Lumpy, Dented, Irregular Liposuction by Dr. Randal Haworth - Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Haworth left me with a lumpy, dented body...

Dr. Haworth left me with a lumpy, dented body after performing liposuction on me. I am in my 30s, with a BMI of 19. It has been a very long year of emotional distress/ covering up my body due to the very unfavorable results of his work (which I'm sure he is unaware of due to his complete lack of follow through). I'm finally ready for a revision and will not be going to him.


Update: I have seen several other surgeons, and have been told that this is very difficult if not impossible to correct. There are white hypopigmented scars all over my stomach, not at the incision site, but where apparently the skin was damaged from beneath during the procedure. The larger gouges may be improved with fat transfer, but I'm told that getting a canula into previously liposuctioned areas is very difficult due to the scar tissue. I used to love to scuba dive, swim, and surf, and felt pretty comfortable in a swim suit. At this point I doubt I'll ever wear a swim suit again or enjoy the ocean.Thankfully I now live in a climate that is cool most of the year, as I cover myself completely regardless of the weather. For the first time ever I couldn't wait for summer to be over. I used to be comfortable with the opposite sex and had an active social life. I am so ashamed of how my body looks that I've been 100% celibate since my surgery. This has been a catastrophic, life altering experience for me. I wonder how he can feel good about taking $19,000 for half a days work while leaving me permanently disfigured. To me that is a sociopathic monster. There is only one thing that matters to this guy, and that is money. Your results mean absolutely nothing to him. Please, do your research. Plastic surgery can be a wonderful experience but it can also be absolutely devastating.
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Hi -- I know what you are going through. I am so very sorry. I haven't had a man look at me since my surgery in '07. It is such a lonely life. I am disfigured too and was comfortable with my body and things you have shared ... Revisions help ... Do your homework as anymore screw ups and there are not many options . I know you have picked someone u trust. Go in knowing u will get a great result . No negativity at all .. I hope u find peace and love and beauty within yourself just as I wish that for me... Take care
Thank you so much for your kind words. I read your review and see that you've gone through a similarly devastating experience. There really are no words for this are there? You are so right about being unable to forgive yourself due to the fact that it is a self inflicted deformity. I struggle with that every day of my life. I recently read about a woman named April Brown, who ended up having to have her arms and legs amputated after having back alley butt injections. Though the story is beyond imagining, this is an amazing woman who has come out of this experience with such positivity and acceptance. I found her so inspirational. My situation pales in comparison to hers yet somehow she has managed to find peace. I hope that someday all of us who've been mentally tortured by our disfigurements can find some peace in our hearts even if our bodies are never healed.

Lumpy, dented liposuction and deep double butt crease after liposuction by Dr. Randal Haworth

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I finally got brave enough to post photos...

Since tomorrow I am having a revision, I took some pictures to document the hideousness of Haworth's work before the evidence is gone. This is what he charged me $19,000 to do. I hope that I will see an improvement but it's very doubtful that this will be able to be fully repaired. I'll never get back the two years that I've lost, or forget the mental anguish that I've suffered, and Haworth has never offered to give back even one cent of the money that I gave him to do this to me. Don't buy the lie, he is a TERRIBLE surgeon and an even worse human being.


Hoping it all goes well for you x
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Thanks Renee and sg2012 :) I'll post again when I have something new to report.
Wishing you luck tomorrow, please keep us posted.
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5 days post op

Too soon to tell how things are looking, I'm wearing the compression garment and am swollen and bruised though the pain isn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be.The nurse who took care of me after surgery with Haworth told me that "he isn't known for being gentle" so I think that my surgeon's gentle touch has definitely made a difference in my pain level. I weigh TEN pounds more than I did the morning of the surgery so clearly I am retaining a ton of water. I had a nurse for the first 24 hours and now I've just been sleeping day and night. My doctor gave me a prescription for valium as well as pain killers so every time I wake up I take a few more pills and go back to sleep. It's all a fuzzy haze since the surgery which is fine by me. I'll check back in a few days. Bye for now.


