I am scheduled with doctor Salama on the 3rd of...

I am scheduled with doctor Salama on the 3rd of December 2013. I already booked my plane tickets to fly from Europe and everything and today I got the horrible news that I need to be witness in a trial in the same week in Europe.

I am desperately searching for somebody that has any date in December 2013 after the 8th and is willing to switch with me. My date is3 rd of December, if any of you is able to do that i am offering to pay for your flights if you need to book new tickets and any other inconvenience.

Please help me, I've been waiting for this surgery since forever and i have been crying since morning when i found out i wont be able to get to Miami for my surgery date.

I will be forever gratefully to anybody that is willing to help me.
Good luck...also call the office they ALWAYS his smeone dat needs to switch or reschedule pray sumthing WILL cum thru.
I have already been with Cinthy which is being very healpfull, she got me this 3rd December date in the beginning after a colegue of her gave me July 2014 so I have big hope she will be able to help me this time too. She's amazing and I have to find her a very nice present when I get to Miami :)
No matter hw many times u need to switch especially in ur case theyl b glad to help u they r the best!!

Also late november would be usefull

I am able also to change at dr salama for anything between 15-25 november.
I am willing to pay for you flights or for any inconvenience whatever amount you want, I'm really desperate to have this done this year because next year taking time off work is impossible .

Willing to pay 3000$ for your appointment at dr Salama

I have the 3rd of december and i find it impossible to change it with somebody.
I am really desperate because i cant make it and next year i start a new job so it will be impossible to take time off work .
I am looking for a date between 15-25 of november or 8th december - 25 december and am willing to pay 3000$ To somebody that gives me their dates or changes with me + your deposit and plane tickets if you are out of town and flying in Miami.
Please contact me asp.

Lots of love

I am soooooo happppppyyyyyy ! ! !

I was finally able to switch my date, Nancy from dr Salamas's office was great and very helpful, I will always be grateful to ''cleobeuty'' for willing to change the date with me.
I have a flat booked from the 11th of november until the 02nd of december. If anybody had a date in a similar time and doesnt want to be alone let me know, im willing to share.

Before photos

I have posted a few photos with me now, after I've put on 5 pounds for my surgery, 10 pounds to go until my surgery date on the 14th .
Do you think 10 more pounds will be enough to get close results to my wish pics or do I need more, any ideas to put on weight fast ?

Any info abot where i can find a nurse

Does anybody know where can i find a nurse in miami to spend a few days with my after my surgery?
After i have bbl how long do i need to spend in the hospital, do i go home in the same day or i need to be there overnight?
How many days should i get a nurse for? how bad is the pain?

Put on weight fast for BBL

For the girls that want to put on weight fast for bbl, in a healthy way, I've been drinking this for the last 2 days and really helped with my weight gain
Good luck cant wait to see your result
Do you drink the mega mass and ensure together
Good luck!

phoos 3 days before surgery

I am now 3 days before my surgery date, my weight is curently 141 pounds which is my final weight before surgery.
I am adding to my surgery packege also arms lipo and upper back. I want to make sure i will not have any fat let anywhere on my upper body and also i hope i have enough fat to have a nice projection and hips.
I've posted photos both naked and with some shorts, i will be wearing the same shorts after my surgery so you can see the diference.
We have the same sx date, woohoo! Good luck with everything :-)
thank you
I can't drink them together because i dont like the taste

2 days post

I feel horrible, I'm in so much pain.... Worst decision to do my arms, I cant even get out of bed.
This is the first day i can walk or eat, I've been very dizzy and sick every time i ate .
Get in and out of the car to get home or to see the doctor was a nightmare.
Your face is swollen mama. No fear it will go down. Did u really gain 20 lbs in two weeks? Lol it took me 2 months to gain 12 lbs. Althougj I wasn't really eating heavily just drinking boost.
Yes 2 weeks but i ate a loooot, 6000-7000 calories a day and taking probiotics and digestive enzymes with every meal so it helped digest everything i ate
Looking good hun get some rest

Photos no suit on

I have some horrible burns on my belly that hurt a lot, i cant even touch it to put cream on, did it happened to any of you? Did it leave any scars ?
My face had swell and hands did also. I'm 7 days po now and swelling on my face went down day 5-6. My hands too swell I think cuz of my sleeves. I had my arms lipo'd also. I take my sleeves off til the swelling goes down and then put them back on. It's a constant struggle. Hang in there. It gets easier...... believe it or not. Xoxo
Wow be burned u badly that is second degree burns go check that out asap!! My doctor gave me a first degree burn which is superficial it Left a brown mark and it never left ppl were like oh it will go away n it never did just went from red to brown. I hope u get better
What did salama say about your burns? It's his fault! What is he saying about that!!??. That is bull *hit!

I've seen the doctor today

The burns from my belly are from the very aggressive lipo, it will take months to heal and he suggested after they heal to have another surgery to have smaller scars, im very upset i wasn't expecting trying to do my body better and be left with burn scars from the lipo on my abdomen.

