Breast Augmentation with Dr. Ortega in Miami, FL 8 Oct 13

My breast augmentation surgery is scheduled for 16...

My breast augmentation surgery is scheduled for 16 Aug 13 in Miami. I live in Delaware so I will be flying down with one of my relatives. I am very nervous and excited at the same but I am concerned that my surgery may be delayed as I have had a low white blood count for the last year. It is not extremely low but it is outside of the normal range. Can I have the surgery done with low white blood count?

Thank you for starting your journey on RealSelf. What does your PS say about the situation? Did s/he suggest iron supplements? You may have just enough time to raise your white blood count before surgery. Here is a similar question in regards to low white blood count and surgery from our Doctor Q&A. Hope to hear some good news from you soon!

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I have my appointment with Dr. Ortega on 8 Oct...

20 Sep 2013

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I have my appointment with Dr. Ortega on 8 Oct 2013 and while I am excited I am extremely nervous. After breastfeeding two kids I have lost almost all the volume in my boobs so I really want to do this to boost my confidence level. I still have not scheduled a consultation with him as yet so I have lots of questions to be answered before I head down. Jessica and Dena have been very helpful with the process so far. I am traveling from DE to FL and I still am not sure if my sister will be able to come with me so I am freaking out a little bit. I do not want to go by myself so I am keeping my fingers crossed that her boss will let her go. Is anyone going to Dr. Ortega around that time?

One day post op...

I had my surgery yesterday with Dr. Ortega and I so thankful everything went well. I am still in a lot of pain but out I'd manageable with the pain pills. Can't wait to see them!
My left is bigger also. Probably from uneveness of the breast. Wht cc did u go with. I feel more comfortable taking two percocet. I thght they looked a lil small at first but I think I'm going to lovecit when they drop in place. I went to 375ccs I believe ill know for sure in a hour or so.
Congrats tasheka. I thought I would run into you but we missed one another. I'm glad it went well. My surgery was a success as well. My post op is today. I'm solid as a rock up top. Lol my size should be a full c now. I'm happy n they haven't even dropped yet.
Congrats on yours as well. I was hoping to run in to you also but when I went back at 5 they told me there were no patients there. I am still very swollen and my left breast is higher than my right. Hoping it comes down soon. My ain level is also greater than what I thought it would be. Did they tell you to apply ice to up top to reduce the swelling? I wasn't told until yesterday but I wish I had know because I had a lot of swelling and a lot of pain because of it. I wish you a very speedy recovery. Cant wait to see pics.

Day 2...

I am still in a lot of pain but the percocet havr been helping. I am a bit concerned about my twins as one is bigger than the other. The left one is huge...hopefully it's just swelling. My leg is also hurting which concerns me.

1st photo


No I haven't experienced any leg pains.


How is your progress? Today is day 5 for me and I feel great. I had my final appointment with the nurse on Friday where they realized thw bra they sold me after surgery was a 32 C and noy a 36C. I wasn't very happy about that because for the first two days wjile wearing that bra my breas hurt so badly and I still have the indentations on both breast from where the was squeezing my breasts. The Nurse said those indentations will eventually go away but I think they should have pain more attention. Plus that bra was $40. I am happy though that I everything else went great. Hope your recovery is coming along good as well.
Its gotten a lot better. I experienced bad migraines all yesterday from the pressure that the breast put on my chest wall. But other thsn that I'm feeling great. Still a little solid to the touch and my aerola is starting to get a little feeling around them. What size were you before. I was a 32a and I believe I'm a c early d. I wore my 34b during post op so it was a litlle discomfort as well.
I am sorry to hear that. I was a 32 B before. Mine are setting very high up and even though I am

Having buyer's remorse...

Today marks my 12th day post op and I am really concerned about a few things. 1, I have a bruise under my left breast that was not there before. I am hoping its just a bruise that was deep under the skin and is just surfacing. 2, I noticed my right left breast is bigger and harder than my right breast. My right breast is noticeably smaller and much softer than my left. My right breast feels empty so I am worried that they are not the same size. Another problem I am having is, I have this severe pain at the top of my right breast. It hurts every time I breathe in. It is so bad that I am back on Percocet. I contacted my ps office a couple days ago but I haven't received a response. I am hoping I don't have too go back for a revision. Has anyone experienced any of the above?
Sounds like the right best is just still high and tight and hasn't dropped yet. Just give it a couple of months to heal first hun!
I am praying that is it because I do not want to repeat this process anytime soon. Thanks

Marks on left breast

Hi I live in delaware too. Where did you stay when you went to Miami. Or did you have family there? Just trying to figure out if traveling is worth it. Thanks. Sorry you didn't have the experience you wanted. You look good!
I'm sorry the Dr never called to check on you. That is awful. But you look great!
Thank you. I am enjoying my new additions but is noticed one nipple is pointing forward and the other is pointing at an angle. One breast is always more centered than the other. I will have a revision done in a few years and hopefully who ever does it do a better job.
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Its been over two months since I had my procedure done and I have yet to speak to Dr. Ortega via telephone or email. Very disappointed as I had have had none of my questions answered. Google has become my primary source for information. I feel like just a number. The receptionist has said they its my since I missed a couple phone calls. I called back right and my calls were never answered. Both ladies I was working with since quit. They don't look as I envisioned them but much better than they were before. My left breast is rounder than my right and my right breast is closer to the center than the left. I must say that I my self esteem has boosted since having my implants done. Just wish I had more time with him and that follow up care was provided.

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