. A couple guy friends have commented that they look very natural and if they didn't know I had surgery they would never guess because the size isn't too big and they look great in shirts....granted this is with a sports bra so we'll see what they say when I can finally wear push-ups and underwire (which unfortunately is 6 months away according to my dr.). Swimsuit shopping has been a little depressing but next year when I can wear the cute pushups I know I will go crazy so might as well just get a practical one this year!!

It is kind of funny the reaction I have had from friends and family, I didn't tell tons of people but if I could go back I would probably have only told my mom and two closest friends because it seems like a few of the people I thought would be supportive have made some snotty comments, I'm guessing it is due to jealousy but it has strained some of my friendships for sure. Anyone else have experiences like that? Have been told I'm too skinny for these to look natural, spent too much money, should have waited til I was married/had kids, looked fine before, etc. but I love them and wouldn't change my surgeon or the size. I probably would have waited until after my friend's wedding and for the fall though since I won't be able to do a few activities that I enjoy this summer due to weight/exercise restrictions. My scars are looking tons better too and I feel so much more confident.
You're still getting morning boob? I was SO happy when that stopped, hopefully one of these days soon you will wake up without it. I just got the Victoria's secret knockout zip up in the front sports bra from the vsx line, most comfortable bra ever and I tried on tons. My sides and ribs have been sore too so maybe it's a normal part of recovery, I wish we weren't sore but it makes me feel more normal because I was afraid it was my imagination!! Take care!!
I thought morning boob was getting better, but recently my skin has been more sore. I am literally watching tv with no shirt on b/c my shirt hurts it. Your not getting morning boob anymore, eh? Hmm, i wonder if I over did it and am now paying for it.
I heard the knockout bra was pretty awesome, i hadnt heard about the knockout zipup.
well i cnat wait for it to go away and to feel normal again. I was pretty tired today too. Whats up with that??
i hope i didnt injure anything on the inside...
It is impossible to find, I had to order online....although I live in a small town so maybe that's why. I guess you can't wear any bras though, I am not sure which of us has it with no bra or me in a sports bra 24/7.
I hope you feel better tomorrow, get a lot of sleep tonight!!!! My morning boob stopped overnight, I thought it would slowly get better but it was pretty constant them bam, gone. I do still take the Tylenol PM so that might help some? And I do my massage right before bed after a hot shower so guessing that helps some too.

Hard to believe tomorrow will be 3 weeks! I am so...

Hard to believe tomorrow will be 3 weeks! I am so happy I decided to get this done, recovery has been different then what I expected but bearable. My right side is pretty sore and it is really hard to follow the no lifting heavy items because things like taking out the trash or grocery shopping both involve a lot of those muscles. I am still taking Tylenol throughout the day to help with the soreness but the pain hasn't been over probably a 5 on a scale of 1-10 and the worst was my first day back at work and the morning boob stiff/sore feeling but luckily I don't have that anymore. Any suggestions on flattering swimsuit styles? I feel like the one triangle top bikini that fits me is not too flattering due to my uneven-ness from dropping at different speeds.
Pink I am glad to here that you are progressing well, and the soreness is calming down. I am having the same problem with the left breast d&f faster than the right, and I don't know if it is just me or maybe the fact I have larger implants but mines is super obvious lol
Hey Statuesque, how is the double bubble thing going? Has it gotten better? Are you massaging again?

I'm 6 days away from my one month anniversary and...

I'm 6 days away from my one month anniversary and can definitely say I love them more every day :) But I did not realize how much they would interfere with my everyday life. I am still fairly sore to the point where I usually take tylenol in the morning and before bed but I don't have that heavy awful morning boob when I wake up that I dreaded the first week. If I could go back I probably would have scheduled my surgery for this fall solely because I didn't realize how restricted I would be after surgery, I am usually pretty active in the summer and this year I haven't done much. I have a few points I wanted to hit on so I will just write a few random paragraphs on my experience/observations.