I am now praying that at least my butt heals well and i wont be having problems with that too.
Sorry that happened hope when it heals its not as noticeable. I saw that on some other girls ( from other doctors) but they mentioned its garment burn so their doctors must have blamed it on the garment. At least salama took responsibility and hope he wont charge for treating them
It was no way to blame on the garment, it was there just after the surgery. We didn't discuss yet if i have to pay for it or not, but now i just want to heal and this pain to go away. I dont think i want him to operate again to remove the scar, i will see when the time comes.
Yeah thats what i was thinking too wait for it to heal and see how it looks after that. I am sure u dont want any more surgeries after that. I'd consider tattooing it instead when completely healed. But he needs to do something about it cuz thats why we pay an arm and a leg here in the states. I understand things can happen even with great doctors but he should give some kinda money back, he should have known he went too far

Had my first massage

Had my first massage with Eylen, she was amazing and very patient with me.
She was even to massage a little my burned stomach. I fell much better now after the massage .
Also met dr ramy who is very nice and told me not to worry about the burn too much because once will heal it won't look that bad.
I will update my review and post photos at every stage.
I'm so sorry about your burns I'm praying for fast healing an minimal to no scars. Your butt looks amazing on a lighter note :) just continue to eat good stay hydrated an take care of yourself so that your body can continue to heal quickly

Once you start to feel better ?

Once you start feeling a little better and you are not laying in bed all day and night what do you do for the day to pass, i have been walking around the house for the last 2 h and don't know what else to do, in what position can i sit and watch tv or anything
Checking on you to see how you been doing ? Hope your recovery is going smoothly , best wishes
I've been doing very good, everything is well overall, from the bbl I'm just a little stiff and a few bruises, my burn started to peal off a little, still hurts bad and I'm still on pain killers. After everything peals off I'll have an idea if I'll have a scar and how bad is it. Thank you for thinking about me
How are you feeling Hun? Are you all alone here? I live about 45 min from salama's office but if you need anything I can swing by and help ya out if ya need a hand

Photos update, 12 days after my BBL

Just wanted to update you about my progress. My pain from BBL is almost gone but my burns still hurt bad, less than before and started to peal , I am praying to God it doesn't scar bad.
I m glad you are healing okay n hoping as well u dong get any scars from your burns .
Sorry you had to experience the burns, I pray they heal soon so you can enjoy your results...
Sorry to hear bout ur burns i too have lipo burns but on my gack an sides an two small ones on stomach it didnt hurt at all even whn it started peelin but its takin forever for my color to cum back..i love my results but i didnt xpect these burns ut makes things more difficult but i pray an ino i an wme eill b alrite...btw u look great keep ur head up an conitinue to put ur cream altho it did nuthin for me:)

My hips are totally different

It looks like swelling to me. Too early probably to tell
I'm sorry about your burns girly.. Hope you feel better soon! I'm gonna be going to Salama as well in the end of February.. Quick question..where are you staying at???? I'm also traveling there.. I need some where to stay..
I am staying 10-15 minutes by car from the doctors office in Hollywood, this is my flat http://www.vrbo.com/3524890ha , I am paying 700 a week . Go on http://www.vrbo.com and search aventura or Hollywood you will find many choices starting 500$ a week

Short term flats

If you prefer to stay in a flat rather than a hotel you can find plenty flats close to doctors office on http://www.vrbo.com , just search aventura or Hollywood.
I prefer Hollywood on south ocean drive, big choice of flats and prices starting at 500$/a week . it's just on the beach, 10 minutes from the doctor.
Hey girl hope ur feeling good i had surgery on nov 15th i also have to burns on my stomach let me know if you have any questions
Hi Sorry to hear about your burns, with what doctor did you have surgery, how bad are the burns, did they scar yet ?
Hello - glad your recovery is going well . Probably is swelling on the uneven hips . U will hv a better idea on the 3-5 weeks , unfortunately in my case they never even out . Going back for revision . Wishing u speedy recovery

I started to have a good shape

Still have my front drain :( 18 days after the surgery, i am soooo tried of it.
Butt looking good, pity of the uneven hips.
A lil hard to take good photos myself so I'll ask my brother to take some pics and update the progress soon
You're gonna be just fine! You look good!
CoaCoa Butter!
Your booty is looking very nice. Glad your recovery is doing well cuz with all the burns you got you didnt need a long recovery. The scars seem better too. I hope theyre not too deep cuz if theyre not you might not scar after you heal

Burns updates

A few days ago I got in my home city for a very important thing at work which I couldn't miss and I decided if I am in town for a few days to go see a burn specialist to ask his opinion about my burns and how to treat them in the best way. When he saw me he was shocked about the burns and when he saw the drain with green liquid in and when I told him I had it for 3 weeks he didn't even want to remove it and he took me straight to the emergency room where is also works.
It seems the burns were much more serious that what I initially thought, I had an infection and that's why I was draining green liquid.
He decides the burn and the dead skin from the burn is a serious danger and I need surgery asp to remove the dead tissue and avoid a very bad infection.
I had my surgery on Thursday and again on Tuesday I will have a second surgery to have a skin graft on the are.
I was laying on my back during the surgery with a boppy pillow and I'm praying every day my butt will heal ok and I won't have any problems for staying 3 hours on my back at my last surgery and probably other 3 hours at the next surgery.
The doctor is the best burn specialist and reconstructive doctor in my country and one of the best in Europe and he said in 45 years since he is working as a doctor has never seen anything like it from a liposuction. Lots and lots of doctors in the emergency room came and see me and all the hospital it's talking about what happened to me and judging me for what I've done.
I am uploding photos but they look horible so please don't look if you are scared of this sort of images
Get a good lawyer, girl that's malpractice .
Terrible! I hope you get well soon. This would be a definite lawsuit.

