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I just realized my original post reside under...

I just realized my original post reside under "Butt Augmentation" forum. There's WAY more postings in "BBL" forum. So ladies please help a fellow future bbl sista out. What did you guys take that you didn't need? What did you need that you didn't take. I've had less than a month to prepare. Need as much assistance as possible. BTW, I'm 5'7 150pds. No kids.


Your going to have great results!!
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BTW ladies, if you're staying @ Club Med don't...

BTW ladies, if you're staying @ Club Med don't overpack. You can email Marvin & ask him about the things you're thinking of taking. He has most of the stuff. No need to go crazy & take too much. You MOST DEF don't want to be lugging that crap back after surgery.

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Sent pics. Weighed 155 at the time. Angie didn't...

Sent pics. Weighed 155 at the time. Angie didn't ask me to gain weight. Now I'm down to 150. Will I be ok?? Is there anyone out there that was similar in size & weight & had a bbl?? How did it turn out??


Not sure! But Probably not since its not in USA, but u should call to b sure!
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I was 122lbs the day of surgery and I'm 5'3, I got 1250ccs each cheek, you'll be fine! Don't try to gain or lose weight
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Hey hun I'm also in ur situation I'm 5'7 was 166 at my 1st visit and 162 at my 2nd visit n 160 now... I'm also a bit nervous of not having enough fat! But the girls at the office said i m going to be fine...My sx is on April 26th. .. doc told me not to gain weight... Good luck to u:) Maybe you should call ur doc office.. let me know what they tell u..
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Thinking about getting silicone sheets & a scar...

Thinking about getting silicone sheets & a scar cream. Any bbl vets out there that no longer have scars do to using a certain product?? Please help with any & all suggestions!! Thank You

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Ok, ladies. Shit getting real. Passed all my labs...

Ok, ladies. Shit getting real. Passed all my labs last week. Passed EKG today. Still have to get preggo test, but that's a no brainer since I've been single for about 7 months. LOL. Got some supplies today.
-Silicone Sheets (C-Section Scar Strips)
-Paper Tape For Sensitive Skin
-Bio Oil
-Compression Socks
-Zofran (Anti-Nausea)
-Percocet (Strongest Pain Med)
-Vibramycin (Antibiotics)
-Colace (Best Laxative)
-Wet Wipes
-Anti Bacterial Soap
-Vaseline Cocoa Butter Cream
Had it not been for Pinkmommy88 my pcp might not have given me my meds. She needed to know which ones I needed specifically & all I knew was pain meds, anti nausea pills & antibiotics. Pink hit me on RS as soon as I posted my question & provided me with specifics. Still have to get a female urinal (go girl funnel) & some Marigold Flower Tea. Another RS member said that tea kept her swelling down & I can't get enough tea when I'm not feeling well. Debating between a yoga mat & a pillow for the flight back or a boppy. Prob not gonna do the boppy since I ain't got much fat to be transferred & don't wanna risk the lil bit I do have re absorbing because I was too lazy to do the aftercare by not sitting for 3 months. Anywho, the only thing I'm worried about now is my weight. I was 155 when I sent pics. Now I'm 147. Don't want a donk, but def want some projection & that hourglass figure Campos is known for. Hopefully I'll be good. Sure whatever happens I'll look better than when I came. But I've definitely been roaming the bbl forum looking for folks that are similar in size to see how their results turned out.
Also Marvin has been great. Thanx to him I'm only taking what I ABSOLUTELY need. DEF don't want to be lugging a crap load of stuff thru the airport. Club Med has most of the stuff on folks list. My ab board, epi foam's & mmh vitamins are on their way. Only had 3 weeks to prepare. Got in on a cancellation. Only thing I'm waiting on ordering now is my cg's. Still want advice on which ones are best before I place my order. And I'm trying to avoid ordering 2 sizes & sending back the one I don't need. I got a squeem & the leonisa body short compression body shaper (for work) in my online bag. Also keeping my eye on this one per another rs member::
But I need to get some more reviews on butt in & butt out cg's before I place my order from some rs members. So if you been there & done that give me some advice ladies. Thanx.

