Post op with Dr. Jimerson Sx Date 10-10-13

I have been researching plastic surgeons in Texas...

I have been researching plastic surgeons in Texas and Florida. I live in Texas but can only assume that doctors in Florida do this procedure more often and would be better qualified. I have looked into Dr. S and Dr. M in Miami so far and a few doctors in Houston. Dr. M advertises on RealSelf that the procedure will be $9850. I know there are always hidden costs, so I will update anything I find. I am a stay at home Mother of two and live in a 23' travel trailer traveling with my husband for his work.


Welcome to rs. I stay in Houston as well Dr. Cortes will be doing my bbl. I think you should check him out. Good luck with your search though. There's plenty of amazing Dr. so you'll definitely find one that catches your eye.
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Have gotten quotes from Dr. S and Dr. M one day after requesting consults. Sent pictures to Dr. Mendieta awaiting further instruction.

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Dr. S said he could get 1000-12000cc in each cheek.

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A girl can dream.... ;)

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Recovery Center/Healthcare assistance

Why does no one post info on their hotels or recovery process while in Atlanta? Surely, someone has a list of providers &/or hotels that have experience and ALL of the necessary items on hand to help you through your first week without having to purchase ALL OF THOSE needed items only to through away the unused things.

I plan on having BBL done with Dr. Jimerson. My consult is in a week. Paying upfront to get on the fast track. Can someone point me in the right direction as far as all of the needed providers I will need? Hotel. Recovery House. Healthcare provider. Driver to and from appt./pharmacy/stores, etc. Who to call for massages.


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Sorry for the typos!! *Throw away the unused...not through away!


Good luck with your Sx! I feel the same way, I'm going to Miami for my BBL and I have no idea where I'm staying or if I should hire a nurse, etc. I hope you find someone that can help :-)
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Thank you so much! I probably should have went with Miami. I got multiple quotes, spoke with the doctors personally and was given the option of a quick surgery date just after a week of filling out the online forms. Good luck to you!!!


I'm hoping to decrease my hip size (as well as waist of course). Consultation with Dr. J scheduled for 9-23. Asking for BBL with upper/lower bra roll, axillary area (under arm/by boob), outer and back of thigh. Will update with quote.

BUST: 38 3/4"
WAIST: 33 1/2" 2in above belly button
WAIST: 39" at belly button
HIPS: 39"

Can you say box??? haha!


Dr Jimerson is the best I'm 2 months post op and totally love my results! i stayed at the hyatt 3 minutes from his office. good luck!!!
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Three weeks before surgery...

Three Weeks Before Surgery

Stop smoking! In some cases, we may ask you to stop sooner. Smoking can interfere with healing by constricting and decreasing blood flow all over the body which may prevent the wound from healing properly. Do not resume smoking after surgery until you are given permission.

IMPORTANT: Smoking causes severe complications!

Stop drinking!

There should be no alcohol consumption for a minimum of 2-3 weeks prior to your procedure. Alcohol causes increased bleeding, increases the chances of infection, depresses immune functions and may interfere with wound healing.
Make a list of all medications! (Over-the-counter and prescribed)

• Your patient counselor must have a complete list of all medications that you take, either over-the- counter (including supplements and vitamins) or prescribed, before your upcoming procedure.

• Many medications interfere with the clotting process of blood and it is crucial that we know everything that you are currently taking or may take in the near future.

• You will be instructed by your patient counselor to temporarily discontinue certain medications in the weeks ahead.

Check your refrigerator!

It is important that you maintain a healthy diet including many fruits and vegetables. However, there are certain foods which naturally contain salicylates, which affect the blood, and should be kept to a minimum for two weeks before and two weeks after surgery. Cutting down on these foods will help reduce bruising after surgery. Now is the time to clean out your refrigerator and adjust your shopping lists for the weeks ahead.

Foods containing salicylates that should be kept to a minimum for two weeks before and two weeks after surgery:

Almonds Cherries Grapefruit Limes Peaches Raisins
Apricots Cucumber Grapes Nectarines Plums Tomatoes
Berries (all) Currants Lemons Oranges Prunes Vinegar

Two Weeks Before Surgery

Stop 2 weeks BEFORE until 2 weeks AFTER surgery:
• All Aspirin and Ibuprofen products including the drugs listed on the enclosed insert.
• All anti-inflammatory drugs used for arthritis
(Please consult your physician prior to discontinuing).
• All anti-coagulants
• Vitamin E taken internally
• If a medication is in question, call our office nurse.