Out of my 2nd surgery

I had my 2nd surgery yesterday to get a skin graft on the burn area that left a deep hole on my abdomen and i never imagined it could be so painfull. I am on strong pain killers since yesterday and still i cant even sleep from the pain.
I consider myself lucky that things didnt get even worst and the infection didnt spread in my body but in this moments when im in so much pain i feel that God is punishing me for not beeing happy with what i had and beeing vain,wanting perfection.
I think this experince changed me a lot and i started beeing more responsible. I realised now that if something happens to be a lot of ppl depend of me and their lifes will be ruined, not even mentioning how scared my family was and what i put them through.
I want to thank you all for beeing here for me and encouraging me.
I have been strong, calm and positive so far but i feel i cant do it anymore. I just hope this pain will go away soon, im so sick and tired of beein in the hospital.
Regarding dr Salama i am of course upset that he burned me so badly but i am the most upset with how he handeled the situation after in the 3 weeks i was in miami, treating this like something minor, seeing that i am draining GREEN liquid and just saying no its not infection because you are taking antibiotics. I am not a doctor and i dont know much so i trusted his words but when i came home i realised that what hes done and the way he managed the situation its totally irresponsible, from the moment i got in the hospital they put me on 3 deferent antibiotics to stop any kind of infection before they tested the drain and they found out the exact type of infection and they were able to keep just the antibiotic that was treating it.
Because his wonderful results i wanted dr salama really really bad and I've done everything in my power to be able to have surgery with him, i trusted him completly and now i am very disapointed.
Me as a patient with no medical knowlege the person i ask and i trust should be my doctor, he should be the one that knows when something is wrong and stirs me in the right direction.
Before leaving miami i asked him exactly what happened and what type of lipo did he use because im seeing a burn specialist when i get home, HE said there is NO POINT seeing a burn specialist because he cant do anything else for me, and im terified now of what could of happened if I did listen to him and didnt see the doctor.
My abdomen will scar horribly and it will leave a hole in the area where the burn was very bad, i will be able to start having some reconstructive surgery only 1 year from now to reduce the scars and fill the area where the burn was so deeo but in the close future i wont be able to wear a 2 piece bathing suit.
I am gratefull anyway that it wasnt even worst or as a girl here said my body is not my work, i can just hide everything under clothes and go on with my life.
I attached a photo with how i was before the surgery, i wasn't fat in any way and my body was in decent shape thats why I'm so disappointed of what happened.

Sorry for my typing mistakes but my first language is not english
Omg im sooooo mad right now. Im sooo srry this hppend to you keep your head up you will get through this horrible experience. Smdh I just cant believe this!!! I am just speechless. Im soo glad I changed to ghurani cuz salama was my 1st choice. I guess he just said f*** this u r not the only girl ive seen recently with the burns. Im so srry once again hun im praying for you
i am second guessing going to salama. i know i shouldnt base my decision off of one experience, but it seems to be happening more and more with dr s. i still am considering him, but i am going to need to see a change from him. and to u 150mmlover...i am sending u lots of love and positive healing energy. im sorry that u are going thru this, i will be praying for ur speedy recovery. and please whatever u do, dont give up...dont lose hope...remember mind over matter...visualize urself already healed...scarless...and however a healthy u looks like to u. there is power in our thoughts. peace babe.
Yep , Need 2 see a change in him ! He need to stop using Laser Lipo ! I love his work , just not the burns he starting to throw in ! Dr. Duran and Dr. Jimerson are starting to look good right about now !

Type of lipo

After talking to dr Salama he told he he DID NOT use any laser lipo, he used power assisted lipo.
I've tried searching for burns caused by power assisted lipo and i am left with even more questions than before, all doctors say they use this type of lipo to avoid burning the skin and they all say it almost impossible to cause serious burns with this type of lipo.
I asked my doctor (the burn doctor) if this can happen with power assisted lipo and he said there are small chances but it does happen when the doctor is inexperienced and doesn't know how to use this type of machine.

Now i chose dr Salama because i have seen his results at lipo and body conturing are amazing, so i am very confused how did this happen to somebody like him with experience and judging by other results with great experience.

Even a friend of mine that was reading his reviews and planing to have surgery with him said that it looks like me and the other girls of dr S look like we had a totally different doctor . How can a person be so good and make such a big mistake in the same time.

