DR JAMIE CAMPOS LEON MEXICO - 8 weeks post op & pics

Hello Girls I have always always, ever since I...

Hello Girls
I have always always, ever since I realised about bodys, shape figure, since about age 16, wanted a butt. I never got one.
My family all are blessed and curvy in all areas, hourglasses with tiny waists and big voluptous butts and generous boobs. That just added insult to injury and I did get teased about it too to be honest. my dad would say wheres your butt you have a negative butt! all in good taste and to be funny but it did play on my mind years later..that yeh I really could do with one. My best friends always used to say that you have great boobs, shame about the butt or its flat!! now that butts are back in fashion omg I cant tell you how much more I want one! I want a tiny waist and a big perky rear end! I always wished I could get butt implants or something and now, 12 years later at age 31 Ive finally decided to take the plunge.

I am awaiting my consultation on October 9th
I am so excited! I have two kids, one is four the other is one and a half and my body needs a boost! After breast feeding both kids for two years each (I know wow right) I want my body back and I want to be happy with it!

I am hoping to lose 20lbs by my surgery to get to 140lbs. At the moment Im 160lbs and I am 5-3inches


Hello, Welcome to RS. Have you gone on any consultations?
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On with the low carb/healthy eating plan I have...

On with the low carb/healthy eating plan
I have PCOS and I really need to control my carb intake for a healthy life so I am trying to do so...Adding salad and veggies as much as I can and eliminating sugary stuff as much as I can.
So excited about my consultation.

I am also thinking about Dr Salama....He looks really really skilled doesnt he? ....Hmm its just so far. Decisions decisions!

I will repost after my consultation with Dr Aslani on Oct 9 unless something really drastic happens before then....


I am so far waiting for dr Aslani in Spain to give me my consultation. If I'm not satisfied im going to dr campos. I wanted to avoid the long journey from Europe as I have two young dependant children and I'm frightened of cmpos recovery ...the stories are brutal but he is an artist .... Hard to decide x
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Hello ladies I'm so happy today ! I turned 31...

Hello ladies
I'm so happy today ! I turned 31 yesterday and my parents came over to see me.I explained to my mum about my surgery and have been askin hero come along with me for some
Facial fat transfer ! Trying to persuade her actually! My father over heard and said ie got a gift for you...he gave me an envelope with £1000.00 in it! He said this is toward your surgery! I feel so so lucky! And happy! I amfeeling like the most fortunate girl right now! Still trying to diet I think I have lost 2lbs so far this week. Very little but I haven't been so strict! Love & peace xxx

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Dr campos gave me a consultation and Said I nee a...

Dr campos gave me a consultation and Said I nee a tummy tuck too. I do have lose skin on my abdomen. I'm only worried about 1)epidural as I had a reaction to that when giving birth and 2) scars from Tummy tuck. At a loss now. He quoted me 6500$ which is super reasonable. I'm also worried About the recovery. I still may have another child in future so it doesn't seem sensible to do tumy tuck now. Maybe just get bbl and then in a few years go for TUmmy tuck and further work....ah kids cost money.


Hi there! Are there any updates on your journey? I'd really like to go with Aslani myself, but it's so hard finding anyone who was there personally. So I'd be so happy if you can tell me about your consultation experience.

I had a fabulous consultation with dr salami. He...

I had a fabulous consultation with dr salami. He was super nice as didn't rush me, the consultation lasted around 50 mins. He doesn't do massive bootys, he said h is not a fan of the cartoon booty and this is not what I want because I am living in a Muslim house hold girls and a big old booty appearing out of the blue isn't going to go down well with the oldies Rotf!

I've decided that I love dr campos shape but at the end of the day he wants me to get a tummy tuck and I really don't think it's wise as I definitely want more children . BUT ...BUT... I want to look nice now also!!! So till becoming a mama again I want to get the best out of my body as I am young and devoted my whole life to my kids and its my time now!! Just a little bit of my time to feel good !!
I definitely need a breast uplift and yea after more kids a tummy tuck so I've decided to get my revision with campos further down the line. In the mean time dr salami is near by, very able and who knows, if I'm super pleased ill go back to him again for the future breast fix and tt.

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Dr aslani not dr salami lol! Damn spell checker...