Restrictions: Like I said before, this is my biggest issue. I'm lucky family lives close enough to help me mow and vacuum throughout the week but even grocery shopping can wear me out. I am the kind of person that works out to destress and my dr has a really strict no workouts until after you are cleared at the 4 month appt. He said slow walking with no arm motions is all I can do, no stationary bike or anything else. So I have turned to food instead of exercise which of course has led to some weight gain (3-4 lbs since surgery day) and I have been kinda sad which I know is due to not working out and being extremely busy playing catch up at work.

Size: I know everyone says how much you change but I had no idea truly how many changes you go through. I have weekly pictures and they have dropped tons. I miss the swelling and upper pole fullness from the beginning and (never thought I would say this!) think I probably could have gone a little bigger and been happy. But I am a pretty tiny girl and started off pretty flat so I am very very happy with my size (330 cc saline high profile unders) despite the fact I don't know my cup size yet. I've gone to get sized a few times and they have ranged from 34B to 32D with me wearing a sports bra so I'm going to hope I end up a 32 C.

Pain: Pain is so much different then I expected, I had my surgery on a Friday and that Monday I stopped taking pain meds and felt pretty normal by Wednesday. I was off work that whole week after surgery then had the weekend off and went back to my desk job, when I started using those muscles I had to start back on my heavy pain meds. So far I have managed to get by on tylenol but I am still very very sore. Not unmanageable pain by any means but enough to make you want to go home and lay down, kind of like when you have the flu and you get body aches or whatever. Also my boobs got really dry so be prepared for that. My scars have hurt some too but I am impressed with how fast they are healing. I have had to miss a few important events (like a wedding and work stuff) due to feeling too tired to put forth the effort to attend.

Misc: It's kind of funny who has been supportive and how much I feel like my life has been changed. Some friends and even family members have stated that I look unproportionate now because I'm too small to have boobs this size or they disappointed me by not checking up on me after surgery. But others have been super supportive and awesome as far as helping me out, asking about pain, etc. Before my surgery I bought a super lightweight hair dryer, that has helped tons because lifting my arms that high hurts. I've been treated more like a lady since surgery, so many guys have opened doors for me or given me really sweet and random compliments. I'm guessing my confidence comes across because I'm still in sports bras and haven't really worn anything that shows off the new additions.
I was lucky enough to connect with 2 others who had surgery the same day as me and it has been SO helpful to compare stories and have someone on the exact same day as me in recovery....definitely glad I have my May 11th buddies and a few others on here that gave me great advice on bras, size, and pre-surgery support.
U look great girl!!! Congrats!!!!!
Thanks, I love them :)
Hey pinky, Im sory to hear that you are in pain still but your breast look so amazing! I agree with you having you and scrappy as may 11th buddies has helped a ton, i ♥ you guys

My one month post op appt is tomorrow, I can't...

My one month post op appt is tomorrow, I can't wait!! Hoping to get the okay to exercise so I can get these last few pounds off. I posted some pics, sorry for the upside down one but that is one of my VS Knockout Sports Bras that I am in love with and I don't feel like attempting to rotate/edit it since I will likely take it down within a week or two...I have some friends contemplating augmentation and don't want them to run across my pics.

I think I have already outgrown a few bras so the Knockouts are the only ones working for me right now. You can probably see my breasts are semi-uneven dropping, unfortunately the pics make one look a lot further down then the other but if I'm not reaching one arm out for my camera then they are a little more even :)

I will post again after my appt but I have to say this is by far the best thing I have ever done for myself. I feel so much more proportionate and honestly the thought of having to go under in another 10 years or so (hopefully that long!) doesn't bother me one bit, recovery has sucked but not nearly as bad as I expected.

My one month post op appt was yesterday, it went...

My one month post op appt was yesterday, it went well and I got the ok to exercise (but no lifting for 5 more months). He basically just checked out my scars and moved the implants around. He stated my right breast is softer then the left because I'm right handed and said to try to use my left side more but it doesn't bother me.
So happy I did this for myself!!!

