475ccL 425ccR Mod+ unders. 27 days post-op, back to normal and loving the boobies =D

Hi everyone, I'm 26 years old, 130 lbs, 5'6...

Hi everyone,
I'm 26 years old, 130 lbs, 5'6 tall
I'm so thankful I found this realsef, I always knew I wanted to get breast implants but is until I found this website and read many reviews from many lovely ladies that have done it that I've decided is the time. I've been doing a lot of research for the past 5 months, looking for doctors and I've found one that I like I just made my appointment today for next Tuesday Dec 17th, I'm planning to have the surgery in January or February and I'm 80% sure of what I want, round silicone under the muscle, under the breast incision, maybe moderate-plus profile and I am a small B I want to be a small D. I will be posting how everything goes and hopefully get some opinions and advise from all of you, something I will be discussing with the doctor is that I'm planning on having children in about five years and I want to breastfeed but I don't know how that's going to go, I will really appreciate and advice if any of you have had that experience. Have a nice day everyone.
Hi, I had my 1st BA when my firstborn was 5 months old. 9 years later I successfully breas fed my 2nd baby whereas I was unable to before my BA. I think as long as they don't go in through the nipple you should also be fine :) good luck :)
Thank you for your comment. That's the reason why I will never do it through the nipple I prefer to have a somehow visible scar than not being able to breastfeed my child. One question though, did your breast appearance changed a lot?
Do you mean after I had breastfed? Pre op I was only an AA cup so I was more implant than breast so not really. Before my BA & after I had tried to breast feed my first born even my AA cup changed, my skin wasn't as tight but pregnancy alone changed that, not the fact that I'd tried to breast feed him. My milk came in on day 3 and I went from no boobs to a C cup overnight & therefore, damage done lol. My other friend had anatomical implants for 5 years & has recently had a baby with no change after her milk came in & dried up but she didn't have much natural breast tissue prior to having implants either

First consultation today... nervous and excited!!!

So had my first consultation today it went well but I was so nervous that my mind got completely blank and I forgot all the questions I wanted to ask my doctor. However he made me feel pretty comfortable and everything went pretty quickly since I pretty much know what I want. I tried the sizers and and I like the 370cc but since it looses volume under the muscle we picked 400cc. I was thinking to get moderate implants but he suggested that I should go for high profile because I have a small chest wall. He says the moderate profile will come outside my frame. So he's the expert and I will go for high profile. One more thing, I was sure about the place for the incision, under the breast but for cosmetic reasons he suggested to go through the arm pit since the areola isn't an option for me because I want to breastfeed my kids when I have them. I'm feeling good and excited but also a little confused. I will post pictures of myself soon, for now I want to share this one with you, is one of my doctors patient and she had very similar small breast. Please look at her results and let me know what you think. She's 5'9, 145 lbs, got 550cc high profile round silicone under the muscle. I'm 5'6, 130 lbs, will be getting 400cc high profile round silicone under the muscle. I will be waiting on your comments and advice thank you all :)

BA scheduled!!! Also pain pump question

I can't believe im finally doing this. im so excited, and most because I was so stressed over my love ones not supporting me, well the only two ppl who know is my sister and my boyfriend and now they do :D
My boyfriend and I fought so many times over the same thing I even scheduled my first consultation and went to the appointment without tell him a thing. So because of my weekend is so busy at work we saw each other again until last night since last Saturday morning, he was so romantic and so happy to see me like its been years. so I decided it was the right time to approach him. Im so happy he was so supportive and even told me he will drive for my surgery. This is a big deal for me he was so against it and he's a business owner and works so much and so hard, so I knew I was not going to count on him for anything regarding this. this is why im so happy.

i'll be getting 400cc round silicone HP under the muscle and I decided to get the pain pump as well. have anybody gotten the pain pump?
Oooh what's a pain pump lol

sad flat chest

Some info I found about pain pump

Hi lilpeach, I don't know how to explain but is literally a pump about the size of a tennis ball full of meds the P'S connects to you when he closes your incisions which is constantly pumping these meds into your system for the first few days after surgery and this helps you with the side effects of the anesthesia also reduce the regular oral meds dosage you still have to take and therefore this means shorter recovery time.
Wow! Sounds amazing, thank you for explaining :)

Can't post surgery day


Mod+ vs HP

Even though my doctor recommends HP I personally like the look of mod+
I'm not a big fan of the upper fullness that HP gives the breast I think mod+ has definitely a more natural look. He said I have a small chest wall but I did my research in implants dimensions.