I am the type of person that is always looking for an answer and an explanation. I just want to know in every situation how did this happen but right now i have searched and asked many questions but can find an answer to how did this happen.
I really thing you should talk to an attorney. I know there is risk with any surgery, but this goes way beyond that. You should be compensated for your pain and suffering. And the fact that he tried to minimize it, makes it all the more disgusting and scary.
The problem is , he tried to conceal his negligence ,and he knew he messed up , that is called fraud , which mean he intent ally defrauded his patients ! He need to answer to the powers that be ". These girls have made him a millionaire , he can afford legal counsel . Doctors like this makes one say " I'll keep my flat ass because it ain't worth it " Don't protect him , all these girls who were victims of this Laser Lipo ", come forward . Come forward , you have nothing to be sorry and shame about . The only thing we are all guilty about is wanting to be beautiful ".
Exactly. Any women who have suffered burns like this should definitely come forward. Doctors who do this should be held accountable, Most if not all doctors carry malpractice insurance. At the very least this is malpractice without a doubt and may in fact be criminal.

Dr salama

I received an email from dr s to ask me if I'm ok a few days ago and I have told him about my situation, he also emailed me yesterday and I asked him again about the lipo used to make sure I didn't understand anything wrong the first time we talked about the subject. The answer is "I don't use laser lipo. I used power assisted liposuction."
I personally think he Is telling the truth, I don't think he would lie in an email in writing especially in this situation.
He knows or at least his patience coordinators know I am posting on real self and probably read here first what I'm going through and all the advices you are giving me so I think he is honest with what he wrote me.
Everything I'm reading says power assisted lipo gives results without the risk of burns. I also read that laser lipo kills the fat cells, so he wouldn't use that for a fat harvesting procedure. What is happening here? I feel like nothing is making sense.
They use tumescent liposuction to harvest the fat and laser/smart liposuction to sculpt
After seeing this, I have decided to NOT get this surgery. I was going to go to dr. S, but it's just not worth the "what if". I have been doing research for over 5 yrs and have followed dr. Salama's work and noticed he has a pattern. He goes through doing wonderful makeovers consistently for 6-10 months and then he starts getting sloppy for the next few months, then great work, then sloppy and so on. The reason I haven't done the procedure was bc I wasn't done having kids, but now that I am all done I have been keeping up with his work for ppl here on RS and another site. I'm not trying to start an argument here bc I know MANY ppl here have has amazing results from him and this is TRUE!! But I have been on RS for a few years now and have noticed a pattern, and for me he was the dr to go to for this procedure. After seeing what he has done to you, I have came to the conclusion that this could possibly happen (bc it just did) and it's not worth it for me. I am happy the way I am. My husband loves me for what I am. I'm sorry about what happened to you being this was something that was supposed to improve your body, and now it is more work than you originally anticipated. Good luck and find a lawyer. Here in the states are a wonderful and well know lawfirm, "Morgan & Morgan". They specialize in this like this. I hope that helps.

4 weeks and loosing volume every day

I am a little over 4 weeks and I'm loosing volume every day. In the first 2 weeks after the surgery I didn't loose almost any volume, but in the last 2 weeks I lost 4inches.
I started with43 inches and I am now 39 inches .
I can believe I've been through all this and I'm left with scars and a deformed abdomen and very little improvement to my butt

I regret so much

I regret so much Not going with dr J
First, thank you for posting your experience, because of people like you, others can be warned. I also had a bbl with doctor Salama on Oct. 2013. I have been debating posting up my review because of how private I am with pictures. But looking at yours has made me want to share my experience. I am stuck with a hugee seroma and a burn as well, now I am searching for a doctor that is willing to help me out. If anyone knows of a surgeon please let me know. I have tried to contact salama but he never responds.. Makes you feel like a number. What happened to the responsibility as a professional, that you have with your patient?
Hun please take care going forward. Find a Dr willing to continue whatever additional treatment you need to correct any outstanding issues. I'm pretty sure there are countless women not wanting to share the mishap due to feeling embarrassed or other emotions but u should never feel that way it's not your fault. This forum should be about each individual journey Good, Bad and a Ugly. The burns were also a concern for me. Sorry u have to go through this. Take care sweets
I'm praying for your speedy recovery. By the way you look awesome!! Going to his partner ghurani which ghurani has burned one patient I've seen on reself,, I've seen salama burn several which makes me question their skills or equipment something has to be done about this it has got to stop!!! I've paid a Deposit think I need to have a talk with these people, Im a diabetic and can't afford these type if issues. I would have thought he would have learned from the first couple of patients.. this why I decided to stay in the states for safety reasons now I'm not so sure . Thanks for sharing sweety!!!

Usefull things for your recovery

1. Face down pillow, its very very hard sleeping on your front for 1.5 months if you are not used to, i had horible neck pain after 10 days but after i got this pillow things improved

There are many other models of face down pillows, but this one for me was confortable