I was just reading through some of your comments and noticed you were worried about your size being small - have you gotten measured lately?  I'm sure you're at least a C.  My implants are 265cc and I wear a 34C in VS and Warner's bras. I do have boob greed sometimes, but other times I am completely happy with them.  C cup breasts are the highly coveted size - both men and women agree.  I read that somewhere - just keep that in mind :-)
I definitely am over worrying about size, the swelling went down and they were still pretty pressed against the muscle for a while so I was a little anxious but they have started dropping and seem to have gotten bigger. I went to get sized at VS the other day and was a 32D but they didn't have a lot of bras in that size without underwire so she said a 34C is the sister size and it fit great. I was a little afraid of going bigger then a C but I feel like mine look more like small C then D.
I am super happy with my size, I am glad I didn't go any bigger and can't wait to see how they change over the next few months. Your pics look great and give me an idea of what changes I can expect as far as dropping. Has your sized changed a lot since month 6 or so? I know I have some dropping left to go and am curious to see if any fluffing occurs.

I am so glad you are happy with your results!  And I'm glad to have given you advice when I did :-)  Are you happy that you did this sooner rather than later?

I bought a few of the Body by Victoria Wireless...

I bought a few of the Body by Victoria Wireless bras, I got sized as a 32D but had to get a 34C because they don't make those in D's. which is kinda dumb since I'm sure a lot of us with augmentations try to avoid underwire and are D's or higher. I'm not supposed to wear anything except sports bras for another month or so and then the next 3 months will be no underwires or padding, I broke that rule when I went out the other night and I can honestly say that I am glad I have to wear sports bras and can't wear anything else because by the end of the night I felt like my scars were hurting.
I attempted to do some yoga today and I think I am paying for it now, my chest is really sore and my breasts were feeling kind of tight which made me worry about capsular contracture or whatever it is but after a hot bath and some massage they are feeling pretty soft. I feel like they have dropped a lot the past week or so, the left is finally catching up with the right. Unfortunately I still can't mow, vacuuming hurts, and I carried a friend's toddler yesterday and that definitely hurt. I also thought the arm movement on the elliptical hurt but maybe I am just paranoid. If anyone has any good exercise tips I would appreciate it, I am fine with doing the elliptical for cardio without the arms but I really want to tone up my abs and arms again.
My scars are looking really good too, I'm not quite as strict with the cream as I was the first month but I am still trying to put it on when I get up and before bed because I really do feel that it has made a huge difference. They are barely noticeable due to the location (under the crease) and are fading a lot, they don't bother me at all. I really don't think my boobs look fake and my friends who have seen them and know said they never would have guessed, one of them said she would have just hated me for being genetically gifted if she had just met me so that was a great compliment. So if you are worried about that I would say if you don't go too crazy on the size not many people will realize what you had done. In addition to filling out my tops I feel like my waist looks smaller too, which is a nice perk :)
I love your results! At my first consult, I really liked the 250/275cc implant sizers, too. I have my pre-op on July 11th. I have a feeling that I might choose a larger implant, as well! I'd be thrilled with your outcome :)
Thanks!! I looked at your profile and it seems like we have similar stats, I sent you a PM too. Good luck with your surgery, it is so exciting and I think it is definitely worth it :)
Glad to hear your boobs are feeling better after the bath!

You say you want to tone your arms, have you tried bicep curls, and tricep extensions with weights or by pully systems? .

Happy 2 month anniversary to me and my new boobs...