START 2 weeks BEFORE until 2 weeks AFTER surgery (Strongly Recommended)

• Take a Multivitamin tablet daily. Most multivitamins contain some form of vitamin E, however this is acceptable to take prior to surgery. We do ask that you refrain from taking additional vitamin E.
• Take Vitamin A - 8,000-10,000 units, twice a day. This has well-documented beneficial effects on surgical healing and will also fuel your immune system.
• Take Vitamin C - 1,000 mg., twice a day. This is essential for collagen synthesis, which is part of normal wound healing. Your need for Vitamin C will increase after surgery.
• Take Bromelain - 1,000 mg., twice a day. (Pineapple enzyme - from a health food store) This helps to relieve the swelling associated with surgery.

For Liposuction patients only:
• Begin taking Slow Fe (non-prescription iron supplement) once daily.
One Week Before Surgery

BEGIN A LOW SODIUM DIET: (1 week BEFORE until 2 weeks AFTER procedure):
Limit sodium intake to 1200-1500 mg. daily. Limiting sodium will help you have less swelling and discomfort and allow you to heal faster after surgery.

GET PROPER NUTRITION AND REST: (1 week BEFORE until 2 weeks AFTER procedure):
• Avoid white carbohydrates such as bread, bagels, rice, potatoes, pasta and sweets.
• Eat healthy, regular meals.
• Eat 2 fruits and 3 green vegetables daily.
• Eat a small amount of protein at each meal.

IMPORTANT! Your diet can aid healing remarkably and reduce swelling and pain!

3 Days Before Surgery

• Wash the operative area with your normal soap or cleanser once daily for three days prior to surgery.
2 Days Before Surgery

• Take every 8 hours as directed and continue for 10 days.
• Continue taking Bromelain as directed every 12 hours between meals. This anti-inflammatory promotes healing. As an alternative, eat fresh pineapple.

The Night Before Surgery

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! If you are having I.V. Sedation or General Anesthesia:
NOTHING to eat or drink after 12 Midnight the night prior to your procedure.
SAFETY ALERT: Failure to comply increases anesthesia risk and may cause cancellation of your surgery!

• Wash and condition your hair as usual the night before surgery.
• Do not use mousse, gel, or hair spray.

Make arrangements prior to the day of surgery for someone else to drive you home and stay with you for at least 24 hours after surgery!!

The Day of Surgery

• You may brush your teeth and rinse with mouthwash. Do not swallow any liquids.
• Do not use breath mints or chewing gum.
• Do not apply makeup, deodorant, lotions, fingernail polish, hairpins or moisturizer.
• Do not wear jewelry or valuables.
• Do not wear contacts. Bring a case for glasses.
• Wear loose-fitting clothing: a button up front shirt, elastic waist pants and slip-on shoes. No jeans or jumpsuits.
• Bring a scarf and dark glasses (to be worn afterwards) for appropriate procedures.
• Bring surgical garment (to be worn after surgery) if instructed to do so by Dr.
• You will need a ride to and from the office for the procedure (no taxi).
After Surgery

You will be given specific postoperative instructions for your procedure which will outline in detail what you should do for the next 24 hours and for the upcoming weeks.

WHEN YOU GET HOME: (General Instructions)
• Someone must be with you for 24 hours.
• Do not get up without assistance. Stay quiet and do little talking, movement, and lifting
as excessive activity may cause bleeding to occur.
• Pain medication can be taken soon after leaving the office if needed.
• If you experience nausea, use the anti-nausea medication.
• Sip liquids slowly, increase gradually. By evening you may have a light, soft meal.
• Do not drink any alcoholic beverages (beer and wine included) for 48 hours. They do not mix well with anesthesia and may make you very sick.
• Do not smoke.
• Do not drive or do anything that requires your coordination for 48 hours. Medication and/or anesthesia agents may interfere with good judgement.

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I was scheduled for phone consult today. Sadly, I received no phone call. Friday, Randy? even left a message confirming my appt. time and that she had my wish pics. ??? Feeling sad. :(

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Surgery Date Scheduled 10-10-13!!!

