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I've been wanting to get a BA for years now, and...

I've been wanting to get a BA for years now, and I've finally decided to do it. I'm currently a 32B/34A 5'3 and weight around 115. I've lost around 12 lbs so they shrunk and now they're even smaller. I'm scheduled for August 14 and I'm so confused about what size to get, my doctor told me to go with 325CC but I don't want to go too small or too big, I just want them to look natural, I'm debating between 325cc and 350cc. Help anyone?

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Getting nervous

So I just scheduled my appointment for my pre op tests, luckily my primary doctor will be doing it so my insurance will cover that. I'm starting to get nervous, it's less than a month a way. I'm wondering if I can just buy my bras at Walmart rather than using the ones from the clinic? I've found a few at Walmart and I want to buy them but I want to be sure that I can use them before I do so. Also, I'm really worried about gaining weight after the surgery, I go to the gym about 5 days a week and I know I won't be able to go to back for a while. Have any of you gained a lot of weight post op? I managed to loose 10 lbs and I'm so scared to gain them back, I'm going to try and loose some extra weight before the surgery. I'm very self concious about my body, specially my weight. I'm hoping that getting boobies will help me feel better about myself. So excited and nervous at the same time.
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Karen what size are you hoping to be after? I am 7 weeks post op. I would advise anyone to always go bigger. Paige is correct. You will loose 25-50 cc's going under and 25 cc's is nothing. There are a couple of ways to determine what you want. First try the rice sizes. If you don't know what they are, there are videos on this site and on youtube. Second, look at pics of bobs and find what you like in size and shape. It's fine to take pics to your PS and say "This is what I want". Do you know which profile you are getting? That can also make a difference in size.
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Not sure on the profile, but I would like to have a natural look, more like a full C. I'm thinking I should go with 350 cc.
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I will tell you this, I went with 425. I was flat, not even an A cup. I'm disappointed. I was a small D, full C, then just full C. Now, I'm not sure I'm even that any more. Go bigger honey. Don't waste the time, money, effort and go through all the pain to end up disappointed.
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Thanks for your advice. I will deff try the rice, I hope that helps. I'm so excited and nervous at the same time lol
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It is very exciting and no matter what size, you won't regret having BA.
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From what I've been reading on this site, 25ccs isn't that big of a difference. And the implant will look even smaller if you go under the muscle. Apparently most women regret not going bigger, so I'd go with the 350ccs. Are you getting saline or silicone? Good luck!
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I'm getting silicone, I've been doing some research and I think you're right, it's probably better to go with 350cc since I am going under the muscle. Thank you!
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