BTW did my measurements tonight via tape measure & here they are::
Hope that's right. I'm sure tape measure isn't the recommended item to use to measure bodies, but that's as good as it's gonna get til I get to Tijuana. I'm sure Marvin has something better suited!


Best of luck to you! The butt out garments from lipoexpress. Com seem to make a lot of girls happy.. I don't have my bbl until the fall but planning on going for one if their garments
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They should give u a prescription for colace, percocets, antibiotics and zofran
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What's colace & zofran? And how long do I need prescriptions for?

Won't be getting a boppy pillow as I've read too...

Won't be getting a boppy pillow as I've read too many articles where doc's have said don't sit for 3 months. So today I tested a rolled up yoga mat & I found one hard enough that it allowed my tush to hang. So I'll add a pillow behind my back to the regimen & that's how I'll be flying back & driving. Don't have much fat to be transferred. Damn for sure ain't about to risk killing off the cells I paid to have transferred.
Also read another girls review & she swore by marigold flower tea (calendula). So I'll be taking that with me. Club Med has Arnica tea, so I'll be drinking both while recovering. I've also went to GNC & got some weight gainer mix to drink with milk while taking bromelein until surgery. Still awaiting the arrival of my MMH pills.
I'll also be grabbing some over the counter probiotics after finding out that antibiotics kill off bad & good bacteria leaving you vulnerable to infections like c-diff. Probiotics help regenerate good bacteria. Better to be safe then sorry.
Still need to order a squeem. But I'll wait til I return home to get a cg. Might even get Spanx or something similar from a dept store in my area. That way I can try on to ensure I get EXACTLY what I want. I read somewhere a doc saying Spanx would suffice. Was DEF worried that 3 weeks wasn't enough time to prepare for this, but somehow I've managed!! Still stalking the forums though. Can't wait to be done with that so I can regain my free time & use it to live my life again. LOL

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10 days left til surgery. Need to make sure I got...

10 days left til surgery. Need to make sure I got the right antibiotics. If you know which antibiotics Campos gives post op let me know. Don't want any hiccups during recovery process.


How is Angie's responsiveness ? All the best with ur surgery mama
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I really only contact her via email. Sometimes I'll cc Hannia. And take into account towards the weekend I think they're busier. I usually send follow up emails if I haven't received a response at 9am so it's one of the 1st emails she sees when she gets into the office. And I only had 3 weeks to prepare & was def worried if i could be ready in time. I try not to nag or stress. My experience has been good so far. And 3 weeks was enough time for me.
Your last post is very informative! Thanks, I'll be buying some of your suggestions! I have surgery with Dr. Campos in a few weeks. Good luck to you!
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Just wanted to show you guys my wish pics & an...

Just wanted to show you guys my wish pics & an exercise roll I got from Wal Mart for like $15 that I'll sit my thighs on with a pillow behind my back that will allow my tush to hang. Think it's my safest bet for 3-4 weeks after surgery. Got my squeem's today. Ordered xs & s to be safe. I'll send back one when I return from MX.

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I'm here! Club Med is in a beautiful location....

I'm here! Club Med is in a beautiful location. Marvin & Susana are SUPER cool. Found out Campos only does 2 surgeries daily. Also read he did a bbl for free for another patient that was having a mommy makeover. So I definitely trust that he's the doc for me since it seems as if he's more concerned with making patients happy rather than getting rich. Surgery in the morning. Wish me luck, guys!


Good luck and God bless on your surgery. You're goin to look great!!! Happy healing :)
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Best wishes and good luck to you! Can't wait to see your results! :) I'll be having my turn with Campos in 9 days!
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Thank you. And yes, I'll post pics. I won't get ghost & refuse to help others knowing I would've been lost without realself!! Good or bad, I'm posting!