Dr aslani not dr salami lol! Damn spell checker haha!!0


Hi, I am another UK girlie on the bbl hype, I am having my consult with aslani next week.....would be thankful to share more experiences.I have seen some really good results from him here, but I am also worried about travel arrangements....any advice on that ? I presume we are meant not to sit after op ?
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Hi there Naomibody :D I have also emailed Dr Aslani my pics, but I have'nt heard anything back yet. Let me know how your consultation goes. Best of luck xx
Hi hourglass I have my consultation with Dr.Aslani via skype so i hope I can show him "problem" then (guess it's less a problem but rather an obsession). I will keep you posted, do you know how long they ask you to stay in Spain ? I can impossibly do more then two weeks, will that be enough ?

I've decided this should be once in a lifetime...

I've decided this should be once in a lifetime procedure , not to be redone and so I'm taking that plunge. Doing the tummy tuck and the bbl!!


Just wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy New Year CurvyD!!! we have so much to look forward in 2013!!! :)
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Thank u so much!!! I hope all of our dreams come true!!x x x
Good Luck!!
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I put my deposit down for campos I'm just praying...

I put my deposit down for campos
I'm just praying this will work out for me xxx
I just hope I can somehow go. When u want something so bad and all that....life has taught me that sometimes it doesn't come true ....


Hi! I'm going July 22 nd 2013! I am At my target weight of 140lbs from 160lbs now and it's made a big difference to my shape (stomach has gone in) but my butt is still sad n flat!
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Hey do you want an earlier date ?? Im scheduled for july 18 and need july 22 inbox me if so.. Thanks
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8 weeks left for dr campos!

I can't believe the time is finally near - only 8 weeks left before I have my dream body!!!!
I'm looking forward to it and scared

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Blood tests and pre op EKG

Just sorting my pre op blood tests out at my GP and have to pay privately for my echo cardio gram and blood group. It's becoming every day more real and a little scary now!


Hey CuryD! Good luck with your journey and I hope you get the results your looking for. I will be following you, can't wait to see your results :)
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Blooods drawn EKG done

All in all it's cost me £180!!
Anyone have the correct fax number for angie? I don't even know what area code to dial


Their fax number is (619) 923- 2940
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Paid for my 50% balance

Paid angie
Booked my flights and hotels
So stressful!! Dr has lost my blood tests. Have to go for redraw. I am so stressed with quitting smoking ! My teeth are grinding! It's awful! I'm also up to 150 again through stress and quit smoking! Must lose that excess 10lbs b4 surgery. Back to low carb! Plan to take protein shakes with me to aid in healing and taking pain pills


Thank you girl x
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Will Try and post lots of photos of EVERYTHING!

I love pics and I know it's helpful so ill get the iPhone out and start snapping away with the pics of everything! Hotel, food, Mexico Tijuana and the end result of course - me!!


OMG! How exciting! I'll be waiting for your after photos! I might get BBL and TT from Dr. Campos. I wanna read more reviews from more people who got BBL and TT surgery from Dr. Campos. Good luck to you!
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One week to go I'm in disbelief

One week to go its coming way too fast I go from disbelief fear and excitement all In one moment !
I have to start packing our stuff and also my supplements to make sure I'm
Gonna recover as smoothly as possible

Vitamin D 10,000 IU
Vitamin c
Pycnogenol for circulation and healing
Silver liquid for internal and skin infections

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Here in tijuana!

I've been here since Friday, it is now Sunday, my surgery is tomorrow!
My family is enjoying it here, we been eating good food and enjoying the beach and museums. Yesterday I went to pay my balance at dr campos office (saw dr campos for first time- he is fineeeeee fit sexayyyyy woooo) and spoke to a girl who was there for a massage or something else. She had a tummy tuck breast uplift and full body lipo and she was walking well and looked ok. It took the edge off my fear. The Mexican boarder is rough!!! My gosh looks like the criminal ghetto or something . And believe me I've grown up in the worst place in London - Peckham this is our ghetto but crossing the boarder late night on foot with luggage was a bit scary. Bit worried about pain tomorrow to be honest
. :((
Update whn I'm out the other side , Lord willing!