2. This chair made my life much easier, its very big so you can confortably cut a hole in it and you are able to sit with your butt hanging through the hole. And it has many pockets to put your remote, glass, whatever
3. Female urinal, i purchased a few but this particular one worked the best, i was even able to pee while wearing trousers :)
4. Bending to put your shoes on again very hard especially if you are doing the legs too so another great find http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004X6SW3O/ref=oh_details_o05_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
5.after my surgery i stayed in a rented flat and i was bleeding really really bad, i bought e waterproof mattress protector, very comfortable and it saved the mattress
6. This thing helped me get things i dropped on the floor or get stuff from cupboards, it was very hard for me to bend or to lift my arms
7. Because I've done my inner thighs sitting down on a hard yoga matt or blocks was impossible cos my legs were very painful, but this yoga matt is thick and soft and it was great for sitting without my butt touching the chair
8. Arms garment
The one i got from dr S office was horrible, arms were ok but it was extremely narrow on my back, i couldn't breath in it and i was unable to wear it.
Every woman is different some have wider backs some more narrow is is impossible one garment to Fit everybody good.
So i went and searched and found this garment which is wayyyyyyy better because it has 3 hooks in the back 3 in the front, it can be done as wide or as narrow as you need it.
It worked great and when it got too loose i just took it to the tailor and made the arms more narrow, it was just 15 $ to modify it

Hope i was able to help the future bbl sisters :) if i remember anything else i will post it.
Hope all is well with your recovery
I'm so mad that he did this to you even if it was an accident and how he disregarded you so easily when you were in Miami, I was looking into salama but I decided against it when I received their email because they hadn't answered any of my questions all they did was quote me, what is the point of asking people to email questions if they don't answer them. After that I was more confident in my choice in doctor one thing that I've learned is to put your health first- if the doctor isn't willing to have multiple consultations with you or talk with you on a personal level that's not right in my opinion, I know they are busy but they should be able to make time with their patients. It shouldn't be about the money. So advice for ladies still looking for a doctor do your research because I researched heavily before deciding on my doc. I wanted to go to Duran aswell with all the amazing results but I thought about my health and did my research and I wasn't too confident. I haven't had surgery and I thank you for informing us and I hope and will pray for you and your surgeries you deserve the best especially after everything you have endured you are so strong. Get well soon :)

Week 3 photos

I'm truly sorry for what happened I never saw your post or else I could have warned you...i know Salamas work and thats what he does to everyone, I have no idea why, if hes in a rush or simply does it too aggressively. Many women end up burned and normally he does a revision on them I cant believe he never apologized to you. Just recently I.was having a conversation with another member on RS and we were talking exactly about this, he keeps burning ppl. I mean what good does it do if you get a nice shape and have to cover it up because yr left deformed and with scars. Lipo in itself its.so dangerous anyway, many have reported gain in another part of their body. And I've seen it happen with my family. Never posted attention to any of it only after I was left to deal with my mess. Its nice to hear that you just want to get well and that you can cover it up with clothes, I on the other hand am left with negative thoughts, so I admire you how you are handling everything. I hope you heal and can move forward from all of this.
I am glad your skin grafting was a success boo...You will get thru this so keep you head up an remain positive
I am really sorry what happened to you. I also had 3rd degree burns from dr salama but they were much more milder than yours and not as deep or big. There were also areas of stressed skin that turned into hyperpigmentation all over. I have not documented anything at all on this forum due to my profession. I was trying to stay incognito. My husband said I should put tips up on my profile to help others make informed decisions. I just wanted to encourage you that it will get better and that you were NOT the only one burned.

New Garment-design Veronique

I just received today my new garment from design Veronique and it's great, wayyyyyy more comfortable than the garment I got from dr S, I can wear this now for months, the old one was a nightmare.
This is the link
Awesome informative review. I am sorry as well for waft you've been through clans salute your strength. You do in fact look amazing (and you were bangin even before sx). Praying for your continued strength n encouragement :-)
So sorry to hear about ur burns. From all u have said maybe Salama had someone less experienced helping him with the surgery and that person burned u. There have been a number of cases of doctors not doing some operations themself although I don't no if that happened here. I wish you a speedy recovery. So sorry this happened to u
i hope that is not the reason, i m going back to him for revision and i paying for salama to do me not any of his assistants, has any one asked him this question directly ??? i don't think he is allow to use anyone else .

I am very upset

Today i finally got my bandages removed, i look bad, really really bad, i attached a few photos but you cant really tell.

My abdomen is deformed, i have lumps, i have some sort of holes here and there. It will take 2-3 surgeries to correct the horrible scars and deformities i am left with and probably it will take 2 years until i look decent again.
I dont think i will be able to undress in front of somebody for a verrrrrrrryyyyy long time.
I completely ruined my body.
Butt is average, shape of the body is average, hips are very different and very uneven. Lipo on my abdomen was done horribly and my abdomen was left deformed, i have horrible scars.
I have worked hard to get a good body through gym and dieting got fat for this surgery to be perfect and now i am deformed.

I choose my doctor seeing the great results, after what happened and after i shared my story girls wrote me that got burned too saying they were embarrassed to write their story or because they don't want to post photos on the internet being concerned for their privacy.
I wish more girls would be brave and share their experience even if is bad, so we can make better choices with our doctors.

Its obvious its not only me in this situation with dr salama because they have silverdean (burn cream) in both their office, and most times i was in their office they had another jar of cream, so they burn people frequently .

I am very upset with what he done but more than that i am upset with what happen after, what kind of doctor in the situation that i was would tell me when i told him i am seeing a burn specialist that there is no need to do that that.
I was in shook for days and things happened so fast after I've seen the burn doctor and i have been rushed in the surgery, i am finally feeling good and i can do something about this situation.