OMG!! Had phone consult today at 4pm!!! (Scheduled for the am!)
BBL: $10,300
Hips: $1,150 (DO NOT WANT, lady recommended though!!!)
Bra-Roll: $950
Axillary: $950
Cash Discount: ($500)
GRAND TOTAL: $12,850

Any advise for the last minute since my surgery is 17 DAYS FROM NOW!!!????


Dr. Jimerson didnt do your phone consult personally? Im about to schedule a phone consult (I live in NC) if it's not his advice, Im not going to do it.
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Best of luck & wishing you fast healing & amazing body!
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I wish u the best on your surgery but Im a little disturb by something...if u don't want hips then why u didnt tell her no and save a few bucks
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I have a Patient Coordinator????

Scheduled Consult: 9-6-13
Phone Consult: 9-23-13
Surgery Date: 10-10-13

Since the day after I paid for my surgery in full, I have been unable to get ahold of my patient coordinator. She does not answer my emails or return my voicemail. I need to know if I am supposed to wear thigh high compression hose? If so, what number of compression? I don't even know if they have received my medical clearance. Which btw only cost me $52! (The doctor's form states unless you over 50, you do not have to have an I had a physical and CBC as requested.)


Good luck!!
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Good luck with everything!
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Thank you so much!! So nervous!!!!


I put an ad on under the senior care section as suggested by another RS user. I got tons of response! Two ladies I can recommend Sue Bruning charges $150 a day to drive you anywhere you need, take you to all your appointments, pharmacy, grocery store, etc, and give all nursing aide needed. She is a retired RN!! She lives 15 minutes from the office. PM for info. Also, Jill Stacey charges $15/hr and lives 5 miles from office. She also provides room and board but for $65-$75 a night. It made more sense financially to go with Sue, but they are BOTH very helpful, motherly and compassionate. (Room and Board means all the food/drink you want/need and a house to "live" in-free roam.)

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Leaving my babies

I have to leave my 9 month old and 2 year old at home with my Mom who also cares for three grandkids full time without help!!! She has her hands full. I am thankful, but scared at the same time. I cried all the way home after dropping them off!!! :( Can't wait to get back to them.


Good Luck on your surgery. I go in tomorrow morning.
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Good luck with your surgery! I hope it all goes well and you have a smooth recovery!

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Wow-your big day is almost here! I know how hard it had to be for you leaving your least they're with the next best thing! Very excited for you!
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Consult with Kim

I had my pre-op appt. today. They were also filming today of course!!! My consult was done by Kim, LPN. I did not get to sit down with the Doctor, although I did get to say hi to him. He is really nice and seems kind. On a side note. The entrance to his office/waiting area is TINY!! Not what I expected.

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I am from Texas. It is DRY there. I have never had allergies. Flying into the Atlanta airport I noticed there were A LOT OF TREES!!!!! Now we have a lot of pine trees, but GA has MORE!!! and every other kind of tree you can imagine. My head has been pounding since I arrived. The pharmacist said their pollen and ragweed count is EXTREMELY HIGH and that it was probably allergies....ugh!!! If I'm indoors, my head doesn't hurt as bad. As soon as we go outside, it is a nightmare of a headache!!! So be warned. Bring allergy medicine with pain meds in it.

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$145 for all medicines

You should ask Wal-Mart if they will apply a discount card (they have them. they are free) to your medicines. For all six, my total was $145!!!! Or you can just write this info down.
Rx Relief Pharmacy Discount Card
Member ID Number: CCK001059
BIN: 015756
GRP: 7028AAA
Pharmacist Help Line: 1-800-776-0760

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A few items actually brought

Suction hooks-Walmart hardware section
Peroxide- DR office tells you have to have
Alcohol pads-disinfects shot site
Gauze pads and tape
band aids
Silicone sheets to prevent scars
Arnica gel
Maxi dresses
flip flops
Qtips- for cleaning around sites
Abdominal pads
Chux-large dog training looking pads
Dial & Hibiclens-do disinfect before surgery
Movies, books, laptop, notepad to write questions for DR on.
$$$-debit card
female urinal-found at Walgreens for $10
foam sheets-to wear under garment

You will need long padded socks, foam or something to put under your shoulder straps, under your thong section of garment and on back/belly to prevent permanent indentations (says DR's office.)