So I want 400cc (might be a lil to big so i might go down in size)
According to mentor silicone implants website (I'm getting mentor)
400cc MOD+ implant dimensions are 13.1cm diameter and 4.0cm projection
400cc HP implant dimensions are 12.2cm diameter and 5.0cm projections.
Is just 2cm more for both implants!!!!

I don't want to look like I'm wearing a push up bra if I'm not wearing one. I just want to fill up my clothes

Here are some wish pic.
Thank you all
the reason your dr is saying it wont fit is not only because of the difference in size. my dr explained this to me... he said when he puts the temporary implant in to test the size... if he sees the MIDDLE (cleavage area) is ripping.. he will go a bit smaller until it doesnt rip because otherwise you have a higher risk for the dreaded UNIBOOB. lol those 2 cm make a big difference with this. dont be discouraged.. The only reason im able to get 400cc is because my dr needs to lower my crease because the length from nipple the breast fold is WAY TOO SMALL.. so he said since im increasing the size of the pocket i can fit it. I've seen a lot of girls with the HP and they look very nice too. but ultimately its your decision

pics didn't upload -___-

Thanks for the comment. I saw your pics you look like you a have a nice size hips and butt just like me. I personally love that part of me and the 400cc look perfect on you, that's how they looked on me too :D that's why I felt In love with them. My P'S actually told me that I could fit the mod+ is just that he thinks they would kinda come out to the side as you can see in a pic I posted here of Maggie. I'm still have to talk to him and if that's the only problem I'm willing to go smaller. And the other hand I think if you're P'S is lowering your crease your breast would have a nice centered nipple, I personally think that's very very nice. I have my pre BA the day of your surgery :)
ohhh ok i see what you mean!! I kind of like that they go out that actually smething i spoke about with my dr. i dont know why haha :P but ya it really depends exactly what kind of look you want too! anyways im sure you will make the right choice so dont stress :D and hey.. you'll get to see my results before your surgery so you can always compare to mine :P ! lol

Would 400cc be too big for me??

I love love love Maggies results too. She's so famous on here. Haha. I think 400 will be gorgeous on you. I wouldn't go too much bigger than that. Are you excited?!
If I'm excited? Lol I can't stop thinking, talking and dreaming about it; sleeping and awake. Thank you so much. You're looking amazing, the slant is disappearing :D

Serious doubts about this whole thing

I don't anybody was more nervous and doubtful, fearful with the whole thing than me!! I really mean that. And I'm sooo happy I went through with it. All I regret is not going with 400cc like I should have. I got 360-370cc and they look great but I wish they were a tad bit bigger. So I think 400cc will look perfect on you. :-)
Do more research, visit different PS's, and take your time. My BWD was 12. I received Mod+. Hope this helps.
Keep is posted on what you decide

postponed for now!

Thank you for all your support ladies. Many things have happened lately and I just wasn't too comfortable with my doctor. I definitely want my boobies is just that I rushed because I was too excited. I will do more research and for now I have a consultation with another doctor this Tuesday, will see how this one goes but I have a good feeling, hopefully that's a good start :)
I will keep you posted. BTW anybody knows how to delete your doctor?

Good for you for not rushing into surgery! Keep us posted on your next consult!

You made the right decision to seek out a new surgeon. You're right, it's your body and he should definitely not ignore your input. Good luck to you this week! Btw, You can delete any info on your page by scrolling down to 'My Account' (bottom page), click on 'Help' and then click on 'Contact Us' on the right hand side...send the Realself team a message of what you want done...I did it this too and they were great in responding quickly to my problem.
Hi, I'm scheduled to have a consultation with Dr. Rodriguez after seeing some of his photos/reviews. What sorts of things made you uncomfortable with him being your surgeon?