Seattle2584, thank you so much for being brave enough to post your story. It seems, by other reviews that I have read, when someone did not have a good outcome, others feel the need to write a negative review to that member. I think, that almost everyone is wanting to know about the good results along with the bad results, to help them make the best decision on what surgeon to choose. I wish you the very best, I hope that you will do further updates to let us know everything goes for you!
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Love Pink, thanks so much for your good wishes. I think everyone is just trying to sort truth from fiction online these days and it is so important that deceptive online marketing strategies don't compromise the integrity of sites like this. I feel that I made my choice based on bad information, and, as a consequence, I'm determined to share these pitfalls with other unsuspecting patients who might otherwise end up doing the same. It is something that I feel passionately about as this has been a truly horrific experience for me. I am now researching doctors for a second revision attempt to correct the ditches on my body and am trying to remain hopeful but more important, wary. I think that it is also important for people to see how difficult, emotionally draining, expensive, and time consuming it is to correct bad results such as mine. It certainly is NOT a quick and easy fix as some posters would have people believe. I will continue to post about my experiences as things progress. Good luck with your pursuits!
To those of you considering surgery I'd also like to recommend that you look at how the business deals with faulty/defective products, or in the case of plastic surgeons, obviously bad results (like mine). Most businesses will offer a refund and that is that. With plastic surgery, you cannot "return" the item, but an ethical surgeon may recognize that the results are not acceptable and at least refund the money paid for the "service". He or she may have to absorb the cost of the 3 or 4 hours of their time, but the patient must still deal with the time and increased cost of correcting the damage, if in fact it can be done at all. This is a fair resolution to a bad situation. If bad results are rare for the business in question, this should not affect their bottom line as it shouldn't be something they have to do often.. No ethical surgeon would feel good about taking tens of thousands of dollars to do the patient a dis-service. The Hippocratic oath that all physicians take states that they must "do no harm". Sometimes mistakes happen, but often it is how a business or individual deals with a mistake that is more important the the mistake itself. For the record: I paid Dr. Haworth $19,000 for 3 or 4 hours of his time. The stated goal of the liposuction surgery was to improve my contours. Shortly after my surgery I developed a large pocket of fluid in my hip called a Seroma. When I contacted the office my call was not important enough to merit a call back from Dr. Haworth. Another doctor whom I'd never met called me and gave me some general advice. Thankfully the Seroma resolved itself and did not need to be drained. Weeks later,after the terrible contour irregularities caused by Dr. Haworth became apparent to me I wrote a list of questions for him that I planned to address during our post-op consultation. Due to the fact that I live out of state it was to be over the phone using email to share images. That day came and went without any communication from Dr. Haworth or his staff. At this point I really felt a complete fool. I have had better service at shops where I've purchased a garment. What do you expect for $19,000? A call back? When I eventually posted my story and photos online in the hope that others might learn from my mistake Dr. Haworth added insult to injury and immediately responded with a defensive, snarky letter that also released private details that I disclosed in my medical file. You can see this at the very bottom of my review. This is not an acceptable or ethical way to treat a patient that is justifiably unhappy due to substandard results. My photos are indisputable and show areas that were never operated on before. He has never offered to refund any of the amount paid to him for these substandard results; he seems more than happy to keep it. Let this behavior be an indication of how you will be treated by this business should your results fail to meet an acceptable standard.
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Photo update

A few of you have asked about new photos now that it has been more than 6 months since my first revision attempt. The doctor that I saw is very ethical, talented, and conservative, and made some improvement, but as you can see from the photos, the major gouges are still very visible. I am still searching for a resolution to these deformities.


Thank you for sharing your story. It is a brave thing to do! So grateful for you warning others off this surgeon. I'm 3 weeks out of liposuction and am mentally struggling with the changing contours of my body. I don't think I have any major deformities (touch wood) but it's really good to see what is considered a bad result. I'm so sorry this happened to you. I can only imagine based on the mental anguish of the swelling I've been through. If the results are definitely permanent, wow! Good luck in your revision process.
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Thanks Caterpiller! Three weeks is very early so try not to stress too hard. Sounds like things are looking good so far. The swelling can take a very long time to subside completely, but can also have a lot to do with how gentle your surgeon was. I literally looked like I'd been hit by a bus- just covered in black and blue bruises and in severe pain for weeks. Try taking some natural anti-inflamitories like Tumeric and Bromelain supplements and stay away from high sodium foods if you want to help things along. Good luck to you as well, let me know how things turn out :)
Thank you Seattle2584. I have considered posting but might wait till the 6 week mark before I judge. I'm documenting the process week by week and the strange bulges left seem to be receding. I hope my story is a good luck one! I will do a big before/after thing then. For now I'm trying not to look at/ judge myself like the surgeon said! The process really has made me feel so strongly for all the women out there who were left with bad results!
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

During the consultation phase he was very accomodating. I spent $19,000 for this procedure but after the first post op appt, I never heard from him again. I called in about a week later with surgery related complications and was passed off to another doctor to deal with; not a word from Randal Haworth. My follow up appt (by phone due to the fact that I live out of state) came and went without a call from him or his office, and they never explained, apologized, or rescheduled. My results are terrible and I have spent years and tens of thousands of dollars attempting to correct the mess he made of my body. When I voiced my justifiable displeasure with the results by writing this review I was met with hostility and wholly unprofessional and unethical behavior on the part of this doctor. Initially it was just the photos with my brief statement at the top of the page. See his response at the bottom of this thread. He didn't like his horrific work being shown (bad for business I'm sure), and went as far as to disclose my confidential medical information in an attempt to blame my bad results on my having had prior surgery, even though all of the pictures illustrate areas previously untouched by another surgeon. His response was in some ways worse than the original harm, as it cannot be written off as a mistake. It speaks volumes. I have also dealt with several "happy patients" of Dr. Haworths posting their glowing reviews on my thread, and even trying to excuse Dr. Haworth for my unacceptable results. To me this reeks of damage control. I have never before seen a happy patient attack those with bad results but this is a frequent occurrence on Dr. Haworth's threads. In my opinion this business shows no understanding of basic customer service or patient care, and Dr. Haworth, in my opinion, is lacking not only in technique, but in an eye for the aesthetics of the female form. Furthermore, his arrogance, unprofessionalism, lack of ethics, aggression, and hostility when confronted with his shoddy work add insult to injury. I believe my photos speak louder than any words. I was not particularly keen to post my nude, disfigured body on the internet, but feel that it is important to speak out and let people see what can happen. Too many of us slink away in shame rather than letting others learn from our mistakes. Beware the marketing machine and proceed with caution!

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