I will be praying for you, hope everything goes well! Cant wait to see your results!
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hey how long will you be staying in mexico?
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I'm 4 hours away from my op

I'm freaking out a bit
It's 3:30am here
I'm on the toilet with diarea! (Tmi! ) I think it's a combo of intense nerves and the chili and food here! Thank you everyone for their prayers it means a lot! I hope God allows everything to go well so I can return back to my children! Xxx


I'm staying a total of 14 days after my op and 3 days before my op I arrived so a total of 17 days! I'm from UK London so travelling back too soon was a bad idea I believe
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I've gained a few pounds due to stress

I think I'm around 150 lbs which is a shame as ideally I would have wished to be 140, so when I come out of my op I would have been very thin and perfect. Ugh. Things never go to plan. Ill update u on my weight when I get there. Wondering if dr campos had wifi lol


Dr Campos does have WIFI, good luck and wishing you a speedy recovery!
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Good luck on ur surgery =]

Had my surgery

Wrote a long review and it dIdnt upload grrr

Recovery been TOUGH

had full upper body lipo with extended TT

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Will upload another review soon

As soon as I feel energetic enough I will will write a long ass detailed review
Only started feeling like a living person around day 7
Was feeling like death before
In so much pain burning stiff bleeding and tummy tuck scar pain
On top of that the tramadol burnt a hole n my stomach and I couldn't eat which was the main problem !!! I felt sick most of the time and couldn't eat and got very weak! Dr campos gave me some meds for my stomach and I perked up in no time, was able to eat and wasn't vomiting any longer. That really was the main set Back. :))


You look so good! Your waist is so tiny....congrats girl! Hope you feel better soon.
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11 days op still swollen

Heart shaped booty
Not too large
Lovin it tho


I paid 9300 for Upper arm lipo Upper back lipo Lower back lipo Chin lipo Extended tummy tuck Bbl Gosh yes I was a state before I can't believe his bad my body was before!! It didn't seen that bad to me but after taking that picture I was in shock and thinking thank god I'm here fixing this!!! Believe me recovery was awful and i had two natural pain killer free births!! I had too much done!!
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He did a good job.. U paid 10k? Thats like the states price wow
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Girl, you have the perfect heart shaped butt now!! Hope you are doing well. Keep us posted and take care of yourself.
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Feelin better daY by daY!

Seemed to perk up a lot after day 10 and I'm feeling stuff DVD sometimes stitches burn but over all I'm recovering! Ill put some more pics up soon. Itchy stage is over


Thx for all your kind comments! Xxx
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Told u guys the wrong quote

Sorry I ment $6300 not $9300 lol damn


Congratulations on your surgery! You look great!!! I love how tiny your waist is! And you have a cute butt yay! How long did you end up staying in TJ? And how are you doing now? Oh one more thing: did you get lipo on your thighs or just your abdomen, flanks and back? My surgery with Dr. Campos is in 19 days (eeeek!) and I'm trying to decide whether to do thighs or not. We're about the same pre-op size... Thanks!
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How does your but look outside the garment
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Correction $6300


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Woop some swelling gone down

Some flurffin


Awesome results... Happy healing..
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Fine tune healing takes time Still got burning sensations prickling sensations throughout the day like some one is jabbing me with pins .... :/
Awe.... Well just look in the mirror and it'll be all worth it. I still have some pricking sensations at times and my right side is still numb.... And the bad part is that I did all this and I don't have a Butt... Smh... Again u look fabulous... :-) time will pass...

My booty is changing day by day

It's softening
It's not getting bigger but the lumps are dropping softening and rounding out. My back swelling is going down my stomach is getting flatter and so my butt has more projection due to the optical illusion of a smaller frame. There was one time I disliked my results, it was about 2-3 weeks post op. my butt was square, it seemed to be shrinking (a shrinking square wtf) and my body was swollen, no back curve or definition. All this stuff is now resolving week by week and the result is getting better and better. So girls just to let you know, try not to judge your results at all till after 5-6 weeks to be honest as they will totally change

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Your butt won't get bigger but your body will get smaller

And that will make your butt projection pop out goooood. I think 50% of the projection issue is the body the butt is on. My hubby who is an architect and very good with measurements and observing shape did try to explain this to me but I didn't wanna hear it, I was in a bot of a depression around week 2 due to my lack of results , I had hips and that was about it in my eyes but now I can say....4 weeks on ....things are looking nice especially now my back swelling has gone down