When i was at my initial consultation with dr S everybody in the office was very nice to me, after my surgery they were all behaving like I've done something wrong and is my fault for being burned, Cynthia completely ignored me and didn't even say hi.

There was just 1 person in that office that was genuinely nice to me, and that way Eyleen, the one who made my massage.

Back photos

Let's not take personal shoots at each other , the site is for people to share their experiences . People will spend their money what their p.s of choice and their mind is made up .. A lot of people will continue to take up for their favorite p.s. when the proof and pictures of wrong doing are in plain sight . Let these ladies tell their stories . Keep the personal blows out of it .. For the record, you are not beefing with regular ladies , you beefing with staff members from various doctor offices taking up for their bosses . WOW
Great point! Salama has some crusaders on here that are either staff members or plants who are receiving some sort of compensation because they are too aggressive in their reviews and responses to just be satisfied patients.
Yep, can't fool me ! LOL crusaders , staff , relatives etc...

Answers to your questions

I did not choose implants because I have friends with implants and they all regret it, and butt looks very unnatural in my opinion. So this was out of the questions.
It was my mistake for not beeing happy with what I have, I admit that.

Regarding how fat I was, I think I had more than enough fat for the surgery because before the surgery I asked the doctor to remove also the fat on my back which he DID NOY because he reached the total amount of fat he could remove (I assume)
So he had plenty of other fat available on my body that he could of used, but he didn't .
Also we discussed he will put 1000 cc and he put 1150 so he did have enough fat available for what he wanted to do.
So beeing not fat enough was NOT the issue in this case.
After talking to another plastic surgeon in the USA about the same machine dr S uses (power assisted lipo) he said burns from this machine are rare and that's why most doctors like to use it, BUT improper use of the machine can cause burns.

In the conversations I had with dr S after the surgery he seems to be a very nice guy so I am very shocked about the things he done after the surgery with a smile on his face pretending is nothing serious.
He is either the fakest person I meet or he doesn't realise how bad he hurt me.
I prefer to think he didn't realise the gravity of the situation.

I have already discused with a lawyer the situation and he said in Florida you don't have to be insured and some plastic surgeons choose not to be insured because they think is the best thing to do in case something goes wrong.

This is what I received from the lawyer I contacted :
"This is a case that needs to be carefully investigated. I cannot, from the description, see any non-negligent explanation for what happened.
The lack of insurance is problematic. Typically, we don't pursue cases against uninsured doctors because it makes no economic sense for the client or for us. However, I've come around to the view that cases involving particularly bad medical care need to be pursued despite the fact that we may not make any money on them. I think that if firms like ours turn our backs on good cases because of the lack of insurance, it causes surgeons like the one involved here to believe that the best insurance is no insurance."

So girls when a doctor is uninsured think twice about having surgery with them.

When I was in Miami and I had to buy all these expensive creams after my surgery and when I was back home in the hospital I was thinking "thank God I can afford paying for this unexpected things" I don't know what I would of done if I didn't have any money, every time you have a surgery you should have some back up money just in case something goes wrong.
They are cool all the while attacking our bodies I had a similar experience they don't tell u how bad the burns will effect you I was burned and I'm distraught
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I hate when people try to inbox people asking them to shut up and not tell their stories ! If it is the truth we want to hear your story . We seen all the photos and people want to questioned these woman like they stupid and its their fault ? Question your doctor and ask him how could he have been so careless time and time again ? You wasn't scared to insult these woman , so now show your doctor the web pictures and ask him " Can you assure me this won't happen to me ?" People can comment on what they like . Many people don't have their personal stories up yet , because like me " I don't know who the hell I am going to > When we find a good doctor we are comfortable going to ,then we can post our stories . So don't try to get us to post nothing we haven't been through yet . If the truth hurt , then leave , we don't need no shady people on this site . But it is unfair to criticize one because he or she is commenting on facts that he or she has seen . We use each others stories to help us decide on a p.s. So take these pics and bring them to the good doctors and ask them to explain how it happened . It took a lot for these ladies 2 come public .. Don't think this problem can't happened to you or your love one , because it can . Proper training in the key .

Malpractice insurance Florida

Doctors in Florida elect to “go bare” that is to have no insurance to cover potential malpractice claims. In most states, medical malpractice insurance is a must among practicing doctors that’s why people are commonly surprised why Florida surgeons do not follow this trend.

In Florida, plastic surgeons go about their business even without malpractice insurance. This means that when you go to Florida for your liposuction and it ends up to be a botched operation, there is a small chance that neither your surgeon will answer for his wrongdoing nor will you be able to get a refund or compensation back.

A Florida lawyer,Spencer Aronfeld, who handles malpractices cases says that “Convincing a jury that a doctor has committed malpractice is not easy, but collecting from an uninsured doctor is almost impossible”.