Woke up to an incredible view that included a...

Woke up to an incredible view that included a school of dolphins playing in the water. And the sound of ocean waves helped me sleep like a baby. Now I'm waiting on Campos to arrive. Anesthesiologist just came in to tell me the plan & ask a few questions. Anywho, I'll update you guys after surgery. Say a prayer!! :-)

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1st things 1st. Smooth sailing. WHOLE process. NO...

1st things 1st. Smooth sailing. WHOLE process. NO probs with Angie. But I emailed her most of the time & always patiently awaited her response. Sometimes if i hadn't heard from her I email her @ 9:15/9:30 knowing that prob when she 1st gets in & settles & checks her email. That way mine would be one of the 1st to pop up. She did say Campos doesn't want anyone to bring their own meds anymore, but she allowed me to check with him, He gave me the ok & she gave me all but $10 of my $$ back. In my opinion she deserved it so I wasn't bout to trip. But do make sure you bring ALL paperwork including payment receipts, labs & copy of your quote & maybe even your surgery date!! She has a lot of searching to do (not sure why she doesn't start you a folder & file them in order of name or surgery date) but just YOU make sure YOU'RE prepared!!! She also misqouted me by like $30 which I mentioned it in response to the quote. She never responded, but had no prob re calculating once I got there. I am not in any pain at all. I arrived at 7:30 & didn't get seen til about noon. Was finished up about 5. He usually only does 2 surgeries a day. and if one of the is a harder surgery (tt, ett, more than just a bbl) he saves that person for last so he'll have more time to create a masterpiece. Dude DEF not looking to get rich. I did just take a percocet (Angie thought Campos would'nt allow it cause she said it was a blood thickener, but Campos & the anesthesiologist approved). At NO point did I ever trip. Just patiently waited to see & ask him & remained calm & polite with her. Back to the perch, I took it cause i had some pain in the top of my shoulder to my neck when laying down. I also took a stool softener with it & an anti nausea pill. Feel better now. A lot of pissing. MAKE SURE you bring a funnel. My ish been ending up in other places, then I have to clean up. You can actually google the "go girl" funnel. Too cute & perfect for us. I figured I'd be fine when i didn't end up grabbing one, but now I see I don't want to squat enough to get it done without making a bit of a mess. No big deal though. I will take pics tomorrow for you guys. I know I'm nowhere near my final results day but I can't deny the fact that I got SOOOOO much from people on real self that shared their WHOLE process with us. I would've been lost without them!!! So who am I to disappear once I got errythang I needed?!! Regardless of how my results turned out!! #Message


Sending my prayers your way!
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Congrats and best wishes to u! Keep us updated
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Thanx. I will.

Lookn good. Not sure of my cc amount. I'll try &...

Lookn good. Not sure of my cc amount. I'll try & find out tomorrow when I go for my massage. I do see one of my hips is a tid bit rounder than the other. Could be due to swelling. I'm sure I'll be able to shape it up evenly like newbootyinc shaped herself. Anywho, not in pain really. Just sore from the swelling prob. Lower back hurts a bit. Think that's due to me laying on my stomach. DEF not in pain like I would've thought I'd be!! Took a shower today & they washed my garment. About an hour later I was back in it. Laying down now with the balcony door open, letting the sunshine in & listening to the ocean waves. Therapeutic!!!


Girl your booty looks great!!!! thank you so so so much for all the valuble information my sx is july i cant wait
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Thank you. Just make sure you take your pre op vitamins, maybe do some protein shakes from GNC & take iron!!! VERY important for your surgery & healing process!!
Ur ass is cute
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Sooooooo swollen. Just call me big legs lez!! But...