Thanks girly You been my follower since day 1! Thanks for sticking with me through my journey! How r u doin
Believe me I was a mess before and I was soooo scared of surgery but thought I HACE to get this done...No one should live in a body they hate so bad it's not a good life! I'm so glad I did it

My messed up before shot

Ugh sooo flatttt pancake and dented. Hate it
Campos really did the best he could

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Comparison pics

just put a before n after pic together for u to see


Uiiii a soulmate, I am probably exactly where you were a few months ago I am deciding between campos and aslani, really undecided, I like aslani's individual results more, especially his BBl's but for it has certain importance whether I can have TT and BBL together. My research so far makes me think that aslani won't do that, in that case I may be doing campos..........I love your look.
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I love the heart shapes he does! No other doctor does it like him!
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Swelling going down

Photo with less swelling

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Posted new pic

Photo less swelling in back and stomach

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Not letting me uploadMy photo


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I got 1300 cc!!

I forgot to add he gave me 1300 cc. Butt lookin really shapely and jiggly outside garment.
Men can't stop looking lol
I stop traffic now
DIdnt know how important a booty was for beauty!
Very itchy but skin has no sensations around cut so very irritating. Can't stop the itch cos can't feel the scratching :(


Just read your blog...definitely can relate to the past hurt of having a flatty....and so sweet how your Dad showed his support. Let's do all we can to hold on to these booties!
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Wow dr schulman knows how to add a butt there U look AMAZING
Campos hooked you up...many congrats!
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Allicin max garlic tabs for MRSA & skin infections & UTI

Ok forgot to add that
After surgery you sure are more prone to infections as you body been through hell and back . Stressing, pain and Lack of sleep, travelling , all this puts an even more strain on the immune system .

I ended up with a UTI from the catheter (I'm prone to them severely) and also my belly button from the Tummy tuck wasn't healing. It has pus and the tummy tuck scar was starting to erupt and seperate . Dr campos was concerned and told me to air it and he kept checking. Mean while I was getting a fever too.

I took 2 allicin max tablets 3 times a day as I would an antibiotic (potent natural antibiotic that also increases blood circulation - good for our survival of fat grafts)
And protects against
Blood clots

My belly button healed immediately and also my TT scar wasn't pus filled any more

It Also got rid of my UTI

because it kills MRSA I really would advise these tablets as they are so powerful and healthy


Having a flat butt is sooo embarrassing !! I actually felt I had a defect My hubby and friends were against me having this procedure but I said look if I had my breast missing would u think it was ok for me to get implants? Well my butt is the same for me! That shut them up The stigma is still there whereas now the breast implants are more acceptable and normal One day this will Be too

Photo 1 month post op

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No jeans !!!

Can't wear jeans anymore only leggings
My proportions just don't fit the average sizes anymore...even apple bottom jeans flatten and squash my butt
Oh well who cares
Butt looks jiggly and heart shaped in leggings lol happy


Can't get over your shape! I love dr. Campos' hearts he does! You are looking good.. Will you be posting pix for your butt soon? Thanks for sharing!
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I promise I will upload some more pics ASAP Always in my compression garment so it flattens my booty and it doesn't get the full boom effect Will take some in two weeks Without garment in clothes


Thank u dr campos xx


You look amazing. Enuff said!! :-)
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Can't wait! And your b4 and after pix side by side are mind blowing! What a huge difference! Dr. Campos is amazing!

Tummy tuck still swollen

It's been almost 6 weeks
I was up and about since day 10 of my tummy tuck , housework , kids everything, all activities as normal , as a mum the show must go on right?
Hasn't helped my swelling though. I think that it's made it worse.
My garment wasn't compressing me enough also . Especially on back and stomach area. The swelling was huge. I'm wearing a corset now with bones all the way to the back. Ill take a pic and upload

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Before n after

You can see stomach still swollen but the shape is emerging


Thank u and you look fab as Well Do your feelings Change from Day to day? Sometimes I LOVE my new body other days especially when I'm all swollen like a sausage I am dissatisfied

Do u girls think I need more projection?

Was thinkin round 2!??


You look wonderful..I'm up next..first thing Tues morn!
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Thank you! I will keep track of u! Good luck !!
Thank you maam!