Happy 2 month anniversary to me and my new boobs :) Going to make this short but wanted to post an update. I'm fitting into 34C wireless non-padded Body By Victoria (I think) bras when I need something to go under a tank top if I'm running out to dinner with friends but for the most part I'm still living in sports bras - I love the knockout to workout in and underneath shirts but if I'm just at home I wear the white cotton one because it's super comfy. I got sized at a 32D but unfortunately they don't have wireless bras at Vicky's that size and I had a gift card to spend.
A couple people have commented on my increase in size at work but I don't really care too much and only one person has been negative and I know that is due to jealousy. My scars are healing nicely and my boobs have dropped to the point where they look pretty natural but I miss the upper pole fullness of the first month or so but I still am super in love with them. As far as pain, recovery was not anything like I expected but I get some pain on the scars if my bra rides up on them and I can't lay on my stomach without feeling really uncomfortable which is hard for me because I am a stomach sleeper. Overall I am super happy with them and have no regrets, I probably would have gone a smidge smaller I guess if I could redo it just because I think I might have a hard time bra shopping but I don't really need a bra b/c they are so perky and they look very proportionate to my frame so I'm happy :) prepared for your nips to show through clothes too, I feel like mine are constantly erect and it drives me nuts because sometimes they show through my sports bras and tops but that's a small price to pay!!!
That would drive me nuts too if my nips kept showing through everything! Hopefully it'll go away soon! =) Let me know how kayaking goes!
Yeah it is slowly fading but still obvious if I wear a tank with a built in shelf bra. If I realize it before I leave the house I put swimsuit padding under like you suggested but sometimes I have to resort to just crossing my arms to cover them :)
Lol! =)
Well glad the padding suggestion helps!

So I had my physical earlier this month and my dr...

So I had my physical earlier this month and my dr kept commenting how great my implants look, I guess she sees a lot of them and she said my size looks natural on my frame so that was a nice compliment. I'm having some issues with my incisions bugging me because my sports bras seem to rub against the right one and irritates it but it's not unmanageable. I'm going to try to call my dr tomorrow to see if I can start going braless though, my 3 month post-op is in a few weeks and that is when I should get the official okay to go braless or wear an unpadded/non-pushup bra. I have worn an unpadded & nopushup bra a couple times for a few hours at a time for special events but I'm still living in sports and compression bras for the most part.

Exercising still sucks and I'm kinda wondering if I went too big because I've had some back pain but I have also been working a lot of extra hours hunched over my computer desk so I'm sure that contributes to it as well. My posture has improved though so I guess that's an added bonus and I'm almost back to my pre-surgery weight....probably 4 more pounds to go which isn't too bad considering that I have eaten awful and not exercised lately (which I swore I wouldn't do but it's so easy to quit eating healthy when you're not working out).

My biggest complaint is I still can't sleep on my stomach, sometimes I lay on my stomach and just suck it up thinking I will adjust to the uncomfortableness but that hasn't happened so far. Even laying on my side bugs me but I'm sleeping on my back pretty good and it is worth not sleeping on my stomach!! I went to the beach this weekend and I hate the swimsuit I bought, it was just a cheap triangle top and I feel like they looked pretty fake in it. My friends swore they couldn't tell but I ordered a bandeau top so we'll see how that goes. I'm still nipping out majorly but it doesn't but me too much and I tried on bras the other day at Vicky's (my new fav activity if you couldn't tell) and the 32D fit was so nice to fill out one of the cute lacy unpadded bras instead of barely filling out an A cup.
Hey Pink, my updated pics and update are up!
Love your abs Pink! And I wouldnt have ever guessed you were implanted, you look really natural. =) I laugh in the face of those who think you look humungous! lol
And your scars look fab!
Mine are still pretty dark- is prob cuz I am Asian. I'll take pics and post soon.

I was thinking the same thing!  Nice abs!  I'm going on a health binge starting Monday.  My tummy has a bit of flab and my goal is to look like you!

Your breasts look amazing and I would never guess that you have had a BA.  Honest!

Today is my 3 month anniversary, I love them more...