Seeing Dr. Jeffrey Schreiber tomorrow and Dr. Daniel Markmann on Wednesday :)
Hopefully I find the one between them so I can get this done before January ends
Best wishes!! Hope you find the one. :-)
I have a very similar body type and size to you, also 5'6" 135 and went with 375 mod plus unders. Used to be 34 A/B and now 32DD/32DDD. Sometimes fit 34C. Doesn't look as big as it sounds but I had many problems: pocket overdissected so implants bottomed out. I didn't know he was going to lower the fold and didn't even anticipate this problem. He is redoing for free and going over due to extreme muscle distortion and double bubble. AGHHH. It has been tough. I wish I would have waited for after having children because one boob is still numb and after the revision I just don't know. Everyone is different but really think it through. I'm very athletic and it's put a big damper on my lifestyle:(
Aw I'm sorry to hear that and thank you for sharing, I saw your pics and it doesn't look that bad I'm sure he can correct it and hopefully you won't have anymore problems. According to the research I've been doing lowering the fold is very common that's why I cancelled my surgery so I can take more time, do more research and find the right doctor; now I'm looking the before and after pics with a loop.

consultation lasted 2 hrs

I will update you with all the details as soon as I have a chance :)
How is the doctor search going, love? I know you will find the perfect one.

Finally found the right doctor =D

So I went to see Dr. Daniel Markmann yesterday it was the first appointment and it turned out to be my pre-op too. Im so excited, I knew he was going to be the one, he spent with me 2 hours, answer all my thousand question, and the most important he asked me what my goals were. the other doctor didn't do any of these. I have been looking at his before and after pictures and I like them a lot.
Every single one of his words and answers convinced me that I made the right choice not going with the other surgeon and that's he is the doctor that will get me what I want.

He measured my breast on every angle, my diameter is 11" which means that I have enough chest wall to fit a moderate+ and not a "only" high profile like the other doctor wanted me to have (he said is fine to go a couple of inches wider than your diameter so the implant won't look like tennis balls), so I will get Round smooth silicon 425cc MODERATE PLUS =D

So my surgery will take place on Wednesday January 29th at a hospital and under general anesthesia, not in a clinic under "twilight sleep" like before, I asked him why the general anesthesia he said he'll be pulling my muscle and when you're not 100% out like under twilight the patient tends to move as a "unconscious reaction to the pain" that's on everybody best interest that the operation goes as safe and secure as possible. One thing that surprised me a little bit is that he doesn't believe in surgical bras, he told me not to wear anything besides the stabilizing band for the first two weeks, since the muscle already holds the implant up and what we want is the implant to drop, I can still wear a comfortable bra for a few hours if I need to go out and at anytime after the first two weeks.
So glad you found a dr. you like! Best wishes to you!

vectra 3D projection. awesome but how accurate?

So I had a digital projection done by my doctor with 425cc mod+ but I'm not sure how accurate this is. Have anybody used here?
I brought the printed page home and my boyfriend thinks they're too small. What a greedy man lol, I knew that crap of "I love you the way you are" was pure bull shit lol
Our stats are similar and I have 480ccUHP Silicone. Check out my pics. Best of luck!
You wish boobs are perfect. Are the 425cc's? They are lovely. Best of luck!!!!!!!!!
I think 425cc will be perfect!!


Can't deny that these push up bras have helped me fool everyone ;p

pic didn't upload

Oh and I read the first part of your review saying you want kids in 5 yrs and want to breastfeed....I did it with implants....2 yrs later had a revision
Do you recommend waiting for revision after having kids even if they are very distorted in the nude?
Are you getting a revision? If you get a revision then have a baby and breastfeed you may need another revision:(

2 more days

So nervous, excited, stressed out (almost regretting). Definitely on a emotional roller coaster. Surgery on Wednesday and a little worried I will be alone on Friday. Hubby with so much problems and stress of all kinds and I will be so useless to even help myself :( :'( :*(*
Two more days to go! Good luck! My BA is Feb. 5th! Can't wait! Thanks for sharing :-)
Don't stress! You will do great :) Stay positive and remember it's only hard for just a few days. I'll be two days behind you, sending good boobie vibes your way!

I think I'm ready =D... I hope I'm ready O_o

Sending best wishes and good luck your way for tomorrow! Happy BA day!
How'd it go! Happy healing!!! Wishing you the best.
Ahh bless you, you must be sooooo excited, best wishes, it WILL be worth it :) xx Don't forget to be lazy while you recover x

Today is the day

How do I feel right now? I don't know. What would I feel later? Probably pain :/
Is 3:30 am, just getting up, slept good but only 4 hours, about to take a shower with antibacterial soap and prepare everything. Will update latter. Thank you so much for all the support, you all have made me stronger :)
Hope everything went well!

All done!