Gone down from 32 inch corset To 29 inch

My measurements were before campos 41-33-41

After surgery during healing 41-31-43

Now after using proper compression on waist
(Garment got lose and wasnt compressing)


Curvy you look soooo good. He hooked you up!! Just curious to know how you slept since you had both TT and BBL. Did you sleep on your side?
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I had upper back lipo so this corset compresses all the way up the upper back
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Oh by the way what kind of corset are you using?
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New pic!!! Campos

Almost 2 months post operative
My swelling has decreased
My measurements still standing at

Love that!


You look great! Did campos have wifi? Lol
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Dunno I was totally out if it till I reached the recovery house lol
Thank you! I slept on my sides, dIdnt loose too much hips, just seen swelling go down quicker in hips. I also slept with lots of cushions not to put pressure on my butt when laying back Sometimes put pressure for a few mins in cab rides and during dinner but tried my best to use the yoga mat on my thighs

Waist is still shrinking @ 8 weeks

Waist is now 28 inches
And shrinking
I'm wearing a size 6 garment USA - size 10 UK on the smallest hooks but its too loose
Ill have to get a small squeem
Any recommendation?

At times my butt measures 42 & sometimes 41.5
What's with that?


wow thank you so much for your update congrats you look great!
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Look great ma!
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Wow you look great I would love to see more pics of you. Happy recovery!
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27 inch waist . Butt 42 inches

Looking so natural and I'm happy with my shape . Want even more hips n booty ...'!! Curve Greed' wanna look like a hip hop video model now!!! If I had no kids n no man is go for round 2 and do modelling !! It opens up a lot of doors

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I can't take good behind pics

My booty has softened
My lumps and bumps have smoothed out
You can see my incision mark where he lipo my back
Lower back still badly swollen
No compression for a few days and I swell so the effect is still not at it's best


Thank u honey :)
How's U lady
Yes missy I have uploaded some more pics for you my dear real self chickas :))

Lost a lot of volume since surgery day

It's expected but yeh I lost about 40% volume from surgery date
I had no choice but to lay on my hips :((
My stomach was totally out of
Order due to the extended tummy tuck
Laying on My butt was out of the question
So the poor hips had to suffer somewhat at night so I could sleep
Ugh recovery is a real biatch I tell you
I'm still not 100% recovered , I'm
At my 3 month mark. Id say 3/4 of the way there
Still suffering with swelling and weird sensations on lower back. Loss of sensation in stitches on tummy tuck and thighs as he also lifted my thighs somewhat
Totally worth it
I post a pic of pre surgery, out of surgery and 3 month after surgery
What do you all think? My back is very swollen in the 3 month post surgery pics

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Collage pre post and right out of surgery


Your results are great.
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You look really great!! My sx is Nov 22 with Dr. Campos. I'll staying clubMed. Mr. Marvin told me all I need to bring is pjs. Is that true? I haven't bought anything yet.
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Can't wait for my turn 11/20..ETT, lipo and BBL. When did you get your first massage? How many did you get? How often did you get them and are you still getting them? Did you receive from Maripaz or from girl at Campos office? Hopefully she's good.
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New pic


Holy sj** girl you look wonderful! Even though you lost a little volume back there- you still have a nice bootay!!! I'm the same height/weigh/shape you were before surgery and getting tt/bbl and breast implants- I hope I get awesome results like you! I just had to drop by and leave you a message- we have too much in common: same age, same amount of kids, same pre-body weight and hopefully I get the same good results. By the way, thanks for the heads up on the allicin- I'll be ordering some. My body is prone to infections and looks like this stuff really works. Congrats on your results sweetie!!!
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You look amazing!!! Speedy recovery!
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You look gorgeous! 1
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Hello 4.5 months post op

Booty settled


Hi how hard was the travel and did they pick u up? How long did you stay and where at?
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I'm new here, I love your results. Any changes since? Plus if u don't mind how long was it comfortable to have sex?
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Thanks for the updates you look great :)
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San Diego Plastic Surgeon

He's the best at his job. He makes you look like you were born with that body. He stays on the natural side of booty size . I'm very happy and it's changed my life. I get happiness everytime I look in the mirror. Instead of feeling upset and deformed I feel natural and beautiful! Busy but caring dr Who is truely talented and tries his best to give you what you ask for Went in like sponge bob and came out like salma Hayek can't complain

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
Was this review helpful? 13 others found this helpful