I bought a vibrating (not sure if that part was necessary) round, spiky ball from Bed Bath and Beyond to massage myself (refer to ivfmamma for further instruction on massages.) thank you, ivf!!!!! She has been the MOST informative RS user when it comes to BBLs. Please, look her up and see her amazing results!!!


Hey Sister, how did everything go for you??? I'm at the Hyatt and I can come check on you if you need me too. I'm 2 days Post-Op and feeling great. Let me know if you need anything.
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Thank you a million!!! About to head over and see your pictures! I am doing great as well. I have a WONDERFUL RN caretaker!! If you need anything you let us know! Best of wishes!!
hey sweetie!!! you neck thing is on the way!!! Can't wait to hear how your surgery went and how you are feeling. much love.
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Day 2 of Post op

OMy! The first day and night I did nothing but puke my guts out. Could not hold anything down!!!! The pain meds DO NOT WORK for me!!! I've always known that Hydrocodone doesn't have an effect on me, but I was "reassured" that they give all patients that and that it would work. OUCH!!! BUT I'm loving my BUTT!!

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Caregiver has four-wheeled walker with breaks!

I don't know what I would have done without that walker on the first day!!! IThe stiffness and pain is almost unbearable. She also has a high rise potty which is great! It's nice having someone to make your bed up everytime you get up, wash your clothes, bring wet wash cloths, food drinks constantly. All I can say is please do not try this alone!! Get a qualified assistant!!! Ms. Sue is a retired RN.


Does anyone know if it would hurt to leave my garment on for two days before changing it?? I've already changed it after 48 hours and am not bleeding..
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Thank you so much! I already sent the shipping. Please, let me know that you got it. (I'm not too paypal literate!) haha! I don't remember, but when did you start your first massage and how often did you get them? Also, after you took off your garment for the first time, what intervals did you use afterwards for removing it?? I am so swollen!!!!! The lotion helps a lot!!! My caretaker is so happy being able to read all of your posts!! haha! How are you feeling?? Everything still okay?
Just got your package!! Thank you so much! Will try to get it on tonight. :)

I would have gone crazy in a hotel! So glad I have an entire home to recover in.

Had my first lymphatic massage today with Tetyana. She travels to your home/hotel for $100. She does offer package deals. After our session I was able to have my first real bowel movement. Feels amazing afterwards. The massage touch is light/easy. Does not cause crucial pain like people warned. Please, message for more information on lymphatic drainage massage.


Your post has been so informative! I live in ATL and didn't know all this information that was right under my nose! You're the best!
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How are you SAM? Pray you are healing well.
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I am doing great!! I am so glad Ms. Sue found me a massage therapist that travels to her home for only a $100!!! They have both been so amazing!!! Thank you for your prayers!!

Drain out after one week

You can have your drain out after it puts out less than 10cc in 24 hours. Dr. Jimerson came into my waiting room all smiles and was so happy with the results so far. :)

Randomness: You will want a pair of socks with rubber tread on the bottom. When you "get in&out of bed" you have to walk yourself into/out of bed on your hands. It helps to have the tread on the bottom of your socks to provide friction to keep your feet in place. After you do your push up onto your hands to get out of bed, you will walk your feet to the edge of the bed, lock your knees in place and back up out of bed. It helps to have a tall stack of pillows or the buckwheat roll I showed you to put your hands on top of to stand up straight.. Sounds crazy. Feel free to message. lol.

Drink water constantly. It will help with flushing the lymph out of your body and help with bowel movements.

You want a female urinal that has a handle and catches the urine. You cannot squat over a toilet with the pink and purple urinals I've seen on realself/amazon. I found a white one at Walgreens in the medical section for $13.

Rub in a massage manner your whole body that had lipo done every day. It helps decrease the scar tissue build up (knots).

It's nice to have bed risers under the posts to help getting in and out of bed.

I mentioned the massage does not hurt. It doesn't, but afterwards, the areas you had massaged will burn/sting/be on fire.