Sooooooo swollen. Just call me big legs lez!! But I'm getting thru. If I didn't have Club Med, FUGGET ABOUT IT!!!! Going for my 1st post op massage today @ Campos' office. Tomorrow I'll have Mari Pez come to me & give me one. Then depending upon who I like better, I'll stick with that person. But I will have my post op massage @ Campos' office also. I'll let you know how it goes once I'm done. And I'll MOS DEF be taking a perc before I go. Wish me luck!!


Hello, your results are amazing. Question, how did you deal with the “questions” or “looks” given you so small then so big from co-workers after you went back to work?
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I'm still in MX. I'll be here til Thursday. Go back to work then. But I stay pretty covered up so I'm hoping I can hide it. As long as these legs return to their normal size I got a good shot @ flying under the radar
ha, I work in a bank and I stay covered too but you know how people can be. That is the one thing holding me back right now. I have my durgery paid for just need to find the time. How was the recovery been? I'm scared I will be too big. I had to gain weight. I was 123 when I started i'm up to 126 (in 3 weeks). I need to get to 135. ugh. Love the results. You look GREAT!!!

Here's a few photos I took after my massage 2 days...

Here's a few photos I took after my massage 2 days ago. My legs aren't so swollen today & I slept a bit better last night. Mari Pez did my massage yesterday. And I'll continue to go to her until my last massage/post op visit with Campos on Wednesday. Then back home Thursday. Praying that I'm a WHOLE lot more mobile & healed up by then so work won't be an issue.


So who do you prefer Mari Paz or the other lady with Campos? Did you ever wake up during surgery?
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I think I prefer Mari Paz. She gives you more time. And she comes to you. Prob even been doing them longer. And yes. I woke up during surgery. I was travelling thru a space tunnel before. Then when I woke up I could barely feel my body being moved gently. And they had they curtain up so I couldn't see. But the anesthesiologist was sittn next to me & I told him stay there because I was just in a space tunnel & seeing him let me know I was still in earth & ok (or something to that effect). Then I passed out again until it was time to go.
OMG that is so scary! I'm glad everything turned out fine and you look good! I'm scared I'm going to wake up but I definitely don't want to go through any space tunnel. ...that's some scary sh**!

Had post op with Campos today. He said he pulled...

Had post op with Campos today. He said he pulled 2 liters out of me & put 840 cc's in each cheek & 300 cc's in each hip. Can't wait to see my final results!! Rode to his office & back on my exercise roll. Wasn't bad. DEF had my tush hanging. I had a wedge pillow behind my back with the thick part up. Might have to grab one when I get back to the states to drive with. Leaving tomorrow. :-( DEF gonna miss the staff & owners @ Club Med. They treated me AWESOME!!! And I MOST DEF wouldn't have been able to do it without them!!! BTW yesterday was my b day & they bought me a super yummy lemon cake (I'm a foodie/dessert junkie, so my word's good as gold) & sung happy birthday to me. I've truly felt like I was home here!!!


hey hun, how are you healilng? How are the results coming along?
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How are you doing? How has your life been going so far? Can you post any new pictures? You look amazing!
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Did your booty go through the "fluffing" phase yet !? :) you look great btw
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Here's a collage of pics. I'm feeling pretty good....

Here's a collage of pics. I'm feeling pretty good. Still wake up a bit sore in back area. Currently trying to narrow down a masseuse cause I've went too long without them. Went to the movies last night. Picked a flick that lasted 2.5 hours. Should've went with Gatsby. SMH. About to purchase some more garments also. Began wearing my squeem last night before bed. Woke up in middle of night because my left side was burning a bit. I'll try again tonight. My right hip doesn't seem as perfectly rounded off as left hip sometimes. Hope that issue irons itself out. But overall I LOVE my results. Hoping I don't lose any more volume.


Where did you loose volume the most? Your ass or hips?! Hoping to book a date with campos this year he's not available until oct tho :/ giving up my pantoja July 1st date.
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Both. It all seems to have shrunk. But I still love it though.
How are you doing?
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Does Anyone Know If These Lines From The CG & Foam's Will Eventually Go Away??