Today is my 3 month anniversary, I love them more every day. I've started Pilates which uses some upper body strength and I haven't had many issues, a little discomfort with one of the exercises but I just skip that one. I've golf the instructors at the gym so they can help me with alternate exercises/lighter weights so that's kinda awkward but I'm afraid of hurting them.
I'm measuring at a 32D still but they look more natural every day and are softening. I'm also using 2 types of scar cream, TNS Recovery which I've used since I got my stitches removed and then a TNS Scar Recovery cream, both by Skinmedica. They're expensive but I feel like its worth it. I also got my free facial which I upgraded to a peel, my face looks great but is peeling a ton.
I'll try to take more pics this week!!
TODAy is our 3 month???
Geez, I thought it was a couple of days ago. Whats up with that?! Lol
Maybe cuz I went by actual weeks? I dunno.
Time has really flown!
I am totally jealous of your scars. Mine are still so dark. I dont know if its a ethnic thing or cuz your medicine is so much better!
Glad your doing ok, still haven't heard from Stat. =(
I hope she's allright.
Well I can't wait to see your new pics!
I'm not sure on the scars either but my nurse said mine look great considering its only been 3 months so I might have just gotten lucky. I will try to post pics tonight, they're finally softening up!!!
I went to the pool with some friends I've known for 15 years and they couldn't get over how natural the size looks, it was great!!! Have you had any luck with swimsuits? I got one at target that's a bandeau that I love.
Hi Pink,
No, I havent any luck with swimsuits, but more because I am so chubby still. =(
But I will continue to work on it. =)
I am looking forward to seeing your pics, and I am glad everything is going so well for you!

Sorry for the was supposed to be told...

Sorry for the was supposed to be autocorrect!!

It's been about 3 and a half months and I love...

It's been about 3 and a half months and I love them more every day. I feel like they are still getting bigger but I've stayed at a 32D for bra size so maybe I am just imagining things. With that being said, I feel like I probably could have gone a little smaller and been happy and I think if I had gone any bigger I would be on the borderline too fake look. I am still doing my daily massages, usually in the shower, and putting on scar cream twice a day. I can finally sleep on my stomach and really feel like they are a part of me now, not sure if that makes sense but in the beginning they felt more like an accessory almost. I have become more confident, stand taller and take more pride in my appearance including eating healthier and working out. I truly feel this surgery has been one of the best decisions I have ever made and am so happy that I had this done.

My surgeon's office is closing down (he passed away, very sad and unexpected because he was fairly young and does not have a partner) so I am in the process of getting the paperwork from my procedure and researching new surgeons. My 2nd choice surgeon is retiring soon so I am looking out of the area because during my inital research I ruled out the other local surgeons. A lot of surgeons I have called have stated that they would recommend holding on to my paperwork or giving it to my primary physician and then if a complication arises they will treat me. I am still doing research to come up with 2-3 that I can call if I have an issue but I wish I could meet them just to get an idea of their personalities. I guess this is probably the same issue people have when they move but I was hoping that when/if I have to have another surgery down the road I would be able to continue to go to my surgeon because I was very very happy with my results.

Hi Pink!

I just saw your update. Your pics look great!

If anyone says those dont look like your own natural ones, they are lying !lol

I would believe you were born with them.

I'll have to look at getting your cream. I think you said it was expensive though. Where do you buy it?


The bra that I like the most right now is the "Perfect Bra" from H&M. Its not the prettiest as I like to wear nude a lot, but it is comfortable, I feel like it gives me better lift than the VS bras and its CHEAP! like $15! The ones I tried at VS were all pushup. Especially the knockout bra. I returned that one and kept the body by Victoria bra. Its pretty comfortable and cute too, but for the price I feel like it should be more. So the ones from VS were not wireless, but pushup and I still couldnt get cleavage.

Sounds like a pain looking for a new PS. But at least you arent having any problems that need to be seen. I hope you find someone that you are just as comfortable with.

And no, I havent heard from Stat. Makes me sad. I wondered what happened. =(

Let me know how kayaking goes today~~
It rained here today so no kayaking, I am so bummed. And I wonder about stat too, hopefully the double bubble went away and everything looks great!!

The brand of the cream is skinmedica and I think you can get it on amazon but my surgeon's office had specials that made it about the same price as online, I want to say it was around $90 for the TNS Recovery Cream which is what I used the first 3 months and then I bought the scar kit when I went back for my 3 months which was around $150 for the TNS cream and TNS Scar Recovery or whatever. Probably overpriced but I figure it is only for 3 more months and I will have to live with the scar forever.

I wish we had H&M here....gotta love small towns. I completely agree with you about the VS bras, for $40 I feel like mine was overpriced. I think I had a gift card or something, next I will probably try Calvin Klein but I'm kinda happy I can just go without one right now :)

Thanks for the compliment, I think yours look really natural too....kinda like you hit the genetic lottery in that department. Take care!!!