When you are in a Florida plastic surgery clinic, you can easily spot a sign saying that they do not offer malpractice insurance pursuance of the Florida’s Medical Practice Statute §458.320(7) which states that:

“Under Florida law, doctors are generally required to carry medical malpractice insurance or otherwise demonstrate financial responsibility to cover potential claims for medical malpractice. However, certain part-time physicians who meet state requirements are exempt from the financial responsibility law. YOUR DOCTOR MEETS THESE REQUIREMENTS AND HAS DECIDED NOT TO CARRY MEDICAL MALPRACTICE INSURANCE. This notice is provided pursuant to Florida law.”

Liposuction alone has alerted the ASAPS for the continuing increasing number of fatalities that follow after the procedure. In a study published in the Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery on January 2000, it has been found out the mortality rate is 19.1 for every 100 000 patients. This data came from almost 1 000 surgeons who participated in the said survey.

When choosing a doctor

"Ask whether the surgeon carries medical malpractice insurance, and if not, why not? In Florida, malpractice insurance coverage can be verified by calling the Agency for Health Care Administration toll-free at 888-419-3456. In other states, check with the licensing board"
Hunny, I'm so sorry that you experienced such a horrific ordeal! I don't know what to say.... So I will send up a prayer for your physical and emotional healing.
I am so sorry for your experience.
Which other States have non-mandatory insurance laws?

Before /after Photos

Befoew / after photos

Final scar

This is how everything scared and how my abdomen is left.
There is some improvement from the bbl but not a major improvement to even be worth the pain from the surgery not even including the burns.
So in my opinion for a woman that is a bit overweight the surgery is worth it but for somebody slim it's not worth it at all.
All surgeries have a certain degree of risks, at lipo burns is one of the risks, but mild burns nothing so deep and serious which leave you scared in such a way.
If any girl would of stepped up and wrote in her reviews about burns even half as serious of mine I would of never went with the doctor that done that no matter how amazing results he had.
Somebody that makes mistakes will always make mistakes and as I found out only after my surgery I was not his first or last mistake.
We are are looking for beauty and perfection in our bodies there's nothing wrong with that, if we can get a little nip and tuck here and there is to fulfill our dreams.
Thank you NY I totally understand it does not matter every surgery has risks let me out it this there is no such thing as surgery 100% risk free every procedure cosmetic or non they all have a risk that is the only down side and u are right anyone can get infection bleeding ect. I just hope this girls heal properly I feel for them because one is not looking for things like this to happen and yes Doctor Salama and all the doctors should know when to stop I totally agree with that there is no excuse for mistakes like this because ultimately the patient pays higher consequences. I hope the best for everyone on your journeys and for the ones that haven't yet had their procedures.

Some people ...

Some people in here are trying to minimise this think and make it seem like it's nothing and the doctor is not so much to blame.
YES you do sign the waiver saying that there are risks of death, asymmetry , burns but that DOES'T mean that if the doctor is negligent you signed away your rights.
If a doctor made a mistake he is still responsible for it no matter what.
My burn wasn't the typical burn your get from liposuction, as the doctor that fixed me stated, IT IS FROM IMPROPER USE of the power assisted lipo machine.

Regarding somebody else operating on me, that DID NOT happen.
I was the 1st surgery of the day and I arrived before the staff at the facility.
The doctor arrived accompanied by 2 nurses and a doctor that made the anaesthesia.

So unless somebody came after dr Salama himself operated on me.

Girls sent me private messages asking me if they should still go to dr Salama or not, I can not answer that question, it's your body and your choice.

I personally, if I ever see a doctor do a mistake half as bad as mine I would NEVER EVER choose that doctor no matter how good his results are especially when there are so many doctors and so many choices.
Dr Ghurani (from dr S office is also a good doctor)

This is not my first plastic surgery, it's my 3rd, I am used with pain and risks but this was something else, I had 3-4 weeks of extreme pain, taking double dose of pain killers once every 3-4 hours.

It wasn't a simple complication of the surgery it was a clear mistake of my doctor.

I am traveling at the moment but in a few days I'll try to find and post the form the doctor gave me where is written the amount of fat I got on each cheek, it was clearly 1150 on each, or at least that's what it's written.

I haven't lost any weight since the surgery, I am maintaining myself at 63 kg (139 pounds)
Thank you for sharing your experience it was a good thing.
Thanks god the post I hope your healing is coming along good
Girl you are a trooper, no one can imagine what your dealing with unless they have went through it but your handling it well, recovery should be your top priority sending positive vibes your way keep taking care if your self

Round 2

After i failed in getting the results i wanted with dr salama i am seriousky thinking about round 2.
Who can give me a tiny waist , hips and a bigger butt without burns ?
I loved dr salams results, thats why i chosed him but because he failed to give me what i needed i am now searching somewhere else.
I want to do this somewhere in 6-8 months before i have the reconstructive surgery to remove my scars from the bursn just in case something else happenes again.
Probably many will judge me for wanting to do this for a second time but i want it.
I was thinking about butt implants but what i care even more is waist and hips so i might be having butt implants for projection and lipo sculpture for hips and waist.
Please recomend me the best doctor who can give me hips and small waist .
I think your waist is great , your butt looks good to us ! Post some recent pics with your cloths on so we could see how your butt looks now !
We not about to judge you ! You want round 2 , go for it !
Hey beautiful! No one has any REASON or right to judge you. Don't worry about the critics. Do whatever makes you happy. Have you considered Dr. Salzhauer? He is Bal Harbor, FL. The reason I ask is because he does phenomenal work on more petite women. Just an idea for you. Thanks again for being so strong and continuing to update all of us. Good luck in your next journey.