Thank you so much. There is so much more to add. There is no way I could get anything posted the first week after surgery. :( The pain in your lower back is so excruciating that it makes you so sick. :( Before surgery, you'll only need a small bottle of peroxide, cotton balls or qtips, a weeks worth of alcohol pads to disinfect before the shots, tissues to put under any spot on your butt cut outs that are too tight, abd pads for under your thong garment and around the arm holes if you're taller and they are tight on you, the Alps prosthetic fitting lotion, and Arnicare Arnica gel. Anything else can be bought after surgery-Neosporin, scar cream or silicone sheets.
Thanks darling!! U are a strong lady!! You have given lots & lots of info. It is all so very helpful. I will be purchasing some of the items you suggested. I don't plan to go overboard. Just want essentials as you suggested.... Wishing you a speedy recovery!! By the way. Your definitely not far from me cause I live 15 from Dr Js office :)

Six days Post Op Yesterday


I appreciate it!!! :) Thank you!
Oh my goodness!! I just found out that my baby is having an extreme allergic reaction to something at my Mom's!!! I am an emotional wreck here knowing that he is in pain. Two more days and I get to be with them. Can't wait!!! So sorry to hear you had to be alone after day four ... :(

All's well that ends well

HONESTLY: The first two weeks are H-E-DOUBLE L. After that the pain in your lower back goes down DRASTICALLY!!!!! So, if you can make it...and it will BE HARD, you'll be much better off after the first two weeks!

Get out of the house. Walk around the block. Walk up and down stairs!!!!! It will drain the lymph off quicker!!!! The lymph will make your butt swell up and get will hurt!!!!

2nd Have the massage lady do the lymph drainage on your butt also!!!(it is A SOFT TOUCH!!! NOT HARD MASSAGE!!!) You will be glad you did!!!! Do it every day that you can afford. When you are not sleeping, getting massaged or eating... WALK!!!

3rd Have lots of Kleenex tissues to fold up into little rectangles. Put these in the upper and lower creases of your butt cut out and under your triangle. (Ms. Sue made me a new smaller triangle so it won't leave that huge nasty ugly permanent line on your lower back I see on a lot of unfortunate ladies) Put tube socks or pads ALL around your arm cut outs, especially if you're tall. Otherwise, you'll be rubbed raw.

4th I again strongly recommend the walker with wheels on it like my caregiver had the first week and a half for walking outside in case you get tired. Also, having the raised handicapped toilet handles is a MUST for your bowel movements. You've never experienced difficulty until you have a constipated BM and have to hold yourself up off of the toilet.

Have lots of pictures to come soon!! P.S. And I will say this a million times...the after pictures on RealSelf DO NOT DO ANY JUSTICE to real life!!! My butt is HUGE and you would never know it by looking at these pictures!! haha!!!!


looking great
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You look awesome!!! I wish I had projection like yours!!!
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You look like you're doing just fine in your 71 day photos!!!!! :)

Two Weeks Post Op

I am down to a small garment. In the words of IVFMAMA, "the words thong and compression do NOT go together!!"

I hate the material of the garment. When is it okay to switch to a different material?? It really hurts the nerves on my lower back. Any recommendations?


You look great! I can't believe I'm just finding your review when we had our surgeries so close together! I can't imagine puking after surgery, ouch! I didn't puke, wasn't even nausea! But the walker oh wow I would of love to have one of those! My butt hurt so bad it was hard to move my legs the first day. Glad to hear your recovery is going well.
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Yes you look top shelf
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Thanks, HoneyBunnz!

21 Days Post Op

My small garment, same brand as I wore out of the office, is cutting into my shoulders and top of my butt cheeks. I will definitely have permanent marks if I'm unable to find a better garment for taller women.

If anyone has any suggestions, PLEASE, HELP!!!!

The angle of this picture makes my butt crack look weird, butt it's not that bad in person! haha!!!


Order a custom made garment. Zulu Princess has all the info in her blog.
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Thank you so much!!!
She was $100 total for the first hour. I think I got five or six. And like I said in my blog, You definitely want the lymph drained off of your butt as well. Dr's say don't massage it, but lymphatic drainage isn't a massage, it's a VERY LIGHT TOUCH. I noticed a huge difference in pain the next day when I asked her not to massage it the day before..I regretted it horribly!! You can also get other massage ladies to travel, she's not the only one..she just has a LOT OF EXPERIENCE. :)

Jimerson Staff NEVER RETURNS calls or emails

I am so upset. Besides the fact that Dr. Jimerson and I have never even had a full conversation aside from Hi how are you? Do you like your results?, I am ticked off that I can NEVER get anyone to return a call or answer an email.