I got the go ahead to buy any bras except ones...

I got the go ahead to buy any bras except ones with an underwire at my 3 month post op appt back in early August, I have two wireless angel ones from victoria's secret that are super plain with no padding or anything. Lately I have just been wearing sports bras but I'm going out this weekend and decided I would try on "normal" bras including ones with padding and underwire because I think I should be able to cut out the wire. Plus sports bras don't really go under some of my work shirts very well. I got sized at Victoria's Secret while wearing a sports bra and was told I'm a 32DD. I don't feel like they look like DDs so I tried on 32Ds and I seriously felt like I was spilling out of them. I think I am going to have to try a different brand, does anyone have any suggestions? I was thinking Calvin Klein but wasn't sure how their sizes compare to VS. I have to order them online because the department stores around here don't carry that brand.

Ok now that I have the bra question out there, holy smokes, I swear they are getting bigger still. If you read through my posts you can see my opinion has gone back and forth on the size from feeling they were way too small, too big, etc. I feel like the past month or so they have gotten bigger, I know different people probably measure differently at VS but I went from a 34C/32D to a 32D/DD between my 2 month and 4 month post ops. So for ladies doing research on size, you can get a lot of bang with a "small" implant. I was an A cup prior to surgery and was under the impression 150 cc- 200 cc was a cup size so I assumed I would be a small to full C cup with a 330 cc implant because I thought it would be maybe 1.5 cup sizes.

I absolutely love them, but if I could go back and change the implant size I would probably pick my 2nd choice of 300 cc or maybe even 275 cc soley because I think finding a bra that fits is going to be hard.

Hey Pink, its been a long time but OMG you boobies look totally amazing and wow I was shocked to read your measurements because I'm a DD but as you can recall I knew I want to be that size since the beginning! They really do look amazing and I am happy for you...I guess I must have missed it but what are you and Scrappy talking about, air bubbles and stuff???

Since I'm on the computer, I'll tell you we were talking about the xray I posted! Check out my pics! =)

Today is my 5 month anniversary!! I am still...

Today is my 5 month anniversary!! I am still loving them but I swear they are getting bigger, possibly the fluffing everyone refers to. I went bra shopping last week and ended up giving up on Victoria's Secret because the push up bras make my boobs look ridiculous and they do not have many bras in my size. I went to an upscale department store and bought 5 bras for about $120 total; they were all on clearance and are underwire which technically I am not supposed to wear until the 6 month mark but I figured once a week is ok. I got 2 Calvin Klein ones I love, 2 b*tempted which are good but run small (I got a 32dd and probably could have sized up) and one more, can't remember the name but the padding makes my boobs look great.
I feel like my scars have not changed too much but I am still putting my scar gel on daily. I have started massaging more frequently because I feel like now that I am exercising more my chest muscles are tighter.
I'm trying to think what I wish I would have known over the last few months and I guess I would just say be prepared for your boobs and feelings about them to change often. You can read my review and see how I've bounced back and forth on too big/small.i love my size but I did not expect this big of a jump in cup size. I wear sports bras most days still because they are comfy and honestly I did this surgery for me, not to flaunt them 24/7. I have only gone out once with a lower cut top and I did get a lot of comments but it made me uncomfortable. I prefer to look conservative and hide them mostly because I live in a small town. I will say my confidence has improved dramatically as a result of surgery and the way I carry myself has changed so much too.
If anyone is past the 6 month mark please let me know if you plan to meet w/your surgeon at 1 year and what happened at your 6 month appt. My surgeon has passed away and as of right now I have no plans to see another surgeon for a check up unless problems arise.
You look great!
thanks, I am very happy with my results!!! Are you getting a BA? I didn't see a profile/story.... If you have any questions let me know, I remember how overwhelming it is.
Happy Boobie-versary Pink!! 

6 months tomorrow!! I can finally wear underwire...