Trying jeans

In the right jeans it looks good, its full and everything but dont have much projection
I agree. After all u been through u deserve to be happy. No judgements. We all should go into this knowing the risks and I believe that even though u weren't expecting it u knew it COULD happen. Kudos to you for bring do positive in such a ruff recovery, I believe you will get the booty and waist you desire... Good luck
Booty look nice in those jeans girl, ain't nothing wrong with wanting round 2you know what you want and you deserve to have it you should go to whatever doctor is going to give you what makes you happy and not worry about anybody else you've been through enough already to have to worry about what others think
Go to youtube. Lots of girls post vids on how to gain weight naturally and try to make it go to the right places or spot reduce/ spot exercise. There are also vids about natural wraps you can do around your booty to increase size. I wish I had watched some of those before my lipo which I regret so much. The less surgery always looks the more natural. Also remember fat is your friend, it has more stem cells than bone marrow, it keeps you young looking, nourishes the skin and muscles and helps regulate hormones. If you take out too much fat the body may try to compensate by storing fat internally as well. If I knew more info looking back I would try to natural methods first. Last choice I would only lipo 3 areas max conservatively and absolutely no lipo in the hips, thighs or flanks so that I would not lose my protective fat stores in those areas.

Out of the shower

I like the fullness of the butt in the lower part but I want it rounder and fuller on the top, I think that will give it the projection that I'm looking for
Hi...I'm so happy your doing better than weeks ago...what your going through is a serious matter....and your decision to go for a round 2 should not be taken lightly....remember to resolve legal matters first....your a brave woman and I'm so happy your able to look ahead for what's best for you although I must say your butt looks very natural and awesome.....Please take care of yourself....time is on your side.....Thank you for keeping us posted....good luck dear.....
You are a very strong young lady. I admire your courage. I pray that you heal mentally and physically. please have faith that you will get justice... I'm planing on having surgery at the end of March. I chose Dr. Fisher. I'm praying on it, your story inspired me to reconsider and possibly accept what i have... I'll keep you posted, please keep me posted...Many blessings to you and thank you for sharing your story.
Wow my heart is crying reading ur review my surgery is nx month .... I hope n pray u heal soon stay positive n ur booty looking good by the way ,I'm just feeling bad u had to go thru this

5 months after my surgery

My butt remains the same and my waist size , 41 butt and 27 waist and my scars from the burns are still ugly.
I have just found out today that Salama burned another girl and she is almost as bad as me.
As soon and she feels a little better she will put photos up and I will put a link to her profile.
It's shocking how this doctor is making the same mistakes over and over again and he still is able to get away with it.
I haven't seen at any doctor in the USA or in the republican republic burns as serious as the one I have from doctor Salama or as serious as this new girl has. She was for a round 2 with doctor Salama 2-3 week ago

Comments on my review

Realself decided not to allow people to comment on my review because it was more about my lawsuit and not about my procedure.
To continue following my journey you can follow my round 2 review.
On this one i will just post things related my past experience with doctor salama and about my burns.

Revision Dr Duran

I have contacted a few doctors and went to a few consultation for my bbl part 2 and after consultations and looking at doctors works i realised the shape i am looking for only Dr. Duran can give it so i have contacted her and she just answered my email.
She is by far the most honest and in my opinion the best doctor i have been speaking until now.
She told me that the risk for a secound surgery (liposuction on the same areas) are even higher to get burns and that she doesnt recomend it.
She is a very nice person and wouldnt put my health in danger just to get payed. I wish i would of went at her for the first surgery because we stay in USA to avoid complications that happen in the DR (burns beeing one of the most serious) but i got burned by Salama way worst than ive seen any doctor in the DR.
I recomend dr Duran with all my heart, she is a wonderful person .
I will always be grateful for her honesty and from stoping me getting an outcome from a second surgery as bad or even worst than my first experince.
I have attached a photo with my scars now.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

My abdomen is deformed, i have lumps, i have some sort of holes here and there. It will take 2-3 surgeries to correct the horrible scars and deformities i am left with and probably it will take 2 years until i look decent again. Butt is average, shape of the body is average, hips are very different and very uneven. Lipo on my abdomen was done horribly and my abdomen was left deformed, i have horrible scars. I have worked hard to get a good body through gym and dieting got fat for this surgery to be perfect and now i am deformed. I choose my doctor seeing the great results, after what happened and after i shared my story girls wrote me that got burned too saying they were embarrassed to write their story or because they don't want to post photos on the internet being concerned for their privacy. I wish more girls would be brave and share their experience even if is bad, so we can make better choices with our doctors. Its obvious its not only me in this situation with dr salama because they have silverdean (burn cream) in both their offices, and most times i was in their office they had another jar of cream, so they burn people frequently . I am very upset with what he done but more than that i am upset with what happen after, what kind of doctor in the situation that i was would tell me when i told him i am seeing a burn specialist that there is no need to do that that.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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