Already home, I woke up feeling good and very hungry, just with dry mouth and sore throat, i ate some cookies and apple juice, the problem was when I sat on the bed I was very very dizzy and throw up twice.
From 1 to 10
Pain 4
Discomfort 6
Pressure on my chest 7
Nausea 2
Dizziness 3
Drougsy 3
I decided to get the pain pump. That's definitely helping a lot. Will update more later. And again thank you for your support. God bless you all :)
I'm so happy for you! Thank you so much for your update! Please keep us posted on your pain levels, etc. Six more sleep until my surgery!
You did it! Please post more pictures of the post-op soon.

All wrapped up with bandages

Feeling like crap specially last night because I was trying not to take so many pills during the day so I paid the consequences then and still doing it. I can't imagine the pain level and discomfort without the pain pump. My pos-op appointment is tomorrow so the bandages will be removed. But overall I already love them :)
I'm glad you found Dr M. He's fantastic. Just follow his orders and you'll be fine. The hardest part is waiting for you wish boobs to come in. Lol. Patience is a virtue. Happy healing!!

post-op consult today bandages removed and put bandeau AKA "torture device"

PS said they're looking great. He changed one of my medications because is making my tummy upset and therefore I keep throwing up everything I eat. Hopefully it works because that's been the worst so far, pain is under control and I'm able to move around on my own a little slow but there is progress. Still not allowed to move my arms for a few more days. Here some pics with my torture device and my Holly pain pump which will be taken off on monday :)
I found that after day 5 I was more or less pain free :) I stopped my pain meds by then so you should feel much more comfortable very soon :D
I actually don't have much pain anymore but the doctor said is too early to stop the medication because the pain might come back, what's really bothering me is not being able to move my arms because we don't want the muscle to push the implant up. So I'll do everything he says. Thank you for all the support :)
Congrats! They are going to look amazing!!

feeling a little blue

I guess the medications side effects. Feel like crying of frustration when I can't do the most simple things on my own :(
Can't wait for this to be over and enjoy them for real. Depression post-op :'(
Hey! You will feel better in time, the first few days are the hardest. I am such an independent person and I remember crying from feeling so frustrated, it will pass and you will feel better each day. I just tried to think about what my body went through and that it needed some tlc. Focus on resting and eating as healthy as you can, it will make you feel better. Hang in there girl!!
Chin up! It gets better.

3 days post-op

Very mild pain but my back is killing me for sleeping almost sitting down and my abdomen for putting all the pressure on it to get up (at least i expect a nice six pack after this lol). Also started to apply anti stretch marks cream. Getting better everyday :)
Im 5 days post op and I have a very sore back as well, just got to adjust to the new weight in the front I guess. :) every day gets easier!
Seems like everyone is complaining about back pain this week! Poor us! I got my wraps off today and pain is so much better. You are looking great at 3 days post!! ;) hopefully your feeling happier today!

I don't see any difference :/

They look exactly the same to me. Is this normal?
I can't wait to see real changes
I think the look lower at 4 days! Just remember, it's only 4 days. . . will probably take a good few weeks for them to settle in :) The girls are looking great! Just remember to take it easy!

4 days post-op scared of the Franken boobies look.

Second post-op tomorrow, PS will remove pain pump tomorrow and maybe give me the green light to start massages. How long do they take to drop and get soft? I can't wait, at least i can feel the ice now, before not even that. Please ladies help :O

No more pain at day 4

Thank God no more pain and vomit. I have to be honest I didn't like them when I first saw them but I think they're taking a better shape now, still so high, feel like a rock and have no sensation. Can't wait for them to get better and specially being able to move my arms, that's really annoying. But overall I'm feeling better fiscally and emotionally, I think I'll be a D cup :)
I'd say phone your PS about the pain
Yes, it does get easier slowly day by day. When i first got the bandages off mine were so so swollen it kind of freaked me out, so I didn't like mine at first either, esp because they were hurting me :/ Happy healing and stay strong and positive, soon you will be so excited to look at them in the mirror and youll be shaving your armpits normal in no time !!!! happy healing love