I have 2 more months to go before I can be cg free & my masseuse says to be careful with my placement of the foams. But I have 3 & even if I order more & overlap them all I think I'll still have lines. Not to mention it's hot as hell where I am now & only gonna get hotter. Last thing I wanna do is add more ish to wear. So is anyone cg free & free of lines & smooth???


hey girl jus wondering if those lines went away & if u still get messages? im only stay n @club med for 7days after my surgery im only goin 2b able to get 5. did anything heal up bad? i hear lipo can leave ur stomach w/hard areas kinda scary
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Yeah, the lines go away. I've since had a few days where I went without my garment & discovered the lines don't take long before they're gone. And, yes. I still got massages. Once a week. Didn't experience any bad healing. Hips still a bit disproportionate. But my masseuse says I have scar tissue & fluid build up so that's prob why. She says she's seen much more noticeable uneven areas on clients & it all evened out after awhile. And the hard areas you're speaking of is scar tissue. That's why it's important to continue your massages to get rid of that.
How is your recovery coming along? Just checking up with you. Hope all is well:)
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Garment Journey

After ordering 2 garments that both creased around the waist area &/or didn't have enough hip coverage, I decided to look up the brand that the doc sent me home in since I never really had a complaint with that one besides the color (prefer black). They had blk so I ordered in an xs & a small. The xs worked & I think that's it for me. Only have 5 weeks left til I'm @ my 3 month mark & can be completely garment free. I'm prob gonna try & sell the other garments. In case you want to know I ordered the Isavela BE07 in blk. Really feel that I wouldn't have the issue with my hips if I would've had the right garment from jump. But who knows. My masseuse says she seen WAY worst & it all even itself out, so I'm hopeful!! Can't believe I've made it to 7 weeks already. 5 more to go & I'll be at my 3 month mark. Hopefully my hips will have evened themselves out by then so I can consider coming outta this damn garment & enjoying what's left of this summer!


Great results
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Plz, would u post pics. I'm down to Campos and would love to see as many as possible. Thxs ,much
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From ones I seen ya look awesome tho..

New Pics. 3 Months Post Op

Sorry I've Been MIA. Wanted To Let You Guys Know My Garment Reg. In My Opinion Isavela Is THE BEST Garment. Barely Creases & Dents. And I Wash Mine. It's A Better Feel Without Loosing The Compression Factor. I Line My Back, Sides & Stomach With Foams To Add More Compression & Keep Everything Smooth, Otherwise I'd Be Dealing With Constant Skin Indentation. Then I Add My Board. Then I Add My Squeem. My Masseuse (Tiana/The Wellness Sanctuary/Atlanta) Says I Healed Quicker Than Any Other Client She's Had. She Even Said I Was Good On Lymph Massages. I'm Still Gonna Use Her Maybe Once A Week Now Just To Put My Own Mind At Ease. I'm A Bit Swollen, I Guess, In These Pics Because I've Been Outta My Garment All Day. But I No Longer Worry About Stuff Like That Because I Was Outta My Garment For Like 2 Weeks Straight & One Day Looked Up & Was Not As Defined As I Once Was. So I Slept In My Garment & The Next Day Woke Up & Was Pretty Much Back To Normal. So Now I Know The Importance Of The Garment. Even If I Just Sleep In It & Wear It While Home, I Know It Will Do It's Job To Continue To Keep Me Shaped Up. And I Heard Pilates Allows You To Stay In Shape Without Loosing Volume On Your Backside. So I'll Be Taking Classes Soon. For Now I Try & Eat Portioned Controlled, Healthy Meals Every 3 Hours. Anywho, If You Have Questions Hit Me Up.


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Hi! I absolutely love your result!!!! It has been a year now!!! I would like to know if you still have your booty after a year or if you have lost it all. Some girls here on RS told me that it is not permanent so I am trying to find out a bit more. My surgery is also with Campos in 2 weeks time. Thank you!
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