Yes, I love my results. No, I do not like their lack of professionalism. After reading BigBootyTinyWaist's blog, I am downright furious at the lack of assistance I've received from my Dr.'s office. They do not provide you with adequate aftercare information. I've had to learn all of it online here. Without helpful reviews like her's and ivfmama's I would not know anything!!!

Ugh...So, here's the picture of what the small Stage 2 garment did to my shoulders. I am back in the medium. It provides almost no compression. I took my small to a seamstress yesterday. She is going to try to elongate the shoulders, enlarge the butt out holes and shorten the leg length. It cuts off the circulation to my lymph node behind my knees!!

At four weeks now, my back still feels like it has electrical impulses all throughout. My lower back and flanks sting like they're on fire!! I have not almost no relief since day one. I'm sure I've already said this but I'll say it again. Not only did I tell my Patient Coordinator, Michelle, that their standard issue of Hydrocodone has no effect on my pain and I would need a different drug, but I told Kim the nurse! She insisted it would work because it works for everyone! Uh, NO! Not me. The only slight relief I've had is from the muscle relaxers. I have called and emailed with this concern since surgery 10-10-13 and have yet to be called back.

How am I supposed to attempt to go down to a smaller size garment, squeem, cincher, etc. without some pain management?? :(

Stepping down off my soap box.


Oh my, terrible that their office treats their patients that way after they spend $10,000! I'm having garment issues too! Now I live across country from my office but they have been there every step of the way through phone communication. My new custom garment was digging into my waist/flank area so bad I've woken up around 4 a.m. every morning due to the flank pain and I take it off for a few hours and wear my ab binder only. It feels so nice to have that relief. My patient cord. even called me on her day off to help me with solutions. This garment crap is driving me crazy! I'm miserable and cannot wait for my 8 week mark! At that point I can sleep without it, horay! I'm still very uncomfortable sleeping and wake up at least 3 times a night! I have no more muscle relaxers. How has your sleeping been?
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Sleeping is a PAIN!!!! But, I get the best sleep by putting a thick pillow under my hips (a little towards my abs..or two thin ones) then a thin, soft pillow under my head. Have you tried this? What did you think?? I can sleep at least two to three hours at a time like this. My lower back stings so bad any other way. I saw that you and BigBootyTinyWaist had the same doctor. I told her I was so jealous of the after care you guys receive!!!! lol. But very happy for y'all!!!! Keep posting and I'll keep up with ya! Best wishes!!!
I've tried sleeping every way imanginable. I use to sleep through the night around 2 weeks PO sometimes but I believe the meds helped with that. I think it's mental now because I'm so uncomfortable in these garments I just lay there tossing and turning and getting angry and crying. I think BigBooty Tiny Waist had Salama but you are probably thinking of Zulu Princess who has a big booty and tiny waist:) I really can't believe a doctor of Jimmerson's stature has such bad customer service. On the bright side you look amazing!

Driving, Sleeping, Sitting

I forgot to mention around the four or five week mark, I was able to start driving with my buckwheat roll pillows under my thighs and behind back. Also, I sat down on the toilet (not with a lot of pressure, but I did it without holding myself up!!!) Yay!! Also, I can pile plush pillows up on the couch and sit to watch tv! I even sit to eat dinner with my pillows under my legs. Have been scared to try, but glad I did!!! I was waiting as long as possible. I want to keep my wonderful results!!! :) Still Loving Dr. J's work!!!!!


So much helpful information SAM921. I thank you so much... Love your results and continue the healthy healing. I know what you mean my experience was similar to yours; once I paid it was like forget about it. The first time I called with a question Michelle called me back in 2 days. Then I had a question about my medical clearance and it's sad to say I never got a return call. I had to call the operator to finally get my question answer :(
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You are welcome! Sadly, it seems this is the case for most members on here with our Dr.'s office. My results make up for it in my mind though. Best wishes !!!!