Chest pain on my left side

Hi everyone is 7:38 am. Yesterday was the first day I didn't have anybody to help me so I did everything. I was feeling good pain wise. Last time I took my meds was 7:30 am, I was sitting on the couch the whole day, a ate and went to the bathroom everything on my own. The zip lock bags I was filling with ice ripped so my bandeau got wet, I had to take it off and let it dry and I put it back on (that was the hardest part). Then at night I washed this heavy 8×13 glass baking dish and that's where the pain came back, I didn't want to take more pills so I tried to take Tylenol instead but I couldn't open the bottle so I decided bot to take anything and just go to sleep. But I couldn't so I just got back to my meds took one valium and one dilaudid but I was also having this sharp pain in my chest on the left side, it was not the boob is my chest every time I move or breathe. I barely slept, just told my roommate and she gave me one more dilaudid (she's a nurse). Anyway I will see my PS today and I'm sure I will get yelled but we'll see :/
Awww, hope you're feeling better soon! How'd it go when you went for your post-op?
When you said 400cc, I thought that might be too big but no, when the settle (it takes a while) you will look great. Be glad you didn't go any bigger. It took mine about a year to get where they felt like mine. I'm getting them remove Friday because even though I like having bigger breast, I think I went to big and they feel so heavy and I'm older now and I'm over having them. Rest and heal up. When the swelling goes down don't regret that you didn't go bigger you will look Lovley.
Thank you so much. Actually my PS is who chose the size and I'm happy with it, i wouldn't want any bigger than this. Good luck with your explant :)

Second post-op (forgot to update sorry)

Well it went very good, apparently my chest pains where due to my pain pump running out of meds, PS said they hurt when they start getting empty. So I got it removed and I was finally good to take a shower, I think that was making me sick too, I'm used to shower even twice a day. Other than that everything looked good and normal. PS will see me every week until reach a month so I have another post-op on tuesday. Also no more prescriptions only Advil if is really necessary =D
Glad to hear you're doing better!!
I had my breast augmentation yesterday and my surgeon implanted a pain pump that I will wear for two days and will then remove myself. It is a great invention. My PS said that it will take away about 80% of the pain. It certainly does. I am also on a muscle relaxer, Percocet and antibiotics. I don't really have much pain at all, just feel like I have a lot of chest tightness especially on the left which the muscles relaxant works great for. I got a BA to correct some severe symmetry issues and are still pretty asymmetrical but my PS assured me that they would correct themselves over time. Good luck to you, you are not alone!
Thanks. And yes the pain pump is awesome. I'm 7 days post-op and my girls would be doing much better if I listen to my doctor but I move around to much. Pain wise I only had it the first night because I was feeling so good after surgery that I thought I didn't need the pills that was a huge mistake. So please stay on top of your meds and always do what your doctor says. Feel better :)

Quick update

Hi everyone, well there is not much change at day 9, the boobies pretty much look the same, getting a little softer though, left is completely numb and right nipple so sensitive, bruising has improved a lot. Occasionally mild pain but nothing serious. 3rd post-op appointment is this Tuesday. I love that my doctor sees his patients 3 days after surgery and every week until the first month, then at 3 months, 6 months and every year for life or anytime that's necessary. Love him :)
Bruising is looking so much better! Seems like they always take so long to go away, but that yellow color is a good sign :)

Staring to love my girls

I've been wearing the bandeau 24/7 for 7 days now and massaging once a day with cocoa oil, today I felt a real change after showering when I bend over to dry my hair with a towel. They reacted to gravity :D it felt so weird but so nice, they are finally moving and getting soft, I massage them after that and until today i was able to push them together. It definitely boosted my self esteem I also noticed they have dropped quite a bit. Can't really see the changes in a pic but definitely feel them. Today was day 9 and an awesome day =D
Good night everyone
I need to get oil and some good lotion. . . i feel my skin really stretching out. It's weird when I showering and am washing my face and feel my boobs brushing my arms. So many cool things about having boobies!!! :)

Here my girls just waking up :)

I think they are bigger than expected :o
So true, I've noticed the same and it makes me smile I also remember the water dripping straight down my whole body because I was so flat and now it goes to my nipples and them straight to the floor like a fountain lol I love it =D In regards to cream/oil I'm using Palmers brand cocoa better my sister recommended it to me, she used when she was pregnant and didn't get a single stretch mark. (I'll post a pic so you can see)
**cocoa butter

Massaging and preventing stretch marks

Just wanted to share this with you, I'm using Palmers brand cocoa butter formula to massage my girls and prevent stretch marks at the same time. My sister recommended me the cream, she used when she was pregnant and didn't get a single stretch mark. While looking for it at the store I also found this oil that also helps for scars. I make a mixture of both and massage is also very important that you don't scratch your skin as you know the itching is so annoying but that's because is stretching, so DON'T SCRATCH rub your favorite stretch mark lotion instead. Hope this helps you too :)
Looking good!!! You look fantastic so far. When. The girls drop you will be soooooo happy. Keep wearing the torture device. I know it's a pain but it will be worth it in the end. Watch!
Thank you. It wasn't really torturing me but now I'm developing a really bad rash. I just can't wait for them to drop
Thank you so much!!! I'm putting on my shopping list!