6 months tomorrow!! I can finally wear underwire bras and supposedly lift but honestly I don't see myself doing either regularly because I have been wearing underwire/padded bras occasionally and they just aren't comfy. And this is coming from a girl who lived in super padded underwire in I even wore them to the gym per-surgery.
As for exercising, I haven't really got in a good routine since the surgery....probably mostly due to the fact I have been really busy but partially because I don't like them bouncing everywhere. I have kayaked, done yoga and Pilates, and walk/get on the elliptical without any issues but if I push myself too much it's just not worth it.
I do love my new boobs, honestly I can't imagine not having them now and I have gotten so much more confident in all areas of my life. I carry myself different and even though I don't really flaunt them like I thought I would I feel like I look better and fill out clothes better. I am grateful so far I havent had issues. I am glad I went for a natural look, I can hide them at work but fill out a bikini.
You look amazing - very natural, you give me hope. Do you notice the extra on your lungs or chest? Or is it the same as before surgery?
*extra weight
thanks dandy!! I definitely felt weight the first few weeks, especially when I woke up, but now they feel like part of me and I only really notice when I'm working out. Do you have a surgery scheduled? Any size in mind?

I'm at just under 7 months and decided to post...

I'm at just under 7 months and decided to post some new pics and an update. I'm very happy with the upgrades, perfect size, shape and look natural. I can honestly say I have no regrets, my confidence has grown a lot because I am not always paranoid about what bras to wear to make them look perkier and bigger. I wish I would have been able to just be happy with my smaller size because working out now sucks so much compared to when they were small so I have slacked on that because I hate the bounce but besides that I love them. I actually just bought a pretty expensive sports bra from athleta that is supposed to be amazing but I haven't had time to get to the gym due to my work schedule but when I was in the dressing room I was jumping around and they didn't move so that is positive.
I have switched to "normal" bras which to me means bras with an underwire and they aren't super comfortable but I don't hate them anymore. Some days I go without a bra but I am constantly nipping out which I hate. Not sure if that's normal or not.
As for how they feel...some days I think they feel fairly natural but I didn't have much to start with and I went with saline so I know that despite the fact I went under the muscle they aren't ever going to feel as natural as the real thing or even girls who had more to start with.
Happy 10 month anniversary Pink! I hope all is well! =)
can you sleep on your stomach?
Hey Pink! Your scar looks really good! I should post a pic of mine which still have a brown-ish tinge.I bet yours will disappear before mine do. Glad to hear all is well except for the weird feelings when working out. Some things will never be the same, but boobies are worth it, eh? Lol Keep in touch!

11 months after my surgery so I decided it was a...

11 months after my surgery so I decided it was a great time for an update. I am able to work out and do everything I was able to prior to surgery without pain. Would I have the surgery again? Yes, I just probably would have saved up money prior to doing it because paying it off isn't fun but that is my own fault and since my surgeon passed away shortly after I had my surgery I am glad I did it when I did. I probably would have gone silicone instead of saline and honestly although I love the size I probably would have gone smaller only because sometimes I feel like the bigger boobs make me look a little fatter, it just depends on what I wear. But I am very excited about wearing a bikini this summer and love how they look in tanks and dresses, I definitely have an hourglass shape if I wear the right outfits.
Happy 11th month anniversary surgery buddy!
Remember this time last year?!??! Crazy how time flies by!!

My one year anniversary date was this past weekend...

My one year anniversary date was this past weekend and I figured now would be a great chance to update my review. I am happy I got the surgery and definitely think that my implants have helped my self-confidence. They look natural but definitely feel firm, if I had to do it over again I probably would have gone with silicone but I guess if I had done that, knowing my personality I would probably be freaking out right now wondering if they ruptured!! I'm back to exercising and can fit into the same size tops as before (xs, s) although one of my favorite pre-surgery dresses had the strap break off when I leaned forward so I kinda wonder if it was due to the increase in size, it was a pretty skinny spaghetti strap so it could have just been due to the fact I've had the dress for years.
This is my favorite profile/results! I absolutely love your story and hope my results turn out as good as your's! :)
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