Loss of Fat

The side of my hips has started to indent again just as they were (though not nearly as bad!!!!) before surgery. Very sad. :(


Glad you like your results!!! you look great! what is a "lymph massage" is it required? I dont remember seeing anything about that in the packect i was emailed
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Yes. You Will Want One A Day ForTheFirst Two Weeks. And Then One As Often As You Can Afford. It's NotReally A Massage, But More Of A Light Touch. Sorry For The Caps. It's My Phone
I didn't get hips (my doc doesn't do hips) but my booty has gone down a lot :( so sad. Also I spoke to my doctor a day ago, he told me to stay off my butt as much as possible b/c I didn't have a lot of fat to transfer. My PC told me weeks ago I could start sitting, WTH!!!! :(
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You can see on each side the indentations... :( Also, my skin had a reaction to excess tape left on. It looks like it's causing some type of scar. I just started using scar sheets today. So, I have not been proactive as far as treating it until now. Will update later on whether it disappeared. Also, some of my incision sites still have green looking threads??? under the scar.


You still have a very nice shape. How much hips did they say you should expect to lose?
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They didn't mention anything about the hips. I just hope they fluff back out!! haha!!! They didn't say anything about how much loss I should expect in the butt either, so???? And Thank YOU!!
Your booty looks great though SAM921. Do you think some of the stitches didn't dissolve completely?
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Jiggle Jiggle

The pain in my bum is finally starting to get a little better!!! It is still there, but MUCH BETTER!!! My lower back still hurts horribly, but I'm managing. The powernet or whatever it's called that the garment is made of makes it hurt worse. I got back into the small after I had a seamstress elongate the shoulders, enlarge the butt out area and cut off the bottom of the knees. It still cuts into and leaves horrible bruised indents in my shoulders but no where near as bad. I have on a the small zipped up/hook and eye closure waist "cincher" under my garment. I'm hoping it will help with the pain from the garment. I can barely move!! lol. Sleeping at night is also getting MUCH BETTER!! YAY!!!!!


Glad you're getting some rest. Are you sleeping on your butt yet? What kind of garment are you wearing? When I was home i put socks under the shoulder straps. looks silly but helps.
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yes, I was finally able to lay on my back for a few minutes (maybe hours) at night. It was WONDERFUL!!!!!! I do put socks under the straps, too!!! Thanks for the suggestion!! :)
I think you look great!! =D Glad it's getting better for you!
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Out of my Garment for Two Days

YIKES!!! After my eight week mark, I thought I'd try going without my garment as I've read so many ladies on here do. WRONG MOVE!! I swelled up like a Good Year blimp!!! Once I got my suit back on, it was SO TIGHT!!!! Just like it was after surgery!! Needless to say, I am back in it 23 hours a day!! Ugh!! I emailed my Patient Coordinator again yesterday after seeing that she hasn't even opened the last two emails I sent over 40 days again. :( We'll see if she answers this one. Not going to hold my breath.


I got a lot of useful tips in your review! You look great!
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Thanks Sugar!
I can't believe that Jimerson allows such unprofessionalism in his aftercare!!! I think they're to busy trying to become reality TV stars. Have you tried putting a maxi pad or some sort of cushioning under the garment strap on your shoulder? I've seen a lot of girls use maxi pads under the garment to cushion uncomfortable areas.
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I finally talked to Kim at Dr. J's. The paperwork you're given before surgery says (not verbatim) if you are exposed to excess sun you could experience discoloration at lipo sites. It is winter time. I have stayed indoors most all days and have not wore a bikini outside at all. YET... I am told the dark discoloration on my bikini line and the large lumps under them will be permanent and that Kim has the same problems. :( UGH!!!!!!! How disgusting!!!! My butt is shrinking of course. Expected, but so sad. :(


Hey Hun Just wanted to checked in on you and see how you're doing?
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So,sorry for you too I m so disappointed with both my results and their after care.....I paid 20000$ for horrible hips, big stomach and flat butt.. With s a nightmare and now I have to go to dr Cortes in Houston to correct that mess....the only good person was Tatiana.she is amazing .....
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Hey girl how are you? How are your results coming along?
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Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Only two points to make when referring Dr. Jimerson. 1. His work is amazing. 2. The time spent with me and his office staff's professionalism rate below par. My pre-op and post-op appointments were both with Kim. The only times I spoke with Dr. Jimerson he was walking through the halls. I would have never seen him at my post op had I not opened the door to let some air in. No one ever told me if my wish pics/expectations were realistic or not. I have been in severe pain since surgery, but I cannot get anyone to return my calls. Happy with work but disappointed with lack of aftercare.

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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