This is my hope

Congrats to you on your new boobies =] they look good =] can't wait to see them after they drop =] my surgery is in two weeks and I'm still not decided on a cc amount =[ the most frustrating part of this whole ordeal lol hope u continue healing well xo
Thank you. And yes the cc amount is always the hardest thing. I discussed my goals with your PS and gave him my favorite wish picture. I was so undecided between 375 and 425. Was afraid of going too small or too big, and I left it to him. When I woke up from surgery I found out he put 475cc on my left and 425cc on my right, still a long way until I see final results but I like the size a lot, sometimes I even think they're a little too big but at the same time they're still changing. So happy I trusted him, and hubby is even happier lol
Lol =] please keep us updated with pics !! I think they look perfect on u =]

Getting softer everyday :)

They look SO good 11 days in- you go girl! By the way, I stocked up on the Palmers cocoa products! They smell so good too!! Thanks for the tip x
so exciting :) and you are only day 11 you have a lot of time for change to happen still :)
Thank you so much for your kind words. I've already started to notice some small changes, but still get a little impatient sometimes. Yours look beautiful

2 weeks post-op

Hi everyone, so had my two week post-op appointment today. I have developed a minor infection in my right breast, PS said is very common and not serious he assured me that is in my breast tissue and not the implant, there is a redness around my areola, there is also swelling and very tender, I will be taking some antibiotics for a week and I should be fine. Other than that everything seems normal I can start resuming my regular activities but since I have 2 more weeks off I'll just be lazy and spoil the girls with daily massages, he says I should do the massages as many times as I want but no less that twice a day (squeeze the sides, up and down), also star raising my arms to 90 degrees and all the way by next week, start stretching the muscle a little bit, continue to wear the strap since they're still dropping, I can occasionally wear a wire free bra if I have to. Still sleeping 45 degrees. Will see him again next week and hopefully the infection is gone by then. They are slowly dropping, and still kinda square looking but I Love them already, they feel a part of me now and I Love not being flat anymore, they are getting softer everyday, kinda far apart but that's my anatomy :/ Here some update pics.
Thank you for reading :)
Hey you are looking so so great! Question, was your redness around your areola crusty at all?
Thanks. And no, is just the redness and swelling and it actually makes my nipple puffy and really sensitive.
Than you and you're welcome, they're really good :)

Scars at 18 days post-op

Hope the infection goes away. You are healing great. They have dropped significantly.
Thanks a lot. I really hope the infection goes away too, is really worrying me now :(
Thanks for sharing.... reading your journey has been so helpful!

3 weeks post-op

In love with my new body, the boobies are changing so much everyday a little concerned about the infection that has slightly gotten better but my poor baby booby still so sensitive. Anyway here are some 3 weeks post-op pics
Starting to really drop !! :D lookin good!
Finally!!! Thx =D
I love your boobs perfect size

Big girls bras =D

Still not allowed to wear bra if there is no need and the babies still settling as well so to early to know what size I will be but I couldn't wait and went bra shopping. I bought a sexy 34C and a comfy 34D. I really hope I stay in that size range, I wouldn't love to be a big D or DD
He’s such an amazing surgeon and a talented artist! You look really great! He helped me achieve the body I never thought I could have and was told I’d never have by other doctors. Thank you Dr. M.
Sounds like we are the same size. I buy in both of those sizes too :) Sometimes a 32D too.
How do you like it? I love it, all I wanted was being able to fill out my clothes without being huge, I want to have babies in a few years so my breast still going to grow

27 days post-op

Never thought I would see my pics as wish pics! That's awesome!! Yours are looking great!!! Xoxo
Hi, how's the infection now? You look amazing! Glad you're loving them :D
Sorry for the delay hun. The infection is getting so much better my PS isn't worry. Thanks for asking
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